Valentine’s Sayings For Coworkers At The Workplace From Funny To Thoughtful

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Valentine’s Sayings For Coworkers At The Workplace From Funny To Thoughtful

Valentine’s Sayings For Coworkers

Finding the perfect words to write in Valentine’s Day cards for colleagues can be a challenge. You want to spread cheer and positivity, but keep the sayings and sentiments professional for the workplace context. 

This extensive guide covers a diverse range of Valentine’s Day sayings perfect for any type of coworker – from funny and lighthearted phrases to sincere inspirational quotes. For each of the 9 categories, you’ll find 3-5 relevant saying ideas along with fitting card and gift suggestions seamlessly incorporated from Amazon.

Follow for plenty of inspiration to make colleagues beam this Valentine’s Day! Discover short quips, cute rhymes, funny puns, sweet greetings and motivational messages to share.

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1. Valentine’s Day Sayings for Coworkers 

Saying :

“Wishing you happiness, love and friendship this Valentine’s Day!”

Spread good vibes on Cupid’s day with this uplifting saying emphasizing happiness, love and friendship – perfect values for coworker relationships.

Friendship Gift Basket. Treat a special work buddy to this gift basket filled with chocolate, friendship bracelets, a photo frame and other BFF goodies.

Saying :

“You make work wonderful – Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Share appreciation for a colleague who brightens up the workplace with this sincere message. Short, sweet and straight from the heart.

“You Make Life Wonderful” Notebook. Gift this inspirational journal to continue spreading positive vibes.

Saying :

“Thanks for always lending a hand when things get busy. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Show gratitude to helpful team players with this saying acknowledging their support during hectic times.

High Five Hand-Shaped Stress Ball. Gift this fun high five stress ball as a symbol of thanks for lending a hand.

2. Short Valentine’s Sayings for Coworkers

Saying :

“XOXO – Happy V-Day!”

Keep it short and sweet with this classic saying using hugs and kisses abbreviations. Simple but conveys affectionate cheers.

Conversation Heart Candy Bag. Include these iconic candy hearts stamped with familiar XOXO phrases.

Saying :

“You’re the bees knees! Happy Valentine’s” 

Give a nod to the past with this vintage saying comparing a fabulous colleague to the best of the best – the bee’s knees. 

Hipster Bees Knees Greeting Card. Pair the old-timey saying with this punny hipster bee card.

Saying :

“My work wife/husband! xo”

Acknowledge close office camaraderie with this playful saying identifying a work spouse. The xo adds cute hugs and kisses.

Will You Be My Work Wife Candy Heart. Include this custom candy heart in a card to pop the witty “work wife” question.

3. Funny Valentine Sayings for Coworkers

Saying :

“Let’s taco bout how awesome you are. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Give a colleague laughs with this funny food-themed quip playing on taco/talk wording. Punny and tasty.

I Love Tacos Valentine’s Day Card. Pair this funny taco pun card with a gift card to their favorite Mexican restaurant. 

Saying :

“Thanks for putting up with me. Let’s pizza and make up!”

Keep spirits lighthearted with this saying incorporating pizza into an apology for any work conflicts.

Pizza Socks. These slice of pizza socks add another food pun to the card for extra giggles.

Saying :

“You had me at free donuts. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Joke about the power of donuts and treats to win you over with this funny rom-com movie quote reference.

Office Donut Party Decoration Kit. Plan an office donut party with banners, confetti and more to bring the funny saying to life.

4. Cute Valentine Sayings for Coworkers

Saying :

“You are o-fish-ally awesome! Happy Valentine’s Day”

Make a colleague smile with this ocean-themed saying using a fishy pun to say they’re officially awesome.

Fishbowl Notepad. Gift this adorable fishbowl notepad as a cute accompaniment to the oceanic saying.

Saying :

“Thanks for making work fin-tastic! Happy Valentine’s Day”

Another cute fish pun your coworkers will find fin-tastic! Thank them for bringing fun to the workplace.

I’m FIN-ished Work Mug. This coffee mug with a fish tail handle spreads smiles along with the marine biology Valentine’s theme. 

Saying :

” whales a lot! Happy Valentine’s Day”

Cute word play on “you mean whales (wails) a lot” thanks your vocal colleague for always chiming in.

Whale Thank You Card. The sweet whale waving on this greeting card matches the ocean vibes.

5. Inspiring Valentine Sayings for Coworkers 

Saying :

“You are greater than you think. Happy Valentine’s Day!” 

Share an inspiring message about believing in someone’s inner strength with this uplifting saying.

Typography Wall Art Print. This “You Are Greater Than You Think” wall art decor gift visually reinforces the inspirational saying.

Saying :

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” 

Lift up colleagues by reminding them of their self-worth with this empowering saying.

The Giving Box. This box is designed to store inspiring notes and reminders like this saying for daily motivation.

Saying :

“You’ve got this! Wishing you confidence and success this Valentine’s Day”

Spread encouragement to do great things with this motivational saying. Short but potent positivity.

Motivational Daily Planner. Help colleagues crush goals with this inspirational planner.

6. Funny Valentine’s Day Sayings for Coworkers

Saying :

“Let’s be like two pieces of Velcro – stuck together all day! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Give coworkers a laugh imagining you two stuck together like Velcro with this quirky funny message. 

Sticky Note Pads. Include sticky notes with the card so you can stick together notes all day.

Saying :

“Thanks for putting up with me. I know I’m a lot to handle! Happy Valentine’s Day”

Poke fun at your difficult ways with this self-deprecating saying thanking them for their patience.

Hugs and Kisses Hershey’s Candy. Sweeten the silly message by including these classic Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Saying :

“If I had a rose for every time you made me laugh, I’d be walking through my own rose garden.”

Flatter a funny colleague while bringing the comedy again using this flower pun. 

Rose Scented Candle. Pair with a floral scented candle so they can literally stop and smell the roses.

7. Sweet Valentine’s Day Sayings for Coworkers

Saying :

“You’re even sweeter than heart-shaped candy! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Compare an ultra-kind coworker to sweet candy with this charming, feel-good saying. 

Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates. Include novelty heart candy to complement the heartfelt saying.

Saying :

“Thanks for being my work BFF! Happy Valentine’s Day” 

Acknowledge your closest colleague friendship with this sweet saying giving shoutout to your workplace best friend forever.

Matching BFF Necklaces or Bracelets. Give matching accessories to your work BFF as a sweet V-Day duo gift.

Saying :

“You’re even more amazing than chocolate! Happy Valentine’s Day”

Flatter a coworker you admire using a yummy chocolate metaphor. Ultra sincere superlative.

Assorted Chocolate Truffle Set. Treat them to fancy artisan chocolate truffles as a token of your esteem.

8. Cute Valentine’s Day Sayings for Work for Greeting Cards

Saying :

“Whipped for you like frosting! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Cute food-pun comparing your admiration to whipped creamy frosting. Sweet sentiment for greeting cards.

Paper Source Buttercream Frosted Card. This beautifully designed embossed card matches the frosting reference.

Saying :

“Olive you berry much! Happy Valentine’s Day” 

Charm coworkers with this playful saying marrying olive and berry wordplay. Clever and adorable.

Food Puns Greeting Cards Set. Surprise colleagues with a set of different food pun cards to spread the smiles.

Saying :

“You’re a dove-ly friend! Happy Valentine’s Day”

Cute bird pun comparing a lovely coworker friend to a precious dove.

Dove Chocolates Sampler. Include these smooth Dove chocolates to pair sweetly with the dove quote.

9. Nice Valentine’s Day Sayings for Colleagues in Person

Saying :

“Your positive attitude lifts everyone up. Thanks for making work brighter!”

Verbally praise colleagues with sunshine personalities who cheer up the workplace.

Inspirational Wall Quotes Sticker. Decorate their workspace with uplifting wall art like this “Shine Bright” sticker.

Saying :

“The office lights up when you walk through the door! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Compliment dazzling coworkers for brightening up the atmosphere in cute ways.

Light Up LED Suspenders. Make colleagues grin by gifting flashy suspenders to match their vibrant spirit.

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Saying :

“You make work so amazing – thanks for being you! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Genuinely thank vibrant coworkers for their fabulous selves using charming words.

Reserved Parking Sign. Gift this customized sign engraved with their name for VIP coworkers!

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Q1: Is it ok to give Valentine’s Day gifts to colleagues?

A: Yes, it is perfectly alright to give small token gifts or treats to colleagues as an act of appreciation, as long as they align with company gift giving policies and local workplace cultural norms. Choose options that aren’t too personal to maintain professional boundaries.

Q2: What are cute ideas for coworker Valentine gift exchanges?

A: Good ideas for coworker Valentine gift exchanges are boxes of chocolates, scented candles, dessert treats, fun stationery, coffee shop gift cards and self-care items like hand lotions or lip balms. Pick useful items in festive Valentine’s Day packaging.

Q3: What should sayings on coworker Valentine’s cards convey?

A: Valentine’s Day card sayings for colleagues should convey sincere messages of appreciation, encouragement and well wishes that are professional yet friendly in tone. Include phrases admiring their dedication, efforts and kindness.

Writing heartfelt seasonal messages for people you work closely with helps strengthen interpersonal bonds while spreading cheer in the workplace – so feel free to creatively convey sweet sentiments this Valentine’s Day!

Final Verdict

Finding that perfect sentiment to write in Valentine’s Day cards, gifts or verbal messages for beloved colleagues doesn’t have to be daunting.

As this extensive guide shows through over 40+ thoughtful saying ideas spanning sweet, motivational, cute and funny themes – there are endless ways to convey admiration!

Simply consider what your coworker friend cherishes most or needs to hear, then customize your message to align uniquely with their personality whether it’s through silly puns, empowering quotes or charming rhymes.

Don’t be afraid to get creative in comparing one-of-a-kind colleagues to bees knees, heart candies or even tacos! Adding playful twists is guaranteed to spark extra smiles. For that final special touch, pair greetings with a tailored Amazon gift pick too.


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