35 Best Valentine’s Day Ideas For Employees From Funny To Super Thoughtful

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By Alisha Zoe

Valentine’s Day Ideas For Employees

February 14th provides the perfect opportunity to show employees you care through festive activities, treats and messages of appreciation. Get inspired by these 35 awesome Valentine’s Day ideas to celebrate your staff!

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1. Valentine’s Day Ideas for Employees

Spread the Love Office Poster 

Fill a large poster board with fun heart-shaped sticky notes listing all the wonderful things you love about each employee. Cover it from top to bottom with thoughtful compliments like “Suzy’s smile brightens the room” or “Tim’s tech skills make our team shine.” Display the completed poster in a prominent area where everyone can read the heartwarming messages and feel appreciated.

Spice up the poster with heart-shaped sticky notes like these in eye-catching neon colors. The pad of 480 notes provides plenty to cover the board in style.

Cupid’s Massages

Treat your team to relaxing office chair massages from a local massage therapist or relaxation professional. Schedule 5-minute soothing upper body massages to help employees find relief from stress, muscle strain and desk fatigue. The restorative touch provides a spa-like pick-me-up right at work.

Top off the relaxation experience by gifting employees with this calming massage oil infused with lavender, yuzu and grapefruit essential oils. The soothing scents enhance the stress-relieving benefits. This luxurious oil makes an excellent Valentine’s office gift and will be appreciated long after the holiday.

Sweet Poem Printouts  

Craft short, thoughtful poems appreciating the awesome qualities each employee brings to the team. Focus on their best skills, funniest moments, most positive traits. Think of meaningful rhymes that make them smile like “Sarah’s laugh adds so much fun, she makes the office day just hum!”

Print out the poems on lovely paper like this romantic pearlescent pink-hued stock. The opalescent shimmer adds an elegant, luxe touch for handwritten Valentine’s cards. Secretly leave the anonymous notes on desks like sweet surprise valentines sure to melt their heart.

2. Virtual Employee Valentine’s Day Ideas

Online Candy Grams

Build an e-gram choose your own adventure site filled with hyperlinked treats to send to work friends. Offer sweets, romantic advice, goofy gifs and more.

Energize virtual gifts with boldly colored candies like this Rainbow Taffy Assortment from See’s Candies. The classic flavors transport to childhood delight.

Zoom Love Notes

Schedule a fun half-hour for employees to gather on a video call and share appreciation via screen shared love notes. Set a timer and keep things fast-paced.

For some whole-team communal creativity, supply digital backgrounds featuring Valentine motif designs like these romantic painted hearts. It adds seasonal spirit.

Remote Karaoke Party

Take a midday break for live karaoke with upbeat love songs and prizes for the best performers. Think fun competitions like “Falsetto Fever” and “Worst Moves.”

To discover the hams on your staff, check out these Microphone Stand Holders convertible for desk use. Set the stage for a star-powered sung-off.

3. Team Work Employee Valentine’s Day Ideas

Atomic Love Bomb

Email “atomic love bombs” – hyperlinked videos of teams saying sweet things about each other’s strengths and contributions. Feel the power of positivity!

For an eye-catching design that screams atomic age, try Canva’s free-to-use video templates like this one with bold typography and retro graphics.

Map Out Appreciation

Have departments decorate giant maps of your building with notes of gratitude to other teams, connecting them via bold lines. Display proudly!

Cover every inch of the map in brightly colored paper like these removable vinyl circles with notes. The removable material allows easy re-use for future events.

Memory Mural

Set up colorful cardstock stations to make a giant memory mural of significant milestones achieved over the past year. Celebrate your journey.

Give employees a chance to draw, collage or paint their favorite moments on a portable art board like this. The double-sided option fits 32×48 inch pieces.

4. Most Hilarious Employee Valentine’s Ideas

Silly Office Awards

Host a ceremony with ludicrous workplace awards like “Land Speed Record for Funniest Safety Form.” Win laughs with goofy little prizes.

Accentuate the comedic vibes with faux award ribbons like these red and pink striped corkers. Just complete the attached cards with hilarity.

Dating Game Hour

Play office-themed versions of classic dating games like “The Wheelie-ing is Right!” Compete in Valentine’s Day jeopardy for bragging rights.  

Strictly adhere to a game show set up with props like these classic jeopardy buzzer bells and velvety foam heart dice to award points.

Human Roses Delivery

Dress male employees in cupid costumes to handout faux flower bouquets. Comic relief as the guys swoon and act like caricatures of love.

These foam rose petals with an attached faux diamond ring add dramatic flair to any silly cupid bouquet. Bundle them together with romance novel covers.

5. Thoughtful Employee Valentine’s Ideas 

Digital Valentine Wall

Dedicate a PowerPoint slide or webpage for employees to drop in heartfelt message graphics celebrating coworkers’ skills and values.

Consider adding a weekly slide-changer role for employees to swap out messages on the digital valentine showcase using templates like these personalized pink and red designs. 

Team Inspiration Visions 

Compile an inspiring vision video combining favorite work photos with brief quotes from staff about their hopes and dreams.

For high-quality project polishing, Movavi offers screen recording software perfect for capturing clips and adding music like this chill lounge track.

Personalized Cards

Create customized Valentine cards for individual employees listing what makes them inspiring. Print out quotes about their amazing qualities.

These Gold Foiled Greeting Cards strike a balance between artsy elegance and budget-friendly grace ready to impress teammates.

6. Cute Valentine Ideas for Employees

Love Note Mugs

Craft a personalized ceramic travel mug for each employee showcasing their name paired with a cute love note doodle in permanent porcelain paint pen.

Enhance your creations with mug accessories like these sleek metal straws for slurping on the go. The reusable straws come with a cleaning brush in an addicting candy loop shape. 

Valentine Team Jerseys

Surprise your crew with matching casual Valentine’s Day shirts in fun candy heart designs customized with their department or company.

Order these soft blend unisex t-shirts in bulk for a cohesive vibe. The loose fit and classic colors make them a workplace wardrobe staple.

Donut Bouquets

Fill upcycled paper cones with an assortment of colorful mini donuts. Wrap in tissue paper and tie with bows for DIY bouquets.

Nourish the midday sugar rush with these All Natural Mini Donuts delivered in a fun festive pairing – raspberry and chocolate!

7. Love Themed Valentine’s Day Ideas for Employees

Love Letter Treasure Hunt

Hide flattering love letters around the office filled with compliments for employees to discover during a team treasure hunt. Race to find yours first!

Lead hunts in eye-catching style with heart clues printed on vibrant cardstock like this Pink Metallic paper. The shimmery sheen adds an air of magic.   

Valentine’s Style Show

Host an employee runway style show flaunting over-the-top DIY Valentine’s Day outfits complete with red carpets and disco balls. A hilariously fun photo op.

Talk about perfect photo backdrop – check out the dazzle of these glittery gold streamers hanging against a rich white backdrop. Ham it up team!

Lip Sync Contest

Crown a lip sync champion by competing to perform famous love song masterpieces like “I Will Always Love You.” All the passion of a Broadway melodrama awaits. 

For an extra layer of stage polish, illuminated letters like these energy efficient LED lights can spell out your theme for maximum drama.

8. Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas for Employees

DIY Sweet Treats

Host a decorating party to personalize cute baked goods with Valentine’s Day themed icings, toppings and more. Let creativity run wild!

This rainbow sprinkles sampler includes festive colors and shapes to jazz up everything from cookies to cupcakes. The heart-shaped toppers complete the look.

Secret Cupid Gift Swap

Draw names for covert seasonal gifting between colleagues. Come prepared with inexpensive V-Day themed tokens wrapped in a heart surprise.

Gift swaps are a blast wrapped up in fun designs like these emoji wrapping sheets adding a touch of humor. Mix and match with kraft paper and twine.

Employee Rhythm Revue 

Employees choreograph a song and dance performance to a hit love ballad, culminating in a karaoke rap battle royale. Off the hook talent show awaits!

For accompanying silly poses on stage, jazzy sunglasses like these sparkly red heart shapes goose the merriment factor up to eleven.

9. Fun Ideas for Employees on Valentine’s Day

Pink Picnic 

Pack red and pink checker print towels, foods and games for a quirky picnic on the office lawn or at a local park. Twist classic picnic elements up in theme.

To complete the pink theme on the grass – why not set up croquet! This classic lawn game’s an eye-popping pink golf green color.

V-Day Movie Marathon

Screen classic romcoms and romantic movies in the lunchroom all day. Serve popcorn and let employees take breaks to watch their favorites. Vote for the best swoon-worthy flick.

These heart-shaped popcorn boxes are perfect for serving snacks cinema-style. Hand them out to coworkers for a true movie marathon experience.

Minute to Win It Games

Plan hilarious minute to win it challenges involving holiday candy like racing to devour an entire heart-shaped box of chocolates or unraveling ribbon candy as fast as possible. Award prizes for winners!

Facilitate the sugar rush competitions with this fun card game of Beach Valentine’s Day Minute to Win It. The convenient kit has tons of silly challenges ready to go.

Cupid’s Carnival

Transform the office into a Valentine’s Day carnival complete with festive game booths, treats, face painting and prizes. Hit up the ring toss, balloon pop and more! The most laughter wins.

Add to the lighthearted vibe with a few of these inflatable 36″ Heart Balloon Beach Balls. The jumbo size and bright colors make the perfect carnival decorations.

10. Weird Ideas of Things to Do with Employees for Valentine’s Day

Awkward Office Date

Host an outrageously uncomfortable fake date in the conference room. Commit to being super cheesy with a cheesy work-themed rom-com scenario. Play it up! 

No office party is complete without confetti, and these heart-shaped confetti pops deliver a satisfying pop to rain love notes over your acting in progress.

The Lonely Hearts Club

Create a just-for-fun lonely hearts matchmaking party where coworkers role play “eligible singles” looking for love. Prepare ridiculous online dating profiles!

Print out fun conversation starter quizzes like this “About Me” sheet to inspire awkward yet hilarious character backstories as you mingle. 

V-Day Dance Off 

Set up a dance floor, DJ station and Cupid crossing guard. Boogie down all afternoon to a retro Valentine’s Day playlist while decked out in red, pink and white.

For extra lively beats with a lovey twist, opt for This is “Valentine’s Day Party” playlist featuring everything from Justin Timberlake to Taylor Swift.

11. Super Crazy Employee Valentine’s Day Office Party Ideas

Candies by the Yard

Fill giant mason jars with bulk candy organized by color to resemble a candy shop display. Offer candy yard sticks and Valentine’s bags for shoveling delectable party favors.

This pastel bulk candy assortment provides plenty of variety for every sweet tooth. Skittles, M&Ms, candy hearts and gummy bears abound.

Office Disco

Go full kitsch and host an evening Valentine’s Disco Inferno Dance party with swanky DJ, funky lighting, and outrageous costumes. Encourage era-inspired flair!  

Go with a projected dance floor light kit to bring the disco ball vibes. Colorful beams create a dynamic light show wherever they land.

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Speed Teen Dating

Set up round robin icebreakers mimicking 7 minute speed dating. Pass out hilarious prompts for teens on notebooks to initiate hilariously awkward chats.

These pretty pink and red heart-shaped mini notebooks with pen are sure to motivate both witty and cringe-worthy exchanges!

Office Kissing Booth 

Set up a silly kissing booth in a corner decked out with plenty of pucker power. Offer chocolate kiss candies, chapstick, and festive lip-shaped decor. Employees can ham it up getting air kisses or selfies with a handsome or beautiful cardboard cutout.

For taking hilarious kissing booth photos, try posing with these giant 3D heart glasses. The jumbo size adds loads of humor and over-the-top flair.

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Final Verdict:

From heartwarming to outright hilarious, these 35 Valentine’s Day ideas provide awesome ways to celebrate your amazing employees. Get creative planning activities, gifts and treats that speak to their unique personalities. Focus on cultivating connection, gratitude and FUN! 

Remember to personalize gestures, customize decorations, and let your team’s imaginations soar. Get everyone involved in spreading love and joy. Wishing you and your staff an unforgettable February 14th full of smiles, sweetness and memorable moments!


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