15 Employee Appreciation Day Letter Example Ideas From Ceo, Boss Or Company

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By Alisha Zoe

15 Employee Appreciation Day Letter Example Ideas From Ceo, Boss Or Company

Employee Appreciation Day offers companies a special opportunity to celebrate and thank their staff for all of the dedication and hard work they pour in throughout the year. Thoughtfully crafted appreciation letters from leadership serve as a meaningful way to recognize both the collective team as well as individual achievements that contribute to overall success. 

Whether you are a CEO, manager, or business owner, take advantage of Employee Appreciation Day to reinforce how valued your people are and your deep gratitude for everything they bring to the organization. 

Putting effort into showing staff how much they are appreciated can go a long way in boosting engagement, morale, and motivation to continue striving with passion and purpose.

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Employee Appreciation Day Letter Ideas

Employee Appreciation Day is a great opportunity for companies to recognize their staff and show gratitude for their hard work and contributions to the organization. A thoughtful letter from leadership can go a long way in making employees feel valued. 

Here are 5 creative ideas for employee appreciation letters:

Handwritten Notes

In today’s digital age, a handwritten appreciation note stands out and means more than just another email. Consider having leadership hand write personal thank you notes highlighting each person’s specific contributions over the past year. These can be left on employee desks before the appreciation event for a wonderful surprise. Pair the notes with a useful item like an insulated coffee tumbler they can enjoy like this 14oz stainless steel mug from Simple Modern.

For Instance :

Dear Jane,

I wanted to send you a special thank you for all of your hard work this past year keeping our books in perfect order. Your diligence and attention to detail with accounting is so valued. We couldn’t keep finances straight without you! From reconciling 100 expense reports a month to managing complex budget tracking, you do it all flawlessly. Enjoy this coffee tumbler as a small token of appreciation for everything you do!


[signed by CEO]

Awards Ceremony 

Host a formal awards ceremony where outstanding employees across departments are recognized in categories like “Most Innovative Idea” or “Rookie of the Year.” The CEO or other leadership can present customized awards like plaques, gift cards, experience vouchers, or trophies while reading from personalized winner letters detailing why they have been chosen. Present a “Team Player” award with this custom engraved compass to inspire employees who exemplify collaboration and support of their colleagues.  

For Instance :

Rookie of the Year

Presented to Mark for the highest sales numbers from a first year sales rep. Your drive and ability to forge new client relationships has greatly expanded our customer base in your region. Congrats on doubling your annual quota in just 10 months! We look forward to your continued success.

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Value Cards

Along with a letter of thanks, give employees value cards from local businesses so they can enjoy special experiences, meals out, shopping trips, or weekend getaways. Treat workers to a nice dinner out at their favorite restaurant with a gift card. For a fun option, give an entertainment experience voucher they can use at venues like bowling alleys, trampoline parks, mini golf courses, arcades, or movie theaters. Employees will love having a card to treat the whole family.

For Instance :


Thanks for always stepping up to take on extra projects with a smile and rallying colleagues together. Your willingness to stay late to meet deadlines while keeping things upbeat with office pranks and birthday celebrations doesn’t go unnoticed. Enjoy dinner out on us!

Yearbook Highlights 

Compile memories and highlights into an employee yearbook that can be distributed at the appreciation event. This celebrates all of the team’s hard work and accomplishments from the past year. Pair with a useful daily planner like this 2024 daily organizer so employees have a place to look back on the memories while staying organized in the year ahead.  

For Instance :

Dear Valued Team Member,

As we approach this year’s Employee Appreciation Day, we are thrilled to present you with a special token of our gratitude – the 2023 Company Yearbook! This commemorative book brings together memories, photos, milestones, and highlights from the past year.

You are the reason for this company’s achievements, and you should feel immense pride looking back on all you’ve accomplished. It is employees like you that make this organization great.

As you embark on making the next year memorable, we hope you will use the enclosed 2024 daily planner to look back on this special yearbook and stay organized in the exciting one ahead! Thank you for everything you do.



Anniversary Milestones

Take the opportunity not just to celebrate your general staff, but to highlight employees reaching big anniversary milestones like 5, 10, 15+ years with the company. Craft a heartfelt letter from the CEO detailing stories and contributions from their time with the business. This shows you recognize loyalty and their many years of hard work. For long-time employees, give a high end item from their wish lists like this men’s luxury watch or crystal vase as a token of appreciation for so many years of service.

For Instance :

Dear [Name],

Congratulations on your __ years of service with [Company]! Reaching this significant milestone with an organization is a monumental accomplishment.

I want to commend your dedication to [Company]’s values and culture. Your spirit of collaboration, integrity, and passion for innovating has helped set the standard for what we aim to achieve. You exemplify the positive impact that loyal, engaged employees can have.

To recognize your many years of hard work and valued service, it is my honor to present you with this personalized [gift item] as a token of gratitude and appreciation. Thank you for your imprint on this company – here’s to many more years ahead!

With gratitude,


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Employee Appreciation Day Letter Examples 

If you need some inspiration for crafting meaningful employee appreciation letters, here are 5 excellent real life examples from companies:  

Zapier Software Company

Zapier keeps remote teams connected through workflow automation software. For Employee Appreciation Day, the CEO wrote a letter highlighting how essential each person is to their success and growth over the years. He focused the message on the people that make up Zapier and called out their unique contributions, diverse backgrounds, shared core values and how those attributes strengthen their global team of 230+ employees. 

For Instance :

Dear Valued Zapier Team Member,

As we approach Employee Appreciation Day, I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for making Zapier the thriving company it is today.

Our success stems not from software or systems, but from the talented, dedicated people behind our workflows – people like you. Your unique backgrounds, perspectives, talents and passions are what enable us to help customers connect workflows across thousands of apps. It is the diverse makeup of individuals here that makes our remote team 200+ strong.

Please enjoy these noise-canceling headphones to help you drown out distractions and stay focused on the great work you do each day. You make Zapier better, and we are so grateful.



Gravity Payments Credit Card Processing  

This Seattle CEO gave employees an incredible minimum $70,000 salary. His Employee Appreciation Day letter spoke to themes of equality, valuing people over profits and the ripple effects to families when companies treat staff well.The message inspires employees to work hard for a company that works hard for them. Supplement with Burt’s Bees gift baskets full of pampering natural bath products for an extra dose of R&R.

For Instance :

Dear Gravity Payments Team,

As Employee Appreciation Day approaches, I want to commend each of you for the meaningful contributions you make to this community every day.

At Gravity Payments, our vision has always been about more than profits. We believe in equality, valuing people over bottom lines, and creating ripple effects that strengthen families when companies treat employees well.

You inspire me daily with your commitment to excellence even in challenging times. Our customers are better served because of your efforts. Please know that you are essential to making Gravity Payments a truly humanizing force for good. Enjoy some pampering Burt’s Bees self-care products as a small token of big appreciation for all you do.

With immense gratitude,


Movement Watches

The founders of this mission-driven watch company wrote a letter about their “People First” philosophy which has shaped their culture, brand voice and connection to customers from day one. They keep things lighthearted and fun while emphasizing how employees are the heart and soul of the organization. 

For Instance :

Dear Movement Team,

As we approach Employee Appreciation Day, I want to celebrate what makes our company so special – you, The Movement!

Our founders built Movement Watches on the principle of “people first.” This philosophy shapes our culture, brand voice, and connection with customers to this day. We know our products are made exceptional by the exceptional people behind them.

Please enjoy this [Movement watch/jewelry gift] as a token of our immense gratitude. Wear it as a symbol of the spirit you bring as a valued member of The Movement team. You make work fun, meaningful and purpose-driven. Thank you!



Help Scout Customer Service Software  

Help Scout is renowned as a leading remote customer service platform. Their EAD letter beautifully expressed that more than perks, policies or work environment, it’s the amazing people that make it so incredible to work there.Provide noise cancelling headphones to keep call center reps focused like these comfortable Bluetooth stereo headphones by COWIN.  

For Instance :

Dear Help Scout Team,

As founders, we are continuously amazed by what makes Help Scout so incredible – our people. More than any office perk, policy or environment, it’s you – the employees – that make this an amazing place to work.

We see your dedication to not only doing excellent work, but going above and beyond to support teammates. The empathy, patience and heart you bring inspires us daily. You WOW us by embodying our core values in ways big and small.

As Employee Appreciation Day nears, we want you to know how much we appreciate all you do. Please enjoy these noise cancelling headphones to help you stay focused on the valuable support you provide customers each day.

You are the reason for Help Scout’s success. Thank you for everything.

With gratitude,


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Next Jump Business Software

Next Jump’s EAD letter stressed their core culture is one of self improvement in all areas of life – personal, professional and health. So they highlighted incredible employee stories featuring weight loss transformations, pursuing side businesses, fitness goals smashed, raising money for charities and more. 

For Instance :

Dear Next Jump Team,

Here at Next Jump, our culture is rooted in the core value of continuous self-improvement in all aspects of life. As we approach Employee Appreciation Day, we want to celebrate some of the incredible self-improvement journeys and accomplishments our team members have achieved this past year.

From [Name]’s 50-pound weight loss journey to [Name] raising $5,000 for charity through their first marathon, your stories inspire us every day. [Name] started their own side jewelry business while excelling at their role here. [Name] overcame their fear of public speaking and gave a motivational presentation that wowed us all.

We are so proud to have such an exceptional team who never settles for the status quo. Your examples of perseverance motivate us all to be the best versions of ourselves. As we celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, please know we are grateful for everything your bring to Next Jump. Keep up the great self-improvement!



Employee Appreciation Letters from CEOs & Boss

If you’re a CEO, business owner or people manager looking for ideas on how to craft an awesome employee appreciation letter, implement these 5 tactics:

Personal Highlights  

Call out specific examples that make each employee shine whether it’s rallying collaboration across teams, staying energetic and upbeat during long nights finishing projects or going out of their way to welcome and train new hires. Use vivid details that make them feel seen.

Sincere Gratitude  

Express genuine gratitude for the staff’s hard work, loyalty, ideas, willingness to take on tough challenges and commitment to company values. Convey deep appreciation for the heart and soul they pour into their roles each day.  

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Inside Jokes & Memories

Inject some fun by highlighting beloved inside jokes, personality quirks that make you smile or special memories of achievements and milestones attained together as a team over the years. This shared history builds a profound bond.

Inspiring Mission

Connect your appreciation back to the company’s inspiring vision and mission. Remind employees that it is their daily drive and effort that transforms this vision into reality and fuels amazing things being accomplished.  

Hopeful Future  

Close letters with enthusiasm and optimism about the bright future ahead. Share excitement for goals you’ll tackle together in the coming year thanks to one incredibly dedicated, hardworking team there to make it happen, no matter what challenges come your way. They are what the future is made of.

For Instance :

Dear Valued Team Member,

With Employee Appreciation Day approaching, I wanted to reach out to express my sincere gratitude for everything you do for this company.

I’m constantly inspired by your dedication and passion. The energy you brought rallying our teams together to collaborate and problem-solve on that critical project was amazing. Your optimism kept spirits high even during those late nights we spent preparing for the product launch. And you always go out of your way to make new hires feel welcomed.

Most importantly, your daily drive and effort help transform our inspiring mission into reality. Everything we accomplish as a company to make a positive impact is fueled by employees like you. I am sincerely grateful for your loyalty, sacrifice, and commitment to excellence.

Our team would not be the same without you. Thank you for pouring heart and soul into your work. Please know that you are truly appreciated!

With Gratitude,


Reinforce these uplifting messages with a gift basket of motivating books like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho orINSPIRED by Rachel Hollis to spark optimism and purpose as employees head confidently into the year ahead thanks to their CEO’s profound belief in them. That is incredibly empowering!

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Final Verdict

Crafting personalized, authentic employee appreciation letters should not be overlooked. While compensation, benefits, and other perks certainly matter, intentionally recognizing contributions through sincere written messages is profoundly powerful. 

Employees want to know they are making a difference, so demonstrate the unique impact they each have rather than generic, blanket praise. Back messages up with small token gifts that demonstrate you have thought about the recipients. 

From handwritten notes and yearbook highlights to formal awards ceremonies with customized trophies to celebratory value cards and gift baskets, appreciation letters paired with relevant gifts help employees truly feel seen, valued and inspired. 

This not only brightens Employee Appreciation Day itself but fosters strong company culture, loyalty and highly engaged teams who feel recognized for hard work that helps achieve strategic goals all year long. Start brainstorming meaningful appreciation letters and gifts today!


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