Top 10 Funny valentine’s day ideas for workplace

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Top 10 Funny valentine’s day ideas for workplace

Valentine’s day ideas for workplace

Love fills the air as Valentine’s Day approaches, turning thoughts to romance, friendship, and fun. While elaborate date nights may not fit most workplace cultures, there are still plenty of ways to spread some lighthearted affection and connection amongst colleagues.

From friendly games and potlucks to thoughtful gestures, a little creativity can turn your office into a vibrant celebration of platonic workplace love.

The recent years of pandemic living have been tough on work relationships. More remote work means fewer organic encounters that spark camaraderie and team cohesion.

As many companies shift to hybrid environments, days in the office are prime opportunities for coworkers to reconnect and strengthen bonds impacted by long separations. Valentine’s festivities offer the perfect vehicle!

The ideas shared below aim to be inclusive for all regardless of relationship status or orientation.Here are 10 Funny valentine’s day ideas for workplace :

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1. Spread the Love with DIY Valentines

Valentine’s Day takes us back to our childhood when we delighted in decorating shoeboxes to collect cards from our classmates. Let your team channel that youthful creativity by making Valentine’s for each other. Set out an array of craft supplies – construction paper, scissors, markers, glue sticks, lace, doilies and let imaginations run wild. To fuel all that crafting fun, have everyone bring their signature sweet treats and host a potluck.

Add a festive soundtrack with the Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker. Its rich stereo sound and 24-hour battery life will keep the love songs playing all day long. The waterproof design means no worries if glitter or glue spills on this party speaker!

2. Play the Office Crush Game

Want to heat up your office Valentine’s celebration? Try this playful (and maybe a touch embarrassing!) crush reveal game. Have everyone anonymously submit the name of a colleague they have a workplace crush on, folded up in a heart-shaped paper. Draw names from a bowl and do dramatic readings of the office admirers. Expect surprised laughs, some red faces, and a few newly discovered office connections to come out of this game!

Give out fun raffle prizes like What Do You Meme? Adult Card Game to keep the laughs flowing. With its wacky captions and workplace humor, this meme game makes for perfect icebreaker entertainment.

3. Candy Gram Gram

Take inspiration from elementary school days again and organize a candy gram gram. Have everyone fill out valentine’s messages for their work friends and attach a sweet treat or small gift. Assign cupid helpers to stealthily deliver the candy grams around the office throughout the day on February 14th.

While writing all those cute candy gram poems and messages, keep your energy up with sweet treats like Haskell’s Assorted Jelly Belly Candy Beans. With 49 different flavors, from buttered popcorn to cotton candy, you’ll power through even the most epic of love poems.

4. Decorate Your Workspace Door

Get creative with some Valentine’s décor and decorate your office or cubicle door with cute and clever themes. Have a contest for the best design. Go punny with a heart and chart theme if you’re in accounting. Maybe hearts with bandage patterns if you’re in health care. Or if your office crushes are no secret, cover your door with heart cutouts with coworkers’ names on them.

The DASH Mini Heart Waffle Maker would make an adorable addition to any Valentine’s Day office door décor. You can whip up tiny heart-shaped treats in minutes to delight your coworkers. Much faster than cutting out paper hearts by hand!

5. Love Languages Lunch + Learn

Host a lunch + learn around the five love languages – words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time, and gift giving. Have everyone take a love languages quiz to find out their primary languages. Then discuss how knowing peoples’ love languages can help connect with colleagues and lift them up in the way they best receive.

Over lunch, enjoy some Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box as you discuss speaking love languages fluently in the workplace. They say chocolate is the love language of the people! These gourmet chocolates in iconic Gold Gift Boxes definitely fit the gift giving love language bill.

6. Silly String Surprise

Add some surprise and delight to your office Valentine’s celebrations by enlisting a few willing colleagues to be “Cupids” and secretly deliver silly string surprises throughout the day. Spruce up boring meetings by bursting in and showering the conference room in red, pink and purple silly string.

Catch coworkers as they walk in and out of the elevator for an unexpected silly stringing. But don’t overdo it! The element of surprise makes this simple prank delightful rather than annoying.

The JOYIN 24 Cans Silly String Party Pack will give your office cupids plenty of ammunition for sweet silly stringing shenanigans. Just be careful around computers and printers!

7. Team Bonding with Conversation Hearts

Strike up some fun conversations with nostalgic candy conversation hearts. Hand them out around the office and challenge people to start conversations based on the short heartfelt sayings. SWAK = Seal With a Kiss could equal giving a friendly compliment. UR A QT = You Are A Cutie could become an introduction to someone you’d like to know better in another department.

The light-hearted candy heart prompts will break the ice fast for connections with coworkers you don’t know well.

Sweeten up your conversations even more by munching on Brach’s Conversation Heart Candy Boxes while you gab. With iconic sayings on candy hearts like Text Me, Love Bug and Hot Stuff, you’re sure to have delightful and amusing conversations all day long.

8. Valentine’s Day Ladies Lunch

Gather the gals in your office for a Galentine’s Day lunch celebration. Everyone brings in their favorite dishes for a potluck lunch. Give out awards for the “Work Wife of the Year” or “Best Office Fairy Godmother.” Up the laughter with a funny gift exchange, like regifting random items from around your houses. Most importantly, take time to affirm how much you appreciate each other and the sisterhood you share.

Make it a champagne ladies lunch with a bottle (or two) of Freixenet Italian Sparkling Rose Wine. Play a game of “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” with the rose petals in the bottom of your glasses before toasting to wonderful womanhood!

9. Cupid Shuffle Dance Off

Get everyone up and moving with a festive Valentine’s Day dance off! Clear a space in the largest conference room and have select coworker volunteers secretly rehearse and perform dance moves to the song “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid. They take turns showing off their smooth shuffle moves.

Then open it up to anyone feeling brave enough to compete in a shuffle dance off! Consider awarding fun prizes like those iconic heart-shaped sunglasses for the best shufflers. Don’t forget to get it all on video!

Fuel all that dancing with Skittles Sweet and Sour Candy. These bite-size chewy candies in red, pink and white colors are perfect for celebrating Valentine’s day with their sweet yet sour tangy kick. Shake open the bright fun packs for festive snacking fun. Just don’t get them stuck in your teeth before your big dance number!

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10. Love Languages Bingo

Then set up a big room with tables and chairs and play some rounds of Love Languages Bingo. Create bingo cards with acts that correlate to each love language (i.e. gave a compliment, made someone coffee, brought homemade cookies, listened attentively, gave a high-five). Take turns acting out the love language squares while teammates try to score bingo.

Not only will you have fun playing, but you’ll gain insight into how to better support each other at work. Wrap up with a discussion of takeaways and a commitment to using love languages at the office. Ties some gifting into it too by using little gifts as bingo prizes!

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Final verdict

While Valentine’s Day tends to emphasize romantic relationships, there are many fulfilling ways to celebrate love and connection in all its wonderful forms. Hopefully these 10 ideas spark inspiration for uplifting the coworkers who brighten your office life with camaraderie and collaboration. Even small gestures and silly moments of levity can nourish an inclusive, appreciative and fun workplace culture day-to-day, not just each February 14th.

Keep things 100% voluntary rather than overly orchestrating forced fun amongst colleagues. Gauge interest and enthusiasm before plunging your whole office into elaborate cupid shuffle dance-offs! Start small by spreading some smiles through old-fashioned custom valentines or passing out sweet treats. Lead by modeling everyday acts of encouragement and appreciation.


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