15 Best Work Appropriate Valentine’s Day Cards for Employees

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15 Best Work Appropriate Valentine’s Day Cards for Employees

Valentine’s Day Cards for Employees

Exchanging Valentine’s Day cards in the office is a fun way to spread cheer and appreciation among coworkers. However, it’s important to keep the cards work-suitable with messages that are professional rather than intimate. Here are 15 creative ideas for the best employee Valentine’s cards that are office-appropriate.

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Work Appropriate Valentine’s Day Cards for Employees

Appreciation for Your Hard Work Card

Create cards with sincere messages thanking colleagues for their dedication and hard work. Consider including an Amazon gift card or small treat as a token of appreciation.

Amazon eGift Card – Various amounts available. An Amazon eGift card can be emailed to recipients and allows them to choose their own gift.Writing heartfelt messages of gratitude lets coworkers know their efforts are valued. Attach a small gift card or treat as a tangible symbol of appreciation.

Wishing You Well Card 

Make or pick out cards with warm messages wishing coworkers happiness, health, and success in the new year ahead. These thoughtful sentiments will be welcomed.

Relax Eye Pillow. This soothing eye pillow promotes relaxation and self-care. Sending colleagues genuine well-wishes for the year ahead conveys caring. Include a small gift like an eye pillow to help them de-stress.

Congrats on Your Achievement Card

Recognize team members for recent accomplishments like completing a big project, reaching a milestone, earning a degree, etc. Celebrate their wins!

Kate Spade Initial Pendant Necklace. An initial pendant necklace makes a personalized gift. Congratulating coworkers on their hard-earned achievements makes them feel valued. A personalized initial necklace commemorates their success.

Thanks for Being Awesome Card

Let coworkers know how much you appreciate them for being amazing colleagues and irreplaceable members of the team. It will make their day.

Succulent Plant in Ceramic Planter. A tiny succulent plant brightens up desks. Showing gratitude for colleagues and pointing out what makes them awesome reinforces a positive culture. A mini succulent is a living symbol of appreciation.

Funny Valentine Cards for Employees

At Least This Card is Work Appropriate 

Add humor with cards featuring funny disclaimers like “This card is work-appropriate” or “Rest assured – this card won’t cross any HR boundaries”. Laughter reduces stress.

I Promise It’s Work Appropriate Button. A button proclaiming appropriateness makes coworkers chuckle. Give colleagues a laugh with cards calling attention to their office-friendliness. A funny button drives the humor home.

You Make Mondays Bearable Card

Play on Monday dread with cards telling colleagues they make the start of the workweek not seem so bad. It puts a positive spin on it.

Funny Honey Bear Tea Infuser. This cute bear tea infuser delivers laughs and tea in one.Get smiles with cards emphasizing colleagues’ abilities to make even Mondays better. A honey bear tea infuser adds a touch of fun.

World’s Okayest Coworker Card

Give teammates a laugh by calling them the “world’s okayest coworker” in recognition of their supreme mediocrity. It’s sure to get giggles. 

The Office World’s Okayest Boss Mug. For fans of The Office, this mug is a fun gift. Send chuckles with cards bestowing silly accolades like “world’s okayest coworker”. A mug helps continue the joke.

Thanks for Putting Up With Me Card

Show you have a sense of humor by thanking colleagues for tolerating your annoying habits in the office with cheeky cards expressing gratitude for their patience.

Stress relief squeeze ball. This stress ball provides amusement and tension release. Make coworkers grin by sending self-deprecating cards about your quirky habits. Include a stress ball for added laughs.

Heartfelt Employee Valentine Cards Ideas

Sending Cheer Your Way Card

Share uplifting messages and encouraging quotes to motivate colleagues and let them know someone is in their corner rooting for their success.

Box of encouragement notes. These handwritten notes deliver pick-me-ups. Lift coworkers’ spirits with cards featuring supportive quotes and messages. Include boxed notes with extra encouragement.

So Grateful Our Paths Crossed Card

Warm coworkers’ hearts by telling them how much you value their presence in your work life and how knowing them has made you a better person. 

Inspirational workplace friendship framed print. This typographic friendship print conveys gratitude. Show colleagues they matter with sincere messages about how grateful you are to work with them. A friendship-themed print drives the sentiment home.

Wishing You Happiness Card

Express hope that the new year ahead brings coworkers greater joy, laughter, and light to make their days shine brighter. Your thoughtfulness will touch them.

“Today is Going to Be Great” motivational framed print. This upbeat print provides daily inspiration. Make colleagues’ day with heartfelt well wishes for more happiness in the year to come. An inspirational print encourages optimism. 

You’re Amazing Inside and Out Card

Send coworkers encouragement and praise for both their inner qualities like kindness as well as outer achievements like acing a presentation. Make them feel special.

Burt’s Bees Gift Set. This Burt’s Bees gift set pampers body and spirit. Remind teammates they are amazing both inside and out with cards celebrating their talents and virtues. Pampering products lift their spirits.

Best Employee Appropriate Valentine’s Day Cards

Wishing You Comfort and Joy in the Year Ahead Card

Offer coworkers warm wishes for the coming year filled with coziness, peace, and lightheartedness to renew their spirit. Your thoughtfulness touches hearts.

Happy Wrapping-Box of Joy gift box. This gift box provides comforts to brighten someone’s day. Share kind wishes for a joyful, uplifting year ahead via cards spreading comfort. Include a gift box with cozy treats to delight.

Thanks for Being Such a Great Leader Card

Show managers and mentors appreciation for their guidance and dedication with cards thanking them for setting a positive example and bringing out the best in others.

Personalized leader leather keychain. This customized keychain makes a thoughtful gift. Give fantastic leaders a morale boost with cards expressing gratitude for their mentorship. A personalized keychain gift will be cherished.

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Wishing You Success Card

Encourage coworkers pursuing new goals in the upcoming season with cards wishing them prosperity, growth, achievement, and victory as they start fresh chapters.

Pink Hellebores flower bouquet. These lovely flowers convey support. Motivate teammates embarking on new ventures with cards wishing them triumph and accomplishment. Send flowers representing encouragement.

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Q: What are some Do’s and Don’ts for employee Valentine’s Day cards?

A: Do:

  • Keep messages positive, inclusive and not too personal
  • Show appreciation, encourage happiness and success
  • Add small gifts like gift cards, candy or flowers


  • Make intimate, romantic or inappropriate gestures
  • Give overly lavish or expensive gifts
  • Make cards compulsory or cause undue stress

Q: Should managers give Valentine’s cards to their team members?

A: Yes, managers can absolutely give small tokens of appreciation to their teams for Valentine’s Day as long as the gifts don’t cross boundaries. Appropriate ideas include cards with messages of encouragement, thanks for their hard work, or wishing them success. Small treats like candy are also nice gestures.

Q: What if some employees don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day?

A: It’s important to keep Valentine’s Day celebrations in the office inclusive for all employees. Focus on general positive sentiments like encouragement and gratitude rather than romance. Participation in exchanging cards should be optional, not compulsory. Consider giving charitable donations instead of cards/gifts.

Final Verdict

Exchanging simple, thoughtful Valentine’s Day cards among colleagues is a great way to build morale, inclusion and appreciated in the workplace. However, be mindful that what some view as fun and festive, others may see as inappropriate for work.

Focus on creating goodwill through cards with positive, uplifting messages that make coworkers feel valued without crossing any lines. Small token gifts can elevate the gesture as long as they remain tasteful. Most importantly, make participation optional. With some mindfulness and creativity, handing out Valentine’s Day cards can be a rewarding office tradition.

Exchanging friendly, inclusive Valentine’s Day cards with coworkers is a great way to create goodwill, laughter, and community. Focus the card sentiments on professional over personal relationships. Supplement the cards with small treats or gifts to take the gesture to the next level. Most importantly, have a happy Valentine’s Day!


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