40 Ways to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day Activities and Epic Games

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By Alisha Zoe

40 Ways to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day Activities and Epic Games

On the Administrative Professionals Day, imagine your office transformed into a whimsical wonderland, where professionalism takes a backseat to pure, unadulterated fun. We’re talking about an event so epic, it’ll make your inner child squeal with delight. 

From hilarious icebreakers that’ll have you rolling on the floor laughing, to outrageous team-building challenges that’ll test your coworker bonds like never before, this celebration is going to be an absolute riot.

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just talking about a few measly games here, folks.

Oh no, we’re going all out with a smorgasbord of 40 insanely entertaining Administrative Professionals Day Activities that’ll make you wonder why you ever dreaded coming to work in the first place. 

Think mind-bending puzzles, side-splitting skits, and hard competitions that’ll have you cheering louder than a soccer mom at her kid’s championship game.

Without further delay, let’s discuss activities and games that will add fun to your administrative professional day.

administrative professionals day activities

10 Super Fun Administrative Professionals Day Activities

Activity #1: Office Trivia Game Show

Put your team’s knowledge of funny company facts, little-known workplace trivia, and hilarious coworker quirks to the ultimate test! Have someone compile tricky trivia questions, set up a game show-style setup complete with scoreboards and prizes, and see which team reigns supreme as the office know-it-alls.

Activity #2: Extreme Office Obstacle Course

Use your inner Wipeout contestant and design an epically wacky obstacle course utilizing office furniture, equipment, and supplies. From navigating tilty chair mazes to box tunnels, stacks of printer paper walls, and more, see who can speed through the zany workforce warrior course while avoiding hilarious physical challenges.

Activity #3: Intense Paper Airplane Contest   

Fold, design, and launch paper airplanes to soar to new office aviation heights! Split into teams to creatively construct aircraft from basic materials, then watch in anticipation as the flying machines are launched for judging on distance, aerodynamics, and artistic flair.  

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Activity #4: All-Out Office Carnival

Why merely attend a humdrum workplace celebration when you could go all out carnival?! Think classic games like ring tosses, shooting galleries, and duck ponds. Have treat booths, cotton candy makers, face painters, silly photo ops, and amusing contests like office chair chariot races for prizes. Let the carnival spirit bring out staffers’ inner kids!  

Activity #5: Wacky Office Decorating Contest

Get those creative decoration juices flowing by establishing categories like “Punniest Theme,” “Outrageous Literal Interpretation of Name,” “Most Rainbows or Office Supply Color Explosion,” or “Eccentric Remote Office Den Design.” Give away awards for most clever, quirky, humorous, and over-the-top decorated workspaces.

Activity #6: Pop Goes the Balloon Surprise

There’s something innately delightful about popping balloons, especially when candy and small prize surprises come raining down! Blow up balloons and insert slips of paper with treat details or tchotchkes inside before tying shut. Then let staff take turns popping to discover the goodies.

Activity #7: Two Truths & A Lie Icebreaker

An icebreaker game classic that’s always a crowd-pleaser! Each person shares two truthful statements about themselves along with one fib. Have players mingle trying to spot which statement is the lie for team points and great coworker bonding moments.

Activity #8: Silly Sidewalk Chalk Art Exhibition 

Embrace your inner Picasso and get gloriously creative decorating sidewalks, parking spaces, or other hard outdoor surfaces with bright colors and fun sidewalk chalk designs. From whimsical drawings and inspirational quotes to trompe l’oeil optical illusions and full-blown chalk murals, award prizes for top artwork!

Activity #9: Madcap Office Scavenger Hunt

Put together a list of weird office objects, quirky tchotchkes, and obscure bits of workplace trivia scattered around the area. Then divide into teams for a timed scavenger hunt frenzy to locate and document all the items first! For added longevity, make it an ongoing game updated monthly.

Activity #10: The Office: Shipwrecked Edition 

Divide staff into “tribes” and compete in goofy survivor-themed immunity challenges inspired by the hit reality shows. Think conference room obstacle courses over chairs and desks, stapler stacking competitions, water cooler tosses, and more ending with votes to humorously “eliminate” players each round until one tribe remains!

30 Epic Office Administrative Professionals Day Games 

Game #1: Office Buzzword Bingo

Oh, the dreaded corporate buzzwords and cringe-worthy jargon everyone loathes! Create custom bingo cards filled with the most absurd business lingo, then listen for them to get accidentally dropped during meetings. First to get five buzzwords in a row wins! 

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Game #2: Tech Support Call Hilarity Charades

Just like classic charades, but acting out common tech help desk calls, computer meltdowns, and various cringe-y workplace tech woes from accidental reply-all disasters to forgetting passwords. See if coworkers can guess what tech emergencies you’re depicting.

Game #3: Office Idol Talent Show    

Who has the most impressive secret talents in the office? Find out by hosting an American Idol-style talent show complete with judges dishing out hilarious critiques. Staff can sing original parody songs about workplace struggles, act out SNL-worthy skits satirizing managers, or show off any amazing yet underutilized talent. Give awards for fan favorites!

Game #4: Exaggerated Coworker Caricature Art Contest

Nothing brings out the comic in office dynamics like funny caricature drawings! Get artists to draw clever, over-exaggerated caricatures capturing the most recognizable physical features and personalities of willing coworkers. Display them around the office for people to try identifying and give out prizes accordingly.  

Game #5: The Office Olympiad

Prepare for friendly competitive glory by establishing your own hilarious take on Olympic games around the workplace! Think relay races involving everything from typing contests to water cooler chugging. Or sports like seeing who can build the tallest standing stapler stack or shoot wadded paper into waste bins for basketball scoring. Award medals made from actual office supplies!

Game #6: Wacky Workplace Board Games

Make your own custom boards and gaming pieces putting an office spin on beloved classic board games. Think “Meeting-opoly” where players move around the career ladder buying useless corporate training classes. Or a snarky “No More Workplace Solitaire” Candy Land style adventure. Get ultra creative and silly!

Game #7: Wildly Real Two Truths & A Lie Email Edition

Break into teams for a rowdy twist on the Two Truths & A Lie game, but using real and potentially outrageous emails circulated around your workplace. Have groups try to decipher which email is totally fabricated based on the absurd content…if they even can!  

Game #8: Whiteboard Workplace Pictionary Showdown

Just like the classic game of Pictionary, only players use PowerPoint shapes, graphics, and drawings to depict words, phrases, movie titles, and more in this uniquely office edition. Teams watch as members race against the clock to represent each term on the whiteboard while others try guessing.

Game #9: Bracketology: Meeting March Madness  

Every office has its share of painfully inefficient meetings, inane corporate bureaucracy, and dysfunctional processes. Use honesty and humor by setting up a March Madness-style bracket tournament for ranking and voting off your team’s biggest time-wasting meetings, emails that should be banned, and absurd rules to root out.

Game #10: Best/Worst Corny Dad Joke-Off  

We all know someone who’s an absolute master of the cringeworthy pun or so-bad-it’s-good dad joke. Have staff prepare their very best (or worst!) corny dad jokes, puns, and workplace one-liners for judging and prizes. Just be ready to groan…a lot.

Game #11: Work Bae & Fray Playful Pal Pairings

Kind of like speed dating but for getting to know coworkers you don’t normally interact with! In rapid-fire rounds, pairs of people will find out fun facts about each other through this icebreaker before rotating to meet someone new. Great for forming new bonds and connections.

Game #12: Office Superhero Origins ShowTime

Have everyone create an amusing pseudo origin story detailing their unlikely journey into their current highly specialized “heroic” role at the office. Made funnier by exaggerating mundane corporate job descriptions into sounding like superpowers or secret agent training. Award prizes for most hilarious tales!

Game #13: Two Truths & A Lie: Workspace Evidence Edition   

Divide into teams and examine coworkers’ meticulously cluttered or sparsely decorated desk and workspace setups. Try to guess which statements by workspace owners about the significance or meaning behind their accessories, odds and ends, and organizational choices are true or false based solely on observations. 

Game #14: Workplace Time Capsule 

Get nostalgic and creative by putting together a workplace time capsule filled with photos, pop culture artifacts like hot songs/memes, pandemic relics, and samples of key files or company paraphernalia. Also include handwritten predictions about your company’s future. Seal it up to open in 5-10 years for a mind-blowing capsule of memories.

Game #15: Corporate Lingo Crossword Challenge

Instead of just regular old words or phrases, construct a savage crossword puzzle made entirely of the most labyrinthine, vowel-deficient corporate acronyms, codenames, and insufferable buzzwords making the rounds at your office. Make coworkers define them all for hilarious groans.

Game #16: Live Office Court in Session

Hold silly mock court trials presided over by an impartial “judge” to put longstanding office disagreements and interpersonal grievances to rest once and for all. Think coworkers presenting overwrought arguments and evidence with others acting as jury members. Be prepared to overrule constant objections with a ceremonial gavel!  

Game #17: Hilarious Office-Themed Coworker Squares

Based on those crazy Super Bowl game boards, print out a grid of random squares containing employee names, job roles/descriptions, recognizable character traits, funny inside jokes, and more to assign to each slot. Coworkers then draw random slots and try to match the clues to whose name goes where, scoring points for getting correct combos.

Game #18: Meeting Horror Story Meme Station

Print out huge blank meme templates then encourage teams to brainstorm hilarious meme-worthy captions relating to their most awful, cringey meeting experiences for a laugh. Give out prizes for the memes with captions that best capture workplace horrors through humor.

Game #19: Bizarre Workplace Object Show-and-Tell

Have everyone bring in the weirdest, most obscure objects they can find around the office or from home. Take turns presenting the completely random items to the group while others try guessing their actual purpose in hilarious show-and-tell fashion.  

Game #20: Bodacious Executive Voicemail Voice Improv Karaoke

Just like regular karaoke but now performers have to parody their managers and executives’ signature speaking inflections, catchphrases, and vocal mannerisms for added hilarity as they sing popular songs! Have staff vote to award the most spot-on (or most embellished) impressions.

Game #21: Brooding Workplace Poetry Slam Theatrics  

Get unexpectedly deep and vulnerable with an open mic-style poetry slam for self-written original poems dramatically expressing deep thoughts on daily workplace struggles, memorable office characters, and the toils of the corporate grind. Get judgy handing out points for technical merit, theatrical flair, and overall “you must be fun at meetings!” quality.  

Game #22: Lingo Limbo: Bop-It Edition  

Just like the classic Bop It game but commands revolve entirely around overused and tired corporate jargon. Think “synergize between the silos!” *limbo* “take this offline for a value-add!” *spin* “prepare a deck for our next level-set!” *pull* and so on. Get tripped up, earn penalties, and designate a winner.

Game #23: Corporate Mission Statement Poetry Madness   

In teams, closely analyze, deconstruct, and philosophize over the vague, baffling word salad contained in real corporate mission or vision statements from major companies. Once you think you understand the buzzword-laden “meaning,” reinterpret them through creative artistic outlets like dramatic readings, comic strips, interpretive dance/performance art, or poetry slams.   

Game #24: Wacky Office Mascot Costume/Diorama Exhibit

Get those arts & crafts skills going by designing and building either hysterical mascot costumes personifying your company or wild diorama scenes depicting office life. Give out hilarious awards at the “grand lobby showcase” like Best Visual Pun, Most Existential Crisis Vibes, and Paper Mache Mayhem.

Game #25: Wildest Real-Life Work Horror Story Slam

Who can share the most outrageously funny tales of office awkwardness, social blunders, and comedies of error? Much like a poetry slam except performers dramatically read or recount real-life NSFW stories of chaos from the workplace for judging based on cringe factor, embellishments, and uproarious laughter.

Game #26: Spin the Printer Wheel of Festivities

Create a spare tire-sized spinner divided into sections using office supplies, then fill each slice with amusing activities, challenges, or fun facts people must share or perform based on where it lands. Let the wacky workday games begin! Activities can be customized to your office’s culture and inside jokes.

Game #27: Positivity Promoting Office Badgeology

Design custom badges, sashes, pins, and ribbons celebrating often overlooked yet quirky work accomplishments or personality traits. Then award them in a grandiose ceremony to coworkers with sayings like “Mastered the PDF Printer Flowchart,” “Always Kept the Hallway From Burning,” or “Jury’s Still Out on Their Sanity But They’re Rocking It.”  

Game #28: Outrageous Voicemail Note Translation Teatime  

Someone at the office is bound to have saved a collection of voicemails with the most incoherent, flowery, or roundabout instructions that make absolutely no sense. Play them for the group and have a blast trying to break down the hidden meanings behind these logorrheic locusts. Tea and crumpets required.

Game #29: Totally Texas BSOTS Workplace Fashion Show  

Take a trip to local thrift stores to find the wildest, most bewildering outfits and accessories imaginable, preferably from another era or geographic region that clashes delightfully with office attire. After donning their Texas tuxedos, fleece vests, and bedazzled cowboy hats, hit the runway for a “Business Suitcase on the Side” fashion show using actual office supplies as prop accessories!

Game #30: Let’s Get Worktarded Morning Meeting Madlibs

As a final mind-melting experience, create a custom Madlibs word template using blanks for coworkers’ names, inside jokes, and silly terms specific to your office lingo. Send it around for everyone to fill in…then read the resulting absurdist, madcap gibberish story aloud at your next morning meeting for delirious laughs!

administrative professionals day activities

FAQs About Administrative Professionals Day Activities and Games:

Q: When is Administrative Professionals Day celebrated?  

A: It’s celebrated annually on the Wednesday of the last full week of April in the United States and other countries around the world.

Q: What types of activities work best in an office setting?

A: Focus on low-cost, creative games and competitions that utilize basic office supplies already on hand. Teambuilding exercises encouraging friendly coworker bonding are ideal. Easy setup and cleanup is key during the workday as well.

Q: How can I ensure the day feels extra special?   

A: In addition to fun games, incorporate festive decorations like balloons, banners, and colorful table settings. Allow staff to dress down casually. Order catered food and treats. And give out small, affordable prize giveaways. But most importantly, take time to sincerely thank your administrative staff for their hard work!


With these insanely amusing and innovative 30 activity and game concepts, you’re guaranteed to throw the most epically entertaining Administrative Professionals Day celebration ever for your office staff! 

Get their creative and competitive juices flowing with delightfully silly challenges, icebreakers, and opportunities for bonding laughs. After all, your incredible administrative professionals keep the whole workplace running smoothly – they definitely deserve a wildly fun day of well-earned revelry and team camaraderie!


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