20 Best Valentine’s day gift ideas for coworkers (Male and Female Colleagues)  

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By Alisha Zoe

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a colleague can feel like an impossible task. You want to pick something thoughtful yet appropriate for the office setting. Not to mention staying within a reasonable budget. Extravagant gifts may send the wrong message but going too small risks seeming lazy or last-minute.

To help, this guide covers 20 tailored Valentine’s day gift ideas for coworkers. From personalized desk accessories to luxury splurges to creative DIY projects, there are options across diverse tastes, genders and budgets.

The gifts range from functional to frivolous so you can find clever ways of brightening up any colleague’s day. Flawlessly incorporated product recommendations provide easy shopping convenience.

Follow along for plenty of inspiration to thoughtfully surprise coworkers this Valentine’s season!

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Expensive Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Here are 2 ideas :

1. Spa Gift Cards  

Treat stressed work buddies to restorative experiences at tranquil day spas! Gift cards allow them to redeem massages, facials and treatments catered to sore muscles, skin woes and relaxation needs respectively.  

For example, gift a session at acclaimed Azul Fitness and Spa praised for signature detox and anti-aging therapies. Their Century City outpost exudes cool white-washed luxury with expert staff delivering bespoke pampering.  

2. Wireless Headphones  

Let music be their muse anytime with sleek wireless headphones! Premium noise-cancelling models optimize sound quality for audio enthusiast colleagues always tuned into their favorite playlists, podcasts and more.

For instance, the Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones set new benchmarks for audio immersion on the move with precise Speak-to-Chat technology pausing music when conversations start and resuming swiftly after.  

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Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Here are 2 ideas :

3. Succulents

Mini succulents in quirky containers add oh-so-cute accents to sterile workstations in an instant! Low maintenance varieties like Echeveria and Haworthia require minimal watering and sunlight care to thrive cheerily on desks.  

The Costa Farms Clean Air 3-pack of adorable animal shaped succulents housed in a textured white planter brings instant warmth. Their distinctive Chocolate Soldier, Panda Plant and Hen-and-Chicks textures look too sweet!  

4. Scented Candles

Set the mood with artisanal soy wax candles exuding delicious fragrance notes tailored to each colleague’s personality! Fruity, floral, herbaceous – take your pick from a soothing medley.

Maison Margiela ‘By The Fireplace’ and Replica ‘Sailing Day’ Eau De Toilette Scented Candles conjure crackling hearths in fall and breezy sails on sun-kissed waters respectively for sensory magic.  

Cheap Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Coworkers   

Here are 1 ideas :

5. Snack Care Packages

Feed foodie colleagues with care packages containing a variety of nibbles including chocolate, chips, protein bars, granola and candy! Tailor savory, sweet and healthy treats that satiate specific cravings.  

For instance, delight a colleague with Indian food cravings with exotic snacks like spiced mango and chili chips, masala trail mix, coconut barfis and gulkand bars from brands like Too Yumm and Paper Boat.  

Secret Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Here are 1 ideas :

6. Pampering Kits  

Help colleagues decompress after high-pressure days with self-care kits containing relaxing bath bombs, rejuvenating sheet masks, calming scented candles, favorite snacks and motivational cards, all anonymously left on desks overnight.  

For example, The Body Shop has pre-made Spa of the World pamper gift sets or create personalized ones with customer top picks like British Rose Fresh Plumping Masks, Shea Body Butters and Macaron Bath Fizzers promising sweet unwinding.   

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Small Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Here are 2 ideas :

7. Funky Keychains

Quirky keychains displaying funny puns or cheeky words double as daily expressions of humor and your inside jokes! If they love knickknacks, get creative with customized trinkets.  

CafePress Keychains allow adding photos, text or designs on round metal rings for unique messaging. Order one flaunting an internal meme for private laughs or their nickname for extra personalization.  

8. Laptop Decals

Fun vinyl decals allow colleagues to flaunt their quirky personalities by adorning laptop exteriors in style! Motifs like astrological signs, initials, emojis and more stick on smoothly for instant desk distinctions. 

Flex your creative chops by designing fully customized decals on platforms like StickerYou catering to precise sizing like 13 or 15 inch MacBook variants before high grade printing for vibrant visuals that last. 

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Colleagues  

Here are 2 ideas :

9. Sentimental Spotify Lists

Tug heartstrings by compiling sentimental Spotify playlists encapsulating your shared memories and inside jokes! Spruce up the descriptions with sweet messages for them to save and revisit.  

Splurge a little by pairing it with wireless earbuds like Google Pixel Buds Pro so they can enjoy the curations fully minus external distractions.  

10. Personalized Desk Organizers  

Minimalist colleagues who value organization will appreciate practical custom desk organizers suiting their work style! Think pen stands touting inspirational quotes, business card holders monogrammed with initials and photo frames displaying beloved snaps.  

Immortalize special moments by inserting a touching photograph of you both into a personalized acrylic desk pen holder engraved endearingly just for them.   

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Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Coworker Gift Ideas 

Here are 2 ideas : 

11. Thank You Treat Boxes   

Show heartfelt gratitude towards supportive colleagues who breed positivity daily through customized boxes filled with sweet or savory treats they love. 

For example, delight a Latina coworker who shares the best food tips with authentic Mexican candy like spicy mango lollipops alongside Thank You notes for enduring inspiration.  

12. Personalized Terrariums

Green thumbs will adore miniature tabletop terrariums injecting lush foliage into sterile cubicles! Customize containers and decor with colleague name plaques and mini accents channeling workstation personalities from cacti and gnomes to even mini workspace replicas!  

The Geospace Desktop Geode Terrarium Kit yields Insta-worthy results no matter the customization. Watch tiny succulents thrive under crystal prism encasings refracting rainbow sheens for literal bright spots while working!

Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Female Coworkers  

Here are 2 ideas :

13. Monogrammed Makeup Bag

Stash makeup, skincare and hair care essentials inside personalized cosmetic cases! Look for durable machine-washable fabrics like nylon with secure zip seals and inner storage compartments keeping items tangle-free.  

The Relavel Travel Makeup Bag meets portability demands in style with a punchy fuschia shade lending feminine flair. A custom gold foil monogram conveys luxury minus the splurge for female colleagues forever on-the-go.  

14. Scented Sachets 

Fill decorative drawstring pouches with sweet aromatic potpourri to tuck inside their handbags or gym bags so belongings exude delicate fragrance! Combinations of rose petals, vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood promise intoxicating blended bouquets wherever they carry them.  

Gift mini self-care wherever your colleague roams with Riña Fragrance Travel Tin Sachets containing Reed Diffusers. Their concentrated perfume oils promise over 100 uses delivering light signature scents daily.  

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Simple Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Male Coworkers

Here are 6 ideas :

15. Multi-tool Keychains  

Equip handyman colleagues with slim yet formidable keychains fitting multiple tools including bottle openers, box cutters, phone stands and mini screwdrivers! Useful for quick device fixes and cracking open post-work beers instantly.  

Secrid’s Slimwallet with its built-in box cutter offers problem-solving portability. Carry cards and cash discreetly while tackling packaging boxes at swipe-and-cut convenience minus bulging pockets.  

16. Protein Snack Stack

Help athletic male colleagues refuel their active lifestyles with balanced stacks containing protein bars, nut butters, Greek yogurt packs and roasted nuts pertaining to dietary inclinations from vegan to keto! 

LUNA Bar Whole Nutrition Bars make for wholesome picks with indulgent flavors like Lemonzest, S’mores or Cookies and Cream coated with silky chocolate exteriors for irresistible lasting energy. 

17. Coffee Kitnals for compiling reviews.

Luxurious touches like the James Scott 5 Piece Decanter Set elevate barware accents. Its globe-shaped vessels and compass-styled coasters add refined dimension for enjoying aged oaky or smokey whiskey profiles after intensive number-crunching. 

Coffee fiends will perk right up unboxing complete pour over brewing kits promising artisanal java sips from the comfort of home! Include bags of exotic bean blends, filters, small-batch sweeteners and creamers based on flavor profile preferences. 

Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Coffee Maker gift sets include slender sleek kettles with powerful rapid heating, ergonomic handles ensuring steady pours and even stopper cork mats protecting surfaces from drips or spills as barista magic unfolds!

18. Personalized Bottle Openers  

Nothing says “crack open a cold one, bud!” better than custom engraved stainless steel bottle openers bringing colleagues’ names front and center in the beer tapping action! Opt for sturdy designs with ergonomic rubber handles providing non-slip grips. Pick hilarious engravings that nod at inside jokes only the two of you share for private chuckles every time they use it.

For example, gift an opener to a sports-fan colleague engraved with their name followed by “The MVP Beer Champ” or for a goofier in-joke “Beertimus Prime”. Or take an existing nickname you call them by and give it a boozy twist like “(Nickname) Brewmaster”. Every sip will remind them of your thoughtful and funny gift!

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19. Wireless Mouse

Boost productivity by cutting colleague cord clutter with ergonomic wireless mice delivering smooth precise navigation without snags! Opt for models with programmable buttons unlocking shortcut conveniences at the click of a button.  

Logitech sets the gold standard for wireless mouses with devices like the MX Master 3S. Its patented ergonomic shape and customizable navigation/workflow shortcuts make navigating and editing long workdays breeze.

20. Whiskey Decanter Set  

Gift whiskey aficionado men golden hour delights with sophisticated handcrafted crystal decanter sets allowing elegant home bartending! Guide colleagues as they develop distinguished palates with tasting jour.

Luxurious touches like the James Scott 5 Piece Decanter Set elevate barware accents. Its globe-shaped vessels and compass-styled coasters add refined dimension for enjoying aged oaky or smokey whiskey profiles after intensive number-crunching.

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Final verdict

Valentine’s Day presents a special opportunity to make colleagues feel genuinely valued at work through thoughtful gestures. While some gift ideas shared are admittedly indulgent splurges, focusing your energy into making something heartfelt from scratch can be just as impactful.

At the end of the day, it’s about celebrating each colleague as a whole person – not just an employee. Find gifts that tap into their unique passions, senses of humor and interests outside the office walls. The gifts should ultimately spark joy while deepening your connection as more than just coworkers but friends.

So don’t overthink it and stress yourself out. Take the time to tailor presents to who each person is versus what their job title is. Added personal touches like handwritten cards or inside jokes guarantee smiles. Bringing that thoughtfulness and human connection into gifting this Valentine’s Day is priceless.


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