How to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day: Top 10 Fun Ideas

Misbah Mushtaq

How to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day: Top 10 Fun Ideas

How to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day: Top 10 Fun Ideas

Your administrative professionals are the glue that holds your organization together. They handle countless tasks, keep things running smoothly, and support everyone else’s success. That’s why it’s so important to take time each year and celebrate Administrative Professionals Day in a big way. This special day is the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude and appreciation for all their hard work.

On Administrative Professionals Day 2024 (April 24th), go above and beyond with creative ways to honor your amazing admins. Here are the top 10 celebration ideas your team will love:

How to celebrate administrative professionals day

1. Start the Day with a Festive Breakfast

Kick things off right by treating your administrative crew to a fun breakfast celebration. You could cater a spread from their favorite local cafe or bakery. Or, organize a potluck-style breakfast party where everyone brings in a dish to share. 

Decorate with colorful balloons, banners, and flowers to make it feel extra special. Don’t forget coffee, juice, and maybe some mimosas too! Starting the day with a festive breakfast sets the appreciative tone.

Don’t forget to provide plenty of coffee, juice, and maybe some mimosas or bellinis too! A festive morning celebration with amazing food and drinks kicks off the appreciation right and energizes everyone for the day ahead.

To make it even more celebratory, you could:

  • Have a staff member or leader give a speech expressing gratitude for the admin team
  • Play upbeat music that sets a fun, lively atmosphere
  • Provide fun props like novelty sunglasses or leis for a themed breakfast bash
  • Give out small trinkets or branded swag as little takeaway gifts

Starting the day with a festive, catered breakfast celebration shows your admins how valued they are right from the get-go. It builds team camaraderie and allows the whole staff to mingle while enjoying delicious food together. It’s an engaging way to kick off the celebrations!

2. Give a Personalized Gift 

While your admins don’t expect extravagant gifts, a small personalized present goes a long way in making them feel valued. Try getting each person a gift card to their favorite store, coffee shop, or restaurant. 

You could also give useful office accessories like a new planner, notebook set, desk organizers or fun novelty items. The most meaningful gifts are the ones that show you put thought into their specific interests and tastes. Be sure to include a handwritten thank you note too!

Some personalized gift ideas include:

A gift card to their favorite store, coffee shop, salon, restaurant, bookstore, or other special interest

Useful yet fun desk accessories like planners, notebooks, desk organizers, mousepads, or novelty pen holders

  • Cozy items like fuzzy slippers, robes, blankets or pillows if they have a cold office
  • Candles, reed diffusers, or bath/body products in their preferred scent
  • Subscriptions to magazines, streaming services, audiobooks or other media they enjoy
  • Gift baskets filled with their favorite snacks, candies, teas or coffees

The most meaningful gifts are the ones tailored to each individual admin’s specific interests, hobbies and tastes outside of the office. This makes the present extra special and shows you made an effort to select something just for them.

3. Decorate Their Workspace

What better way to make someone feel celebrated than decorating their workspace? Go all out with streamers, balloons, signs, fun office supplies, and treats at each admin’s desk area. You could even have the rest of the team sign a big banner with appreciative messages. Getting their space all dressed up with decorations celebrates your admins in a visual, festive way.

Go big and bold by decorating each admin’s desk or office area. Use streamers, balloons, banners, pom poms, confetti, and any other colorful decor. Put up fun signs with appreciative messages, jokes and puns about how amazing your admins are. Scatter treats, stickers, small toys and other trinkets around their space. You could even blow up photos of the team to hang up.

To make their area extra vibrant, provide exciting new office supplies they’ll enjoy using like pens, pencils, sticky notes, memo pads and desk accessories. Fill pencil cups with candy or bake their favorite treats to nibble on throughout the day.

Be sure to get the whole team involved too! Have staff sign a big banner or poster board with their personal gratitude and inside jokes for the admin team. Let people go crazy with drawings, doodles and decorations for an added creative touch.

4. Host a Celebratory Team Lunch

Take your administrative staff out for a nice team lunch at a wonderful restaurant. This gives everyone a break away from the office while bonding over amazing food and drinks. Be sure to go around the table and give shoutouts, toasts, and kudos to each of your administrative rockstars. Hearing specific examples of why they are appreciated means so much.

Do your research and select a beloved local restaurant that’s highly rated for both food quality and service. Some potential options could include:

  1. An upscale restaurant with a dynamic atmosphere and delicious American fare
  2. A lively Mexican cantina with strong margaritas and tasty south-of-the-border cuisine
  3. A classy French bistro with an extensive wine list and elegant dishes
  4. A hearty Italian joint known for cheesy pizzas and homemade pasta plates
  5. A fun sports bar with a lively vibe perfect for lunch with the team

Once you’ve chosen the eatery, be sure to make reservations and select a semi-private or separated area for your group to enjoy. As you’re being seated, distribute fun props or accessories like flair buttons so your admin team feels like the center of attention.

The most meaningful part is going around the table giving heartfelt, specific shoutouts, toasts and kudos to each of your hardworking administrative heroes. Discuss the projects they’ve helped make a success, times they went above and beyond, and how their dedication positively impacts the entire team.

5. Give Them the Afternoon Off

After celebrating over breakfast and a long lunch, consider giving your administrative professionals a half-day off in the afternoon. They’ll be able to relax, recharge, and enjoy some extra free time after being made to feel so special in the morning. A afternoon off shows you value work-life balance.

Simply let your admins know that once the team returns to the office after lunch, they’re free to head out for the rest of the day. Encourage them to do some self-care activities like:

  • Getting a massage or other spa/beauty treatment
  • Taking a yoga, Pilates or workout class
  • Seeing a movie, show or another entertainment option
  • Running errands or taking care of personal tasks
  • Spending quality time with family or friends
  • Simply resting and relaxing at home

6. Throw an Office Celebration  

Really go big by throwing a whole afternoon office celebration just for your administrative staff. Decorate a conference room with balloons, banners, and their favorite snacks/desserts. Bring in catered food like a taco or sandwich bar. Play fun music, have little prizes to win from a raffle, and get a modest yet thoughtful gift for each honored guest. It’s their time to sit back, relax, and be showered with appreciation!  

Decorations & Atmosphere

Decorate a large conference room or communal space to the nines with balloons, banners, streamers and celebratory decor. Create a fun, vibrant atmosphere by playing upbeat music tailored to your admin team’s preferences. Add special thematic touches like a photo booth, fun props, novelty items, etc.

Catering & Refreshments

Splurge by getting all of their favorite foods catered, whether that’s a taco/nacho bar, sandwich platters, egg rolls and dumplings, or a delicious pasta spread. Provide plenty of beverages including soda, juice, beer/wine if appropriate, and flavored waters.. Don’t forget their preferred gourmet desserts like fancy cakes, cookie platters, ice cream treats and more!

Activities & Entertainment

Have small raffle or prize giveaways that people can enter to win fun items like e-readers, speakers, subscriptions, etc.. Play trivia, heads-up or other interactive games with teams split up and winners getting prize packs.

For some real indulgence, hire tasty treat servers to walk around with passed hors d’oeuvres, desserts or beverages. Liven things up by bringing in live entertainment options like singers, comedians, or cover bands.


Purchase a nice yet modest gift for each honored admin assistant, tailored to their interests. Potential options include gift baskets, subscriptions, tech accessories, home items, and more. Add a personalized note highlighting their biggest strengths and contributions.

The most important part is simply creating an unforgettable evening where your admins can sit back, relax and be showered with appreciation and indulgences for all their hard work. It’s an incredibly lavish way to celebrate your office MVPs!

7. Set Up a Kudos Board

Get the whole office involved by setting up a large kudos board in a central location. Provide markers, sticky notes, and instructions for everyone to leave positive messages, anecdotes, inside jokes, artwork and thanks for the administrative team. 

Seeing a visual representation of how much they are valued will mean so much. You could even turn the kudos board into a fun video montage to share with your remote employees!

Create the Board

  • Set up the kudos board in a central location that all employees pass frequently
  • Use a large presentation board, fabric banner or a window/wall that can be written on
  • Provide an array of colorful markers, stickers, sticky notes and other decorative materials
  • Add some blank cards and pens in case people want to make their messages more discreet

Hang obvious instructions encouraging everyone to leave thanks, messages and artwork for your admin team

Message Examples

  • Personal thank you notes for times the admin helped them out of a jam
  • Playful inside jokes, puns and comics celebrating their talents and strengths
  • Funny doodles, caricatures or portraits of each admin
  • Specific anecdotes about projects they helped make a success
  • Simple messages of gratitude like “You rock!” or “We appreciate you!”

Making it Virtual

For remote teams or companies with multiple locations, create a virtual kudos board too! There are video montage tools that allow people to record short selfie clips which can then be compiled and shared for streaming.

Another option is using a digital whiteboard space where everyone has access to leave text, drawings and stickers in a collaborative visual space online. You can share these kudos board links with everyone for easy participation no matter where they’re located.

Seeing all the positive messages, funny memories and visual decorations in the kudos board’s honor will be so meaningful for your administrative professionals. It showcases how much they’re valued by every single person at the company in a striking, creative way.

8. Invest in Professional Development

For an excellent long-term gift, look into professional development opportunities you can provide, such as course reimbursements, conferences, training programs, or even tuition assistance. This investment shows you care about your administrative team’s career growth and future success. It’s an incredibly meaningful way to celebrate them.

By providing funds or pathways for additional training, you show that you’re just as invested in their own career growth as the work they do for the company. It demonstrates your admins’ potential and skills are recognized as assets worth nurturing further.

Some potential professional development options to explore include:

  1. Covering the costs for continuing education credits, certifications or technical training within their profession. This keeps their knowledge and talents sharp.
  2. Reimbursing tuition expenses if they wish to pursue an additional degree, such as an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s program. This allows for impressive long-term growth.
  3. Sending them to local or national conferences and conventions for professional administrative roles. They can learn new strategies while networking.
  4. Enrolling them in enrichment courses on topics like leadership, public speaking, management training and professional development. These build well-rounded skillsets.
  5. Providing access to online learning platforms with multimedia video courses they can take at their own pace. This gives scheduling flexibility.

You can get your admins’ own input on what development opportunities most interest them and align with their goals. Having that open discussion makes the investment feel collaborative and personalized.

9. Do a Team Volunteer Activity

Consider spending part of Administrative Professionals Day doing a team volunteer activity at a local nonprofit. This allows your hardworking staff to bond while giving back to a cause that matters. Let your admins choose the organization and the volunteer project based on their interests. It’s a rewarding way to celebrate them!

Some fun volunteer activity ideas to look into include:

  • Preparing and serving meals at a local soup kitchen or food bank
  • Spending the day sprucing up a community garden, playground or recreation area
  • Hosting crafting activities and engaging with residents at a nursing home
  • Walking, grooming or playing with dogs, cats and other animals at an animal shelter
  • Sorting clothing donations and organizing inventory at a non-profit thrift store
  • Cleaning up litter and debris from parks, beaches or natural areas

Do some research on local volunteer programs, organizations or initiatives that could use some helping hands from your group for the day. Talk to your administrative team and get their input on particular causes that speak to their values and interests.

10. Virtual Celebration for Remote Teams

If you have remote administrative assistants, you can still go all out with a virtual celebration using video conferencing technology. You can play online games, do icebreakers, give public shoutouts and kudos, and simply let everyone socialize from their home offices. Be sure to mail out gift packages and celebratory swag in advance too!

An online party allows everyone to come together for interactive social activities on Administrative Professionals Day, no matter their location. All you need is a user-friendly video conferencing platform and some creativity.

Kick things off by mailing celebratory packages to each admin in advance. Include tasty treats, decorations like banners or pom poms, fun props like goofy hats or wigs, and any small gifts you’ve chosen. Having these themed packages to open together helps build the festive energy right off the bat.

Once everyone’s online, the party can start with some fun icebreakers, games and activities made for virtual settings:

Virtual Office Games – Things like digital scavenger hunts, online trivia, and group challenges like recreating famous paintings together.

Streaming Movie Parties – Use platforms that sync your video so you can all watch a campy comedy or classic together while making comments.

Digital Escape Rooms – Many escape room companies now offer online versions where you solve puzzles collaboratively to break out.

Virtual Game Nights – There are tons of online multiplayer games from Jackbox Party Packs to video game tournaments you can play together.

Make sure to build in plenty of time for open socializing and storytelling too. Let people go around giving public kudos and telling their favorite memories of working with each admin. Share funny anecdotes, inside jokes, roasts and anything else to make it a lively, celebratory experience.

Just because you aren’t physically together doesn’t mean the party has to be lacking at all. With the right activities and virtual setting, you can host an incredibly special, engaging and personalized celebration to honor your remote administrative staff.

How to celebrate administrative professionals day


No matter which ideas you choose, the most important thing is to make your administrative staff feel genuinely appreciated for all that they do. Get creative, get the whole team involved, and have fun celebrating your organizational MVPs!

Your administrative professionals keep your team operating effectively day in and day out. Take the time on Administrative Professionals Day 2024 to show your immense gratitude in big, unforgettable ways. They deserve it!

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