20 Employee Appreciation Day Video Ideas

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By Alisha Zoe

20 Employee Appreciation Day Video Ideas

Shooting creative videos is an incredibly fun and expressive way for management teams to shine a light on employee accomplishments, cultural contributions and good humor that make the organization a rewarding place to work. High-quality, authentic videos add a personal touch that written communication lacks proving staff aren’t just seen as task-completing resources but multi-dimensional people. 

Whether a funny lip sync scene stealing the show at the company meeting or a poignant slowed down high five compilation spotlighting the culturally invaluable glue employees provide in between major deliverables, videos creatively bridge the gap between leadership vision and understanding those who colorfully bring that vision alive.


Funny Employee Appreciation Video Ideas

Lip Sync Music Videos

Create a humorous lip sync music video featuring the CEO or managers dramatically acting out the lyrics of popular songs with workplace themes like “We Love You Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars or “You Make My Dreams” by Daryl Hall & John Oates donning some funky wigs, shades and costumes! Employees will crack up seeing leadership let loose.

For Instance :

The CEO dresses up in an outrageous 80s rock star costume with long haired wig, shades and fake guitar to perform Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” completely in exaggerative lip sync as the anthemic ballad lauds employees for getting the company through tough times.

Comedy Skit Spoofs

Write and perform entertaining spoof skits playfully making light of everyday scenarios like constantly connecting to the VPN, the battle for conference room bookings, the office birthday celebration protocols, etc. Taking a comical spin on the workplace ups and downs demonstrates you don’t take things too seriously! 

For Instance :

Managers perform an SNL-esque spoof ad for “Conference Room Reservation Helper” acting utterly exasperated by the intensity staff takes securing the coveted conference room bookings, highlighting through humor the sought after workplace commodity.

Awards Show Parody 

Roll out the red carpet and host a glam awards ceremony parody in which leadership roasts employees with silly superlatives as they accept recognition for categories like “Most Likely to Eat Everyone’s Leftovers From the Fridge” or “Most Zoom Backgrounds Used in One Year.” Ham it up Hollywood-style!

For Instance :

The CTO accepts the “Spiciest Excel Workbook” award on stage from the CEO who struggling not to crack up while reading the crafted speech praising the scatter plot filled spreadsheets no one actually enjoys analyzing except honoree enthusiastic about the data storytelling.

Movie Trailer Spoof

Recreate an epic blockbuster movie trailer but make it all about showcasing employee accomplishments and key events from the past year. Cue the emotional background music and dramatic narrator as you spotlight major projects conquered, deals closed and milestones achieved by the heroic staff cast and crew!

For Instance :

The company’s first ever million dollar sale is given the Hollywood trailer treatment with booming narrator, fast cuts of celebration clips and swelling inspirational music as employee Ryan who closed the game changing deal is framed as the unlikely sales hero.

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Carpool Karaoke Jam 

Film leadership or employees rocking out to a montage of feel-good songs with positive lyrics while cruising to work Carpool Karaoke style. Everyone can let loose and belt out the feel-good anthems to pump up appreciative vibes company-wide!  

For Instance :

The head of HR passionately belts out Inspiring lyrics to “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor with windows down on route to team rally celebrating her department’s success guiding 1200+ employees smoothly through pandemic uncertainty. Check this out Standing Ovation Gifts and Games.

Mad Libs Employee Praise  

Compile tailored mad lib style fill-in-the-blank stories praising employees for recent wins that they get to fill in during the video containing blank fields for their name, accomplishment details, positive adjective choices and witty commentary options that become the silly stories told back applauding their awesomeness when played later. 

For Instance :

Account manager Vera grins filling in the blanks to silly story praised for “heroically saving client event with last minute catering despite angry vegetarians without losing cool” highlighting her crisis management and client service skills.

Video Yearbook Superlatives

Vote on categories documenting the year for a group video yearbook presentation. Name awards like “Best Zoom Background”, “Team Hype Person” or “Dressed for the Office Success” adding pics/video that ties to each one for a nice walk down memory lane.

For Instance :

he Operations Manager accepts the “Most Likely to Start the Wave at Company Meetings” superlative in the video yearbook while clips roll of him enthusiastically rallying rowdy cheers to energize crowds despite leading serious budget talks.

Guess the Baby Pic

Have employees submit their awkward baby pictures then film coworkers attempting to guess who’s who for a cute, personal reveal adding insider facts on the featured staff as their younger selves are exposed! 

For Instance :

The Director of Product Development buries his reddening (but smiling) face in his hands as staff crack up seeing his naked bubble bath baby pic revealed after failed guesses, while they praise his fearless innovation despite the odd experimental product failures.

Comedy Roast Tribute

Lovingly poke fun at individual employee quirks by compiling good-natured teasing statements from peers secretly recorded ahead of time then play the friendly roast segment praising their uniqueness after each ribbing clip. End by turning comments into appreciative remarks.

For Instance :

The VP of Sales laughs hysterically watching peers tease her “addiction to peppermint lattes” and being “married to her job” in the lighthearted roast before transitioning to heartfelt appreciation for her incredible work ethic and selfless mentoring that made them better.

Epic Thank You Music Mashup 

Compile clips of employees saying “thank you [Name]!” then expertly editing them together set perfectly in time to an upbeat melody creating an infectious appreciative chant in surround sound as a catchy ode to employee awesomeness.

For Instance :

Of various managers across divisions enthusiastically belting “Thanks Priya!” in unison to the tune of “We Will Rock You” by Queen give earnest praise to the senior graphic designer for gorgeous annual report layouts and intuitive infographic creation that wowed clients.Check this out  Desktop Microphone.

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Spotlight Appreciation Videos

Caught in the Act of Awesomeness  

Secretly capture standout examples of employees going above-and-beyond then share the heartwarming footage in a highlight reel bringing those everyday unnoticed efforts worthy of bigger applause to center stage.

For Instance :

Marketing Manager Lesli is secretly filmed staying extremely late to hand write over 100 personal thank you notes to members of her team after a major product launch, underscoring her deep care for staff well-being above all else.

High Five Compilation

Record authentic high fives between colleagues after wins and milestones then roll the footage of these small but mighty moments of acknowledgment together to underscore the power of celebrations mixed into regular work life.  

For Instance :

A rapid fire sequence of the bubbly HR Director’s trademark celebratory high fives spotlighted highlight her knack for building spirits during even mundane wins like successful new hire onboarding paperwork filed and weeklong orientations pulled off without a hitch.

Crowdsource Why We Appreciate [Name]

Get a range of employees to candidly share specific reasons they appreciate their peers for a compilation packed with authentic shoutouts creating an incredible morale boost to be seen and valued for diverse contributions.

For Instance :

Heartwarming candid explanations flow in from peers on why much loved office manager Ralph is so appreciated – from remembering everyone’s favorite snacks to voluntarily coordinating rideshares – showcasing far reaching thoughtful impact.

Day-in-the-Life Staff Spotlights  

Follow individual employees for a day shadowing their unique roles chronicling all the dedication that goes into accomplishing their responsibilities to gain wider perspective on just how much each person’s efforts matter behind the scenes.

For Instance :

Senior accountant Marley is shadowed balancing six client check-in calls before lunch while seamlessly toggling detailed revenue spreadsheet analyses, underscoring the constant multitasking and diligence that keeps operations running.

Skills in Action Mixtape

Have workers demonstrate specialized skills like graphic design expertise or coding prowess to showcase standout talent across the company through fun digestible videos that educate and inspire while spreading peer appreciation.

For Instance :

Talented graphic design intern Kyree narrates an animated explainer video breaking down his creative process selecting visually impactful color schemes and balancing information-dense reports into aesthetically pleasing layouts for optimal comprehension. Check out this Video Spotlight Kit.

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CEO & Leadership Appreciation Messages

Embarrassing Leadership Throwback Reveals 

Unearth hilarious photos, videos or stories from the early days of company leaders’ careers featuring some embarrassingly retro fashion choices, crazy first jobs or naive interviews to humanize where they started versus how far they’ve come thanks the support of their incredible staff behind them.

For Instance :

The CFO winces in good humor seeing his fresh-out-of-business-school 1990s look featuring a garish power suit and painfully limp handshake aired to showcase how far collaborative leadership skills have developed thanks to working alongside their amazing teams.

Ode to Employees Musical Serenade  

Have the CEO or managers compose a funny lyrical song or rap exaggerating all the reasons employees are so valued then shoot them performing the piece complete with makeshift costumes and musical instruments in a super playful display of strong appreciation. 

For Instance :

The Co-Founders of the tech startup don silly wigs, shades and inflatable guitars performing a goofy original song overflowing with lyrical appreciation for employees who took a chance with them in those early basement days and continue propelling innovations.

Leader Appreciation Vision Board 

Print an array of appreciation quotes, inspirational sayings and images symbolizing all employees unique talents then have the executive team assemble a large poster board collage artwork dedicated to celebrating workers on camera to send an empowering message.

For Instance :

The leadership team thoughtfully curates a collage poster covered in motivational icons and paired employee superlatives underscoring their profound gratitude for the diverse talents that allow the organization to creatively solve problems.

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Top Ten List Countdowns

Do a viral-style top ten list countdown on video where leadership reveals their favorite things about working with the team whether it’s top hilarious staff Zoom fails or most beloved office traditions that earn the coveted titles for being sources of joy and camaraderie.

For Instance :

The CEO delivers his favorite Top 10 reasons working with staff is amazing – ranging from their collective nerves of steel when tackling crises to the contagious laughter filling office halls – spotlighting less obvious attributes through humorous delivery.

Epic Thank You Slow Clap

Have all company directors lined up orchestrating an slowly building round of applause in acknowledgement of employee’s monumental efforts this past year culminating in thunderous ovations to appreciate all the hard work.

For Instance :

Department heads build up slowly from a subtle golf clap to raucous applause with beaming smiles in synchronization to dramatically emphasize enormous appreciation for monumental goals achieved through employees determined teamwork, long hours and refusal to be deterred.Check out this Video Drone.

The possibilities are endless when harnessing the power of video to creatively spotlight employee accomplishments while also enabling leadership to express genuine gratitude in ways that inspire staff to feel truly seen, valued and motivated to continue excelling in the year ahead!

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Final Verdict

While meticulously laying out annual goals, incentives and constructive feedback is vital to organizational success, genuine human connection can’t be overstated in the journey to get there. Leadership crafted videos uniquely directed at spotlighting employees have unmatched power to foster inspiration, purpose and drive by celebrating progress not just on paper but shared experiences, team comradery and personalities eliciting smiles along the way. 

Whether an embarrassing baby photo reveal or a Broadway musical style employee tribute, videos that take the time recognize humor and humanity build bonds, community and a workplace feeling like extended family.


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