15 Creative Employee Appreciation Day Social Media Post Ideas

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15 Creative Employee Appreciation Day Social Media Post Ideas

Employee Appreciation Day Social Media Post Ideas

Social media presents an excellent opportunity to spotlight and celebrate your employees in fun, engaging ways. Beyond just text posts, you can get creative tapping into image graphics, video clips, polls, live streams and more to cater unique appreciation content. 

With strategic social campaigns, you can show off staff personalities, running jokes, core values and inspirational qualities that energize your entire team. User-generated content like employee selfies, testimonial videos or behind-the-scenes looks at workplace culture make for authentic, shareable posts.

This guide explores 15 creative social media post ideas perfect for Employee Appreciation Day. We’ll recommend ways to leverage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and even TikTok for maximum community engagement. We’ve also included suggestions for relevant products from Amazon that can enhance the social experience.

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1. Gratitude Slideshow Posts

Compile photos highlighting each employee’s achievements, talents and personalities into rotating slideshow posts for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Have leaders or coworkers record short video snippets sharing what they appreciate about individuals. Edit together into compelling mini videos up to 60 seconds long.

Easy video editing apps like InShot or CapCut offer drag-and-drop timeline editors to create split-screen or image carousel layouts. Incorporate branded animated graphics, music and preset visual effects.

2. Profile Pic Swaps

Managers or founders can temporarily swap their profile pictures across social platforms with images of direct reports for a day or week. Short taglines can overlay text like “Just for today, John Smith (our Director of Sales) is spotlighting Mary Jones!” This type of profile takeover directs attention to employees.

Fiverr graphic designers offer very low-cost services to produced branded text overlay graphics in a few hours. Quickly share files with teams for seamless profile swaps.

3. Employee Video Tribute Highlights

Employees can record themselves sharing fun anecdotes, serious appreciation or running gags about their coworkers in short 10-30 second video selfie bursts. Managers can select the best clips to compile into longer video reel tributes posted across platforms. Include music, stylized captions and branded filters.

Video editing suites like iMovie offer simple tools to collage a myriad of clips into unified “Gratitude Reels” complete with branded opening titles and credit sequences.

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4. Custom Emoji Selfie Challenges  

Pick a series of custom animated emojis, GIFs or stickers matching positive traits you want to celebrate like teamwork, problem-solving and innovation. Challenge employees to snap selfie posts expressing those characteristics through poses or settings. Incorporate relevant hashtags so peer submissions show up in a shareable feed.

Apps like PicMonkey offer sticker, template and filter tools ideal for designing custom graphics to brand your selfie challenges around concepts like “Express Your Brilliant Teamwork!”

5. Peer-to-Peer Appreciation Prompts

Post prompts encouraging employees to tag one another in comments spotlighting individual traits they appreciate. For example: 

“Reply mentioning a coworker you’re grateful has strong moral character in their work!”. Or: “React if you appreciate your team having each other’s backs!” Facilitating peer-to-peer thanks boosts interconnectivity.

SproutSocial is a platform offering pre-built post templates and content prompts ideal for prompting staff to provide thoughtful responses applauding peers.

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6. Facebook Frame Celebrations

Design custom illustrated Facebook Profile Frame graphics incorporating your brand logo, colors, and happy motifs like confetti, balloons or ribbons. Encourage staff to apply them temporarily to not only spread brand awareness but also show team solidarity through matching looks. Include taglines like “Proud Employee”.

Branding agencies like Xeal offer packages of custom Facebook profile frames, Snapchat filters, Instagram story graphics and more produced by graphic designers for a cohesive look.

7. TikTok Duet Challenge Reels

Team members tend to share common interests, jokes and quirks that could make for hilarious yet humanizing TikTok duet videos. Challenge staff to collaboratively duet trending audio prompts, funny challenges or choreographed dances through this split-screen production method. 

The sillier the content the better for morale-boosting laughs across departments. Ring lights make recording high-quality well-lit video content easy from anywhere. This one mounts atop any laptop or device to cast a flattering glow.

8. Live Video Walkthrough

Planners can schedule immersive live video walkthroughs of employee appreciation celebrations, event setups or typical busy mornings at your workplace. Broadcast to Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to provide behind-the-scenes access and interactive engagement for those tuning in.

Allow staff to post comments for addressing during the live stream.Stabilizing gimbals like the Zhiyun Smooth-X keep phone cameras steady while recording movement for professional smoothness during live walk-throughs.

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9. Instagram Story Selfie Chain 

Encourage staff to initiate an Instagram Story chain where each person records themselves giving a shoutout or celebration message for a different peer, then sharing the handle and prompting that person to continue the chain for someone new. 

Reshares add each clip into a growing scrollable reel of positivity. Instagram Story boomerangs add hilarious jumpy effects to short videos, turning quick selfie clips into hypnotic looping GIFs ideal for celebratory Instagram Story chains.

10. Virtual Photo Booth Moments

Construct a dedicated photo booth background with your logo, a fun patterned design or Employee Appreciation Day tagline and branding. Encourage staff to snap celebratory photos in front of the backdrop solo or with colleagues. Consider including prop baskets full of wearable accessories like goofy hats, masks or oversized sunglasses to enhance the silliness.

This step and repeat banner offers a professional preset style ideal for displaying behind a designated photo booth area. You can print your own logo, colors and appreciation branding to customize it.

11. Digital Holiday Card Exchanges

Send digital holiday cards from your team with custom messaging for employees to open virtually through video calls or social media. Incorporate animated effects like falling confetti, waving animations or flying heart bursts to make the messaging immersive as it displays to recipients. 

Apps like Lottie Files allow easy creation of beautiful animated illustrations, characters and graphics ideal for embedding into holiday card videos shared socially.

12. Appreciation Day Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat geofilters allow you to designate a specific location like your office area to have branded filter graphics and lenses available to users only in that vicinity. Design in your logo, sponsored appreciation day frames and bundle in some fun AR lenses for staff to try out when snapping from their workspaces.

Look for Snapchat geofilter designers on sites like Fiverr or freelancer.com to provide simple localized graphic overlays like corporate logos on Snapchat images.

13. LinkedIn Kudos Posts

Encourage staff to post thoughtful testimonials about colleagues’ contributions directly on public LinkedIn profiles as kudos posts. These will showcase up on individual profile pages as visible peer recognition. Go one step further by having leaders write longer LinkedIn recommendation posts reviewing key employees’ talents as well.

LinkedIn Premium unlocks features like unlimited requests for peer testimonial recommendations, helping gather even richer public praise.

14. Twitter Poll Appreciation  

Create dynamic Twitter polls where staff can participate to vote on recognizing peers in fun superlative categories. Ideas include “Biggest Heart Award Winner?”, “King/Queen of Problem Solving” and “Tackle Any Challenge Prize”. Update polls frequently and encourage interactive retweets.

Poll extensions through Twitter Ads allow expanded poll options, longer question/answer lengths and embedded images for more engaging poll content around appreciation themes.

15. Amazon Employee Wish Lists

Encourage employees to create public Amazon Wish Lists populated with items reflecting their personal interests or hobbies. Promote the lists through LinkedIn posts or emails so colleagues can choose to anonymously delight peers by purchasing a small wish list gift as an impromptu appreciation gesture.

Amazon’s Wish List services of course! Have staff create curated lists with affordable items under $20. Include links so peers can browse and fulfill wishes too.

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Q: What are engaging ways to spotlight employees on social media?

A: Fun approaches include profile picture swaps with leadership, video tribute reels full of peer shoutouts, custom graphic challenges like selfie photo contests, behind-the-scenes live streaming events, and shareable digital holiday cards. The more interactive the better!

Q: How can we boost peer-to-peer staff appreciation on social channels?

A: Post prompts encouraging staff to directly tag and celebrate one another in comments. Lead by example having leaders write recommendations on public LinkedIn profiles. Facilitate Instagram story chains where employees give shoutouts that get reshared. Create Twitter polls letting the team vote on positive peer recognitions through engaging poll questions.

Q: What are good social media products or services to enhance appreciation day?

A: Take advantage of video editing apps, animated graphics and illustration services to produce dynamic videos, custom graphics or entertaining filters. Explore add-ons like Snapchat geofilters, profile frame designs, and poll extensions to amplify branded posts. Physical products like ring lights and stabilizing gimbals help capture high-quality footage for streams or clips.

Final Verdict

Employee Appreciation Day presents many creative opportunities to spotlight, celebrate and recognize the human beings driving your organization forward. Social media campaigns tap into visual storytelling, humor, testimonials and authentic personality in compelling ways.

Design posts and content utilizing graphics, photos, videos, live streaming, animation, polls and more rather than falling back on just text updates. This multimedia approach humanizes your team through dynamic formats.

Leverage popular platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even newer spaces like TikTok to thoughtfully deploy celebratory campaigns. Momentarily swap profile pictures with staff, craft tribute reels from video selfies, exchange digital holiday cards or issue fun challenges like themed selfie contests.

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