10 Creative valentine’s day decorating ideas for work

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10 Creative valentine’s day decorating ideas for work

Valentine’s day decorating ideas for work

Valentine’s Day brings feelings of love, caring, and connection – emotions we could use more of in the workplace. Decorate your office to inspire these attitudes and build morale among employees. Get everyone involved to show your team just how much you appreciate them. 

Try these 10 creative ideas for Valentine’s Day office decorations. Add a little romance and sparkle to brighten up your workplace this February 14th.

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1. Heart Window Clings

Add some cheer to dreary windows with removable heart window clings. They come in vinyl or static plastic. Just peel and stick the adorable hearts on glass surfaces. You can find Valentine’s-themed shapes like rose bouquets and Cupid’s arrows too. It’s an effortless way to get your workplace ready for the love-filled holiday.

When choosing window clings, get a variety pack for versatile decorating. These Valentine Clings from Amscan have cute phrases like “You Make My Heart Flutter” alongside colorful hearts and flowers. Mix and match on windows for a fun, lively look.

2. Love Notes Post-it Board

Post-it boards allow anyone to share public messages. Use one for Valentine’s Day to spread kind words around the office. Mount a large Post-it paper pad or chalkboard and write an inspiring message on top like “Happy Valentine’s Day! Post a note to a coworker you appreciate.” 

Supply small Post-it notes and pens so employees can write a nice note to someone in the office who they don’t know very well. Or they can give a shout-out to a work friend they want to thank. Peruse the board to feel the love!

Check out this Cork Bulletin Board from Walplus. The natural material gives it a warm, inviting look. Post-its stick nicely without falling off so everyone’s appreciation notes stay put!

3. Conversation Heart Messages 

Conversation hearts are a nostalgic Valentine’s Day staple. Put your own office spin on this classic candy by using it to spread positive messages. 

Print common conversation heart phrases like “You Rock” and “So Kind” on paper and cut into small heart shapes. Supply a bowlful at the front desk, in the breakroom, etc. Encourage coworkers to take one and give it to someone who embodies that message. It’s a tasty way to show appreciation!

For the full candy heart effect, try this Bag of 100 Large Foil Hearts. The shiny silver wrappers make them look like the real deal. Fill them with your customized messages for a unique Valentine gift employees can enjoy.  

4. Cute Office Supplies

Even practical items like pens, staplers and tape dispensers can show some Valentine’s Day spirit! Replace your regular office supplies with these adorable themed versions:

  • Heart tape dispenser
  • Red or pink stapler 
  • Pencil cup with valentine shapes 
  • “XOXO” sticky notes

Getting work done will be so much more fun with all the lovey embellishments. And they’ll sprinkles glimmers of romance throughout the office long after February 14th too!

Check out this Heart Shape Manual Pencil Sharpener. Coworkers will smile every time they use it. The sturdy metal construction can handle plenty of pencils. It’s much nicer than a boring wall mount sharpener.

5. Candy Bouquet 

Nothing says “I love you” like a bouquet of flowers. Give your employees sweet Valentine’s wishes with a candy bouquet for the front desk or breakroom. Fill a pretty vase with an assortment of fun or fancy candy attached to faux flower stems. 

Make your own easily and affordably with craft store blooms and drugstore candy bags. Or order a pre-made candy bouquet online from a vendor like Candy Warehouse. They offer beautiful bouquets starting under $50. 

Here’s a lovely Rose Flower Bouquet filled with Hershey’s chocolate rosebuds. How romantic! Crafted by a gourmet gift designer, it looks elegant displayed on a counter or table.

6. Uplifting Quotes 

Decorating for Valentine’s Day offers a chance to boost morale with inspiring messages. Print or hand letter quotes about love and appreciation and hang them in prominent spots. Place some legendary romantic quotes by famous authors alongside motivational sayings.

Frame short quotes for desks or small wall spaces, like this “You Are Loved” floral print. Use larger wall art for main thoroughfares. Opt for stretcher canvases which come ready to hang. Select quotes in a variety of sizes and styles to decorate different areas.  

Uplifting words can make a big impact as decor. Pick sayings that share the love to encourage your whole team! For a pre-designed set, this Workplace Quotes Canvas Wall Art is both beautiful and inspiring.

7. Heart Garland 

One easy way to infuse Valentine’s Day flair is with pretty garlands swagged around doorways, windows and walls. Heart garland comes in every color and material from paper to felt to foam. Buy ready-made strands or DIY your own by stringing cut-out cardstock hearts. 

Add sparkle with metallic hearts and glittery ribbons. Incorporate arrow and cupid shapes too. Drape garlands over fireplace mantels, stair railings, the reception desk – anywhere that needs a love-filled touch. Floating rows of hearts frame spaces in festive style.  

For an instant display, this Happy Hearts Garland has over 200 fabric hearts in pastel pink and red hues with silver accents. Effortlessly create a backdrop of loveliness indoors or out.

8. Sweets Buffet

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a sweets buffet in place of the usual breakroom snacks. Trade oatmeal and granola bars for heart-shaped baked goods, stacks of chocolate truffles and candy conversation hearts. 

 Visit a local bakery for custom cut-out cookie and cupcakes decorated with sweet Valentine’s motifs. Or order adorable mini cakes and pies online from a provider like Baked by Melissa that ships nationwide. 

Set out vases overflowing with gumdrops and lollipops too. Bring on the sugar rush with this array of edible elegance!

These Valentine Sugar Cookies from Cheryl’s Cookies make a perfect office treat. They come pre-decorated in a cute heart tin ready to serve. Varieties include funfetti, chocolate chunk and lemon crinkle cookies sure to satisfy all coworkers! 

9. Floral Centerpieces

A vase of fresh flowers instantly livens up any space. Opt for classic Valentine’s types like red or blush roses, pink daises, white lilies or tulips to set out around the office. Coordinate your bouquets with matching vases for a pulled-together look. 

For easy care, select orchids or potted plants versus cut flowers. Or pick permanent faux floral bunches that can be enjoyed year after year. No matter which you choose, a few flowery accents communicate love and thoughtfulness.

Check out this gorgeous Rose Flower Bouquet. The elegant red roses come beautifully arranged in a glass cylinder vase ready to adorn any tabletop. It’s way nicer than a gas station dozen roses! Or try this rosy Silk Flower Arrangement for low maintenance. The pretty pink peonies stay perky without watering.

10. Acts of Kindness Challenge

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to launch an office “Acts of Kindness” challenge. Print out a checklist of good deeds and leave it in the breakroom or hang posters in the hallways. Encourage everyone to do at least one nice thing for a coworker each day leading up to February 14th. 

Sample action items might include:

  • Offer to grab a coworker a coffee
  • Help someone carry something heavy
  • Give sincere encouragement on a project
  • Clean up a common area or room
  • Leave a treat or thank you note for support staff

By actively looking for ways to help and thank others, it builds connection and caring. See all the kind acts you can spread in two weeks!

These “You’ve Been Spotted” notecards are perfect for catching people in the act of kindness. Leave them on desks, bulletin boards, etc to call out good deeds. Your office will be brimming with appreciation in no time.

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Final Verdict

Decorating your office for Valentine’s Day feeds that universal need to love and be loved. Use these creative ideas to infuse your workplace with inspiration, encouragement and fun. Get in the holiday spirit by planning activities alongside festive decor to wow your team.

Most importantly, take advantage of the romance-filled occasion to express genuine gratitude and appreciation to the wonderful coworkers you don’t thank nearly enough! Choose decor and gestures that convey how much their dedication means to you.   

Let your office Valentine’s Day decorations reflect all the kindness, care and connection present on your team. Recognize the relationships that make work enjoyable alongside your practical tasks and goals. Share the love so everyone feels supported heading into Q1 and the rest of the year!


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