Top 10 Virtual valentine’s day ideas for work

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By Alisha Zoe

Virtual valentine’s day ideas for work

As remote work becomes more common, companies must discover new ways to celebrate holidays virtually. Though in-person festivities have more magic, virtual Valentine’s Day events help distributed teams bond while working from home. 

These virtual ideas encourage connection despite physical separation, brightening midwinter doldrums with collective merriment. Read on for 10 lively concepts to foster togetherness across your organization this Valentine’s Day!  

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1. Virtual Valentine’s Day Trivia

Add some friendly competition to your workplace’s Valentine’s Day festivities by hosting virtual trivia games. Quizzing your remote teams on love song lyrics, iconic movie scenes, celeb romances and more is lively entertainment.  

We’ve created a list of Valentine’s themed trivia questions that covers pop culture love themes across decades. Split your employees into teams on Zoom breakout rooms, share your screen to display the questions, and award points for correct answers. Small prizes like a heart-shaped chocolate tin or a scented candle make fun rewards.

The Yankee Candle Valentine’s Day Votive Candle Gift Set has a mix of sweets scents like sparkling cinnamon and passion fruit martini to delight trivia champs. The flickering candles can help winners relax and celebrate their victory after the intense match!

2. Name That Tune  

Another way to spark friendly competition that encourages working memory and music knowledge is through a virtual “Name That Tune” battle. Compile love songs from every era and play brief audio clips for teams to guess. Award ridiculous romantic prizes like a bouquet of roses or a bottle of champagne to the winning song experts. 

Make sure to end the game with a team karaoke session so everyone can belt out classics, whether they know the lyrics or not! Supply microphones like in the Singing Machine SML385BTW Bluetooth Karaoke System so teams can perform duets and feel like pop stars.  

3. Romantic Comedies Watch Party

Is there any better way to celebrate love than by laughing along with iconic romantic flicks? Host a virtual watch party for classic date night movies like When Harry Met Sally or Pretty Woman. Have a vote for film selection or do a movie marathon evening. 

Supply sweet movie snacks ahead of time like popcorn and chocolate for an authentic at-home viewing experience. You can also send thematic accessories like fun heart-shaped sunglasses and snuggly blankets. Then meet on video chat to watch, swoon and discuss together. Finally, end the night by sharing favorite scenes and couple crushes.

Give away DVD bundle prizes like When Harry Met Sally… + You’ve Got Mail after for hopeless romantics to continue the magic. 

4. Online Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt   

Scavenger hunts are lively activities for in-person or virtual Valentine’s Day events. First, separate your remote teams into smaller groups on video chat breakouts. Privately assign each team member a themed item to find in their home, like something pink or heart-shaped. You can also add challenges like “recreate the famous upside-down Spiderman kiss scene.”

Set a countdown for teams to scatter and take pictures proving task completion. Then reconvene to share photos, vote on favorites and award prizes to teams with the most creative submissions. Scavenger hunts encourage bonding through silliness and teamwork toward common goals.

Fun scavenger hunt prizes include this Polaroid Now Instant Camera so coworkers can print and display memories from this and future virtual events. Cherished snapshots will remind them of the laughter you shared.

5. Online Valentine’s Day Party  

Throwing a full-scale video call Valentine’s Day party allows everyone to dress up, let loose and celebrate togetherness from afar. Use festive virtual backgrounds and fun video call games. You can even mail sweet treats ahead of time for an authentic party atmosphere!  

Hand out awards for best virtual outfit using Loom video message recorded prizes that compliment winners’ style and positive energy. End the night with a team dance session to romantic classics – moments of collective joy lift spirits even through screens!

6. Virtual Wine and Chocolate Tasting  

Indulge your teammates’ sweet teeth by delivering gourmet chocolate assortments ahead of a video call chocolate tasting. Lead a guided tasting session, discussing flavors and ratings. Learning new things together and seeing inside each others’ homes fosters connection.

You can also incorporate wine instead of chocolate, or host a cocktail mixing lesson for a 21+ twist. Break into teams and award prizes to groups with the most descriptive tasting notes. Sweet ideas include baking kits so winners can whip up chocolatey creations. The Holiday Kitchen 137 Pieces Baking Set has all tools needed for scrumptious homemade desserts.

7. Romantic Comedies Bingo

For movie buffs, combine the excitement of competition with the coziness of romantic films by hosting a virtual romantic comedy bingo game. Prepare bingo cards with tasks like spotting common tropes, iconic scenes, or quotes from much-loved films.  

As you screen classics like Sleepless in Seattle, participants can mark off squares on their cards. The first player to complete a row wins! Prizes like movie gift baskets encourage playful engagement from cinema fans across your organization.

8. Virtual Cookie Decorating 

Channel sweet energy into decorative designs through a holiday-themed virtual cookie decorating workshop. Mail sugar cookie kits to teammates ahead of a video lesson. Then host an instructor-led decorating session, where the teacher demonstrates piping techniques before attendees try their hand at crafting heart motifs and rose buds. 

Vote on superlatives like Most Artistic, Most Romantic and Funniest cookie creations to award small gifts. Colleagues will bond while giggling at their handiwork – masterpieces or disasters!

9. Valentine’s Day Crafting Contest

Friendly creativity competitions inspire workplace bonding. Organize a Valentine’s Day crafting contest by mailing art supply kits, then have teams brainstorm and construct ARC-themed objects they can display on video calls.

Categories include Most Innovative, Funniest and Most Festive. Winning groups can receive extra vacation days, gift cards or charity donations made in their name. The activities will spark imagination and teamwork among coworkers.

10. Virtual Valentine Making 

Help colleagues spread love across their communities by hosting a virtual Valentine-making drive. Gather via video chat to craft paper cards or design ecards online for nursing homes, hospitals and shelters. 

Make the activity more entertaining by playing romance songs and dressing up in themed apparel like Cupid wings and halo headbands as you craft. 

Tally the masterpieces made to track your organization’s positive impact, then discuss how it felt uplifting others during tough times through simple acts of kindness.

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This Valentine’s Day, reconnect distributed colleagues through virtual events celebrating romantic films, sweet flavors and creative pursuits. Blend friendly competition with supportive camaraderie and collective laughter across video calls.  

Themed parties, online trivia matches and crafting sessions help form bonds so that remote teams feel united by shared experiences. Add thoughtful mailable elements, from baked treats to craft kits, for a dose of tangible excitement. This Valentine’s Day, span the miles through merriment!


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