What To Do For Employee Appreciation Day? 20 Fun Things To Do

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By Alisha Zoe

What To Do For Employee Appreciation Day? 20 Fun Things To Do

Employee Appreciation Day is a great opportunity to celebrate your hardworking team and boost morale. While showing appreciation doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, putting thought into planning fun activities can go a long way. 

As you brainstorm ways to honor your employees, consider incorporating some of these 20 fun ideas to make the occasion special.

What to do for Employee Appreciation Day  

Employee Appreciation Day offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate your dedicated team with creative gestures that make them feel genuinely valued. From heartfelt thank you notes to fun adventures gifted and awards recognizing stand out contributions down to theme parties filled with costumes, music, amazing food and unlimited laughter – the options prove appreciation possibilities stretch infinitely wide. 

Even small businesses on tight budgets shine bright not requiring elaborate red carpets and bonus checks to spark smiles from ear to ear across the team. Thoughtfulness beyond surface level matters most.

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Memorable Things to do for Employee Appreciation Day

Craft an unforgettable experience commemorating Employee Appreciation Day through activities uniquely catered to your staff’s preferences and interests. Consider:

Outdoor Adventures 

Treat teams to adrenaline rush escapes from white water rafting journeys full of laughter wildly paddling down rivers to relaxing croquet matches basking under sunny skies bonding over light competition and picnic catering.

Themed Extravaganzas

Go all out planning Casino Night parties transformed into Monte Carlo escapades through decorative gaming tables, Master Chef cook-offs fueling friendly rivalry concocting 5 star plates or amazing race challenges racing across the city or campus piecing riddle clues together unlocking fun at every district.  

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Dazzling Performances

Surprise colleagues with sensational magic shows evoking nostalgia and awe witnessing illusions up close or hire celebrity impressionists and comedians rolling nonstop with spot on voice dramatics or roasting leadership playfully in good humor.

Creative Workshops 

Engage teams in imaginative art classes guided by local artists at vibrant paint and sip classes wielding masterpiece paintings or flower arranging secrets crafting impressive centerpieces perfect for springtime displays. 

Sporting Events

Snag premier tickets for groups to enjoy professional basketball games pounding to infectious crowd drum beats and the wave passing around arenas or local baseball fields enjoying peanuts and crackerjacks soaking up sun in dedicated company tailgating sections.

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Fun Things To Do for Employee Appreciation Day  

Show staff endless gratitude through enjoyment at pure fun activites delighting their inner child playful abandon with:

Carnivals on Campus  

Transform parking lots into vibrant amusement parks with game booths, dunk tanks, inflatable obstacle races, magic shows, silly photo ops, sweet treat wagons and prize stuffed animals galore!

Dance Parties  

Crank up the vibrant light displays and playlists for epic impromptu dance parties channeling feverish clubs with refreshments flowing and best fitting moves breaking loose across the floor from enthusiastic staff feeling footloose. 

Outdoor Movie Nights 

String twinkle lights above the quad to set the scene for cozy movie nights underneath the stars cuddled up with blankets and lawn chairs tuned into beloved funny flicks broadcasting over projection screens.  

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Amazing Races

Get into relay teams for incredible races across headquarters competing in zany challenges from ketchup cup stacking to army crawling under laser mazes to bizarre food contests fueling competitive fun.  

Talent Shows

Give colleagues spotlight to showcase eccentric talents from interpretive dancing to slam poetry, lip syncing or even stand up comedy sets providing amusement revealing rarely displayed star qualities building bonds.

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Special Things To Do for Employee Appreciation Day  

Make colleagues feel truly valued through special VIP treatment upgrades and experiences normally out of reach in their normal work grind like:

Luxury Gifts

Indulge staff with decadent Godiva chocolate towers, overflowing Edible Arrangement fruit adorned gifts or seasonal Starbucks mega mugs filling cups to brim with everyone’s specialized caffeinated cravings on your dime.  

Celeb Meet & Greets

Gift mega fans once-in-a-lifetime renown meet and greets with backstage tour passes to see favorite podcast personalities, musicians or stand up comics in intimate theater settings culminating in VIP selfies with stars struck joy etched on their faces.

Champagne Toasts 

Pop bottles pouring bubbling flutes of champagne or sparkling cider amidst catered crepes, chocolate covered strawberries and cake pops for instagrammable moments giving cheers equipped feeling like nobility if just for an afternoon.

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Chopper Rides  

Escort groups onto elevating helicopter rides skimming skylines for birds eye views of campuses and local landscapes before touching down feeling relinquished from gravity constraints back at headquarters.  

Fine Dining  Experiences

Provide full course meals at Michelin star restaurants or luxury skyrise eateries reservation impossible without elite status or income levels treating staff to opulent evenings miles removed from their typical casual fare for appreciation week they’ll never forget.

Further capture colleagues reactions of disbelief, excitement and joy receiving incredible rare experiences with top level mirrorless cameras equipped recording ultra high resolution photos and 8K quality video. Check out this Mirrorless Cameras.

Cute Things to do on Employee Appreciation Day

Sometimes simple sweet gestures speak louder than over the top experiences to make colleagues grin ear to ear. Consider:

Thank You Parades 

Arrange surprise thank you pride parades with colorful flyers, vibrant floats and loud speaker cheering winding throughout offices spreading good vibes confetti in wake.

Puppy Playdates  

Transport adorable adoptable puppies on site during lunch for cuddle filled playdates offering delightful mood boosting affection and belly scratch breaks.  

Candy Grams 

Surprise colleagues by having their favorite nostalgic candy staples from Skittles to Reese’s Pieces delivered to desks attached to playful handwritten pep notes addressed from leaders.  

High Five Stations 

Strategically set up motivational high five stations throughout pivotal office traffic zones for spontaneous smiles slapping palms together in acknowledgement of achievements big and small.   

Balloon Extravaganzas

Brighten spirits stringing vibrant themed latex and foil balloons gracing doorways, cubic walls and common tables bearing appreciative slogans, movie references or inside jokes.  

Make cute gift exchanges even more personal with customizable mugs and water bottles printed with colleagues names, their favorite affirmations, or fun caricatures resembling them to be gifted plus enjoyed daily. Check out this Custom Water Bottles.

Imagination proves the only limit crafting treasured Employee Appreciation experiences colleagues fondly reminisce about for years driving greater meaning to future work knowing their needs come first from caring leadership.

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When is Employee Appreciation Day celebrated?

Employee Appreciation Day is typically celebrated on the first Friday in March each year. However, many organizations designate a whole week or other timeframe that works best to celebrate their employees.

Should we do activities on Company time?

It’s up to each employer whether to host appreciation activities during regular paid working hours or outside of standard schedules. Consider your workplace culture and logistics. Some options span both by starting events at the end of the workday and continuing after hours.

Are there virtual options if we have remote employees?

Absolutely! With remote and hybrid teams, you can get creative in adapting events and gestures virtually. From e-cards to gift deliveries to catered meals, remote workers can feel the love too. Having some in-person elements for local employees while including remote staff is also an option.


Making employees feel genuinely valued and appreciated not only improves morale but also boosts loyalty, engagement and productivity. While Employee Appreciation Day offers a designated opportunity to celebrate your team, recognition shouldn’t be limited to just one day. 

Infusing fun throughout the year and sustaining an appreciative culture allows organizations to foster strong bonds with employees and position themselves as employers of choice.


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