Team Building Valentine’s Day Games, Activities And Celebration Ideas For Team At The Workplace

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By Alisha Zoe

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with romantic dates and gestures of love. But it can also be a fun opportunity to build camaraderie and stronger connections between teammates at work. Planning some festive team building activities can boost morale, creativity, and collaboration skills among coworkers. 

In this article, we’ll explore different ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day together as a work team. From fun games and virtual activities to thoughtful messages, quotes, and trivia, there are many ways to spread more cheer in the office around February 14th. We’ll also recommend some fun themed products from Amazon that can enhance your workplace Valentine’s Day festivities.

Team building valentine's day games

Team Building Valentine’s Day Games

Getting everyone together to play some lighthearted games is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with officemates. These team challenges can break the ice and generate plenty of laughs. Here are some fun options:

Candy Match Game

Fill a jar with red, pink and white candies. Have everyone try to guess the exact number inside and the person with the closest guess wins the whole jar. For an added team challenge, have staff work in small groups to come up with one collaborative guess.

Sweethearts Bulk Candy Boxes to fill your guess jar and hand out as sweet treats. They have nostalgic conversation heart sayings like “Be Mine” that suit the Valentine’s occasion.

Chocolate Sculpting Contest

Break into teams and have them use toothpicks and marshmallows or PLAY-DOH to sculpt chocolate-themed shapes and figures. Get as creative as possible! Offer fun prizes for categories like “Most Artistic”, “Funniest”, or “Best Teamwork”. 

This modeling compound doesn’t dry out and comes in vibrant colors to sculpt vibrant candy creations. Use toothpicks for sculpting details.

Love Song Karaoke 

Have a karaoke machine or speaker system handy to play love songs. Coworkers can take turns belting romantic tunes – either solo or as duets. Applaud performances and consider awarding fun spectator-voted prizes for categories like “Best Stage Presence” or “Most Passionate”.  

This Bluetooth karaoke microphone is portable with built-in speakers so your whole team can easily sing anywhere in the office. The LED light show enhances the performance!

Cupid Shuffle Dance Off

Clear some office space and host a festive Valentine’s shuffle dance off to upbeat music. Consider filming on your phone and sharing the video internally so everyone can admire their coworkers’ smooth moves. To get sillier, require dance pairs to be connected at the hip, elbows, shoulders knees or feet!

This big red balloon arch creates a fun backdrop for dance performances. Add balloon columns, garlands, and bouquets to further decorate the dance floor area.

Sweet Tooth Trivia 

Test everyone’s knowledge of candy-related facts while enjoying some holiday sweets. Ask trivia questions like: What were the first mass-produced Valentine’s Day candies in the 1800s? Who invented the iconic red heart candy box? What percentage of overall chocolate sales happen around Valentine’s Day? Hand out themed treats from Amazon as prizes.

This Valentine’s Day candy assortment contains classic sweets that could be featured as trivia answers or quiz prizes. Milk chocolate hearts, candy necklaces, and more!

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Virtual Valentine’s Day Team Building Activities

If your coworkers are remote or prefer low-contact fun, virtual Valentine’s Day team games are still enjoyable. Video calls keep everyone connected so you can spread smiles without sharing germs. 

Sweet Delivery Surprises

Have everyone secretly get a small treat delivered to another random teammate’s home to arrive on Valentine’s Day. Good ideas include donuts, a specialty coffee or hot chocolate, sweet baked goods, a cookie bouquet, or chocolate-dipped fruit. Reveal who your anonymous sender was during a group video call so you can enjoy everyone’s delighted reactions.

Harry & David chocolate-dipped strawberries or cherries gift boxes ship nationwide for sweet surprise deliveries, complete with ribbons. 

Guess Who? Valentine Version 

For a virtual twist on the classic Guess Who game, have coworkers submit childhood photos ahead of time. Display the pictures one at a time and have the group compete to correctly name who’s who before revealing answers. Consider awarding fun filter-enhanced virtual backgrounds as prizes.

These conversation heart digital Zoom backgrounds add some Valentine’s spirit to video calls. Participants can sport them during gameplay.

BYOB Sweet Treat Show & Tell  

Plan a “Bring Your Own Sweet Treat” Zoom session and have coworkers each showcase a favorite candy, baked good, or other dessert. Everyone describes what they made or bought and why they love it so much. Consider fun backdrops and filters to look like you’re inside a chocolate factory! Vote on superlatives like “Most Creative”, “Most Delicious-Looking” or “Best Story”.

This heart-shaped ring light attaches to laptops and screens to cast a flattering glow over video call participants showing off their sweets.  

Virtual Carnival Games

Host brief video call pop-in sessions focused on classic carnival games. For example, have willing participants try tossing items into buckets on-screen to mimic ring tosses or using device filters creatively, like accessorizing selfies fast for a virtual dressing-up race. Offer e-gift card prizes.  

For anyone inspired to plan future in-person team celebrations, this carnival game set has ring toss, balloon darts, and more.

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Valentine’s Day Messages for the Team

Exchanging heartfelt quotes, sayings and thoughtful notes boosts bonding between colleagues on Cupid’s holiday. Prepare some written Valentine’s messages to share positivity as a leadership team, manager or coworker group.

1.Even though we come from different backgrounds and have diverse talents, our team has truly become a family. The way we support each other through challenges and celebrate successes together makes me so grateful to be a part of this squad. Wishing my work fam a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with love!

2.A wise person once said, “Teamwork makes the dream work!” I’m thankful every day to collaborate with such a stellar crew. You all inspire me with your passion, creativity, and determination to do great things. Happy Valentine’s Day to the ultimate dream team!

3.They say it takes a village, but we’ve proved it takes a team. A team that builds each other up, makes work fun, and accomplishes amazing things. I appreciate you all more than you know. Wishing my fellow teammates happiness this Valentine’s Day!

4.To the folks who make the daily grind enjoyable – you’re the jelly to my peanut butter. The mac to my cheese. The Hall to my Oates. Thanks for being incredible colleagues and even better friends. Happy Valentine’s Day, team!

5.From late night project crunches to celebrating wins at happy hour, you all make work worthwhile. It’s an honor to be part of this exceptional, caring team. I hope you feel the love this Valentine’s Day like you make us feel it everyday.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes for the Team

Managers should also share positive Valentine’s Day wishes with employees through emails, e-cards, group chats or printed notes. Tailor messages to fit your workplace culture, highlighting productivity, collaboration, innovation, or service achievements to be proud of together. Here are some ideas to spark inspiration:

“This Valentine’s Day, I’m grateful for each of your talents and efforts, which unite to make our team so outstanding.”

“May all the hard work you put in continue blossoming into meaningful progress this year. Happy Valentine’s Day!” 

“Our customers are better served and lives improved thanks to everything you do daily. I’m proud to work alongside such dedicated professionals – Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Wishing you satisfaction and success in the year ahead. Our team will thrive as long as we believe in each other.”  

A gift of chocolate-covered espresso beans, like these fair-trade certified sets from Equal Exchange, make a nicely personalized “thank-you” or “thinking of you” for hardworking colleagues who could use an added energy boost. They come attractively packaged in gift boxes with bows.

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Workplace Valentine’s Day Greetings for Team

Managers can also spotlight positive team achievements when delivering Valentine’s Day remarks in the office. Publicly highlighting accomplishments makes employees feel more unified, valued and motivated to collaborate towards future progress.

Here are some ideas for staff holiday greetings to deliver at meetings or in email, social media and e-newsletter communication:

“This Valentine’s season, I want to highlight our team’s care for our clients and community. Your devotion to providing [service/product] has enhanced over [#] lives, making progress that deserves celebration.”  

“As the heart is to the human body, each of you are vital to the health and functioning of our organization. Thank you for putting

Workplace Valentine’s Day Greetings for Team

“As the heart is to the human body, each of you are vital to the health and functioning of our organization. Thank you for putting your passion into achieving our collective goals this past year.”

“We’ve set bold objectives for expanding access to [service/product] in 2023. With empathy, creativity and unity, I’m confident our talented team will rise to make meaningful change happen.”

“While Valentine’s Day celebrates romantic bonds, I want to highlight the professional connections that empower our workforce. Your friendships and willingness to collaborate make work feel like a second family.”

Custom Valentine’s Day candy hearts let you print any short encouraging messages for teammates, like “Dream Team” “All-Star” or 2023 goals. These could be handed out by leadership as holiday treats.

Valentine’s Day Quotes for Teammates

Managers can also incorporate inspirational Valentine’s Day or teamwork quotes in holiday cards, emails and verbal shoutouts to motivate staff around February 14th:

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” – John C. Maxwell

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller 

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that’s what makes a team work.” – Vince Lombardi

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – H.E. Luccock

“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie Stepanek

This bulk set of 140 motivational stickers includes illustrated images and positive quotes perfect for personalizing Valentine’s Day cards, notebooks or cubicle decor for coworkers. Uplifting sentiments include “You Shine”, “Empowered”, and “Be Bold”.

Valentine’s Day Cards for Team

Exchanging Valentine’s Day cards among colleagues fosters community and connection. Include inspirational quotes, relationship-strengthening sentiments or inside jokes that recognize helpful coworker interactions. 

For simpler gestures, distribute candy grams attaching treats like Dove chocolates or Starburst with short “thanks for being sweet!” messages.

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Company leaders can also coordinate signing group cards or large posters for individual departments to convey collective appreciation. Photos can be taken alongside festive backdrops for an extra fun keepsake documenting team bonding.  

This multi-pack includes 88 blank Valentine’s Day cards ready for custom messages. The designs feature various colored hearts, rose patterns, doves and blossoming flowers suitable for professional well wishes.

Valentine Trivia for Team Building 

Playing trivia games creates intellectual excitement while allowing coworkers to showcase special areas of expertise. Themed rounds focused on Valentine’s Day facts, love songs, movies or customs around the world tap into the holiday vibes. 

Break larger teams into smaller groups to collaboratively answer questions and wager points for bragging rights. Offer festive candy or self-care prizes to the winning trivia team members. 

Here are some sample questions to incorporate:

Valentine’s Day Trivia

What percentage of Valentine’s Day cards are purchased by women according to Hallmark?

A) 80% 

B) 60%

C) 50% 

The red-and-pink celebration first originated from which ancient Roman festival?

A) Lupercalia  Festival 

B) Saturnalia Festival

C) Floralia Festival

When did Valentine’s Day become an official holiday in the United States in the 1840s due to campaigning efforts of author: 

A) Edgar Allen Poe

B) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

C) Esther Howland

Valentine’s Day Team Names

a. Team Cupid’s Cuties

b. The Sweethearts  

c. Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

d. Rosebuds

e. The Love Doves

f. XOXO Gossip Squads

g. Candy Crusaders

Valentine’s Day Trivia for Workplace Teams

Which candy has over 8 billion sold during Valentine’s week annually, with about 75% purchased by women? 

A) Chocolate truffles 

B) Hershey’s Kisses

C) Conversation hearts

The jewel amethyst is considered the birthstone associated with which love-related month? 

A) February – Valentine’s Day month

B) April – Diamond birthstone month 

C) June – Wedding season month  

Team members can prepare their own themed round of 3-5 trivia questions to take turns hosting in a game format. 

Trivia question cards create friendly competition and laughter. This set’s categories range from love stories to history to pop culture.

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Team building valentine's day games


Making collaborative festive activities part of your workplace Valentine’s Day celebrations will increase positive energy, unity and camaraderie across teams. 

Whether you host trivia games, sweet treat tastings, karaoke singoffs, virtual gift deliveries or simple exchanges of inspirational quotes and cards, there are many options to make February 14th more fun.

Boosting team spirit and social connections improves productivity, problem-solving, and service quality at work. Employees also feel more valued through group celebrations that recognize everyone’s vital impact and talents.

So order some boxes of candy hearts, print some rosy digital Zoom backgrounds, and turn up the love songs! Getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit at the office could be exactly what takes staff collaboration, innovation and passion to shine brighter all year long.

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