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Valentine’s Week Celebration Ideas in the Office

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s time to start planning festive celebrations to spread cheer across your workplace. From Rose Day to Kiss Day, Valentine’s week offers fun opportunities to unite your team in uplifting activities. Give colleagues a much-needed morale boost and bring excitement to the office with creative celebrations, sweet treats, and joyful bonding experiences.

The week leading up to Valentine’s day is a great time to spread some love and joy in the office. Celebrating Valentine’s week at work is a fun way to boost morale, strengthen bonds between coworkers and make the workplace more positive. Here are some ideas for celebrating each day of Valentine’s week in the office with coworkers, colleagues, your boss and other staff:

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Rose Day (February 7th)

Rose day kicks off Valentine’s week and is all about expressing love and admiration by gifting roses. Here are some rose day celebration ideas for the office:

Hand Out Roses

Give a rose to each of your coworkers as a token of appreciation. Get different colored roses to signify different relationships – red for romantic love, yellow for friendship, pink for admiration etc.

Touched By Nature Flowering Rose Bush Live Indoor Plant – Surprise your coworkers with this lovely mini rose bush they can keep on their desk.

Rose Exchange

Organize a rose exchange where coworkers are randomly assigned another coworker to give a rose to. It’s a fun way to spread cheer and get to know each other better.

12 Red Roses with Baby’s Breath – These beautiful fresh cut roses make a wonderful gift for a colleague.

Rose Decor

Deck the office out in rose-themed decorations. Put up rose garlands, candles, vases of roses and other ornate rose decor elements around the workplace.

 Silk Rose Garland – Drape this realistic garland around doorways, walls, desks etc. to instantly add romantic rose flair.

Rose Games/Activities

Organize some lighthearted rose-themed games and activities colleagues can participate in during breaks or a special rose day office party. For example, rose trivia, identify the rose varieties, rose emoji charades etc.

Rose Photo Booth

Set up a rose-themed photo booth with fun props like rose-colored boas, garlands, rose-tinted sunglasses and frames for coworkers to take silly photos. Print out the photos to display around the office.

Photo Booth Props – Pick up all the essential photo booth props in one kit.

Propose Day (February 8th)

Propose day is about expressing love and commitment. Use this day to encourage colleagues to propose creative ideas, plans and projects at work.

Idea Competition

Launch a special propose day idea pitch event. Have employees submit innovative proposals for new initiatives, process improvements etc. and pitch their ideas. Offer rewards for the best proposals.

Moleskine Classic Notebook – Gift these sleek notebooks for colleagues to jot down their million dollar ideas.


Organize a propose day hackathon where teams collaborate and brainstorm solutions for company challenges. Set aside work time for the hackathon and provide snacks to fuel creativity.

Snack Variety Pack – Keep energy levels high during the hackathon with these snack packs.

Suggestion Box

Set up a physical or digital suggestion box and encourage coworkers to anonymously propose solutions to problems they’ve observed. Review ideas regularly and implement the feasible ones.

Acrylic Suggestion Box – Add a touch of style with this modern steel and acrylic suggestion box for the office.

Love Notes to the Company

Give coworkers propose day cards to fill out explaining why they love working at the company. Display the love notes on a gratitude wall.

Proposal Day Cards – These cute Propose Day themed cards are perfect for coworkers to write heartfelt messages.

Chocolate Day (February 9th)

Chocolate day is the perfect occasion to treat colleagues to decadent chocolatey delights. Here are some fun ways to celebrate chocolate day at work:

Chocolate Fountain

Set up a chocolate fountain in the office and provide fruit, marshmallows and other goodies for dipping. The rich chocolate fountain is sure to create excitement on chocolate day.

Sephra Home Fondue Fountain – This ready-to-use electric chocolate fountain makes an elegant centerpiece.

Chocolate Speed Dating

Organize a chocolate inspired take on speed dating as a team building activity. Replace conversation starters with chocolate trivia and have participants switch partners after each round.

Chocolate Trivia Cards – These fun chocolate trivia cards are perfect for the chocolate speed dating game.

Chocolate Tasting

Hold a chocolate tasting event and have everyone vote for their favorite chocolates. Source artisanal chocolate bars from local chocolatiers. Award fun prizes for categories like richest cocoa, most unique flavor etc.

Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket  – Gift these gourmet chocolate baskets as tasting prizes.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Set up a hot chocolate bar with warm chocolate dispensers, marshmallows, chocolate shavings, flavored syrups, whipped cream and other fun toppings. Customize mugs for colleagues too.

Nostalgia Hot Chocolate Station – This all-in-one hot chocolate maker and dispenser is perfect for the office hot cocoa bar.

Teddy Day (February 10th)

Teddy day celebrates cuteness and is the perfect excuse to lighten the mood in the office with stuffed animals. Here are some fun teddy day ideas:

Teddy Bears on Desks

Surprise colleagues by sneaking teddy bears onto their desks for them to find in the morning. Watch their reactions to the adorable stuffed surprise.

Giant Stuffed Teddy Bear – This 4 foot tall teddy is sure to delight coworkers when they see it on their desk.

Teddys for Tots Donations

Collect new stuffed animal donations for local children’s hospitals or charities. See which department can collect the most teddy bears.

Teddy Bear variety pack – Donate a shipment of these super soft plush teddy bears to spread joy.

DIY Mini Teddys

Get creative and make mini teddy bears out of office supplies like paper, paper clips, pom poms etc. See who can create the most innovative teddy design.

Pom Pom Craft Kit – Use these colorful pom poms for mini teddy bear crafts.

Teddy Bear Yoga

For a bonus wellness activity, guide everyone through some light yoga poses while holding teddy bears. Child’s pose, teddy bear hugs and other cute poses are fun to do with a soft teddy bear in hand.

Large Plush Yoga Bear – This giant 5 foot yoga bear is perfect for teddy bear yoga at work.

Promise Day (February 11th)

Promise day is about making commitments. Use this day to exchange promises and make pledges as a team.

Company Promise Board

Have leadership write promises to employees promising improvements or changes to look forward to in the upcoming year. Display the promises in the office to boost morale.

Acrylic Sign Holder – Place promises in these sleek acrylic sign holders for the promise board.

Employee Promise Cards

Provide note cards for employees to anonymously submit promises about how they will enhance their work and support company goals in the coming year.

Notecard variety pack – These fun notecards are perfect for writing down promises.

Promise Tree

Designate a “promise tree” in the office. Have employees write down individual promises on paper leaves to hang on the tree branches as a reminder.

Fake Ficus Tree – Add this realistic faux tree for the office promise leaves display.

Hug Day (February 12th)

Spread positive vibes on hug day by encouraging colleagues to share hugs and kind words.

Free Hugs Sign

Print out a “Free Hugs” sign and take turns holding it up around the office to spread smiles. Share quick hugs with coworkers who approach for one.

Free Hugs Sign – Display this colorful free hugs sign to advertise your hugs offer.

Compliment Sticky Notes

Leave friendly compliments or words of encouragement on sticky note pads on coworkers’ desks when they are out. Surprise them with hugs when they return.

Sticky Note Pads – Stock up on these colorful sticky notes for spreading hug day warmth.

Hug Coupon Book

Distribute books of hug coupons (good for one free hug) and encourage employees to exchange them with colleagues. It’s a fun way to offer hugs.

Printable Hug Coupon Book – Give coworkers these sweet hug coupon books to exchange.

Digital Hugs

For remote colleagues, send e-cards with warm messages or funny GIFs to uplift them with virtual hugs. Social media posts spreading appreciation work too.

Warm Fuzzy E-cards – Send these cute e-hugs.

Kiss Day (February 13th)

Keep kiss day light-hearted and family-friendly with these fun ideas:

Candy Kisses

Hand out chocolate Hershey’s kisses or other candy kisses as sweet treats to colleagues on kiss day. Attach kind messages to the candy with ribbons.

Hershey Kisses Party Bag – These bulk packs of kisses make great kiss day candy gifts.

Lip Balm Exchange

Have everyone bring in new lip balms and place them in a central box. Randomly distribute them so colleagues can exchange flavors and give their lips some TLC.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Multipack – Gift these bundles of nourishing lip balms for the lip balm exchange.

Complimentary Candy Lips

Hand out paper lips printed with kind words like “You’re Amazing” for colleagues to share with one another. Spread extra sweetness on kiss day.

Printable Paper Lips – Print these digital paper lips to cut out and share.

Valentine’s Day (February 14th)

Make Valentine’s day extra special with these festive workplace ideas:

Catered Valentine’s Lunch

Treat colleagues to a lavish catered Valentine’s day lunch with festive dishes like heart-shaped ravioli and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Make it a new annual tradition.

Valentine’s Catering Menu – Order a gourmet Valentine’s meal like this for the office.

Valentine’s Dessert Potluck

Have a dessert potluck with coworkers showing off their best Valentine-themed cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies and other sweet treats.

Heart Shaped Cake Pan – Bake a heart-shaped cake with this nonstick silicone pan for the potluck.

Secret Admirers

Organize a “Secret Admirers” gift exchange where coworkers anonymously leave small gifts and sweet notes at each other’s workstations. Keep it lighthearted and fun.

Secret Admirer Gift Tags – Use these cute tags for secret admirer presents.

Galentines/Palentines Parties

Split into separate Galentines (gals) and Palentines (guys) groups to exchange thoughtful gifts and toast to friendship.

“Palentines” Beer Glasses – Gift these fun pint glasses at the guys Palentines party.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Have a DIY Valentine card-making station with craft supplies like colored paper, markers, stickers and more for colleagues to make cards for each other.

Valentine’s Day Card Making Kit – This kit has all the essentials for handmade Valentine’s cards.

Valentine’s Day Trivia

Test everyone’s knowledge of Valentine’s day facts and history with a trivia game. Give out fun prizes like chocolate roses to winners.

Valentine’s Day Trivia Game – Break out this cute card game for Valentine’s trivia fun.

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Valentine’s Week FAQs

Q. Is it appropriate to celebrate Valentine’s week at work?

A: Yes, Valentine’s week can absolutely be celebrated professionally at work. The key is keeping festivities lighthearted, inclusive and focused on spreading cheer versus romance. Fun team bonding activities, sweet treats and decor liven up the workplace without crossing professional boundaries.

Q. What if coworkers feel excluded from Valentine’s activities?

A: Make sure to avoid overwhelming romantic overtones that could alienate single colleagues. Focus on friendship and general appreciation. Also have plenty of non-romantic activities to include everyone. Sensitivity to colleagues not comfortable with Valentine’s celebrations is important.

Q. Can managers give gifts to employees during Valentine’s week?

A: Small token gifts to the whole team are generally fine, but lavish or personalized gifts from managers to individual employees can feel uncomfortable in the workplace. Stick to department wide treats.


Valentine’s week offers a fun way to unite colleagues in spreading love and happiness at the workplace. From rose exchanges to teddy bear yoga to Galentines parties, there are endless options for inclusive celebrations. 

Boosting morale and camaraderie without disruptions, these festive activities help teams reconnect. With creativity and sensitivity, the office can come together for a joyful week. Any of these ideas can liven up your workplace and bring colleagues closer together.


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