20 Employee Appreciation Day Email Templates To Staff, Team With Example Messages From CEO Or Boss

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Employee Appreciation Day Email Templates To Staff, Team With Example Messages From CEO Or Boss

Email enables leaders to efficiently share wide-reaching recognitions. Dedicating even a few sentences specifically praising contributions during employee appreciation events or times of intense effort carries great meaning.

While generic holiday e-cards signing off from the company check a box, personalized messages directly from decision-makers go much further in making people feel genuinely valued. Pairing thoughtful written gratitude with token gifts amplifying themes shows immense admiration.

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1. Employee Appreciation Day Email Template Ideas From The Company

1. Team [Company Name], Happy employee appreciation day! We’re so grateful for your dedication that keeps our company growing and thriving. Please enjoy a gift card for a complimentary lunch on us! 

2. Greetings [Company Name] Staffers, Today we celebrate YOU! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the passion, creativity and grit you bring each day. As a small token, you’ll find a surprise gift delivered to your desk! Enjoy! 

3. Hello Amazing [Company Name] Employees, You are invaluable! Please take today to relax and have some fun with team bonding activities we’ve organized. You shape our success, and we want to return the joy you consistently provide. 

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4. [Company Name] Champions – You make work enjoyable with your commitment and attitudes. To show our admiration on this employee appreciation day, look forward to a catered breakfast and prize giveaways! 

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2. Thoughtful Employee appreciation day Email from CEO

5. Dear [Name], Your willingness to tackle obstacles head-on motivates all of us. Thanks for fearlessly leading initiatives with poise and compassion. It’s wonderful working alongside someone so driven and kindhearted. As a small token, please enjoy this gift card for a spa service. You’ve earned some much deserved relaxation! 

6. Hello Outstanding [Name], I deeply appreciate your willingness to mentor colleagues. Seeing you guide others with wisdom and patience empowers our whole community. Thanks for making collaboration and growth priorities.

7. Good Morning [Name], Happy employee appreciation day! I wanted to personally commend your remarkable creativity and initiative on [recent projects]. Your innovative ideas spur progress. And I admire how you forge ahead proactively while maintaining grace under pressure. Many thanks and cheers to you, my friend! Please treat yourself to something fun on me! 

8. Dear [Name], When facing recent [challenges], the determination and resilience you demonstrated were incredibly inspiring. Beyond just skill, your strength of character under fire made all the difference. Thanks for your outstanding efforts. I hope you’ll enjoy this small gesture of gratitude commemorating lasting impressions you made. We’re lucky to have someone so unflappable on our team! 

Consider sentimental framed quotes helping remember the growth experience.

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3. Thankful Employee appreciation day email to Staff

9. Hello Cheery [Name], We frequently receive compliments praising your thoughtful customer service and personable approach. Your warmth and care for clients is remarkable – making such positive impressions for our company. I sincerely appreciate your commitment to nurturing these important relationships! Thanks for spreading such good vibes! 

10. Good Morning Remarkable [Name], I want to express my gratitude for your astounding efficiency and technical abilities! We recently modernized [computer systems] thanks to your expertise. Seeing you implement innovative tools so quickly continues opening new doors for us. We genuinely value team members like you who propel our company into the future. As a gesture of thanks, please treat yourself to a nice midday meal using the enclosed delivery gift card today as we celebrate YOU! Thanks for sharing your invaluable talents, [Your name]

11. Hello Awesome [Name], The positive energy you radiate makes work more enjoyable for all of us. Your passionate spirit and humor unite colleagues daily. Thank you sincerely for brightening spirits and bringing such joy. I hope you’ll take some extra time for self-care using this wellness gift card. You certainly lift us up! With immense gratitude, [Your Name] 

12. Dear Remarkable [Name], Happy employee appreciation day! I’m constantly in awe of your deep commitment to excellence while still being such a generous collaborator. Your balanced approach makes our team more cohesive. We’re extremely lucky you share your talents so willingly. Please enjoy this token of thanks commemorating your outstanding reliability and poise. Kudos! Sincerely, [Your Name]

Consider giving electronics like wireless earbuds to support their nonstop speed.

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4. Recognition Employee appreciation day Email to team from the Boss

13. Hello All-Star [Team Name], On this employee appreciation celebration, I want to spotlight your incredible teamwork delivering [major accomplishments]. Beyond hitting metrics, I admire your cohesion, creativity and grit seeing initiatives through amidst roadblocks. The camaraderie you demonstrate makes work more rewarding for all involved. Thanks for your vision and dedication as colleagues. Please select something nice from the gift shop as a symbol of our immense gratitude for your unified efforts! Kudos, [Your Name] 

14. Good Morning Superb [Team Name], Your championship-level collaboration took our [company programs] to new heights this past year! From optimizing processes to rallying engagement to creatively overcoming obstacles as a united front, your ownership and passion were invaluable. Our partners commend your balanced blend of accountability, encouragement and vision daily. We’re incredibly grateful for your shared commitment to nurturing the community we’re building together. As a token of thanks I’m treating you to a celebration lunch catered in tomorrow as we honor your inspiring synergies! With immense gratitude, [Your Name] 

15. Hello MVPs [Team Name], The grace under pressure you recently demonstrated during a high stakes [situation] left me in awe. Beyond swift skills fixing issues, you supported each other, kept clients calm, and even found silver linings documenting takeaways. Your professionalism and poise were remarkable. Thanks for holding things together in the clutch so caringly. Please enjoy an extended lunch on me today using the enclosed delivery gift cards to celebrate YOU! With immense admiration, [Your Name] 

16. [Team Name] Dynamos, Seeing you eagerly take ownership of [new responsibilities] with such a balanced mindset of accountability, encouragement and goal setting inspires me endlessly. Your growth-focused outlook drives our evolution. I sincerely value the optimism, patience and dedication you demonstrate working together. As a symbol of my immense appreciation, look forward to receiving custom [Company Name] caps to wear proudly as our forwarded-thinking guides! With gratitude, [Your Name] 

Gift custom ball caps reminding them their vision guides the journey.

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5. Short Employee appreciation day Email messages, greetings and wishes

17. You all make work wonderful! Thanks for being such rockstars! Enjoy a treat on me today! – [Your name] 

18. High five for all you do! Let’s celebrate you!

19. We LOVE our job because of YOU!

20. Y’all the real MVPs! Enjoy bonus [points, food trucks, etc]

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Though simple, taking time to email thoughtful shoutouts helps employees feel genuinely valued as key contributors. Pairing verbal recognitions with relevant symbolic gift cards or treats helps leaders double down on demonstrating immense gratitude and admiration.

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Q: Should appreciation emails come from leadership or can managers send them too?

A: Emails directly from executives often carry more weight. However, messages from direct supervisors highlighting team or individual contributions can be incredibly meaningful as well. The best approach is to have appreciation come from both levels.

Q: How often should managers send appreciation emails?  

A: Employee recognition shouldn’t happen just once a year. Consistently showing gratitude through brief shoutouts every month builds stronger morale and retention. During especially busy periods where people put in extra effort, increase the frequency.

Q: Are gifts with emails overkill or a nice addition?

A: Small token gifts amplify the gesture. The key is keeping tangible items useful, personalized and related to the content of the message. Avoid trinkets that seem like throwaways. Ideally, the gift enables them to treat themselves in alignment with the email’s theme.

Final Verdict:  

Taking time to email thoughtful praise and gratitude throughout the year – beyond just employee appreciation day – is crucial for making staff feel genuinely valued. Pairing personal messages spotlighting specific contributions with relevant token thank you gifts helps leaders double down on demonstrating sincere admiration.

Pairing these personalized calls outs with small but relevant token gifts demonstrates genuine gratitude, enabling staff to then treat themselves by paying the recognitions forward. Consistently showing this level of care for the people behind work achievements fosters a more supportive, collaborative company culture long term.


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