25 Best Employee Engagement Activities for Valentine’s Day

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By Alisha Zoe

Employee Engagement Activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day presents a fun opportunity for companies to boost employee morale and strengthen connections among staff. Planning thoughtful engagement activities shows your team you appreciate them and care about their experience at work.

These 25 ideas provide creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your workforce and cultivate a positive, collaborative company culture.

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Employee Engagement Activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Potluck

Organize a festive potluck lunch or breakfast where employees can bring in their favorite Valentine’s Day treats to share. Encourage heart-healthy dishes like oatmeal with berries, avocado toast, pumpkin smoothies, etc. Decorate with fun tablecloths, fresh flowers, candy hearts, and more to set the mood.

Sweet Jojoe Conversation Hearts Candy . Potlucks centered around a theme bring employees together. These classic Sweet Jojoe conversation hearts make festive decor and treats.

Desk Decorating Contest

Boost morale with a Valentine’s Day desk decorating contest. Employees can embellish their workstations with flowers, candy, string lights, streamers, and other festive touches. Offer prizes for most creative, funniest, or most spirited decor.

PartyWoo 140 pcs Blue- A decorating contest sparks creativity and friendly competition. This Valentine’s Day garland kit provides fun decorations.

Virtual Trivia Game

Host a virtual Valentine’s trivia game on popular videoconference software. Form teams and have employees compete to answer questions about love songs, movies, candy, traditions, and more. Give the winning team members small prizes.

Logitech C930e HD Webcam – Virtual trivia games are entertaining and build camaraderie. This Logitech webcam provides clear video for online events.

Valentine’s Day Card Making

Set up a card making station in the office with craft supplies like papers, glue, markers, stickers, etc. so employees can make Valentine’s Day cards for colleagues, loved ones, or charity organizations. It’s a thoughtful way to lift spirits.

Creative Collection Classics Specialty Cardstock– Making handmade Valentine’s Day cards is a rewarding activity. This card making kit has all the decorative supplies needed.

Virtual Employee Engagement Activities for Valentine’s Day

Virtual Bingo Game

Email Valentine’s Day themed bingo cards to remote staff and host games over video chat. The cards can feature tasks like baking a treat, decorating, sharing kid photos, wearing red, etc. instead of numbers. Award prizes to the first bingo winner.

Bingo games are accessible for employees. This gift box of novelty frozen treats delivers directly.

Online Trivia & Games

Use free online trivia platforms like Kahoot! to host Valentine’s themed quizzes. You can also organize games using tools like Jackbox, Skribbl, or Bunch to encourage virtual bonding through play. Award e-gift cards to winners. Jackbox provides engaging online games and trivia options for remote teams.

Virtual Chocolate Making Class

Hire a professional chocolatier or confectioner to lead a virtual chocolate truffle making class. They demonstrate techniques while employees follow along at home with ingredients mailed to them beforehand. It makes for a tasty team building activity.

Crave Chocolate Truffle Kit. This DIY chocolate truffle kit from Crave delivers ingredients and guidance for sweet online classes.

Unique Valentine’s Day Employee Engagement Ideas

Love Languages Workshop

Strengthen workplace relationships by holding an online workshop on the five love languages – words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and gift giving. Discuss recognizing colleagues’ preferred languages to become more caring, supportive co-workers.

The Five Love Languages book. This popular book teaches the five love languages for more thoughtful workplace interactions.

Simple Self-Care Strategies Workshop

Counter stress by guiding employees through self-care topics like mindfulness, meditation, healthy eating, or yoga via online workshops. Provide toolkits with journals, teas, essential oils, face masks, bath bombs, etc. to promote relaxation.

Self-Care Subscription Box. This self-care subscription kit provides resources to practice personal wellness.

Galentine’s Celebration

Host a Galentine’s Day online event just for women at the company to celebrate female friendships and empowerment. Share a playlist of upbeat songs by women artists. Deliver small gifts like candy, candles, or eBooks.

Natural Life “You Are Amazing” Mug. A “You Are Amazing” mug makes an affirming valentine’s Day gift.

Funny Valentine’s Day Activities for Employees

Cupid’s Court

Organize an online mock trial where “Cupid” puts workplace relationships and love on trial. Have employees give funny testimonies and make their case before a verdict is rendered. Offer pun-filled prizes.

Judge gavel desk accessory. This judge gavel makes a fun prop for virtual mock trials and games.

Cheesiest Love Songs Karaoke

Host a cheesy love song karaoke party online. Play tracks like “Endless Love”, “I Will Always Love You”, etc. and have employees try their best melodramatic performances. Award funny prizes like chocolate and music downloads.

Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke Machine. This all-in-one karaoke machine provides music and disco lights for lively virtual parties.

Valentine’s Day Joke Contest

Have employees submit funny Valentine’s Day jokes and stories leading up to the holiday for a company joke book. Share the compilation over email or chat channels to spread laughs and cheer.

Free digital book templates on Canva.com.These free book templates from Canva allow you to compile jokes into a PDF to share.

Team Building Valentine’s Employee Engagement Ideas

Collaborative Spot the Difference

Email teams the same Valentine’s Day themed picture with 10 subtle differences hidden. See which team can identify all the discrepancies the fastest during a video call for some competitive fun.

The Big Book of Spot the Difference Puzzles. This puzzle book provides engaging and intricate spot the difference activities.

Valentine’s Day Pictionary

Break employees into small teams for games of online Pictionary using Valentine’s Day vocabulary words. They take turns drawing prompts like “cupid”, “chocolates”, “roses” etc. for their team to guess.

Drawasaurus dry erase drawing boards. These reusable dry erase drawing boards are ideal for playing Pictionary over video.

Virtual Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Send employees a list of Valentine’s themed items they need to find in their homes and show on camera, like something pink or red, old Valentine’s cards, candy, stuffed animals, etc. The first to locate everything wins.

Sweet Valentine’s Day Candy Bouquet. This festive candy bouquet from 1-800-Flowers delivers sweets right to employees.

Very Popular Employee Engagement Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Catered Valentine’s Lunch

Provide a special Valentine’s Day catered lunch or dinner for employees. Order festive foods like heart-shaped sandwiches, salad, and pizza along with treats like cake pops or cookie platters. Decorations and music set a festive ambiance.

From You Flowers Valentine’s Day Bouquet. These beautiful flower arrangements from From You Flowers dress up catered lunches.

Dress Up Days

Encourage employees to show their holiday spirit all week by participating in festive dress up days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Ideas include wearing red or pink, sparkles or hearts, funny seasonal sweaters or socks, etc.

Custom Valentine’s Day Socks. Custom printed socks like these fun designs spread holiday cheer.

Love Notes Wall

Designate an online or office bulletin board as a place for employees to post anonymous notes of appreciation about co-workers. Reading the expressions of gratitude boosts morale.

Kindnotes subscription. A Kindnotes subscription delivers thoughtful prompts for giving recognition.

Virtual Valentine’s Day Crafting

Order craft or baking kits to employees’ homes. Hop on a group video call to make projects together like creating vision boards, decorating cookies, arranging dried flowers, building terrariums, etc.

DIY Letterboard Kit. This letterboard kit from Uncommon Goods provides a fun crafting activity.

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Creative Valentine Activity Ideas for Employees

“Why I Love My Job” Essay Contest

Have employees submit short essays about why they love their jobs and what makes them feel happy and fulfilled in their roles. Compile the essays into a company culture book to showcase what makes your organization great.

Journals bulk order. These classic notebooks are perfect for employees to hand-write essays about job satisfaction.

Self-Care Support Challenge

Challenge employees to commit to different self-care activities leading up to Valentine’s Day like exercising, reflecting, calling family, trying a new hobby etc. Provide encouragement and small prizes to participants.

FabFitFun Self-Care Subscription Box. This self-care subscription box delivers wellness goodies to promote self-love.

Fun Valentine’s Day Games for Employees

Who’s That Baby? Photo Contest

Have employees submit photos of themselves as adorable babies or kids. Compile the throwback pictures into a guessing game where colleagues have to figure out who’s who. The most correct guesses wins a fun prize!

Nostalgia Electrics SNACKMAKER Hot Dog Roller and Steamer. This nostalgic retro snack maker provides yummy treats for the photo contest winner.

Virtual Valentine’s Day Bingo

Send out virtual bingo cards featuring tasks like baking cookies, decorating, sharing kid photos, wearing red, etc. instead of numbers. Play a few rounds online, rewarding winners with prizes mailed to their homes.

Cheryl’s Valentine’s Cookies. Cheryl’s bakery delivers adorable iced Valentine’s Day cookies nationwide.

Who Am I? Valentine’s Day Edition

Tape a love song lyric or quote from a romantic comedy to employees’ backs. They ask yes or no questions to figure out their hidden Valentine’s Day identity, quoting the text when they guess correctly.

3M Command Damage-Free Hanging Strips. These 3M Command strips allow employees to hang clues easily and remove them without damage.

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Valentine’s Day provides a chance for companies to spread joy at work and strengthen connections among employees. Incorporating interactive activities, games, virtual events, gifts of appreciation and festive décor makes the holiday fun and inclusive for all staff. Most importantly, have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Frequently Asked Questions About Valentine’s Day Employee Engagement Activities

What are some good virtual Valentine’s Day activities?

Some popular virtual Valentine’s Day activities are trivia games, photo contests, karaoke parties, virtual crafting sessions, online games tournaments, virtual dance parties, bake-alongs and cocktail workshops.

How can I celebrate Valentine’s Day with remote employees?

You can celebrate Valentine’s with remote employees by mailing gift boxes, hosting virtual parties and events, sending eCards or digital gifts, organizing game tournaments or online classes, and having food or flowers delivered. 

What are fun Valentines to give employees? 

Fun Valentine’s Day gifts for employees include sweet treats like chocolate, candy or cookies, gift cards for coffee shops or streaming services, festive desktop accessories, personalized holiday mugs, flowers, heart-shaped pizza parties or holiday gift bags filled with goodies.

What are Valentine’s Day ideas for the office?

Galentine’s Day celebrates women in the workplace. Great ideas include organizing special virtual meetups for women on the team, sending eCards with inspirational messages, gifting “boss babe” mugs, planning crafting sessions to make friendship bracelets, and more.

How can I make Valentine’s Day inclusive in the office?

Make Valentine’s Day inclusive by emphasizing friendship and camaraderie, not just romantic relationships. Plan activities focused on company-wide bonding like trivia, movies, talent shows, crafting, games, etc. Consider hosting a virtual family day or kids’ event as well.


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