Top 10 Workplace Valentine’s Day Employee Appreciation Ideas

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By Alisha Zoe

Workplace Valentine’s Day Employee Appreciation Ideas

Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to make employees feel valued and appreciated. Thoughtful gestures of gratitude boost morale, engagement, and productivity. Here are 10 creative ideas to celebrate your staff this Valentine’s Day in ways that uplift the workplace culture.

Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to make employees feel valued and appreciated. Thoughtful gestures of gratitude boost morale, engagement, and productivity. Taking time to recognize and celebrate your staff helps create a positive workplace culture centered around camaraderie and unity. Investing in thoughtful expressions of appreciation is a key ingredient for any organization that prioritizes its people.

Here are 10 creative ideas to celebrate your staff this Valentine’s Day in ways that uplift the workplace culture and bring the team closer together.


1. Catered Valentine’s Day Lunch 

Treat your team to a special catered lunch on Valentine’s Day featuring festive foods like heart-shaped sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Provide Valentine’s themed decorations and background music to enhance the occasion. 

From You Flowers Valentine’s Day rose bouquet. These romantic flowers from From You Flowers make a perfect centerpiece. A catered lunch gives employees a chance to gather, relax, and enjoy each others’ company during the workday. Decorative touches like flowers on the tables make it even more special.

2. Team Appreciation Spotlight 

Use your company newsletter or email to highlight and recognize the achievements of specific employees and teams around Valentine’s Day. Outline the contributions they have made to propel the organization forward.

Digital employee recognition certificate. Attractive digital certificates help celebrate colleague milestones. Shining an appreciative spotlight on individual and team accomplishments makes employees feel valued for their efforts. Digital certificates add meaning.

3. Surprise Desk Drop-Offs 

Randomly surprise colleagues by leaving small treats, flowers, personalized notes, gift cards, or other goodies on their desks when they are out. This unexpected gesture helps them feel remembered.

Sweet Snack Care Package. This snack pack includes sweet treats, hot cocoa, and other goodies. Desk drop-offs with goodies or handwritten notes create delight and boost morale. A snack care package provides variety.

4. Virtual Valentine’s Day Trivia

Host a virtual Valentine’s Day trivia game on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Form teams and compete to answer questions about romance movies, songs, candy, cards, and traditions. Provide prizes for the winning team.

DoorDash e-gift car. A DoorDash e-gift card lets winners choose their own delivery treat. Virtual trivia games bring remote and in-office employees together. E-gift cards like DoorDash let you cater prizes to winners’ tastes.

5. Volunteer Time Off

Provide employees with a few hours of volunteer time off around Valentine’s Day to donate their time to a charity organization of their choice. Support causes that matter to your staff.

Tickets to a charity gala, fundraiser or event. Event tickets let employees experience charitable giving first-hand. Giving the gift of paid volunteer time shows you support employees’ values. Tickets to charity events provide another way to contribute.

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6. Peer-to-Peer Recognition Awards 

Have employees nominate one another for peer-to-peer recognition awards celebrating team players, mentors, innovators, or top performers. The nominations highlight what they admire most about their coworkers.

Engraved desktop awards and trophies. Engraved desk accessories serve as meaningful recognition gifts. Peer-to-peer awards empower employees to show appreciation. Engraved trophies and plaques memorialize accomplishments.

7. Virtual Games Tournament 

Organize online gaming tournaments employees can play from their desks using apps like Kahoot, Jackbox, or Hoopla. Encourage camaraderie and fun competition through games. Provide e-gift card prizes.

Virtual Team Building games. Jackbox offers engaging games and trivia for remote teams. Virtual games bring employees together to collaborate and have fun in a shared digital space. Jackbox provides multiplayer options.

8. Health & Wellness Lunch ‘n’ Learn

Provide lunch at a session where employees can learn about topics like nutrition, work-life balance, stress management, or mindfulness from an expert. Support their overall wellbeing.

Classpass gift card. A ClassPass gift card grants access to wellness classes locally. Lunch ‘n’ learns that enrich employees with wellbeing skills show you care. A ClassPass gift card makes it tangible.

9. Handwritten Thank You Cards 

Have leaders handwrite customized thank you cards highlighting each team member’s unique contributions and strengths. The sincere messages have more impact than a generic email. 

Artisan stationery thank you cards. These blank note cards allow personal messages to be written. Heartfelt handwritten cards convey gratitude in a meaningful way. Stationery designed for writing personal notes enhances the gesture.

10. External Training Opportunities

Sponsor employees to attend virtual workshops, conferences, or classes related to professional development around Valentine’s Day. Support their growth. 

Audible Audiobook subscription. Audible subscriptions provide unlimited audiobook learning. Enabling employees’ development through learning opportunities shows investment in their potential. Audible grants easy access to audiobooks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some virtual Valentine’s Day appreciation ideas?

A: Virtual options include sending eCards, having catered treats delivered, online gaming tournaments, virtual trivia or classes, digital peer recognition, newsletters spotlights, and handwritten mailed cards. 

2. How much should companies spend on employee Valentine’s Day gifts?

A: Aim to spend an average of $20-75 per employee for gifts or experiences. Focus more on creating special moments through gratitude and celebration rather than lavish expensive gifts.

3. How can managers show employee appreciation for Valentine’s Day? 

A: Managers can express appreciation by handwriting thank you cards, approving volunteer time off, giving words of affirmation in 1:1s, nominating star employees for peer awards, and sponsoring personalized professional development opportunities.

Final Verdict

Valentine’s Day presents a chance to boost employee morale and unity through thoughtful recognition. Go beyond superficial gestures by personalizing appreciation, enabling growth opportunities, and creating participative experiences. Support employees’ passions, wellbeing, and purpose. Thoughtful gestures that uplift individuals and bring the team together provide meaningful impact.

The goal is to make employees feel acknowledged as valuable members of the organization who are cared about. Turn Valentine’s Day into an engaging celebration of the people that are the heart of your company. Well-planned activities and experiences that prioritize relationships, learning, and development will stay memorable long after the holiday is over.


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