30 Best Valentine’s day activities for work

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By Alisha Zoe

Valentine’s day activities for work

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day activities for work, it’s time to start planning how to spread some cheer and delight around the office. While workplaces may seem like an unlikely place for romance, bringing everyone together for fun, uplifting activities can strengthen relationships and morale. 

In this article, we have compiled 30 awesome Valentine’s Day work activities for work that range from thoughtful gestures to competitive games to clever crafts.

Get ready to fire up the glitter glue guns and brainstorm thoughtful ways to recognize coworkers! 

Whether you want to inspire more gratitude and connection, enable friendly competition, or simply brighten everyone’s day with bursts of color and humor, our list of 30 activities has you covered. Let the Valentine’s Day fun at work begin!

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Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for Work

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romance and couples. It’s also the perfect opportunity to build camaraderie and strengthen relationships among coworkers. With some creative planning, you can organize fun activities that bring your team together while allowing everyone to embrace the festive spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Here are 6 fun ideas to make your workplace lively and joyful this Valentine’s season:

  1. Decorate Your Office Space

Make your office environment vibrant by putting up Valentine’s themed decorations a week before the big day.Encourage employees to pitch in to make decorative items like paper hearts, flower garlands, banners with love quotes, and hanging cupids.

You can even host a decorating contest between different departments to see who does it best. The office with the highest vote wins a fun prize!While many may focus decorations at home, equally important is jazzing up your workplace for some festive spirit.

Having fun, eye-catching Valentine’s decorations like Happy Valentine’s Day Decor Banner in the office sets a dramatically more lively and upbeat mood compared to boring blank walls and cubicles. The decor need not be elaborate or expensive either. By providing simple creative supplies and assigning different decor elements like walls, doors, common areas, desks etc. 

  1. Plan Exciting Events

Host special events on Valentine’s Day like love-themed costume contests, karaoke sessions, and speed dating.These activities promise hours of laughter as coworkers let loose and make fun memories together. Award small prizes for categories like best costume and best singing performance.

Rather than the usual lunch-n-learn or external speaker sessions, plan special festivities exclusively for Valentine’s week focused on fun and celebration of relationships among your internal teams. 

These could span conventional activities with clever twists like blindfolded cake or candy tasting contests, creative vow renewals for long-time colleagues commemorating their work friendships through funny customized vows or even platonic ‘speed date’ sessions allowing coworkers who’ve never directly interacted opportunity for short 1:1 time.

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  1. Organize A Cookie Decorating Activity

Baking always brings people together. Set up a cookie decorating station with sugar cookie cutouts, colorful icing, sprinkles, candies, and more.Employees can channel their creativity to decorate the perfect Valentine’s cookie while bonding with their teammates. Display all the cookie creations proudly for everyone to enjoy.

They say too many cooks spoil the broth but that surely can’t apply when it comes to cookie decorating! Nothing fosters togetherness faster than teams collaborating creatively on designing and embellishing outsized cookies together using generous dollops of icing, shimmery sprinkles and candy heart toppers. 

Use Valentine’s Day as the perfect excuse to organize this quintessential team bonding activity by establishing workstations with batches of sugar cookie cutouts for constructing cookies. Supply decorative elements like colored icing tubes, chocolate chips, M&M’s, sparkling sugars, Oreo crumbs and other toppings suited to your teams’ artistic visions.

  1. Initiate Thoughtful Gestures

Encourage coworkers to write “Thank You” notes for each other, anonymously or signed. They can express appreciation for help given on a particular project or day-to-day support. 

Place all the notes in a jar and have employees pick notes randomly. Watching their colleagues’ reactions as they read the heartfelt messages will be incredibly rewarding.

  1. Incorporate Photo Booths

Set up DIY photo booths with fun props like oversized lips, hearts, flower bouquets and love caption boards. 

Employees can take silly photos with props and captions like “We Go Together Like Cupid’s Arrows” or “Can’t Spell Us Without U”. Print out the photos afterwards for employees to take home as Valentine’s keepsakes.

  1. Play Themed Games

Inject playfulness into your Valentine’s Day activities by organizing special games for everyone to take part in.

 Fun game ideas include love song trivia with prizes for guessing correctly, “Pin the Heart on the Cupid” with blindfolds, and speed dating sessions to meet as many coworkers as possible.

Ultimately, focusing Valentine’s Day activities on building connections rather than couples allows all employees to partake in the festivities equally. Simple gestures to make your team feel appreciated also encourage greater collaboration and unity. This Valentine’s Day takes creative steps to foster a little extra workplace magic!

Team Building Valentine’s Day Activities for Work

The workplace is where we spend most of our waking hours and is integral to our livelihoods. So it’s only natural to want to nurture strong relationships with our colleagues for enhanced job satisfaction and productivity. What better occasion than Valentine’s Day to prioritize some team building and bring your work squad closer?

Discover 6 fun activities to foster bonding this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Host A Gift Exchange

Secret Santa gift exchanges are popular during Christmas, but why not adapt the concept for Valentine’s Day too? 

Draw colleague’s names out of a hat and surprise your exchangee with a thoughtful gift tailored to their personality. Keep budgets modest so focus stays on making meaningful gesture rather than extravagance.

  1. Solve Themed Puzzles

Puzzles are known confidence boosters that encourage persistence and pattern recognition.

 Provide kits for your team to collaboratively solve jigsaw puzzles or crosswords revolving around Valentine’s themes like famous romances or love songs. Puzzle solving demands communication, patience and perspective taking to align approaches.

  1. Participate In Volunteer Initiatives

Volunteer together as a team during Valentine’s week at local charities like food banks, animal shelters or nursing homes.

Contributing your time and energy towards causes bigger than yourself always brings renewed perspective and bonding. Working together in services fosters deeper empathy and camaraderie.

  1. Organize Adventure Outings

Explore team building adventures outside office walls by organizing a group outing. 

Activities like recreational sports, high ropes courses, scavenger hunts, cooking classes or escape rooms require coworkers to strategize, collaborate, trust in each other and think on their feet. Shared adrenaline and a common objective unites teams remarkably.

  1. Send Appreciative Notes

Have your team members anonymously write appreciation notes highlighting something they admire or are grateful about each coworker. 

Collect the notes in a jar and distribute randomly allowing employees to read heartening praise colleagues have for them. Words of validation build individuals up, strengthen morale and reinforce human connections.

  1. Solve Themed Puzzles

Puzzles are known confidence boosters that encourage persistence and pattern recognition. 

Provide kits for your team to collaboratively solve jigsaw puzzles (Jigsaw Puzzle For Adults) or crosswords revolving around Valentine’s themes like famous romances or love songs. Puzzle solving demands communication, patience and perspective taking to align approaches.

Unique Valentine’s Activities for Workplace

Valentine’s Day presents a special opportunity to think outside the box and plan distinctive experiences that coworkers will remember fondly. Though tried-and-tested activities like card exchanges, potlucks and photo booths are classics, creating uniquely tailored events allows better reflecting your organization’s distinctive culture and values.

Consider these 7 creative ideas for one-of-a-kind Valentine’s celebrations at work:

  1. Host Specialty Cooking Classes

Instead of the usual potluck, organize a culinary experience facilitated by a specialized cooking instructor. Coworkers can bond while learning to craft everything from sushi to fancy desserts to Valentine’s inspired meals.

 Split into mini teams and compete for titles like “Best Plating” or “Most Innovative Flavors” which also spices up the activity.

  1. Plan Custom Crafting Parties

Guide your colleagues’ creativity by hosting DIY crafting parties tailored to making customized Valentine mementos.

 Supply materials for painting laptop cases, embroidery hoop art, photo keepsakes, leather goods engraving or any hobby that resonates. The bonus? Coworkers gain a cool new skill while also deepening connections.

  1. Organize Experiential Workshops

Engage all five senses by organizing sensorial workshops employees participate in together.

Examples include blindfolded chocolate or wine tastings needing verbal communication, creating personalized perfumes or flower arranging to viscerally beautify office space. Hands-on learning through different mediums makes for powerful memories.

  1. Host Wellness Activities

Valentine’s season aligns perfectly with prioritizing self-care.

Organize activities that rejuvenate employees’ physical, mental and emotional health for an uplifted workplace year-round. Ideas include vision board crafting, laughter yoga workshops, mindfulness meditation classes or art journaling encouraging reflections on self-love.

  1. Organize Themed Events

Go all-out on creativity by organizing events aligned to fun themes for your workplace Valentine’s celebrations.

Examples include neon glow parties with blacklights and highlighters, masquerade balls with decorative Venetian masks or murder mystery dinners allowing colleagues to metaphorically kill each other off.

  1. Curate Inspirational Playlists

Music has profound effects on moods and mindsets. Task a subgroup with curating a customized Valentine’s Day playlist for your office including coworker’ submitted song recommendations that inspire joy and optimism. Play the tracks leading up to and on Valentine’s Day to cultivate the perfect ambiance.

  1. Throw Non-Cheesy Parties

Breath freshness into tired “red and white” shindigs by injecting unusual themes into your office Valentine’s celebrations.

 Ditch the predictable in favor of costume galas, silly sock hops, beach luau parties or candyLand binges to create experiences that surprise and delight. The fun memories last well beyond the actual events.

The beauty of imaginative activities is in eliciting emotions like wonder, excitement or amusement from the extraordinary versus mundanity. Design unique shared experiences that add deeper meaning for your team and they transform into precious touchpoints strengthening workplace relationships and engagement on a profound level. So tap freely into your originality this Valentine’s Day! The dividends from the creativity boost will be immeasurable.

Party Activities for Valentine’s Day at Work

In the flurry of business deliverables and deadlines, celebrations like Valentine’s Day present welcome opportunities for workplace parties that offer pure, rejuvenating fun. Well-orchestrated office parties promise lots of laughter, stronger connections and uplifted morale resulting in even greater motivation on work projects ahead.

If you’re planning a Valentine’s celebration for your team, include these engaging activities:

  1. Host Themed Contests

Friendly competition loosens employees up for fun interactions together. 

Ideas for contests include awarding “best dressed” in red/pink outfits, voting on heart-shaped food dishes prepared or decorating office doors with dazzling Valentine’s artworks. Offer fun prizes to further drive participation.

  1. Play Hilarious Games

Play outrageous games customized for laughter and amusement value. 

Options include blindfolded feeding each other whipped cream topped cookies, crazy relay races passing giant teddy bears or trying to lip sync accurately to famous movie love scenes. The sillier, the better!

  1. Set Up Activity Booths

Build connections via activity booths coworkers circulate between to maximize interactions. 

Unique ideas include friend compatibility quizzes, DIY couples nicknames generators, essaying different kissing booths and photo fun with wacky love themed props. Well-designed booths punctuate parties with participation.

  1. Build Excitement Through Décor

Deck out party premises weeks in advance with conversation-starter Valentine’s décor to spark anticipation and commentary. 

Opt for giant greeting cards, explosion of heart-shaped balloons, vibrant streamers and showers of glittering confetti for extra panache. Talk builds momentum for the main event.

  1. Plan Themed Cocktails & Treats

Customize drinks and nibbles to align with romance or passion fruit themes.

Beverage ideas include red velvets hot chocolates while desserts span heart-shaped cookie dough truffles, pink champagne macaroons and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Delectable bites punctuate socializing!

  1. Curate Uplifting Music Playlist

Set the perfect party ambiance by preparing playlists combining favorite feel-good songs suggested by your team. 

Choose vibrant melodies sprinkled with retro romantic hits guaranteed to have everyone humming and grooving along unconsciously. The right music choices hugely amplify celebrations.

The beauty of hosting workplace Valentine’s Day parties lies in facilitating authentic human connections beyond transactional professional relationships. Well-orchestrated events centered on cheerful participation, creativity and community leave in their wake happier, loyal employees and elevated company culture. So party on!

Silly But Engaging Work Activities for Valentine’s Day

Beyond the customary Valentine’s traditions, injecting playful activities into workplace celebrations fosters stronger rapport and trust among coworkers.

Laughter shakes up dynamics for authentic interactions. When teams see each other’s lighter sides versus usual professional personas, they relate on a more human level prompting greater empathy and collaboration.

Consider fun ideas that encourage colleagues to be silly together:

  1. Themed Dress Up Days

In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, try themed costumes like wearing pink tutus, red suits with hearts drawn or cupid-inspired pieces. 

Have runway walks allowing colleagues to strut their stuff and vote for most creative outfits(QLINLEAF Valentine’s Day Heart). Offer small rewards for the best ones. Seeing each other goof around levels existing hierarchy.

  1. Wacky Love Advice Booth

Set up an outrageous advice booth run by eccentric “love experts” willing to suggest preposterous romantic schemes to seekers’ real dating issues.

 The sheer ridiculousness of recommendations allows for great amusement all around, from seeker interactions to overhearing onlookers. Laughter helps colleagues open up.

  1. DIY Music Videos

Split teams and provide props challenging them to conceptualize and shoot 3 minute music videos themed around workplace romance or ode to jobs/employer. 

Cringe-worthy acting, costumes and lyrics all inevitable. Share videos together and award little prizes for most laughs. Creative fun lowers (The DIY Guide to Making Music Videos) inhibitions over time.

  1. Themed Photo Booth

Set up video recording stations rather than still photos to capture hilarious expressions or dance moves by colleagues against amusing backdrops. 

Props like silly wigs, quirky glasses or animal masks invite letting loose and abandon. Make available recordings to re-watch and reminisce over inside jokes from the footage.

  1. Surprise Sweet Serenades

Arrange surprise song performances by willing team members who barge into unsuspecting colleagues’ work areas for cheesy crooning of corny love songs while presenting DIY gifts of paper flowers etc. 

The element of surprise followed by the funny spectacle never fails to amuse, even more so when recognizing introverts stepping out of comfort zones.

The beauty of silly activities is it gives coworkers permission to reveal more facets of their personalities. Teams getting to know fuller identities beyond work roles builds trust and empathy enabling stronger collaboration. 

So tap freely into your teams’ humor and playfulness to unlock greater human connections this Valentine’s season. The dividends from the laughter last well beyond the actual day.

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Final Verdict

Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity for infusing workplace camaraderie, lifting spirits through laughter, and bringing teams closer through thoughtful gestures. With careful planning and creativity, even the most professional environments can foster playfulness and human connection amongst coworkers. The ideas presented offer springboards for transforming your office into one filled with appreciation, engagement and joy this Valentine’s season.


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