15 Engaging Chinese New Year Work Activities To Celebrate Lunar Eve In 2025

Misbah Mushtaq

15 Engaging Chinese New Year Work Activities To Celebrate Lunar Eve In 2025

Chinese New Year Work Activities

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance.” – Ancient Chinese Belief

Numerous studies confirm the benefits – an Imperative survey revealed 76% of workers feel diversity events increase their employer appreciation, while a Glassdoor poll showed 67% of job seekers value an inclusive workforce.By embracing Lunar New Year activities and decor, you’ll make the workplace with unmatched energy, cultural education and community bonding. 

Chinese New Year Work Activities

15 Chinese New Year Work Activities

Here I’ll share the 15 Chinese new year work activities

Activity 1: Lunar New Year Potluck Lunch

The family gathering at the New Year celebration was the foundation on which buddingXO sauce was based.” (David Yeung, Green Monday founder) .

This light-hearted team lunch provides a chance to learn about your coworkers’ backgrounds while bonding over the exciting flavors and traditions of Lunar New Year.

How To Perform This Activity

  • Arrange a delicious spread of traditional Chinese dishes for your team to share and enjoy together. Encourage everyone to bring in their favorite dish from their family’s cultural heritage. 
  • Ask for volunteers to give a brief background on the symbolism and significance behind their dish’s ingredients or preparation methods.
  • Set up a vibrant decorative display incorporating red lanterns, plum blossoms, golden ingots and messages of prosperity.
  • Print out fun facts about the Year of the Rabbit to share and discuss over the meal.

Things to Consider: Provide recyclable plates and utensils to be environmentally conscious. Set up the lunch area early to allow for mingling before the official start time.

Pro Tip: Have voting slips for “Best Dish” awards in categories like Most Authentic, Most Colorful, Most Adventurous, etc. Hand out small prizes to the winners.

Activity 2: Lunar New Year Crafting Workshop 

The Chinese kulturArts promote focus, creativity and patience – key virtues for any modern professional. (Pat Lam, Hong Kong CRAFTHOLIC founder)

A Gallup study found that 59% of employees felt crafting activities increased their engagement at work.  Choose simple, easy-to-learn crafts that can be completed in an hour or less during the workday.  Getting hands-on with beautiful traditional crafts provides a unique team building experience while destressing from work.

How To Perform This Activity

  • Host a fun hands-on workshop teaching simple Chinese crafts like paper cutting, calligraphy, origami or lantern making.
  • Bring in an experienced instructor to guide everyone through each step of the process. 
  • Provide all the necessary supplies like bright red paper, specialty scissors, brushes, ink stones, etc.
  • Play traditional Chinese music in the background to set a festive mood.
  • Display everyone’s completed crafts together in the office as celebratory decorations.

Pro Tip: Frame or laminate paper cuts or calligraphy works to give as gifts to clients or senior leadership.

Things to Consider: Schedule several sessions to avoid overly large groups. Ensure proper ventilation if using paint or ink.

Activity 3: Lunar New Year Office Decorating Party

The color red is crucial – it symbolizes good luck and scares away evil spirits from the coming year.” (Theresa Fu, Chinese folk artist)

A Gartner study revealed that businesses who celebrated diverse cultural events had 19% higher employee retention. Get proper approvals and coordinate with facilities to avoid safety hazards or violations.

How To Perform This Activity

  • Decorate the entire office space with auspicious Chinese New Year symbols and imagery.
  • Make red lanterns, fu character displays, upside-down fu symbols on entrances, flower blossoms and hang them around communal areas.
  • Use festive red and gold color schemes throughout the decor.
  • Play festive music and serve themed treats while decorating together.
  • Have a decorating contest between teams or departments for the most vibrant, creative displays.

Pro Tip: Print out meaning and symbolism for popular decorations to educate while decorating.

Activity 4: Lion Dance Performance & Lesson

A live lion dance offers an incredibly immersive way to experience the energy and pageantry of Lunar New Year festivities first-hand.An Imperative survey revealed 76% of workers feel workplace diversity and inclusion is a key factor in valuing their employer.

How To Perform This Activity

  • Arrange for a professional lion dance troupe to visit the office and give an educational performance explaining the rich symbolism and meaning behind each movement.
  • Provide basic lion dance headdress props and have the troupe give a fun introductory lesson for brave volunteers from the team to try out simple moves.
  • Record the performance and hilarious lesson attempt to share with the whole company and on social media.

Pro Tip: See if the troupe can choreograph a special logo dance incorporating your company’s branding.

Important Note: Ensure enough open floor space is available for the performance and lesson. Warn about the loud percussive musical accompaniment.

Activity 5: Lunar New Year Treat Sampling 

Sinking your teeth into homemade nian gao’s sweet sticky rice cake or pandan-laced baked treasures is an incredibly visceral way to connect with tradition.” (Amy Beh, “Quintessential Cravings” cookbook author). 

According to a survey by The Watercooler, 58% of employees felt their company’s cultural celebrations made them feel more welcomed and included. Sharing delicious authentic sweet and savory bites sparks conversations while treating your team to special tastes of rich cultural heritage.

How To Perform This Activity

  • Order a delectable selection of classic sweet and savory Lunar New Year treats from local Chinese bakeries for everyone to sample – nian gao, jau gok, fatt koh and more!
  •  Print out descriptions of each item’s name, ingredients, symbolism and its role in the holiday traditions.
  • Box up pretty assortments of the treats for employees to take home and enjoy with family.

Pro Tip: Bring in chilled hot tea like pu’er, tie guan yin or longjing to provide palate cleansers between rich bites.

Important Note: Check for any allergies or dietary restrictions ahead of time and label items accordingly.

Things to Consider: Order enough extras in case of unexpected guests. Be prepared for messy sticky hands with plenty of napkins!

Activity 6: Lunar New Year Trivia Game

Studying the folklore and intricacies of Lunar New Year opened my mind to the deeper philosophies interwoven into Asian cultures.” (Grace Young, award-winning cookbook author). 

A trivia competition imparts knowledge in an engaging way, while fostering friendly competition and team bonding. A Quantum Workplace study found that organizations with high engagement have 35% less employee turnover. 

Things to Consider: Have alternative prize options for those who can’t accept cash/lottery. Recruit an entertaining and knowledgeable trivia host.

Organize a fun trivia game testing everyone’s knowledge about Lunar New Year traditions, symbolism, superstitions, foods and more.

How To Perform This Activity

  • Split the office into teams and have rounds of written and multimedia questions covering a variety of categories.  
  • Award prizes to the winning team members – small red envelopes with chocolates or lottery tickets make thematic prizes.
  • Include trivia question prep material a week in advance so everyone can brush up.

Pro Tip: Project the questions on screens around the office. Use a fun game show soundtrack to energize the vibe.

Important Note: Keep it light-hearted and educational. Avoid anything too obscure or difficult.  

Activity 7: Traditional Chinese Instrument Workshop

 “The dulcet tones of a bamboo flute take me back to fond childhood memories of Lunar New Year’s Eve with grandma.” (Mei-Ling Lee, professional erhu player)

Discovering ancient musical traditions exposes your team to rich cultural artforms while offering a respite from work. A Culture Amp survey revealed 86% of employees believe workplace cultural events strengthen inclusion. Bring in a musical expert to give an interactive presentation on various traditional Chinese instruments like erhu, guzheng, pipa, dizi and more.

How To Perform This Activity

  • Provide simple instruments for employees to try out basic techniques under the instructor’s guidance.
  • Learn about the history, cultural significance and beautiful music these instruments can create.
  • Open it up for talented employees to showcase any skills they may have with these instruments.

Pro Tip: Record some musical performances to use as peaceful background music in other events or the office environment.

Important Note: Ensure there is enough space for the group lesson. Advise nearby teams about potential noise.

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Activity 8: Lunar New Year Charades & Pictionary

Injecting playfulness into cultural celebration through games brings coworkers together like a big family reunion.” (Daniel Zeng, comedian)

These classic games get everyone engaged in delightful antics while increasing cross-cultural knowledge in an approachable way. Set a reasonable time limit to avoid any rounds dragging on too long and disrupting productivity.

An IBM Smarter Workforce Institute study found that employees who feel their culture is integrated are 42% more likely to enhance their job performance.

Things to Consider: Appoint witty co-hosts to commentate and keep the energy high. Have tie-breaker activities ready.

How To Perform This Activity

  • Get everyone laughing together with engaging rounds of charades and pictionary featuring Lunar New Year vocabulary words and concepts.
  • Project a list of words/phrases related to zodiac animals, traditions, foods, customs, etc. for reference. 
  • Split the office up into teams of 4-6 people and have them go head-to-head each round acting out or drawing for their teammates to guess.
  • Keep score and award small prizes to the winning teams.

Pro Tip: Provide fun props and costumes to make the charades acting even more hilarious. Use brightly colored markers for pictionary.

Activity 9: Chinese Astrology & Fortune Reading

Chinese metaphysics isn’t just mystical fortune telling – it’s a systematic framework for aligning your actions with the harmonious rhythms of the universe.” (Tze Yeung Chiu, metaphysics consultant) 

Exploring the intriguing world of Chinese astrology indulges cultural curiosity while offering personalized self-reflection.

A SHRM report showed 83% of HR professionals think diversity and inclusion practices help motivate employees. Consider cultural sensitivities – some may be uncomfortable with superstitions or mysticism.  

How To Perform This Activity

  • Invite a professional Chinese astrologer to explain the fundamentals of Chinese zodiac astrology and face/palm reading.
  • Have the astrologer provide each employee with an overview of their respective sign’s general traits, love compatibility, health considerations and luck for the year.
  • Optionally, arrange private one-on-one readings for interested individuals to dive deeper into their personal fortunes.
  • Incorporate activities like face mapping diagrams or having attendees write out their Chinese names for personalization.

Pro Tip: Print out each employee’s “luck landscape” for the year with personalized tips on harnessing auspicious forces.

Important Note: Clearly communicate that readings are for entertainment only. Don’t force skeptics to participate.

Activity 10: Cantonese Language Lesson 

One-fifth of the world speaks some form of Chinese. Bridging that language barrier even slightly opens minds and opportunities.” (Brendan Poh, Cantonese language instructor)

Developing basic Cantonese competency boosts appreciation for the subtle complexities of Chinese linguistic heritage.  See if the instructor can cover unique new year greetings, well-wishes, and customs specific to the holiday. Research by Gartner indicates that inclusive teams outperform others by 80% in team-based assessments. 

How To Perform This Activity

  • Whether employees have exposure to Cantonese or not, an introductory language lesson imparts useful phrases and etiquette.
  • Bring in a native instructor to teach basic greetings, toasts, polite customs and linguistic significance.
  • Practice tonal pronunciations, conversational sentences and ask about etymology of particularly meaningful expressions. 
  • Make it interactive with role-playing scenarios employees may encounter (dining out, meeting elders, etc.)

Pro Tip: Provide handouts with phonetic guides and parallel text to reinforce lessons.

Important Note: Go at a reasonable pace. Don’t put anyone on the spot who appears uncomfortable participating orally.

Activity 11: Year of the Rabbit Art Exhibition  

The jovial rabbit symbolizes longevity, peace and prosperity in the new year – the perfect creative muse!(Melanie Lao, watercolor artist)  

An interactive art exhibition allows your team to appreciate their coworkers’ creativity while immersing in cultural imagery. One study showed that 76% of hiring decision-makers say inclusive working environments allow employees to be more confident and innovative.

Things to Consider: Arrange pieces strategically based on medium, size, colors and flow. Play tranquil Chinese instrumentals.

How To Perform This Activity

  • Commemorate the Year of the Rabbit in 2025 by having employees contribute original artwork featuring this zodiac sign’s symbolism.
  • Set up an “art gallery” in a main office space to proudly display paintings, drawings, calligraphy, origami rabbits, and more. 
  • Host an opening reception with fun rabbit-themed snacks and allow artists to give a walk-through explaining their pieces.
  • Print up an artist guide with statements from each contributor about their inspiration and creative process.

Pro Tip: Collaborate with a local art school by inviting student artists to add their rabbit-themed works to the exhibition.

Important Note: Make sure art hangs securely and doesn’t impede any operations or pose hazards.

Activity 12: Kung Fu Lesson & Demonstration

The essence of kung fu is developing physical, mental and spiritual fortitude – making it a profoundly empowering cultural tradition for modern times.(Sifu Jeffrey James Kan). An authentic kung fu experience promotes strength, discipline and focus while providing an exciting taste of Chinese martial arts.

A Deloitte study revealed that 83% of millennials are more engaged when they believe the company fosters an inclusive culture. Encourage comfortable athletic clothing. Make sure to have water and towels handy as it can be an intense workout!

How To Perform This Activity

  • Arrange for a skilled kung fu master to visit the office and provide an engaging introduction to this iconic martial art form originating from China.
  • Start with an educational overview covering the history, philosophy, styles, and cultural significance of kung fu.
  • Have the master demonstrate some basic stances, strikes, blocks and simple choreographed sequences.
  • Then open it up for interested employees to learn beginner moves and forms hands-on.

Pro Tip: See if the master can incorporate auspicious animal stances and motions connected to the Lunar New Year’s zodiac traditions.

Important Note: Properly warm up before participating. Clear a safe open space and use padded martial arts mats if available.

Activity 13: Lunar New Year Children’s Book Reading  

Sharing the vibrant folklore from my culture’s children’s books plants seeds of wisdom that blossom for a lifetime.” (Ying Chang Compestine, author)

Exposing children to the rich storytelling heritage reinforces the timeless themes of the Lunar New Year from a young age. Research by Josh Bersin found that inclusive companies are 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their markets. 

How To Perform This Activity

  • For employees with kids, arrange for a guest reader to visit and perform a fun, engaging reading of classic Chinese children’s books celebrating the Lunar New Year.
  • Pick tales rich in cultural traditions like “The Night Before New Year”, “Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas”, “D is for Drinking Gourd”, etc.
  • Have the reader come dressed as one of the book’s characters for an immersive experience.  
  • Provide each child with a copy of the books to keep and have the reader inscribe them after.

Pro Tip: Set up a cozy reading nook with pillows, stuffed zodiac animals and decorations to make it inviting.

Important Note: Ensure parents get proper approval to have their kids visit the office.

Things to Consider: Have simple New Year-themed crafts or activities for the kids to do after the reading. Serve them kid-friendly snacks and drinks.

Activity 14: Virtual Chinatown Food Tour

The scents and flavors wafting through Chinatown streets distill centuries of wandering voyages into delicious edible stories.” (Garrett Pak, NYC food writer)

Exploring diverse culinary enclaves via virtual tours exposes employees to the many facets of the Chinese diaspora.  A Glassdoor survey found that 67% of job seekers consider a diverse workforce an important factor when evaluating employers. 

Enable tours to be recorded so those unable to attend can watch later. Set up breakout rooms for different offices. 

How To Perform This Activity

  • For remote teams or offices, take employees on a virtual guided tour of the most famous Chinese restaurants, bakeries and delis in an iconic city’s Chinatown.
  • Partner with a guided tour company to have a knowledgeable host lead the experience over video conference.
  • Get an insider’s look at the history, culture and tantalizing foods brought by different immigrant communities.
  • Shipping boxes of iconic dim sum, noodles, baked goods and snacks lets everyone sample during the tour.

Pro Tip: Print out menus from the establishments and host a “Best Bite” competition where employees score their favorites.

Important Note: Schedule the tour in a time zone that accommodates global employees. Check for any dietary restrictions.

Activity 15: Feng Shui & Productivity Seminar

When we align our physical environments with the rhythms of the natural world, we cultivate profound inner balance.” (Gabriela Corrado, feng shui consultant) . This uniquely insightful seminar translates ancient Chinese philosophies into modern workplace wellness and productivity boosts.

How To Perform This Activity

  • Engage an expert in the ancient practice of feng shui to teach how thoughtful spatial arrangements can create harmony and increase productivity.
  • Learn the key feng shui principles like balancing yin/yang, eliminating clutter, incorporating wood/water/earth elements.
  • Practice simple feng shui techniques like strategically positioning mirrors, hanging bamboo flutes, setting out fountains.
  • Apply these traditions to revamp workspaces for more auspicious energy flow, creativity and good luck in the new year!

Pro Tip: Have the expert provide personalized audits of individuals’ desks with tips for ideal feng shui arrangements.

Important Note: Make it clear that implementing suggested changes is optional for personal belief reasons.

Chinese New Year Work Activities


Why confine your employees to those cubicle boxes when you could liberate their minds through calligraphy mastery, martial arts lessons or mesmerizing acrobatic performances? 

The cosmic forces released by celebrating Lunar New Year will leave your team newly centered yet buzzing with creative inspiration. All from something as simple as making the conscious choice to inject this rich cultural heritage into your operational framework. Just that first mindful step will unlock a reinvigorating journey brimming

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