40 plus Creative Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas For Work

Misbah Mushtaq

40 plus Creative Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas For Work

Creative Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas For Work

As an experienced coworker and creative consultant, I’ve spent years curating festive classroom displays and cheerful office boards. When it comes to spreading Christmas cheer through bulletin boards, I have the expertise to guide you every step of the way. 

My teaching career spanned over 5 years in elementary schools, where I became known for my artistic flair in decorating. Colleagues often asked for my advice on lively seasonal displays that would inspire students and staff alike. 

I’ve also been hired as a creative consultant for corporate offices looking to boost morale through motivational board designs.

Christmas bulletin board ideas for work

42 Creative Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas For Work

Creating joyful, celebratory bulletin boards has been one of my greatest joys throughout my career. I’m thrilled to pass along my tips so you too can experience the magic of transforming a simple board into a winter wonderland!

1) Santa’s Workshop 

Turn your bulletin board into a cozy workshop fit for Santa’s elves! Cover the board in red and green paper for a festive backdrop. Then cut out eccentric elves from construction paper in shades of green, red, and yellow. 

Postion the elves hard at work – some painting toys, some sawing wood, others wrapping gifts.  A jolly Santa can take center stage overseeing the operation. For extra fun, let employees add their name to an elf cutout!

2) Snowman Showcase

Who can resist the cheerful, smiling face of a snowman? 

Make your board a whimsical winter scene with classic snowmen as the stars. Use white butcher paper for the base, then let employees craft their own unique snowman with colorful accessories like hats, scarves, and carrot noses. Everyone’s creativity will shine through their one-of-a-kind snowman design!

3) Gingerbread Office  

Turn your office into a delectable gingerbread house with this sugary sweet idea! Use brown butcher paper for the main backdrop. Then cut out windows, doors, roofs, and other home accents from colorful construction paper. 

Employees can each decorate a gingerbread person or gingerbread letter initial to prop up around the house. Finish it off with some cotton batting for snow drifts.

4) Elf Antics

Those pesky elves have been up to mischief again! Show off their silly holiday hijinks with a bulletin board scene. The green background can be an elf workshop setting. 

Then cut out elves from red and green paper getting into all sorts of humorous situations – tangled in Christmas lights, covered in cotton ball “snow,” juggling ornaments, you name it! Let your creativity run wild with the elves’ antics.

5) Tropical Christmas

Who says Christmas has to be a snowy affair? Bring some tropical flair to your office with this bright, cheery idea. Use a light blue background to depict a beach scene, then cut out palm trees from green paper. 

Craft fun characters like santa in beach attire, seals or penguins playing in sand, and reindeer in sunglasses lounging beside the water. A few paper Lei garlands can add to the island vibe.  

6) Hot Chocolate Mugs  

Nothing beats a cozy mug of hot cocoa on a chilly day! Celebrate this winter favorite by making your board a tasty hot chocolate display. Use a deep brown background, then cut out large mugs from tan paper. 

Employees can decorate their individual mug with their name, fun foam toppings like marshmallows and candy canes, and other festive accents. Simple yet delightfully cozy!

7) Ugly Sweater Party

We all know those iconic Christmas sweaters – the gaudier, the better! Pay homage to these holiday classics with an ugly sweater bulletin board theme. 

Use a green background, then cut out funky, oversized sweater shapes from red, white or green paper. Deck them out in ridiculous patterns using markers, glitter, pom poms – whatever wacky embellishments you can dream up!  

8) Penguin Pals

Who can resist these adorable arctic buddies? Make your board a whimsical penguin scene that’s sure to bring smiles. Use a bright blue background, then cut out penguin shapes from black paper. 

Each penguin can rock a colorful scarf or Santa hat, with accents added by employees using markers, glitter, etc. Arrange the penguin pals waddling around with fun props like candy canes or mini Christmas trees.

9) Christmas Tree Forrest

Turn your ordinary office board into a lush evergreen forest with this simple yet striking idea! Use a dark green background, then cut out Christmas tree shapes from green construction paper in varied sizes and patterns. 

Arrange the trees across the board, leaving spaces for employees to add pops of color with crafted ornaments, tinsel garlands, or even mini paper presents underneath.

10) The Polar Express  

All aboard a magical bulletin board bringing the Polar Express to life! Use a snowy white background, then cut out a bright red train engine from paper at the center. 

Surrounding it, craft passengers from colored paper – polar bears in scarves and earmuffs, penguins in conductors’ hats, snowy trees and mountains. Finish it off with a glittery “All Aboard!” header and you’re ready for a very merry ride! 

11) 12 Days of Christmas

Bring the classic Christmas tune to life on your festive display! Use a red or green background, then cut out the numeral “12” from gold paper. 

Surrounding it, craft paper designs depicting each of the 12 days – five golden rings, three french hens, a partridge in a pear tree, and so on. Employees can get creative interpreting the lyrics into vibrant artwork.

12) Christmas at the Movies

Celebrate iconic festive flicks on a bulletin board dedicated to Christmas movies! Use a red background, then cut out marquees, popcorn tubs, film strips and other cinema accents from black paper. 

Craft characters from beloved movies like Elf, Home Alone, The Polar Express and more to arrange on the boards in whimsical scenes. You can even leave space for employees to vote for their favorite Christmas movie!

13) Around the World Christmas

Showcase how Christmas is celebrated across the globe with this multicultural display! Use a bright blue background, then cut out different shaped frames from colored paper. Inside each frame, employees can craft depictions of international holiday traditions – 

Mexican poinsettias, Jamaican jonkunnu dancers, Icelandic yule lads, Japanese bamboo tree decorations, and more. It’s a festive celebration of cultures!

14) Hot Cocoa Cafe  

Mmm, can’t you just smell the delicious aroma? Set up a cozy hot chocolate-themed cafe on your board that’s sure to warm hearts. Use a dark brown background, then cut out mugs, cocoa pots, and cafe accents from tan paper. 

Add cotton ball steam swirls above the mugs. Employees can then personalize their mug design with their name and fun garnishes like crushed candy canes!

15) Holidays on Ice

Whether or not your office has an ice skating rink, you can still bring that festive, frosty fun to your bulletin board! Use a light blue background, then cut out skaters, hockey players, polar bears and penguins from colored paper.  

Paper snowflakes and swirls can give the illusion of a frozen skating pond. You may want to add a sign that says “Double Axels Permitted” for extra whimsy!

16) The Nutcracker Sweet

This sugary bulletin board spread is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth! Use a pale pink background, then cut out giant curved lines to depict lollipops, candy canes, and other jumbo sweets. 

Employees can each decorate a paper nutcracker soldier to stand guard around the candy land. For extra sweetness, add shimmery glitter details and cotton ball “whipped cream” dollops. Yum!

17) Pet Holiday Hats

Don’t forget about our furry friends this season! Pay tribute to festive pets by having employees craft paper companions donning fun holiday headgear. 

A green background can depict a living room scene, while cut-outs of dogs, cats, bunnies, birds and more rock creative hats – elf hats, reindeer antlers, Santa caps and beyond. Each pet can even have a gift box prop to open!

18) Santa’s Runway

A retro, vintage-inspired board that’s bound to catch eyes! Use a bright red background, then cut out shapes to create Santa’s runway – lights outlining the path, control towers, planes made of fun patterns. 

19) Feliz Navidad

Celebrate Christmas Hispanic heritage style with this vibrant board! Use a bright red background, then craft accents like piñatas, maracas, Mexican folk art animals and more from colorful paper. Employees can make their own Christmas poinsettia flowers or decorate small papel picado banners to hang across the board.

20) The Christmas Train

All aboard a bulletin board bringing the magic of a Christmas train to life! Use a dark green background, then craft a bright red train engine from paper. Surrounding it, make passengers from colored paper like polar bears, penguins, and more. For extra fun, add shrubs and trees made from green sponges or tissue paper!

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21) Christmas Sweaters

We all know those iconic, delightfully tacky holiday sweaters! Pay homage to them on your bulletin board by using a green background, then cutting out oversized sweater shapes from red, white or green paper. Deck them out in crazy patterns and embellishments like pom poms, googly eyes, bows – the more outrageous, the better! 

22) Holiday Sock Critters

Turn your plain office bulletin board into a wild winter scene with these playful critter creations! Use white butcher paper for a snowy base. Then have employees craft fun holiday sock animals – a penguin, polar bear, reindeer, etc. They can use the sock itself, plus extras like googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and festive fabric scraps.

23) Christmas Bingo 

Who doesn’t love a rousing game of Bingo? Bring the excitement to your bulletin board with this interactive idea! Use a green background, then craft large bingo cards from red and white paper. Make holiday-themed pieces players can move around – bells, trees, Santa hats, stockings, etc. Change up the game board each week for new fun!  

24) Cup of Christmas Cheer

Embrace cozy winter beverages on this warm and welcoming board! Use a mottled brown background, then cut out oversized paper coffee mugs and fill them with cotton ball “steam.” Each employee can decorate their own with their name using glue, glitter, markers and more. A border of marshmallows and candy canes adds extra sweetness.

25) The Nutcracker Suite

Transport your office into the whimsical world of the iconic ballet! Use a cream background, then cut out swirling flourishes, ballet shoes, ribbons and musical notes from colorful paper. Center pieces can be crafted nutcrackers, mice kings, and other classic characters dancing across the board. So magical!

26) Penguin Playground  

You can’t go wrong with these adorable, silly arctic birds! Use a bright blue background, then cut out penguin shapes with colored paper. Each penguin can wear creative accessories like scarves, santa hats, and more. Arrange them playing in a snowy scene with candy cane bridges, paper igloos and cotton ball snow piles. Too cute!

27) Santa’s Flight Academy

The man in red is getting his sleigh crew ready for the big night! Show off their training with this dynamic board. Use a dark blue background with a moon and stars. Then make a sleigh, reindeer, Santa, and elves all crafted from paper and other materials. Can include obstacles like chimneys for Santa to steer around!

28) Charlie Brown Christmas  

Don’t have a pine tree? No problem! Pay homage to the iconic Charlie Brown’s sad yet sweet Christmas tree on this nostalgic board. Use a red background, then craft characters like Charlie, Linus, Snoopy and more surrounding a tiny diagonal tree made of brown paper strips. So simple yet so heartwarming.

29) Build a Gingerbread House

A sugary sweet idea that’s fun for all! Use brown butcher paper as the base. Then provide employees with red, green and white construction paper to craft the various components like roof pieces, windows, doors, fences and decorations. They can assemble their house pieces directly on the board, creating a whimsical gingerbread village.

30) Polar Bear Holiday  

These arctic buddies are always a hit on Christmas displays! Use a bright blue background, then cut out large white polar bear shapes from paper or felt. Each employee can take one to decorate in their own creative way – with hats, scarves, gift box “presents,” and more additions. Arrange the finished bears in a snowy scene.

31) Holly Jolly Bubbles

Want to incorporate some retro, mid-century flair into your Christmas board? This one’s for you! Use a red or green background, then craft large, shiny circular “bulbs” from metallic paper. Inside each, have employees make funky designs with their names or shapes like trees, Santas, candy canes, and beyond.

32) Rockin’ Christmas Show

Bring the electric energy of a live music performance to your holiday board! Use a deep blue backdrop, then craft a bright stage with Christmas lights and bulbs. In front, make paper cutouts of elves, Santas, reindeer, and more rocking out on instruments and singing along. You can include music notes, confetti and wild patterns for extra fun!     

33) Santa’s Cookie Company

A tasty board you’ll want to eat right up! Make this one with a red background, then craft all the components of a cookie factory. Cut out stand mixers, whisks, rolling pins and more from tan paper. Have employees make their own delicious (looking) cookie designs from brown paper to display, with some sporting Santa hats or ties.    

34) The Penguin Sledding Society

Whether or not they’d really make great sledders, seeing penguins on sleds is an irresistibly cute image! Use a bright white background as the “snowy” base. Then cut out penguin shapes from black paper or felt and ovals for their “sled” rides. Decorate the penguins wearing scarves, santa hats, reindeer antlers and more. Add cotton ball piles for hills!

35) Making Spirits Bright

A rainbow of bright, glowing colors will light up this brilliant bulletin board design! Use a dark blue or black background, then cut out oversized round “light bulbs” from yellow, red, green, blue and more shades of paper. Inside each bulb, get creative by adding shapes like trees, gifts, Santa heads and fun swirling patterns. Let it shine!   

36) Christmas in New York  

Bring the iconic NYC holiday scenery to your office space! Use brown kraft paper for the background, then craft famous landmarks like the Rockefeller Center tree, ice skating rinks, Central Park bridges, and even the Broadway theater district all decked out in Christmas lights and decorations. Add taxis and pedestrians to really set the scene.

37) Santa’s Magic Show

Ta-da! Bring the amazement of a magic show starring Santa’s elves to life on your board. Use a royal purple background, then craft a curtained stage from red paper. Make paper elf magicians, bunny assistants popping out of hats, wands and other tricks in progress. Don’t forget Santa overseeing from an audience seat!

38) North Pole Air Force

This high-flying Christmas scene puts Santa’s reindeer pilots front and center! Use a deep blue background with a large moon as the backdrop. Then craft reindeer from brown paper – some wearing aviator caps and scarves, some circling Santa’s sleigh, others doing aerial tricks! Billowing clouds and twinkling stars add whimsy.

39) Tropical Christmas Luau  

Who says Christmas has to be a snowy affair? This board embraces the sunny, beachy spirit with a tropical twist! Use a bright blue background to depict the ocean, with green paper palm trees and craft paper leis all around. Make characters like Santa in Hawaiian shirts, penguins with sunglasses, flamingos in christmas lights and more!

40) Elf Movie Moments  

Celebrate the fan-favorite Christmas comedy on this bulletin board bringing Buddy the Elf’s world to life! Use bright green and red backgrounds, then craft characters, props and scenes straight from the hilarious movie. From the race through New York to the chinese office code party, there’s plenty of inspiration for silly fun.  

41) Joy to the World   

Celebrate the reason for the season by incorporating spiritual symbols of faith and joy to the world! Use a blue or white background, then cut out shapes like angels, doves, crosses, and the nativity scene from colorful paper. Staff can contribute handwritten notes about messages of hope and peace.

42) Rustic Cabin Christmas

Channel cozy ski lodge vibes with this rustic, outdoorsy bulletin board concept! Use brown kraft paper for a woodsy backdrop, then craft elements like a crackling fireplace, armchairs, snowshoes, and plaid patterns cut from paper. Tiny accents like pinecones, berries and twigs add a lovely natural touch.

Christmas bulletin board ideas for work

The final Words

With a little time and effort, you can create a festive and fun display that will bring cheer to your office throughout the holiday season. So get creative, have some fun, and spread some Christmas spirit with your colleagues!

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