50 Fun Christmas Spirit Week Ideas For Work In 2024

Misbah Mushtaq

50 Fun Christmas Spirit Week Ideas For Work In 2024

Christmas Spirit Week Ideas For Work

As an experienced event planner and team building expert, I’ve organized numerous festive office celebrations over the years. Creating an engaging, morale-boosting Christmas spirit week takes creativity, attention to detail, and a keen understanding of what resonates with your coworkers. 

With over a decade of professional experience under my belt, I’ve Fine-tuned the art of designing fun, inclusive activities that bring teams together and foster a positive, uplifting workplace culture during the holidays. 

Christmas spirit week ideas for work

50 Fun Christmas Spirit Week Ideas For Work

I’m excited to share 50 fresh, unique ideas to fill your office with Christmas cheer this year. Get ready to sleigh the season with my top-rated, thoroughly tested activities!

1. Ugly Sweater Day

Channel your inner elf and rock the ugliest, most outrageous holiday sweater you can find! Embrace the quirky, over-the-top spirit as you strut your festive fashion. Organize a spirited contest to crown the most blindingly bright or amusingly tacky sweater wearer.

2. Holiday Movie Marathon  

Transform the break room into a cozy theater by dimming the lights and cozying up to watch classic Christmas flicks. Take a whimsical break from work while munching on themed snacks like gingerbread cookies or candy canes. You could even hand out hilarious awards for best impersonation or most emotional moment!

3. Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Unleash your architecture skills and creative flair by decorating an edible gingerbread house. Provide ample candy trimmings, frosting, and sprinkles to construct something Instagram-worthy. Award prizes for most artistic, most outrageous, or most likely to attract Hansel and Gretel.  

4. Office Canned Food Sculpture Competition

Get festive while giving back by hosting a canned food sculpture competition. Divide into teams and see who can craft the most impressive creation using non-perishable goods. Award prizes for creativity, then donate all food items to a local shelter or food bank.

5. Office-Wide Secret Santa  

Spark office camaraderie by assigning each person a giftee to secretly buy a present for. Set a reasonable price limit, let the sleuthing begin, and gather for a festive exchange. Hilarity is sure to ensue as people try to guess their sneaky Santa!

6. Christmas Karaoke Extravaganza   

Who doesn’t love belting out holiday hits? Clear a space, queue up a playlist of classics, and let coworkers showcase their vocal talents (or lack thereof!). Provide fun props like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, or fake mustaches to enhance performances.

7. Christmas Trivia Game 

Test your coworkers’ Christmas IQ with a rousing round of holiday trivia. Separate into teams or make it individualized and offer prizes for top scorers. Prepare brain-teasing questions about traditions, movies, songs, and more.  

8. Holiday Potluck Feast

What better way to celebrate the season than bonding over delicious food? Coordinate a potluck lunch where everyone brings their favorite festive dish to share. Assign categories like appetizers, mains, sides, and desserts to ensure variety. Award prizes for most creative, best traditional, or tastiest dish.

9. Office Door Decorating Contest   

Transform each workspace into a magical holiday scene for this spirited competition. Let creativity run wild decorating office doors or cubicles with twinkling lights, garland, bows, ornaments, and more. Employees can vote for their favorite at week’s end.  

10. Christmas Costume Day

Get decked out head-to-toe as your favorite holiday character or icon! From Santa and his elves to Frosty or the Grinch, anything goes on this silly, festive theme day. Award prizes for best costume, most creative, or funniest getup.

11. Christmas Craft Station

Set up a crafting corner where colleagues can get hands-on making ornaments, greeting cards, gift tags, or other DIY projects during break times. Provide supplies like construction paper, glue, scissors, glitter, and more. Crafting both relaxes and boosts creativity!

12. Holiday Book or Movie Swap

Recycle gently-used books or DVDs by hosting a holiday swap. Everyone brings items to trade, creating an affordable way to score new-to-you gifts and literary adventures for the long winter nights ahead.

13. Christmas Bingo Bonanza

Shouts of “Bingo!” will fill the office when you plan this exciting lunchtime game. Award small prizes like candy canes or $5 gift cards for winners to amp up the fun and competitiveness.   

14. Holiday Lip Sync Battle

Let loose and embrace your silliest self by rocking out to your go-to Christmas jams…Without the vocals! Participants do their best lip sync and dance moves as coworkers try to guess the song.

15. Christmas Tree Decorating Party

Bring some hands-on magic by having staff collaboratively decorate an office tree. Provide affordable ornaments, tinsel, lights, and let everyone’s unique style shine through on this sparkling centerpiece. Play carols and sip hot cocoa while trimming.

16. Holiday Office Camping Adventure

No need to go far for this unique indoor experience! Set up a festive “campsite” with tents, twinkling lights, a fake fire pit and more. Toast s’mores, stargaze at a planetarium video, and spin spooky stories.  

17. Christmas Charades Showdown  

Get your bodies moving and break a sweat by acting out favorite holiday words, movies, and phrases through this classic guessing game. Divide into teams and award prizes to winning actors and guessers.

18. Christmas Card Creation Station

Writing heartfelt cards gets pricey, so provide supplies for staff to create personalized cards for loved ones. Think festive stamps, decorative papers, fun fonts, stickers, and more. Have great samples on hand for inspiration.

19. Winter Wonderland Luncheon 

Transform your break room or an empty office into a magical winter escape for this themed midday meal. Decorate with twinkling lights, frosty accents, maybe even fake snow. Play tranquil music and serve hot cocoa or spiced cider. Bliss!

20. Christmas Mad Libs Collaboration

Gather your team and create hilarious holiday tales by collectively filling in the blanks of festive Mad Libs stories. Read the zany finished works aloud and award prizes for the funniest or most ridiculous tale.

21. Holiday PJ Day

What’s cozier than rocking your favorite fuzzy pajamas all day at work? Encourage maximum comfy laziness by having coworkers sport their snuggliest loungewear for the office. Maybe even provide hot chocolate and slippers!

22. Office Snowball Fight

When the summer sun won’t cooperate, create your own indoor winter weather! Stock up on soft, safe “snowballs” (rolled-up socks make a great option). Designate a battle zone and let the flurry fly!

23. Christmas Candy Guessing Game

Fill a big jar with your favorite holiday candies like peppermints, chocolate Santas, ribbon candy, and more. Have staff enter guesses for how many pieces are inside, and award the candy to whomever nails it closest.

24. Christmas Carols and Cocoa

Spread instant holiday cheer by gathering the team to sing Christmas carols together. Print out lyrics sheets, provide festive accessories like santa hats, and serve steaming mugs of hot chocolate or apple cider.   

25. Seasonal Snack Station 

Set up a grazing table loaded with delicious Christmas treats like hot chocolate bombs, peppermint bark, yule logs, gingerbread, sugar cookies, and more. Staff can help themselves to festive fuel at their leisure.

26. Holiday Hue Day

On this vibrant theme day, assign each department or team a specific holiday color to wear head-to-toe. Who will rock their designated red, green, blue, gold, or silver shade best? Award prizes for chicest monochromatic looks.

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27. Christmas Zoom Backgrounds Competition

With remote work increasingly common, get creative with a virtual holiday backgrounds contest. Staff submit their most festive, funniest backdrops for video calls. Cast employee votes to crown winners in categories like sassiest, most original, or merriest.

28. Festive Headgear Showdown

From Santa hats and reindeer antlers to full-head masks, this is a celebration of holiday headwear! Staff sport their goofiest, most creative toppers and vie for awards. 

29. Christmas Zoom Trivia 

For remote teams, organize a live virtual holiday trivia competition over a video conferencing platform. Split into teams, designate a host, and award prizes for the top scorers. Festive backgrounds and prop use encouraged!

30. Ornament Craft-Off

Tap into staffers’ creative spirit by hosting an ornament making contest. Provide supplies like plain ornaments, paints, glitter, pipe cleaners and more to decorate unique, eye-catching pieces for the office tree or giveaways.  

31. Holiday Sweater Scavenger Hunt

Make use of all those zany Christmas sweaters by holding a scavenger hunt! Hide festive items throughout the office that staffers must find by decoding clues related to sweater imagery like trees, snowmen, presents etc.  

32. Office Gingerbread Village  

Take gingerbread house building to an incredible new level! Work together in teams to construct an entire candy-coated village scene with houses, trees, characters and more, all edible. Award for most creative, traditional or detailed.

33. Holiday Centerpiece Challenge

Have an eye for design? Get staff engaged by challenging them to create show-stopping holiday centerpieces using provided supplies like candles, ornaments, greenery and more. Display the festive creations in common areas.  

34. Christmas Recycling Competition  

Get crafty and eco-friendly by fashioning holiday decor from recycled office items like paper, bottles, boxes and more. Award prizes for most inventive, sustainable or themed creations to deck the halls.  

35. Festive Office Mini-Golf

Bring the fun of the golf course indoors by creating a putt-putt course with a holiday twist! Use cubicle walls as obstacles, decorate with holiday gear, and challenge putting skills for a hole-in-one competition.

36. Wreath Decorating Workshop

For this hands-on activity, provide staff with plain wreath bases and a variety of ribbon, ornaments, greenery and more to customize their own seasonal door hangers. Get creative with unconventional materials too!  

37. Christmas Cake War

Put your bakers to the test in this sugary showdown – teams compete to create the most decadent, creatively designed holiday cake using provided baking supplies and decorations. Skilled judges pick winners for presentation and taste.  

38. Holiday Photo Booth Props

Create a fun, comedic holiday photo booth space with silly props like giant candy canes, Santa beards, elf ears, reindeer antlers and more. Provide a quality backdrop and camera for staff portraits.

39. Jingle Bell Rock Talent Show 

Stage a variety talent showcase to bring out your team’s hidden holiday skills – singing, dancing, comedy acts, magic tricks, you name it! Encourage festive-themed routines for bonus points. Award entertaining prizes.   

40. Christmas Market

For this European-inspired event, set up vendor booths where staff can sell gently used goods, holiday treats, crafts and more. Portion of proceeds could benefit a designated charity.  

41. Snowflake Showcase

Appeal to everyone’s inner kindergartener with this arts and crafts free-for-all: provide plain paper and lots of decorative materials to inspire paper snowflake creations that are as unique and beautiful as real ones.

42. Hot Chocolate Bar

Keep your team warm and energized by setting up a premium hot chocolate bar! Provide a variety of flavored cocoas, mix-ins like marshmallows, crushed peppermint and syrups, and fun toppings galore.

43. Holiday Plate Decorating

Spark creativity by providing inexpensive plain plates or platters that staff can artfully decorate using permanent markers and crafting supplies. Display their festive designs throughout the office.

44. Dessert Winedown 

After a productive Christmas spirit week, celebrate by hosting a decadent dessert-and-wine happy hour. Set out a spread of delicious sweets, from cookies to cakes to pies, along with wine pairings for an indulgent reward.

45. Christmas Punch Competition

Get into the seasonal spirit(s)! Stock a bar with juices, sodas, liquors and garnishes for teams to craft their most creative, crowd-pleasing signature holiday punch. Award for most creative, best-tasting and most Christmassy.

46. Thankful Tree  

In the spirit of gratitude and giving, set up a tree or banner where employees can write what they’re most thankful for this holiday season. Get heartwarming insights into your team!  

47. Reindeer Games Day

Get moving and active with this fun-filled take on classic field day games, all with a holiday twist! Divide into teams for competitions like snowball dodgeball, Rudolf antler ring toss, jingle bell javelins and more.

48. Holiday Headgear Showdown

From Santa hats and reindeer antlers to full-head masks, celebrate festive headwear with a Christmas headgear contest. Staff sport their goofiest, most creative toppers and vie for headgear awards.

49. Snowman Showdown

Get a little messy while rekindling childlike whimsy during a snowman (or snow-sculpture) building competition using provided materials like paper, boxes, Styrofoam and decor. Award winners for most traditional, creative and Frosty-inspired designs.  

50. Christmas Carol Video Challenge

Put those acting and lip-syncing skills to the test by having teams create short music video renditions of classic Christmas carols to enter in a fun contest. Award the most spirited, comical and impressive entries!

Christmas spirit week ideas for work

Fun Christmas Spirit Week Ideas For Work( Concluded):  

I hope these 50 unique, festive and fun-filled Christmas spirit week ideas for work provide plenty of inspiration to spread holiday cheer throughout your workplace! 

From hands-on crafting to whimsical theme days and spirited competition, there’s something to engage everyone. 

Plan engaging activities that encourage collaboration, bonding and much-needed bursts of laughter during the busy season. 

Mostly, have an absolute ball embracing the magic and merriment of Christmas! I’ll leave you with a final friendly reminder – be sure to capture all the hilarious memories through photos and videos to reminisce for years to come.

FAQs About Fun Christmas Spirit Week Ideas For Work:

1. How do I ensure all staff feel included in Christmas spirit week? 

While Christmas is a traditional Christian holiday, spirit weeks can be adjusted to represent a broader “winter/holiday” theme with secular activities to ensure no one feels left out based on religious beliefs. Focus on general wintertime fun and festivities that anyone can enjoy.

2. What’s a reasonable budget for planning Christmas spirit week?

Most of the activities I’ve outlined are inexpensive or even no-cost if using supplies already available in the office. A reasonable budget could be around $200-500 for prizes, decorations, craft supplies and food/beverage if hosting any catered events or stations. Get scrappy with affordable Dollar Store and DIY decor too.

3. How can I get employees excited to participate?

Clear communication on the scheduled events and any prizes/incentives offered is key. But above all, lead with unbridled enthusiasm and Christmas spirit yourself! If supervisors, managers and leadership get into character and model festive energy, it gets others amped to join the yuletide revelry. Promote it heavily through emails, flyers, morning meeting announcements and creative teaser videos to hype it up.

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