Top 7 Fascinating March Themes For Workplace: Ideas For Office Party, Events, Activities, Games and More

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Top 7 Fascinating March Themes For Workplace: Ideas For Office Party, Events, Activities, Games and More

💡🤔Did you know that March is the month when the average person consumes over 1.5 liters of water per day? 💧🥛

Spring is in the air! March brings warmer weather and longer days, making it the perfect time to liven up the office.  It’s a great chance to boost team spirit, have some fun, and break away from the daily routine.

According to TeamBuilding, fun national holidays and team building events can boost morale and create a more enjoyable work environment. Plus, March has lots of special days to inspire creative activities and celebrations!

What are the key themes that can really engage and energize your employees this March? 🔋

To address this question, we delved into research to uncover the most captivating and influential March themes for work. Our discoveries not only highlight the opportunity to promote camaraderie and teamwork, but also the concrete advantages of integrating themed activities into the work schedule.

This post discloses seven surprising March themes for work that are assured to stimulate creativity and camaraderie.

Are you prepared to convert March from a monotonous period to a time of unforgotten memories? Let’s unlock its concealed capacity🔓🕵️‍♂️🔍🚀!

March Themes for Work Calendar

As we move into March, let’s bring energy and enthusiasm into YOUR workplace by planning a calendar of engaging activities and themes. We can celebrate the arrival of spring, promote teamwork, and show appreciation, creating a vibrant and supportive work culture. 

Here’s a preview of the exciting lineup of events coming up in the workplace this month:

March Themes for Work Calendar
No. DateDayMarch Themes for WorkActivities/Events
1.March 1MondaySpring KickoffWelcome employees with fresh flowers or small potted plants 

Spring-themed office decor
2.March 2-4Tuesday/ Wednesday/ ThursdayTeam Building WeekDaily team-building activities such as trust falls, problem-solving challenges, or group outings
3.March 5FridayEmployee Appreciation DayRecognition of employees’ hard work and dedication

Special Treats or Perks
4.March 8MondayInternational Women’s DayRecognition of women’s achievements in the workplace

Panel discussion or guest speaker on women’s empowerment and leadership
March 9Tuesday“Potluck of the Month” Prep DaySpread the word about the upcoming potluck and encourage employees to sign up to bring a dish.
5.March 10WednesdayWellness WednesdayYoga or meditation session during lunchtime

Healthy snack options provided throughout the day
6.March 11Thursday“Employee Spotlight” Day 1Feature the first employee on the bulletin board, highlighting their achievements and hobbies
7.March 12FridayPi Day CelebrationPie baking contest

Trivia contest with math and Pi-related questions
8.March 15Monday“Wear Something Inspiring” DayEncourage employees to wear clothing that represents their goals or something they’re passionate about.
9.March 16TuesdayMarch Madness TournamentDecorate the office with your chosen March theme

Office bracket challenge for NCAA tournament
10.March 17Wednesday“Wear Your Favorite Book Character” DayEncourage employees to dress as their favorite literary character and hold a lunchtime book club discussion if there’s interest
11.March 18Thursday“Employee Spotlight” Day 2Feature another employee on the bulletin board
12.March 19FridayFirst Day of SpringSpring equinox celebration- Flower planting activity
13.March  22Monday“World Kindness Week” StartsPost a list of random acts of kindness tasks employees can complete throughout the week (e.g., compliment a colleague, hold the door open).
14.March  23TuesdayFitness Tuesday Challenge LaunchAnnounce your March fitness challenge (step-counting, yoga session, etc.)
15.March  24WednesdayMotivation WednesdayShare a motivational quote on the bulletin board. Start a “March Mindfulness” section with tips on stress management.
16.March  25Thursday“Employee Spotlight” Day 3Celebrate another employee’s accomplishments on the bulletin board
17.March  26Friday“Thank You Friday”Express appreciation to your team for their hard work.

Consider a small treat or handwritten notes
18.March  29Monday“World Kindness Week” Wrap-UpRecognize employees who participated in acts of kindness throughout the previous week
19.March  30TuesdayVolunteer DayOrganized volunteer event or charity drive

Team bonding while giving back to the community
20.March  31WednesdayEnd-of-Month CelebrationOffice-wide lunch or happy hour to celebrate achievements

Recognition of employee milestones and successes

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March Ideas for Work Activities, Games, and Team Building Ideas for Employee Engagement

Activities and games involving your team help to create a sense of unity, increase the spirits of the team, and improve the productivity of the team. This coming March, infuse your workplace with excitement and energy through a variety of interactive initiatives. Your team members will find something that they enjoy, whether it’s group-building activities or games that are just plain fun.

  1. March Madness of [Your Industry]: Challenge teams to predict the winners of industry-specific events, product launches, or marketing campaigns. This fosters friendly competition and keeps your team engaged with industry trends.
  2. Best [Department]” Bracket Challenge: Pit departments against each other in a lighthearted competition. Let creative services teams compete for “Most Innovative Marketing Campaign” or have engineering teams battle it out for “Most Efficient Problem Solver.” This sparks cross-departmental interaction and camaraderie.
  3. Skills Swap Showdown: Empower your employees and encourage knowledge sharing by organizing workshops led by team members. Allow employees to nominate themselves to teach a skill they possess, like coding, public speaking, or social media marketing. This fosters a culture of learning and development.
  4. Lunch and Learn Sessions: Host educational workshops during lunch breaks, covering topics such as time management, stress reduction techniques, or industry trends. It’s a great way to invest in your employees’ professional development while fostering a culture of continuous learning.
  5. March Mindfulness Challenge: Combat stress and promote well-being by incorporating mindfulness practices into the workday. Organize lunchtime yoga sessions, host workshops on meditation techniques, or offer guided breathing exercises throughout the week. A happy and healthy team is a productive team!
  6. World Kindness Week Initiative: Spread positivity and build a supportive environment by dedicating a week to random acts of kindness. Provide a list of tasks (e.g., compliment a colleague, offer help with a project) and incentivize participation with small prizes or recognition on the company newsletter. This fosters a more positive and collaborative work atmosphere.
  7. Volunteer Day Extravaganza: Give back to your community and boost team spirit by organizing a volunteer outing. Partner with a local charity, participate in a park clean-up event, or offer your team’s skills to a non-profit organization. This strengthens your company’s social responsibility and creates a sense of purpose for your team.

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March Office Party Ideas and Event Ideas for Different Celebrations

March offers a delightful mix of holidays and seasonal themes, making it the perfect time to host festive events that celebrate diversity, milestones, and the coming of spring. 

Let’s Celebrate Together🎉🎊! 

 Which March occasion best suits your company culture?

  • Looking for a lighthearted social event to welcome spring?
  • Want to empower and inspire your female employees?
  • Seeking a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Marking special occasions and celebrating achievements is essential for maintaining a positive company culture. 

This March, upgrade your office parties with creative themes and memorable events that leave a lasting impression on your team.

  1. Spring Fling Celebration: Embrace the arrival of spring with a vibrant office party featuring fresh flowers, pastel decorations, and seasonal treats. Inspire employees to dress in floral attire and enjoy outdoor-inspired activities like a garden-themed photo booth or flower arranging station.
  2. International Women’s Day Luncheon with Impact: Empower and inspire your female employees by hosting a catered luncheon with a guest speaker who is a successful woman in your industry. Consider partnering with a local women’s empowerment organization or inviting a female entrepreneur to share her journey.
  3. St. Patrick’s Day Bash: Host a festive St. Patrick’s Day celebration complete with green decorations, Irish music, and traditional Irish fare like corned beef and cabbage. Incorporate fun activities like a shamrock scavenger hunt or a “leprechaun treasure” raffle to add excitement to the event.
  4. Employee Appreciation Day Luncheon: Show your gratitude for your hardworking team with a special luncheon in honor of Employee Appreciation Day. Treat employees to a catered meal, heartfelt speeches recognizing their contributions, and personalized gifts or awards to express your appreciation.
  5. March Madness Viewing Party: Capitalize on the excitement of the NCAA basketball tournament by hosting a March Madness viewing party in the office. Set up multiple screens to stream games, provide themed snacks and drinks, and organize a friendly bracket challenge for employees to participate in.
  6. Spring Equinox Happy Hour: Welcome the first day of spring with a lively happy hour celebration. Serve refreshing spring cocktails, set up a DIY taco bar or ice cream sundae station, and encourage employees to mingle and unwind after work.
  7. Pi Day Pie Contest: Combine math and culinary creativity with a Pi Day pie contest. Invite employees to bake and submit their favorite pies for judging, with prizes awarded for categories like “Most Creative,” “Best Presentation,” and “Fan Favorite.” Encourage participation by providing a variety of pie-themed prizes and certificates for winners.
  8. Departmental Celebrations: Recognizing Local Achievements: Organize smaller events for individual departments to celebrate team wins and milestones. Consider departmental potlucks with international dishes, themed game nights that build teamwork, or outings to local attractions that promote bonding.

March Bulletin Board Ideas for Work

Your office bulletin board can be more than just a space for company announcements.

Transforming your office bulletin board into an engaging and informative space can help keep your team informed, motivated, and inspired throughout the month of March. Utilizing creative themes and visually appealing displays, you can capture the attention of your employees and reinforce key messages or company culture. 

In March, transform it into a vibrant hub that celebrates the month’s themes, fosters team spirit, and keeps your employees engaged. Here’s how to get started:

Embrace the “March Madness” spirit! Can you create a bracket challenge that goes beyond basketball?

Looking to celebrate diversity? Highlight different cultural observances throughout March.

Want to promote employee well-being? Offer tips and resources for stress management.

Creative Bulletin Board Ideas

  1. Interactive Goal Board: Create a bulletin board dedicated to setting and tracking team goals for the month. Provide sticky notes or markers for employees to write down their individual or team objectives, fostering accountability and collaboration.
  2. March Madness Mania: Design a custom bracket challenge based on anything from “Favorite Office Snacks” to “Best Problem Solver” within your company. Encourage friendly competition and participation with small prizes.
  3. Employee Spotlight Wall: Feature a different employee each week, showcasing their achievements, hobbies, or fun facts. Include a photo and a short bio to spark conversations and team bonding.
  4. Community Involvement Board: Highlight your company’s commitment to giving back to the community by showcasing volunteer opportunities, charity events, and philanthropic initiatives on a dedicated bulletin board. Encourage employees to get involved and make a positive impact beyond the workplace.
  5. Spring Fling Forecast: Embrace the coming of spring by decorating your board with colorful visuals and inspirational messages about growth and renewal. Include a “Spring Bucket List” section where employees can share their personal plans for the season.
  6. Wellness and Self-Care Board: Promote employee well-being and self-care by dedicating a bulletin board to wellness tips, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness exercises. Include resources such as healthy recipes, stress-relief strategies, and upcoming wellness events to support your team’s holistic health.
  7. International Celebrations Showcase: Highlight different cultural observances throughout March, such as Women’s History Month or St. Patrick’s Day. Display interesting facts, traditional recipes, and trivia questions to spark curiosity and appreciation for diversity.

🎁💡 Bonus Tip: Keep your bulletin board visually appealing and update it regularly to maintain interest.  Use a mix of visuals, text, and interactive elements to make it a dynamic and engaging space for your team.

March Madness Ideas for Work

March Madness isn’t just about buzzer-beaters and slam dunks. This electrifying energy can be harnessed to create fun and engaging activities that boost morale and team spirit in your workplace. Here are some interactive ideas to get you thinking, followed by creative ideas to transform “March Madness” into a work-friendly phenomenon:

Let’s Get Creative! How Can You Inject “March Madness” Fun into Your Workplace?

  • Looking for a way to encourage friendly competition?
  • Want to spark creativity and problem-solving skills?
  • Thinking of a lighthearted way to celebrate spring?

Engaging “March Madness” Ideas to Boost Morale and Productivity:

  1. March Mastermind Challenge: Present a work-related problem and divide employees into teams to brainstorm solutions. Create a bracket system where teams compete and refine their ideas through rounds. The winning team gets to implement their solution, fostering innovation and teamwork.
  2. March Fitness Challenge: Encourage healthy competition and well-being with a step-counting challenge or a friendly office yoga session. Award prizes for the most active team or the most creative fitness routine.
  3. World Cuisine Cook-Off: Celebrate cultural diversity with a potluck lunch featuring dishes from different countries. Organize a “March Madness” bracket challenge for employees to vote for the “Most Delicious Dish” or the “Most Creative Presentation.”
  4. Office Bracket Challenge: Organize a company-wide bracket challenge where employees can predict the outcomes of March Madness games. Offer prizes for the most accurate brackets or create a friendly rivalry between departments to spark healthy competition.
  5. Game Viewing Parties: Set up designated viewing areas in the office where employees can gather to watch key March Madness matchups together. Provide snacks, drinks, and comfortable seating to enhance the viewing experience and encourage camaraderie among colleagues.
  6. Team Spirit Days: Designate days throughout the tournament where employees can show their support for their favorite teams by wearing team colors or jerseys. Encourage friendly banter and team pride to create a lively and spirited atmosphere in the office.
  7. Basketball-themed Office Decor: Transform your workspace into a basketball-themed paradise with decorations inspired by the tournament. Hang banners, balloons, and streamers in team colors, and incorporate basketball-themed props and signage throughout the office.
  8. Halftime Challenges: Break up the workday with halftime challenges inspired by basketball drills and games. Set up mini basketball hoops around the office for shooting contests or organize relay races and obstacle courses to get employees moving and energized.

Finding a Balance⚖️:

As with any workplace activity, it’s essential to find a balance between work and play. According to Jaffe, the key is being clear about your expectations and defining clear guidelines for requesting and tracking time off. Employees should feel they have a right to celebrate March Madness, but not at the expense of their work responsibilities. By embracing March Madness in a responsible manner, you can create a desirable workplace culture that fosters employee engagement and morale 

March Work Quotes

Looking for a quick pick-me-up or a motivational message to share with your team?  Well-chosen quotes can provide a powerful dose of inspiration and encouragement. 

  • Need a reminder about the importance of striving for excellence?
  • Want to highlight the value of teamwork and collaboration?
  • Looking for a quote that captures the optimism of spring?

Injecting inspiration and motivation into the workplace can ignite productivity and morale among employees. March is the perfect time to refresh your team’s mindset and drive with uplifting quotes that resonate with the spirit of growth and renewal. Whether displayed on bulletin boards, shared in meetings, or circulated in emails, these quotes serve as daily reminders of the potential for success and achievement. 

Let’s explore some powerful quotes to fuel your team’s journey this March:

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

– Albert Schweitzer

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

– Albert Einstein

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.”

– Ann Landers

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

– Jimmy Johnson 

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with your shoes full of winter.”

– Birdie Austin 

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

– Abraham Lincoln

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 

“It’s not about how many times you fall that counts. It’s about how many times you get up.”

– Nelson Mandela

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March Jokes for Work

Mondays can be tough. But a well-timed joke can lighten the mood, break the ice, and foster a more positive work environment. 

So, Are you:

  • Looking for a chuckle about the struggles of deadlines?
  • Want to share a lighthearted joke about office life?
  • Need a punny pick-me-up to ease the Monday blues?

Humor is a powerful tool for building camaraderie and relieving stress in the workplace. As March unfolds, injecting a touch of laughter into the office atmosphere can lighten the mood and foster a positive environment for collaboration and creativity. From witty one-liners to playful puns, here are some March-themed jokes guaranteed to elicit smiles from your team:

📯 “March” sounds a lot like “Ouch!” when you have a ton of work to do. 

📝 My to-do list for March is so long, it needs its own stapler. 

🌼 Spring is finally here! Time to spend all my money on plants I’ll eventually kill.

Just finished my March Madness bracket. Feeling confident…ly wrong. 

🔥 My boss just asked me what my “March Madness strategy” is. Pretty sure they meant for work, not my intense chip bracket competition.

🌸 Spring cleaning? More like “spring-cleaning procrastination” until April.

🧥 Colleague: “Isn’t the weather beautiful today?”  Me (wearing three sweaters): “Beautiful for March, I guess…”

🌞 I’m so ready for spring break, I could write a haiku about it:  Sunshine and beaches / No emails, no meetings / Just sweet relaxation

🌱 Just realized my plant collection is starting to look a lot like my March to-do list… a little wilted and neglected.

🌨️”March showers bring May flowers,” they say. But right now, all I’m getting are March snowstorms and April Fool’s jokes.

🍗 What’s the difference between a potluck and a March Madness bracket? The potluck has a higher chance of ending in a food fight.

🧠 My brain this March: 50% work deadlines, 30% spring break daydreams, 20% random St. Patrick’s Day trivia.

👀 Colleague: “Did you see the new office plant? It’s beautiful!”  Me (internally): “That’s the third one this month. Here comes the inevitable office plant graveyard…”

🌤️ Co-worker: “Feeling good about the weather today?” You: “Absolutely! Warmer weather means less chance of the office printer jamming…”

🥚 March Madness tip: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, unless that basket holds delicious snacks for your team.

💪🏋️‍♂️🏃‍♀️ My fitness goal for March? To successfully resist the urge to hibernate all month long.

🌸🧹🧽🧺 Spring cleaning tip: Start with your desk drawer. You might be surprised what treasures (or forgotten snacks) you find!

Just overheard someone say, ‘March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.’ More like it comes in like a tax audit and goes out like an empty bank account.

🍽️ I’m on a new diet this March. It’s called “See Food, I Eat It.” 

😴🦥 My spirit animal this March? A sleepy sloth. Don’t expect me to move too fast until after spring break.

🧩⬆️🔄💰 Me trying to explain my March Madness bracket to my significant other: “It’s all about strategic upsets and calculated risks… trust me!”

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March Work Memes

Memes are a universal language, and they can be a powerful tool for boosting morale and fostering a sense of community at work. Using work-related memes into your office culture can provide moments of levity and connection among team members. 

This March, leverage the power of memes to add a touch of lightheartedness to your workplace environment. Here are some hilarious work-themed memes to share with your team:

Woman Yelling at a Cat Meme👩‍🦰🗣️😾:

Woman: Me trying to meet all my March goals

Cat: March Madness brackets, overflowing inbox, upcoming potluck

Success Kid Meme👦🏻🎉:

Image: Kid with a determined fist pump

Text: Finally finished my “March Madness of Best Office Snacks” bracket!

Drakeposting Meme🦆💬:

Drake Disapproves: Traditional March Madness brackets

Drake Approves: “March Madness of Most Creative Problem Solver” in your company

Spiderman Pointing at Spiderman Meme🕷️🕸️👉🕷️🕸️🤣 :

Spiderman 1: Me trying to focus on work

Spiderman 2: My brain constantly reminding me about St. Patrick’s Day decorations

One Does Not Simply Meme (Lord of the Rings)🧙‍♂️💍🎬:

Text: One Does Not Simply… Resist the urge to buy all the spring flowers

Expanding Brain Meme🧠➡️🧠➡️🧠:

Small Brain: Regular office meeting

Medium Brain: Meeting with St. Patrick’s Day themed snacks

Large Brain: Meeting with a guest speaker on Irish history during International Women’s Day

This is Fine Meme (Burning Dog)🔥🐶:

Image: Burning dog calmly sipping coffee

Text: Me trying to keep up with my workload in March Madness filled office

Bernie Sanders Sitting in Chair Meme👴🪑📸:

Bernie Sanders: Me waiting for spring break to arrive

Confused Nick Young Meme🤷‍♂️😕🤔:

Image: Nick Young looking very confused

Text: My colleague asking why I’m hyped about random acts of kindness week

Woman Taking a Selfie in Front of a Burning Building Meme👩‍🦰🤳🔥🏢🤣:

Woman: Me trying to be productive

Burning Building: March deadlines

“Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition” Meme🤷🏻‍♂️🚫🧐🇪🇸🔎⚔️🤔:

Text: Nobody expects… a departmental potluck challenge in March!

“They’re the Same Picture” Meme👥🔁🖼️🤝:

Image 1: My to-do list on March 1st

Image 2: My to-do list on March 31st (barely anything crossed off)

Roll Safe Meme🚶‍♂️🧠:

Image: Person holding a lighter with flames pointing toward themself

Text: Me signing up for yet another March Madness bracket challenge (knowing I’ll lose)

Bad Luck Brian Meme👨‍🦲🍀👎🤦‍♂️:

Image: Bad Luck Brian

Text: Wins the office “March Madness of Best Coffee Maker” bracket. The prize? A box of decaf coffee.

🎁💡 Bonus Tips:

  • Print out these memes and share them in high-traffic areas around the office. 
  • Consider posting them on your company bulletin board, displaying them at the start of meetings, or even hanging them up in the coffee room.  

A well-placed meme can spark a giggle, create conversation, and connect your team in unexpected ways. Let laughter be the glue that binds your team together this March!

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March is overflowing with chances to energize your office environment, encourage camaraderie, and celebrate accomplishments. By using the March themes for work explained in this article, you can build a lively and captivating atmosphere where workers feel appreciated, driven, and linked. let’s catch the energy of March to grow a workplace in which excitement flourishes, and each person feels capable to bring their best. As a team, let’s make this month a period of shared happiness, companionship, and significant progress.

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