70+ Office Halloween Activities For The Workplace (Virtual, party, or in-office ideas)

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Halloween will be here before we know it. This year, many offices want to find fun ways to celebrate that are still professional.

To help come up with ideas, here are over 70 Halloween office activities perfect for the workplace. These range from contests where people decorate their own spaces to group games that bring everyone together.

Many office Halloween activities build teamwork and happiness while making the office more festive. Most don’t require a lot of money or planning.

Look over the list for ideas that match your office’s culture and what your employees like to do. With a little creativity, you can have a Happy Halloween at work!


70+ office Halloween activities

The following is a list of Halloween office activities for the workplace:

1. “Haunted Office Decor Contest”

Turn your workplace into a spooky haven by organizing a Haunted Office Decor Contest. Encourage teams or individual employees to transform their workspaces into eerie, 

Halloween-themed areas. Provide a specific budget limit, and let the creative juices flow. 

Decorations could include cobwebs, pumpkins, witches, and ghosts. Judges can evaluate based on creativity, originality, and adherence to the Halloween theme.

This activity promotes teamwork, boosts morale, and allows employees to express their artistic talents in a fun and festive way.

2. “Costume Day & Parade”

Host a Costume Day and Parade to let employees dress up in their Halloween best.

In the morning, employees can show off their costumes during a parade through the office, and prizes can be awarded for the most creative, scariest, or funniest costumes.

This activity promotes a sense of community, provides a break from routine, and fosters a lively and inclusive atmosphere in the workplace.

3. “Pumpkin Carving Contest”

Organize a Pumpkin Carving Contest where employees can showcase their artistic skills by carving pumpkins into spooky or funny designs.

Provide pumpkins and carving tools, and set a time limit for the carving. Judges can evaluate based on intricacy, originality, and execution.

This hands-on activity encourages teamwork, enhances dexterity, and adds a dash of Halloween spirit to the office environment.

4. “Halloween Trivia Challenge”

Host a Halloween Trivia Challenge that tests employees’ knowledge of the spookiest holiday. Prepare a list of questions related to Halloween history, traditions, and pop culture.

Create teams and conduct the quiz, awarding points for correct answers. This activity is intellectually stimulating, encourages team collaboration, and promotes a sense of competition while fostering a fun and engaging environment.

5. “Spooky Bake-Off”

Encourage employees to showcase their culinary skills with a Spooky Bake-Off. Participants can prepare Halloween-themed treats like witch finger cookies, mummy brownies, or pumpkin pies. Judges can assess taste, presentation, and creativity.

This activity fosters camaraderie, celebrates diversity, and indulges the senses, making it a delightful workplace experience.

6. “Halloween Scavenger Hunt”

Create a Halloween-themed Scavenger Hunt in the office. Provide clues or riddles related to spooky themes that lead employees to various locations or hidden items.

The first team or individual to solve all the clues and complete the hunt wins. This activity promotes problem-solving, teamwork, and physical activity while adding a sense of adventure to the workplace.

7. “Ghoulish Movie Marathon”

Set up a designated space for a Ghoulish Movie Marathon and screen Halloween classics like “The Addams Family,” “Hocus Pocus,” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Provide popcorn and snacks for a cozy movie-watching experience. This activity allows employees to unwind, enjoy shared entertainment, and immerse themselves in the Halloween spirit.

8. “Monster Mash Dance Party”

Host a Monster Mash Dance Party where employees can let loose and showcase their dance moves. Create a spooky playlist, decorate the dance area, and encourage costumes.

This lively activity promotes physical activity, stress relief, and provides an opportunity for employees to bond in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

9. “Candy Corn Count Contest”

Fill a jar with candy corn and hold a guessing contest. Employees can submit their estimates, and the one with the closest guess wins the jar.

This simple yet engaging activity adds an element of suspense and excitement to the workplace while rewarding those with a keen eye for detail.

10. “Witch’s Brew Tasting”

Arrange a Witch’s Brew Tasting, featuring various Halloween-themed beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Employees can sample and rate these concoctions, and the winner can receive a prize.

This activity encourages social interaction, allows employees to unwind, and provides a unique and memorable Halloween experience at work.

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Fun Halloween Office Activities

Here is a list of Fun Halloween office activities for the workplace coworkers, team or employees:

1. “Wacky Costume Relay Race”

Gather your coworkers for a hilarious Wacky Costume Relay Race. Employees form teams and race while wearing oversized, funny costumes that can include inflatable sumo suits or comical animal outfits.

The laughter and absurdity of this activity foster a light-hearted atmosphere, encourage team bonding, and provide a memorable Halloween experience in the workplace.

2. “Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest”

Organize a Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest where participants have to devour a pumpkin pie without using their hands.

The messy hilarity that ensues from this contest will have everyone in stitches. It’s a great way to break the ice, promote camaraderie, and create unforgettable Halloween memories.

3. “Mummy Wrap Battle”

Prepare rolls of toilet paper or crepe paper and host a Mummy Wrap Battle. Employees form pairs, and one person becomes the mummy while the other wraps them in paper.

The team that creates the funniest or most absurd mummy wins. This activity is a riot, encourages teamwork, and adds a playful twist to traditional mummy imagery.

4. “Witch Hat Ring Toss”

Set up a Witch Hat Ring Toss game, where employees try to toss rings onto the pointed tip of a witch’s hat.

Make it even funnier by requiring participants to wear a blindfold while attempting this quirky challenge.

It’s an entertaining way to boost coordination, offer comic relief, and incorporate a classic Halloween element into your office festivities.

5. “Halloween Karaoke Showdown”

Host a Halloween Karaoke Showdown where employees sing their favorite songs while dressed in comical, spooky costumes.

The laughter-inducing spectacle of watching coworkers perform in ridiculous outfits will provide endless amusement, foster a vibrant atmosphere, and encourage everyone to unleash their inner diva.

6. “Zombie Dance-Off”

Hold a Zombie Dance-Off where employees channel their inner zombies and compete to create the funniest, most zombie-like dance routine.

Silly, exaggerated zombie movements and groans are encouraged. This activity adds humor to the workplace, encourages self-expression, and lets employees embrace their inner silliness.

7. “Monster Mash Limbo”

Put a Halloween twist on the classic limbo game by hosting a Monster Mash Limbo contest. 

Participants in monstrous costumes must limbo beneath a bar while doing their best monster impressions.

The absurdity and laughter will make this a standout activity, encouraging flexibility, camaraderie, and physical humor.

8. “Ghostly Office Pranks”

Embrace the Halloween spirit by allowing employees to play harmless, ghost-themed pranks on their coworkers.

These pranks should be light-hearted and good-natured, promoting humor and creating a playful atmosphere. Just ensure everyone is on board and no one gets genuinely spooked.

9. “Witches’ Cackle-Off”

Hold a Witches’ Cackle-Off competition, where employees try to produce the most amusing and exaggerated witch-like cackles.

Encourage creativity, and let everyone unleash their inner witches. This amusing activity is all about letting loose, laughter, and adding a touch of the supernatural to your Halloween celebration.

10. “Zany Pumpkin Bowling”

Create a makeshift bowling alley using pumpkins as pins and provide employees with a comically oversized pumpkin as a bowling ball.

The resulting game of Zany Pumpkin Bowling is guaranteed to bring uproarious laughter, offer a unique Halloween experience, and encourage friendly competition in a playful and entertaining manner.

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Spooky And Scary Halloween activities for the office

These are a few of the spooky and scary Halloween activities for office:

1. “Haunted Office Escape Room”

Prepare a spine-chilling “Haunted Office Escape Room” experience. Transform a designated area into a sinister, Halloween-themed scenario where employees must decipher clues, solve puzzles, and find a way out.

The eerie atmosphere, unexpected surprises, and time pressure create a genuinely scary, team-building activity that fosters problem-solving and teamwork skills.

2. “The Midnight Séance”

Host a “Midnight Séance” in a dimly lit conference room. A professional medium can lead the event, guiding employees in an exploration of the supernatural.

The ghostly aura and the possibility of connecting with the spirit world make this a genuinely chilling Halloween experience.

3. “Creepy Office Ghost Hunt”

Plan a “Creepy Office Ghost Hunt.” Set up mysterious clues that lead participants through the office, searching for hidden spirits.

The spine-tingling surprises, unsettling ambiance, and interactive aspect make this a seriously scary and unforgettable Halloween event.

4. “Terrifying Horror Movie Marathon”

Screen a “Terrifying Horror Movie Marathon” featuring some of the scariest films ever made. 

Provide an atmosphere akin to a haunted house, complete with dim lighting and eerie sound effects.

Watching horror movies in such an environment will create a genuinely frightening and memorable Halloween workplace activity.

5. “Sinister Zombie Apocalypse Simulation”

Create a “Sinister Zombie Apocalypse Simulation” using actors in zombie costumes. Employees must work together to find safety, encountering unsettling scenarios along the way.

This immersive and spine-chilling experience promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and survival skills.

6. “Frightening Office Ghost Stories”

Gather employees for a session of “Frightening Office Ghost Stories.” Encourage participants to share their supernatural encounters, eerie experiences, or tales of inexplicable events.

The storytelling session in a darkened room with only candlelight will send shivers down everyone’s spines.

7. “Terror in the Dark Maze”

Construct a “Terror in the Dark Maze” within the office space. Employees can navigate the maze while encountering spooky surprises, lurking shadows, and hair-raising moments.

This activity delivers genuine scares, tests courage, and pushes individuals out of their comfort zones.

8. “Hauntingly Realistic VR Horror”

Set up a “Hauntingly Realistic VR Horror” station. Provide virtual reality headsets with terrifying horror experiences.

Employees can explore haunted houses, face grotesque monsters, and confront their deepest fears in a controlled, digital environment.

9. “Eerie Séance Dinner Party”

Organize an “Eerie Séance Dinner Party” in the office cafeteria. A trained medium can guide employees through a séance during a candlelit dinner.

The combination of a haunted ambiance and the possibility of encountering spirits makes this a genuinely eerie Halloween event.

10. “Office of the Damned”

Turn an area of the office into the “Office of the Damned” with disturbing decorations, eerie sounds, and unsettling surprises.

Employees can voluntarily enter, one at a time, and brave the spine-chilling experiences within. This nerve-wracking activity tests courage, provides thrills, and creates an unforgettable Halloween atmosphere.

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Unique and Creative Halloween Workplace Activities

Here are some Workplace Halloween activities for the office:

1. “Holographic Ghostly Encounters”

Introduce “Holographic Ghostly Encounters” to your workplace. Utilize advanced holographic technology to create interactive ghostly apparitions.

Employees can engage in conversations with these holographic spirits, who share eerie tales or riddles.

This immersive experience blends technology with storytelling, providing a unique Halloween atmosphere that encourages imagination, curiosity, and team engagement.

2. “Time-Traveling Haunted Escape Room”

Unveil a “Time-Traveling Haunted Escape Room” where employees must solve puzzles not only to escape but also to navigate through different eras of history, all with a spooky twist.

Combining elements of history, time-travel, and escape room challenges, this creative Halloween activity fosters critical thinking, teamwork, and historical knowledge while delivering a uniquely thrilling experience.

3. “Cryptic Pumpkin Carving Art Gallery”

Host a “Cryptic Pumpkin Carving Art Gallery.” Instead of traditional carving, challenge employees to create intricate designs that reveal cryptic messages or intricate patterns when lit from within. 

The result is an innovative fusion of art and mystery that promotes creativity, craftsmanship, and a touch of enigma during Halloween.

4. “Ghastly Science Experiment Extravaganza”

Engage employees in a “Ghastly Science Experiment Extravaganza.” Transform the office into a laboratory of the supernatural, where teams conduct eerie science experiments.

Activities can include glowing potion creations, ghostly chemical reactions, and fog-producing reactions.

This hands-on, educational yet fun experience combines the wonder of science with the spookiness of Halloween.

5. “Virtual Reality Haunted World Tour”

Offer a “Virtual Reality Haunted World Tour” where employees can virtually explore the world’s most haunted places.

Equipped with VR headsets, participants embark on a spine-chilling journey to renowned haunted locations worldwide.

This innovative experience combines technology, storytelling, and global exploration, delivering a unique and immersive Halloween adventure that stimulates curiosity and offers a taste of the supernatural from around the world.

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Virtual office Halloween activities

These are a few more Virtual Halloween office activities for the workplace:

1. “Virtual Halloween Trivia Quiz”

Arrange a “Virtual Halloween Trivia Quiz” via video conferencing. Create a series of Halloween-themed questions and answers and have employees join the quiz remotely.

You can use online quiz platforms to facilitate the game. This activity not only tests knowledge but also promotes teamwork and adds a competitive and entertaining element to remote work.

2. “Spooky Storytelling Night”

Host a “Spooky Storytelling Night” using a virtual meeting platform. Employees can take turns sharing eerie tales or ghost stories, creating a virtual campfire-like atmosphere.

This activity encourages creativity, provides a shared spooky experience, and fosters a sense of connection, even when working remotely.

3. “Online Pumpkin Painting”

Coordinate an “Online Pumpkin Painting” using video conferencing. Encourage employees to procure pumpkins, paints, and brushes and guide them through a virtual pumpkin painting session.

This creative endeavor allows participants to express their artistic talents, create unique Halloween decorations, and bond with coworkers through a shared, remote experience.

4. “Virtual Cooking Challenge: Spooky Edition”

Host a “Virtual Cooking Challenge: Spooky Edition” where employees cook or bake Halloween-themed dishes from their own kitchens.

Participants can follow a specific recipe or get creative. They can then share their culinary creations through video calls.

This activity promotes culinary skills, teamwork, and a shared appreciation for festive food, fostering a virtual sense of community during Halloween.

5. “DIY Halloween Costume Workshop”

Arrange a “DIY Halloween Costume Workshop” conducted virtually. Share instructions and tips for creating unique costumes from items found at home.

Employees can join the workshop through a video call, where they can craft their costumes together, ask questions, and get inspired.

This virtual DIY experience encourages creativity, resourcefulness, and a shared sense of accomplishment.

6. “Online Halloween Decor Craft Session”

Organize an “Online Halloween Decor Craft Session” via video conferencing. Share instructions for creating spooky decorations from simple, readily available materials.

Employees can craft these items at home and showcase their finished products during a virtual meeting.

This virtual DIY activity encourages creativity, inspires a festive atmosphere, and allows coworkers to participate in decorating their remote workspaces for Halloween.

7. “Virtual Pumpkin Carving Masterclass”

Host a “Virtual Pumpkin Carving Masterclass” led by a professional pumpkin carver. Employees can sign up for this online class, during which they’ll learn advanced pumpkin carving techniques, patterns, and tips.

They can then apply what they’ve learned to their own pumpkins, sharing their creations during a virtual showcase.

This educational, hands-on experience fosters artistic skills and a sense of accomplishment, even when working remotely, making it a unique and memorable Halloween activity.

Thrilling Halloween office activities ideas

Some ideas for office Halloween activities include:

1. Pumpkin carving contest – Have a competition to see who can carve the most creative pumpkin. Offer a prize for the winner.

2. Halloween potluck – Have everyone bring a spooky or Halloween-themed dish to share. 

3. Costume contest – Offer prizes for the funniest, scariest, and most creative costumes.

4. Halloween karaoke – Sing Halloween songs or regular songs in costume. 

5. Spooky decorating contest – Divide into teams and have a contest to see who can decorate their cubicle or office area the spookiest.

6. Trick-or-treating – Employees can hand out candy at their desks for trick-or-treaters from other departments. 

7. Best Halloween treat bake-off – Have employees bake Halloween-themed treats and vote on the best.

8. Pumpkin painting activity – Have miniature pumpkin painting with acrylic paints and brushes.

9. Spooky storytelling – Gather and take turns telling short spooky stories. 

10. Office haunted house – Decorate an empty office or conference room to be a mini haunted house.

11. Mummy wrapping contest – Divide into teams and see who can wrap a volunteer in toilet paper the fastest.

12. Halloween bingo – Make bingo cards with Halloween themes and play a few rounds. Use small treats or prizes.

13. Skeleton hunt – Hide small skeleton models around the office and have employees search for them. Offer a reward to whoever finds the most.

14. Halloween movie marathon – Show Halloween movies on break times or over lunch. 

15. Guess the Halloween candy – Fill jars with candy and have employees guess how many are in each. Closest guess wins the candy.

Halloween office party activities

These are some Office Halloween-themed party activity ideas:

16. Halloween trivia – Test employees’ Halloween knowledge with trivia questions and hand out candy for correct answers.

17. Scary prank gift exchange – Exchange gags, practical jokes or funny-scary gifts.

18. OfficeEscape room – Create a spooky office escape roomwith clues and puzzles.

19. Halloweenphoto booth – Set up a spot to take silly Halloween-themed photos. Provide props and costumes. 

20. Halloween candy snacks- Provide Halloween candy, caramel apples, and other seasonal treats around the office.

21. Pumpkin bowling – Set up bowling pins and use mini pumpkins to knock them down. Give prizes for strikes and spares. 

22. Witch’s hands jar guessing game – Fill a jar with odd items and have employees guess how many. The closest guess gets the jar.

23. Halloween music videos – Compile a playlist of Halloween songs and play the music videos on a projector during lunch. 

24. Monster doughnut eating contest – First to finish a monster/Halloween decorated doughnut wins.

25. Trick or Treat down the halls – Employees dress up and trick or treat through different departments getting candy.

26. Pumpkin painting relay race – Teams paint mini pumpkins as fast as possible, relay style. Fastest team wins.

27. Halloween mimicking game – Employees mimic a monster/Halloween character and others try to guess who it is.

28. Fear factor challenge – Eat creepy but safe foods like roasted crickets, sardines, hot sauce on crackers etc.

29. Halloween balloon stomp – Try to pop balloons tied to ankles while walking around as a mummy. Fastest time wins.

30. Hide and seek in the dark – Have some silly scary fun playing hide and seek in a darkened conference room.



With over 70 ideas ranging from decorating contests to team games and activities, this list provides inspiration for bringing seasonal fun to your workplace this Halloween.

Review the options to find Halloween office activities that fit your office culture and employees’ interests. Get creative, build camaraderie, and add some spooky spirit to the workplace.

Wishing you a happy, productive, and professionally spirited Halloween this year!


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