20 Father’s Day Celebration Ideas In Office Or At The Workplace

Misbah Mushtaq

20 Father’s Day Celebration Ideas In Office Or At The Workplace

Did you know that over 80% of fathers are part of the workforce? That means chances are, you’ve got some wildly talented dads roaming the halls and cubicles of your company. These guys somehow manage to raise tiny humans while also kicking butt at their jobs. They deserve a huge pat on the back!

Taking a day to celebrate and appreciate the fathers in your office isn’t just a nice gesture – it’s actually really impactful for your whole workplace. Getting the team together for fun activities boosts morale and brings everyone closer. It shows your dad employees that you see their hard work, in and out of the office. And it creates an environment where people feel valued and excited to come to work.  

Father’s Day Celebration Ideas In Office

So don’t be a party pooper – get ready to throw an epic Father’s Day bash! We’ve got tons of creative, budget-friendly ideas to make it a hit. From decorations to activities to treats, this guide will have you covered. Your dad staff will feel so appreciated, and the whole team will have a blast celebrating together. It’s a total win-win!

Father’s Day only comes once a year, so it’s the perfect time to show your company’s paternal pals just how awesome they are. Let’s get this party started!

Father's Day Celebration Ideas In Office

What to Do for Father’s Day at Work

Here are some awesome ideas for what you can do to make the fathers in your workplace feel extra special this Father’s Day:

1. Throw a Father’s Day Party

Nothing brings people together quite like food, right? Organize a potluck-style breakfast or lunch celebration, and encourage everyone to bring in their favorite brunch or lunch dishes. You could even have a fun contest for the best dishes, with prizes for the winners.

To make it extra special for the dads, you could have a separate “Dads’ Table” decked out with balloons, a fancy tablecloth, and maybe even a little gift or treat at each place setting. This will make them feel like the MVPs they are!

2. Host a “Dads’ Dessert Bar”

Speaking of treats, why not set up a special “Dads’ Dessert Bar” stocked with all kinds of sweet goodies? You could have a sign-up sheet for employees to bring in their favorite baked goods or desserts, or you could order in some delicious treats from a local bakery.

Imagine the smiles on the dads’ faces as they get to indulge in cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and more – all in their honor!

3. Organize a “Dads’ Game Night”

Dads love a little friendly competition, right? Why not organize a “Dads’ Game Night” where all the fathers in the office can gather for some fun and games? You could set up classic board games, video game tournaments, or even some wacky office-themed games like a stapler toss or a paper airplane contest.

The key is to keep it lighthearted and fun, with plenty of opportunities for the dads to bond, trash-talk each other (in good fun, of course), and just let loose a little bit.

4. Give Out “World’s Best Dad” Awards

Who doesn’t love a little bit of recognition and appreciation? Create some fun “World’s Best Dad” awards or certificates, and present them to the dads in your office. You could have categories like “Most Patient Dad,” “Funniest Dad Jokes,” or “Dad with the Most Embarrassing Dance Moves.”

The awards don’t have to be fancy – just a simple certificate or even a printed-out award will mean a lot, especially if you take the time to personalize them with inside jokes or specific reasons why each dad is so awesome.

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5. Set Up a “Dads’ Photo Booth”

Memories are priceless, especially when it comes to cherished moments with our families. Set up a fun “Dads’ Photo Booth” in the office, complete with silly props, backdrops, and a polaroid camera or photo printer. Encourage the dads to stop by and snap some goofy photos with their coworkers, or even bring in their kids for some extra special family shots.

You could even create a “Dads’ Wall of Fame” to display all the photos, or put together a little photo album or slideshow to share with everyone.

6. Offer “Dad-Approved” Snacks and Beverages

Dads have simple tastes, right? Treat the fathers in your office to some classic “dad-approved” snacks and beverages throughout the day. Think things like beef jerky, pretzels, root beer, and maybe even a little cooler stocked with their favorite brews for after-work celebrations.

You could even set up a little “Dads’ Snack Station” in the break room or kitchen area, complete with a fun sign and some dad-themed decorations.

7. Coordinate “Dads’ Team-Building Activities”

Fathers often have a competitive spirit and a love for games and activities. Why not organize some fun “Dads’ Team-Building Activities” that allow the fathers in your office to bond, compete, and maybe even learn a little bit about each other in the process?

You could do things like a scavenger hunt around the office, a round of office trivia, or even some classic field day games like a three-legged race or a water balloon toss. The sillier and more light-hearted, the better!

8. Give Out “Dad-Approved” Prizes and Giveaways

No Father’s Day celebration would be complete without some awesome prizes and giveaways, right? Think about some “dad-approved” items that would make perfect gifts, like grilling accessories, tool kits, golf gear, or even just classic dad-friendly snacks and beverages.

You could have a raffle or a random drawing, or even set up some fun competitions or challenges where the winners get to take home some cool dad-themed loot.

9. Offer a “Dads’ Day Off” or Flexible Schedule

Sometimes, the best gift you can give a dad is a little bit of extra time. Consider offering the fathers in your office a “Dads’ Day Off” on Father’s Day, or at least a flexible schedule that allows them to leave early or come in late to spend more time with their families.

If that’s not possible, you could always provide them with a little extra paid time off or vacation days to use at their discretion – because every dad deserves a little extra R&R!

10. Share “Dad-Approved” Jokes and Stories

Dads are known for their corny jokes and embarrassing stories, right? Lean into that by encouraging everyone in the office to share their favorite “dad-approved” jokes, stories, or anecdotes throughout the day.

You could even have a dedicated “Dad Joke Hour” where everyone gathers to swap their best (or worst) dad humor. Trust me, the dads will eat it up – and it’ll be a great way to bond and laugh together as a team.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day at Work 

Here are some fantastic ways you can celebrate Father’s Day at work and make the dads in your office feel truly appreciated:

1. Organize a Father’s Day Breakfast or Brunch

Kick off the celebrations with a delicious Father’s Day breakfast or brunch! You could set up a buffet-style spread with all the classic breakfast favorites, like pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausages, and plenty of coffee and juice. Encourage everyone to bring in their favorite breakfast dishes or baked goods to share, and make sure to have a dedicated “Dads’ Table” decked out with balloons, banners, and other festive decorations.

If you really want to go the extra mile, you could even hire a local food truck or caterer to come in and serve up a mouth-watering brunch spread for everyone to enjoy.

2. Plan a “Dads’ Game Night” or Tournament

Dads love a little friendly competition, right? Why not organize a “Dads’ Game Night” or a tournament-style event where the fathers in your office can showcase their skills and have some fun? You could set up classic board games, video game stations, or even some office-themed games like a paper airplane contest or a stapler toss competition.

Encourage everyone to participate and cheer on the dads as they battle it out for bragging rights and some fun prizes. You could even have a “Dads vs. Kids” tournament if you

3. Get Everyone Involved

The first step is to get your coworkers on board. Send out an office-wide email or make an announcement during a team meeting. Gauge everyone’s interest in doing something special for the dads in the workplace. Having others chip in will make the celebration even more meaningful.

You can assign tasks based on people’s strengths and interests. Some can handle decorations, others can organize activities or gifts, and the food committee can take care of snacks and meals. Working together will create an exciting buzz around the office.

4. Decorate with Dad in Mind  

Once you have a crew ready to go, it’s time to deck out the office dad-style! Put up Father’s Day themed decorations around the lobby, break room, and cubicles. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. 

Some easy decoration ideas:

  • Hang up funny dad jokes or puns on the walls
  • Make “No. 1 Dad” ribbons or crowns for the fathers
  • Put out vases of dad’s favorite flowers or candy
  • Cover areas with dad-themed wrapping paper, banners, or balloons

Get a little silly and have fun with the decorations. Dads are known for their goofy sense of humor after all!

5. Plan Special Activities

No Father’s Day celebration is complete without some fun activities lined up. This is where you can get creative and personal. Think of activities that the dads in your office would genuinely enjoy.

You could:

  • Host a barbecue or potluck lunch 
  • Organize a bowling, golf, or video game tournament
  • Have a funny dad joke competition
  • Screen dad’s favorite movies in the conference room
  • Set up a make-your-own greeting card station
  • Give away prizes for things like “Best Dad Bod” or “Proudest Dad Brag”

The options are endless! Just choose some activities that match the interests and personalities of the fathers you’re celebrating.

6. Give Meaningful Gifts

Of course, giving a small gift is one of the simplest yet most appreciated ways to honor dads. Stick to your budget and opt for thoughtful yet inexpensive presents.

Some crowdpleasing gift ideas include:

  • A basket of his favorite snacks or a tasty treat
  • A coffee mug or water bottle with a dad pun
  • A hilarious Father’s Day t-shirt or necktie 
  • A desk accessory like a frame or paperweight
  • A gift card for his beloved hobby or interest
  • A handwritten card with warm wishes from coworkers

You can give the gifts individually or put together a bundle for each dad from the whole team. Don’t forget to include sweet handwritten notes too!

7. Share Kind Words

Dads are often the unsung heroes who humbly go about nurturing and supporting their families. Use this day to verbally express your gratitude and appreciation for the fathers in the office.

You could ask people to share heartwarming stories, inside jokes, or cherished memories about the dads during a team meeting. Let the dads know how much their commitment, wisdom, and hard work means to everyone.

Another idea is to have a “Why My Coworker is an Amazing Dad” whiteboard where people can leave kind messages and shout-outs. Read them aloud to celebrate the great dads in a warm and public way.

Simple acts of recognition and kind words go a long way in making any father feel valued and loved.

8. Embrace the Dad Jokes

What would a Father’s Day celebration be without a whole bunch of embarrassing yet lovable dad jokes? This is the one day to not just tolerate them, but to fully embrace the cringeworthy puns and punchlines! 

Encourage everyone to use their best (or worst) dad humour all day long. You could even have people submit their favourite dad jokes ahead of time and read them over the PA system throughout the day. Or folks could roam the halls telling jokes from a dad joke bucket.

The goal is to get everyone groaning at the silly humour in honour of dads everywhere. It’s all in good fun and will give the dads a chance to truly let their hilarious dadjokepersonalities shine!

9. Keep Dads Fed 

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and that’s definitely true for most dads! Make sure to keep the celebrating dads well-fed throughout the day. Stock up on lots of hearty snacks and meals that you know they’ll love.

You could bring in a nacho or pancake breakfast bar in the morning. Then grill up burgers or dogs for lunch. Snacks could include things like a trail mix bar, veggie platters, and an epic dessert spread of cookies, cupcakes, and other sweet treats. Don’t forget to buy their favorite beverages like coffee, soda, beer, or sports drinks.

Fueling them up with their preferred munchies is an easy way to make them feel truly appreciated.

10. Support Their Roles

At the end of the day, Father’s Day is about supporting dads and everything they do for their families. If you have working dads at your office, try to make things a little easier for them on this day.

See if you can lighten their workload by handling some of their tasks or responsibilities. Give them a bit of flexibility to take a longer lunch, leave early, or work from home. Offer to cover for them so they can take part in the celebrations or simply rest and recharge.

Sometimes the best gift for dads is simply making their lives a little bit easier, even if just for one day. It’s a small gesture but one that’ll mean a lot.

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Father's Day Celebration Ideas In Office


Celebrating Father’s Day at the office allows you to honor all the amazing dads in a fun, memorable way. It creates a positive environment and shows your appreciation for working parents. Just get everyone involved, decorate dad-style, plan enjoyable activities, give small gifts, and keep the dads well-fed and supported on this special day. It’s all about making them feel valued for their infinite contributions at home and work. Trust me, they deserve all the love and celebration!

No matter what you decide to do, the most important thing is to make the fathers in your workplace feel appreciated, valued, and celebrated. Because at the end of the day, they’re not just coworkers or employees – they’re dads who are working hard to provide for their families and make the world a better place.

So go ahead, get creative, and have fun with it! Whether it’s a big bash or just a small gesture, any effort to recognize the dads in your office will be much appreciated and will go a long way in boosting morale and fostering a positive, inclusive company culture.

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