Mother’s Day Workplace Ideas  From Activities, Treats, Gifts To Office Party Celebrations In 2024

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By Misbah Mushtaq

Mother’s Day Workplace Ideas  From Activities, Treats, Gifts To Office Party Celebrations In 2024

For many employees, Mother’s Day is about more than just celebrating their own moms. It’s a chance to recognize the incredible working mothers on their teams – the women juggling career demands with the around-the-clock job of parenthood.

Did you know over 70% of moms with kids under 18 are part of the U.S. labor force? With so many working mothers among your staff, marking Mother’s Day in the office takes on special significance. It shows you value their invaluable contributions both at work and home.

At the same time, Mother’s Day can stir up complex emotions for some. You may have employees struggling with infertility, strained maternal relationships, or grief from loss. Celebrating thoughtfully and creating an inclusive environment is key.

So how can you celebrate the working moms on your team while being sensitive to the nuances surrounding this holiday? How can you create a more inclusive workplace environment? Here are some ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day at work thoughtfully.

In this blog,

We covers creative yet sensitive ways to celebrate your working mom colleagues this Mother’s Day. From fun employee activities to meaningful gifts and policy updates, these ideas help make your workplace a nurturing space for mothers and non-mothers alike.

Mother's day workplace ideas

Mother’s Day Activities Ideas In Office For Employee Engagement

1. Give them a small Mother’s Day gift

It’s no easy feat being a full-time employee and full-time parent! Support the working moms on your team by giving them a small gift from the group. It could be a flower placed on every desk or a cute “World’s Best Working Mom” coffee mug.

Of course, no workplace Mother’s Day celebration would be complete without a little something for the working moms on your team. Even a small, inexpensive token shows you appreciate their sacrifices and hard work.

Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day At Work

Here are some thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas that won’t break the bank:

Getting a personalized item like a mug or tote bag emblazoned with “World’s Best Working Mom” is both practical and sentimental. Fill the mugs with gourmet coffees or hot chocolate bombs. The totes can be filled with mini spa items, snacks, or office supplies.

  • Plants or Flowers

What mom doesn’t love getting flowers? But you can get creative with plants too! Gift succulent gardens, orchids, bamboo plants or any low-maintenance greenery. Plants make great long-lasting gifts and brighten up any home or desk space.

While not the most personal gift, practical gift cards are always appreciated. Consider cards for grocery stores, Target, Amazon, meal delivery services, streaming subscriptions or self-care services like massages.

  • Personalized Candles or Diffusers

Candles and reed diffusers make lovely Mother’s Day gifts, especially when personalized! Get them custom-made with a special message or have them monogrammed. Choose calming, comforting scents like lavender or eucalyptus.

Instead of one item, create personalized gift baskets full of treats and pampering products. Fill them with things like herbal teas, luxe skincare samples, gourmet snacks, cozy socks or slippers, and anything else you think the recipient would enjoy.

For remote employees, many companies offer convenient online ordering and shipping for corporate gifting now.

2. Celebrate Working Mom’s Monday  

Yes, Working Mom’s Monday (or Mother’s Monday) is an actual thing! It falls on the Monday immediately after Mother’s Day every year. Many organizations provide unique programming and opportunities on this day. 

This year, the brilliant non-profit The Mom Project, which supports working moms and their allies, is hosting a free afternoon celebration with special guests like Marie Kondo. Why not give your whole team those hours off to enjoy themselves while honoring the working moms among you?

3. Gift a family experience

What’s the best way to show appreciation to working moms? Give them a special treat to enjoy on their days off. Whether it’s complimentary tickets for the whole family to an amusement park or a spa service, experiential gifts are fantastic. Family-friendly restaurant gift cards are always a safe bet too!

4. Throw a Working Mother’s Day event (in-person or remote)

If you have a family-oriented workplace, make celebrating moms a company affair! Set up a happy hour or coffee break with bingo, trivia, or other fun challenges. We love the idea of quizzing people on whose kids have what names or what astrological signs the kids are. The winner gets a special prize! 

You could host this event in-person if you’re back in an office setting. But it can just as easily be done remotely via video conferencing if your team is still working from home.  

5. Introduce a new maternal leave or parental policy

What better time to unveil a new policy devoted to supporting your team’s working parents than around Mother’s Day? Send out an office memo announcing an increase in maternal leave days or a new daycare stipend. 

Even if you aren’t rolling out a new policy right now, use this as an opportunity to ensure everyone understands what you currently offer working moms and dads. Have your HR team email out some educational materials or host an open “ask me anything” lunch hour to answer questions.

6. Make Mother’s Day a company holiday (or half-day)

If your workplace operates on Mother’s Day Sunday and scheduling permits, consider giving your team either a full day or half-day off. Even an hour-early release can mean the world! This perk gives the working mothers on your team extra quality time with their families.

Note: If you offer this policy for Mother’s Day, be sure to do the same for Father’s Day to promote an equitable culture.

7. Plan a “Bring Your Kids to Work” party

End the workday with a social hour where kids and parents can hang out at the office. It’s a wonderful way to encourage connections between working moms, dads, and their colleagues. 

Plus, parents always love showing their children where they work. If planning this type of event for Mother’s Day seems like too much, you could introduce an annual Parent’s Day celebration for working moms and dads instead. Send out a memo announcing the new plan on Working Mom’s Monday.

Remember: Not everyone wants to be or can be a parent. Invite those without kids to enjoy the party too and offer them the chance to leave the office early if they’d prefer. Not everyone wants to celebrate parenthood!

10 Mother’s Day Office Party Ideas:

Host a Mother’s Day Brunch – Set up a brunch buffet with mom’s favorite breakfast and lunch items like quiche, waffles, fruit salad, and mimosas.

• Arrange a Mother’s Day Photo Booth – Set up a fun photo booth with props like cheesy sunglasses, boas, and signs for moms to take silly pics.

• Plan a Mother’s Day Craft Session – Bring in supplies to make homemade gifts like bath bombs, candles, or potted plants.  

• Throw a Mother’s Day Game Night – Organize games and prizes with a mom theme, like mom-themed trivia or bingo.

• Set Up a Mother’s Day Pamper Station – Bring in masseuses or do DIY mani/pedis, facials, and makeovers for staff.

• Have a Mother’s Day Sweets Bake-Off – Encourage employees to bake mom’s favorite cakes, pies, or cookies for a fun competition.  

• Offer Mother’s Day Catered Lunch – Treat moms to a catered lunch from their preferred restaurant or cuisine.

• Host a Mother’s Day Movie Matinee – Set up a cozy space to watch classic mom movies while munching on popcorn.

• Arrange a Mother’s Day Reading Event – Have staff share favorite children’s books or mom-inspired writing.

• Create a Mother’s Day Self-Care Station – Provide face masks, aromatherapy items, and relaxing activities for a self-care break.

Mother’s Day Treat Ideas for Coworkers and Colleagues  

You might be thinking, “But I don’t actually know who the moms are on my team.” No worries! These Mother’s Day treat ideas work great for showing appreciation to all the amazing women in the office, mom or not. After all, we should celebrate the spirit of motherhood in all its forms.

So let’s get into some fun, easy, and inexpensive ways to make your coworkers feel special this Mother’s Day!

1. Baked Goodies from a Local Bakery

You can keep things simple with a mixed pastry box. Or get a little fancier with custom cake pops, mom-themed sugar cookies, or a beautiful flower cupcake bouquet. Just be sure to get enough to share with the whole team.

2. DIY Treats Basket or Box 

Get crafty by building your own Mother’s Day treat boxes or baskets! Head to your local crafts store and pick up some decorative boxes, baskets, ribbon, and shred filler. Then hit up the snack aisles for Fun-Size candies, trail mixes, pre-packaged baked goods, or whatever sweet and salty mix you’d like.

3. Mother’s Day Candy Grams

Candy grams are always a hit, no matter the occasion! Pick up a box of personalized candy gram cards. Then stuff them with famous chocolate brands like Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats – whatever mom’s favorite guilty pleasures are.

4. Self-Care Treat Packs

For the moms who have enough chocolate already, try pampering self-care packs instead. Fill decorative bags or boxes with mini skincare items like face masks, hand creams, lip balms, and bath bombs. You can even throw in some freshly popped popcorn or fancy pretzels for a savory treat.

5. Pretty Potted Plant Gifts

Plants make such cheerful gifts, don’t they? Gift the moms in your office with small potted plants to brighten their homes or desks. Good low-maintenance options include succulents, snake plants, and ZZ plants. 

Quick Ideas for Last-Minute Mother’s Day Treats

Didn’t plan ahead for Mother’s Day? No biggie! Lots of awesome last-minute treat ideas require almost no prep:

  • Bouquets of fresh flowers from the grocery store 
  • Gift cards to spas, salons, restaurants 
  • Discount or free food delivery orders for lunch
  • Office snack cart filled with moms’ fave chips, cookies, etc.
  • Lottery ticket bouquets 
  • Travel mugs or water bottles filled with candy
  • Mini champagne or wine bottles 
  • Adult coloring books and colored pencils

Even something as simple as a handwritten note of gratitude can go a long way. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts most!

10 Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas For Work

• Virtual Mother’s Day Brunch or Tea Party: Organize a virtual gathering where everyone can share their favorite brunch or tea recipes and enjoy a virtual meal together.

• Online Mother’s Day Trivia or Games: Host an online trivia or game session related to Mother’s Day, with fun prizes for the winners.

• Virtual Craft Workshop: Arrange a virtual craft workshop where employees can learn to make simple Mother’s Day crafts or cards together.

• Shared Mother’s Day Playlist: Create a collaborative Mother’s Day playlist where employees can contribute their favorite songs dedicated to or reminiscent of their mothers.

• Virtual Photo Sharing: Encourage employees to share photos of their mothers or memorable moments with their mothers in a virtual album or slideshow.

• Virtual Story Time: Organize a virtual story time where employees can share heartwarming stories or anecdotes about their mothers.

• Virtual Cooking Class: Arrange a virtual cooking class where employees can learn to make their mother’s favorite dish or dessert.

• Virtual Mother’s Day Card Exchange: Set up a virtual card exchange where employees can create and send digital Mother’s Day cards to their colleagues’ mothers.

• Virtual Mother’s Day Poetry Reading: Host a virtual poetry reading session where employees can share their favorite poems about motherhood or their own original works.

• Virtual Gratitude Board: Create a virtual gratitude board where employees can post messages of appreciation and gratitude for their mothers or mother figures.

10 Mother’s Day Office Decoration Ideas 

1. Create a “Moms of the Office” photo wall displaying pictures of employees with their mothers

2. Hang handmade paper flower garlands or banners with heartfelt Mother’s Day messages

3. Set up a “Mother’s Day Memories” board where employees can pin notes or photos celebrating their moms

4. Decorate a centralized area with potted plants or fresh flowers representing the nurturing qualities of motherhood

5. Arrange a table with a assortment of delicious treats and snacks as a tribute to moms’ home-cooked meals

6. Display framed quotes or inspirational sayings about the importance of mothers throughout the office

7. Craft a DIY photo booth with fun props and a backdrop for employees to capture Mother’s Day moments

8. Hang colorful ribbons or streamers in shades of pinks purples and reds to create a festive Mother’s Day ambiance

9. Set up a “Moms’ Favorite Tunes” playlist with songs dedicated to or reminiscent of mothers

10. Organize a “Mother’s Day Memories” slideshow featuring heartwarming photos and stories shared by employees

Mother's day workplace ideas

Final Tips: Keep it Flexible and Welcoming

You likely have some employees, maybe even many, who may have lost their mothers, are unable to become mothers, or don’t wish to observe the holiday for other reasons. Be sensitive to this and allow them to opt-out of any Mother’s Day communications, events, or celebrations if they want. 

When planning activities, carefully consider whether anyone might feel excluded. You may even want to send out a survey beforehand to gauge interest levels across your team.  When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Bonus Tip: Build Resources for Parents into Your Onboarding 

No matter how you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day at work this year, recognize the immense effort working moms put in – they are truly superheroes!

When hiring any new employee, but especially working parents, provide them with a comprehensive onboarding experience to set them up for success. 

Trying to balance a new job, working remotely, and parenting duties all at once can feel overwhelming. Implement a thorough onboarding checklist to help make their transition into the role smoother and more manageable.

Mother’s Day Celebrations Start with an Inclusive Mindset

At the end of the day, celebrating Mother’s Day thoughtfully in the workplace starts with having an inclusive, family-friendly company culture and mindset. Take the time to recognize the working moms on your team in meaningful ways. But also be sensitive to the fact that Mother’s Day can be a difficult time for some.

With a bit of planning and emotional intelligence, you can create a workplace environment where all employees feel welcomed and appreciated – whether they’re mothers or not. Just don’t forget – the working moms among you are doing double duty and deserve a little extra support and recognition!


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