Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers: Celebrate the Working Moms!

Misbah Mushtaq

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers: Celebrate the Working Moms!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers: Celebrate the Working Moms!

Hey there, team! Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the perfect chance to honor all the amazing working moms in our midst. These ladies balance careers and families like total bosses! Why not brighten their day with a thoughtful little gift or treat?

You might be thinking, “But I’m not sure who the moms are on my team.” No worries! These Mother’s Day gift ideas work great for all the fantastic women in the office – mom or not. We can celebrate the spirit of motherhood in all its forms.  

This Mother’s Day, let’s shower our coworker moms with love, appreciation, and thought-filled gestures. In this guide, you’ll find all sorts of creative, affordable, and pampering gift ideas curated just for them. From small personalized treats to luxurious indulgences, there’s something special for every mom and budget.

So let’s get into some fun, easy and inexpensive ways to make your coworker moms (and awesome non-mom colleagues) feel extra special this Mother’s Day!

Mother's day gift ideas for coworkers

Small and Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas They’ll Love

We’re kicking things off with cute, affordable gifts that still feel thoughtful. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact! Here are some sweet and inexpensive Mother’s Day gift ideas for coworkers:

1. Fancy Candles or Diffusers 

Who doesn’t love a good scented candle or reed diffuser? Look for ones in fun, spring-y scents like florals, citrus or fresh herbs. Candles create a relaxing vibe after a long workday. And diffusers gently scent the air for hours.

2. Fuzzy Slippers or Cozy Socks

After chasing kids and conquering the office, every mom deserves to put her feet up. Treat her to ultra-plush slippers or those fuzzy slipper socks. Look for ones with grips on the soles so they’re ideal for lounging.

3. Adult Coloring Books and Colored Pencils 

Coloring isn’t just for kids – it’s a legit stress-reliever! Pick up some trendy adult coloring books with fun designs, quotes or nature scenes. Grab a fresh set of colored pencils too for a complete creative escape kit.

4. Potted Succulents or Desk Plants

Liven up their workspace or home office with potted succulents or mini desk plants. Places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls have super affordable options. Or DIY it with inexpensive terra cotta pots and soil from the hardware store.  

5. Tea Sampler Boxes 

Tea is such a comforting ritual, especially for moms. Look for well-priced tea sampler boxes with lots of fun flavors like fruity herbals, decadent black teas, chai and more. The variety packs let them explore new favorites.

Don’t forget the gift bags and tissue paper too! A few pretty touches really elevate even the smallest gifts.

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Office Coworkers

Speaking of pretty touches, why not get crafty and DIY some Mother’s Day gifts this year? Handmade items just feel extra special. Plus, it’s an affordable way to create custom gifts for coworkers without blowing your budget. 

Here are some easy yet impressive DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas for the office:

6. Floral Pen Bouquets

Turn basic pens into a pop-up bouquet holder! Use scissors or a knife to carefully split open the bottom third of a pen. Fan out that area to create a space for holding faux flower stems. Fill it with silk blooms and voila!

7. Etched or Painted Glassware

Etch or paint cute designs and sayings onto plain glassware like drinking glasses, vases or candle holders. Use specific etchant creams for etched styles or basic acrylic paint for painting. Add stencils for crisp patterns.

8. Homemade Sugar or Salt Scrubs

Who doesn’t love a luxe homemade beauty product? Sugar and salt scrubs are super easy to DIY in big batches. Mix together things like coconut oil, epsom salts, white or brown sugar, and your favorite essential oils. Package them up in pretty jars.

9. DIY Tea Mixes and Baskets

Make custom loose leaf or bagged tea mixes by mixing up dried flowers, fruits, herbs and black/green/oolong tea. Use an old teapot or basket to package the tea mixes with a sample honey pot, ceramic mugs and other tea accessories.

10. Mother’s Day Treat Towers

These make such a festive display! Stack various containers like vases, dishes or small buckets into a cute tower or pedestal form. Fill each one with mom’s favorite snacks, candies, mints or other edible treats. Use floral accents for pops of color.  

It’s amazing what a little craftiness and presentation can do! Your DIY efforts are sure to wow the moms and non-moms alike.

Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Bosses

Of course, we can’t forget about showering our bosses with some extra love if they’re also moms! After all, they’re balancing the hardest jobs out there. Consider going a bit bigger and more luxe with these thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas for the boss:

11. Floral Bouquets or Potted Plants

You can never go wrong with fresh florals or potted blooming plants for the office. They add such cheerful vibes. Opt for long-lasting varieties like orchids if you want a lower-maintenance option.  

12. Spa Day Packages

Treat the boss mom to a relaxing spa day on you! Look for deals on massages, mani/pedi combos, facials or even a full day at the spa. Bonus points if you can find a kid-friendly spa that offers mother/daughter packages.

13. Cozy Robe and Slippers

After a long week, all busy moms want is to slip into something cozy. Gift her with a super soft and luxurious robe, plus a fresh pair of fuzzy slippers to match. Look for breathable fabrics like cotton or waffle weave.

14. A Sleek New Carryall

For the mom-boss always on the go, a sleek new carryall bag is such an awesome gift. Look for oversized totes or chic backpacks made of quality leathers or vegan materials. Something with lots of compartments is ideal. 

15. Engraved Jewelry

For that extra touch of personalization, engrave her initials or a sweet message on a classic piece of jewelry like a charm bracelet or pendant necklace. Birthstone pieces are also a lovely option if you know her birth month.

These thoughtful gift picks let your boss know just how much you value her time and effort, both in the office and at home with family.  

Professional Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Workplace Employees

In some workplaces, getting too personal with Mother’s Day gifts wouldn’t be appropriate. If that’s the case at your office, here are some professional yet still thoughtful gift ideas to celebrate that special mom on your team:

16. Quality Desk or Office Accessories

You can never go wrong with work-friendly desk accessories. Some classy options: trendy mouse pads, personalized pen sets, catchall trays, notebooks, laptop stands, desk organizers, and leather cord tacos.

17. Fancy Food or Drink Gift Baskets  

Who doesn’t love an edible gift basket, especially when it’s full of high-end goodies? Look for gourmet food baskets filled with things like chocolate truffles, flavored popcorns, smoked salmon, imported olive oils and fancy dried fruits.

18. Useful Tech Accessories

Let’s be honest – moms can never have too many tech accessories to make life easier! Consider splurging on things like wireless charging pads or docks, shower speakers, portable power banks, or Bluetooth trackers to attach to key items.

19. Coffee Table Books

For the mom who loves to learn or has a particular hobby, get her a sleek new coffee table book on that topic. Great subjects include travel, fashion, interior design, wellness, parenting or even just beautiful picture books. 

20. Monthly Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a fun gift that keeps on giving! Go for options like Birchbox for beauty samples, Book of the Month for new reads, snack boxes, or services that match her specific hobbies or interests.

The key here is sticking to appropriate professional boundaries while still acknowledging her as a valuable mom employee.

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts for Coworkers, Bosses and Staff 

Need an easy, straightforward Mother’s Day gift? Here are the top 10 best options for coworkers, bosses and staff this year:

21. Luxe Candles or Diffusers

Treat her to the relaxing ambiance of a luxurious scented candle or reed diffuser. With inviting aromas like fresh florals, warm vanillas, or invigorating citrus, these make any space feel like a calming oasis.

22. Gourmet Food/Snack Baskets

Who doesn’t love receiving a delectable assortment of tasty treats? Gourmet baskets filled with premium chocolates, savory snacks, artisan cheeses, and other delicacies are sure to delight her palate.

23.Mother’s Garden Baskets

Tap into mom’s nurturing nature and love of all things that grow by gifting her with a themed garden basket! Include things like:

  • Gardening toolkit – Pruners, shears, hori hori garden knife, hand trowel etc.  
  • Seeds – An assortment of vegetable, fruit, flower or herb seeds 
  • Ergonomic gardening seats or stools
  • Supplies like plant ties, markers, window clings, gardening gloves
  • Pretty patterned pottery for planting
  • Nature-inspired decor like bird

24. Cozy Robe and Slipper Sets

After a long day, every mom deserves to unwind in supreme comfort. Treat her to the luxury of an ultra-soft robe and matching slipper set for the ultimate cozy loungewear.

25. Monthly Subscription Boxes 

Give a gift that keeps on giving all year long with a subscription box! From books and beauty samples to snacks and hobby supplies, there’s an option to indulge her every interest.

26. Quality Desk Accessories

Elevate her workspace with chic, functional desk accessories like a monogrammed mouse pad, leather catchall tray, or modern pen cup. These make her office tasks more enjoyable.

27. Gift Cards for Spas, Salons or Restaurants

Afford her some much-needed pampering with a gift card for services like massages, mani/pedis, or blow outs. Or treat her to a delicious meal out without the hassle of cooking.

28. Personalized Jewelry

Make it extra special by customizing a piece of dainty jewelry just for her. An engraved necklace or bracelet with her initials or a meaningful message makes a cherished keepsake.

29. Gourmet Tea or Coffee Samplers

For the mom who loves her caffeine ritual, delight her palate with an assortment of premium teas or freshly-roasted artisan coffees to sample from.

30. Soft Blanket Throws or Plush Robes

Wrap her in the warmth and coziness of an ultra-plush blanket throw or decadently soft robe. It’s the perfect way to relax and recharge after hustle and bustle.

Unique and Pampering Mother’s Day Gifts

Let’s start with distinctive gift ideas that provide coworker moms a chance to relax, recharge, and put themselves first for once! These unique and pampering Mother’s Day presents are all about helping them de-stress and feel rejuvenated.

31. At-Home Spa Day Packages

Who has time for the actual spa when there are kids, work, and life to tend to? Bring the spa straight to her with lush at-home packages! Some perfect pampering picks:

Face Mask Subscription Box – Curated monthly deliveries of trendy new masks, cruelty-free skincare samples, and self-care goodies. Brands like Facetory and Beauty Bakerie offer these.

Bathtub Tray – Make her next candlelit soak even more luxurious with a bathtub caddy to hold books, tablets, wine glasses, snacks and bath accessories.

Massage Tools – Things like plush heating pads, foam rollers, acupressure mats, and massage guns provide ahhh-mazing relief for sore, overworked mom muscles.

Cozy Spa Robe – Swaddle her in soft coziness while she’s in full pamper mode. Look for robes made of plush Turkish cotton or warm waffled fabrics.

Personalized Zen Basket – Get creative and DIY a spa basket filled with her favorite scented candles, essential oil rollers, hydrating sheet masks, indulgent snacks, and a calming tea sampler.  

32. Experience Gifts

For the coworker mom who prefers activities over physical gifts, consider surprising her with a fun experience! Options for every interest and price point:  

Paint & Sip Night – She’ll get to unleash her inner artist while sipping wine or cocktails with friends in a relaxed, social setting. 

Trapeze or Circus Arts Classes – For the adventurous mom who craves an adrenaline rush, aerial arts offer an exciting, unique workout.

Glassblowing Workshop – Invite her to create beautiful, functional and meaningful pieces by trying her hand at this ancient art form.

Cooking Classes – Local culinary schools and restaurants often offer multi-week cooking series that let students explore new cuisines.

Photography Tour – A guided tour teaches composition and editing while visiting photogenic local spots like gardens, markets, and murals.

No matter what experience you choose, gifting an activity gets her out of the house, trying something novel and totally focused on herself for once.

33. Unique Self-Care Subscriptions

For the gift that keeps on giving all year, set up a subscription box designed for self-care! Here are unique and useful options hard-working moms will adore:

Hygge Subscription Box – Each delivery contains 5-7 premium wellness and lifestyle products centered around the Danish concept of coziness and contentment.    

Book of the Month Club – Let her pick from 5 curated new release titles each month, spanning all genres and authors. 

“Just Because” Gift Box – Monthly deliveries of cheerful affirming items like accessories, sweets, beauty minis, and positive messaging.

Tea Tasting Club – Expand her palate with globally-sourced loose leaf teas from places like India, Japan, Morocco and more.

Succulent Box Club – Each month’s box features different live succulents, potting supplies, and tips for lush low-maintenance greenery. 

Modern Plant Subscriptions – From pet-friendly, Air plants to fool-proof pothos, have thriving new greenery delivered regularly.

A fun subscription allows your coworker mom to discover new indulgences and always have a treat for herself waiting.

Mother's day gift ideas for coworkers

Final Mother’s Day Gift Giving Tips

As you’re selecting Mother’s Day gifts for colleagues, bosses and staff members, keep these final tips in mind:

Tip 1: Get a Gift Receipt

For any purchased gifts, be sure to ask for and include a gift receipt. This allows for easy exchanges if needed.

Tip 2: Consider Dietary Restrictions

If you’re giving any edible food gifts, look for options that cater to dietary needs like gluten-free, vegan, kosher etc.

Tip 3: Make it Personal

Whether it’s a heartfelt card, engraved message or customized wrapping, adding personal touches makes gifts feel extra meaningful.

Tip 4: Stay Office-Appropriate

Avoid anything too personal or potentially embarrassing, especially when gifting to bosses or managers. Keep it professional.

Tip 5: Make it a Group Gift

For more expensive gifts, split the cost by making it a group gift from the entire team or department.

Ask About Celebrating

Not every mom wants a bigfuss made, and some non-moms may feel excluded by Mother’s Day celebrations. A quick anonymous survey can gauge interest levels.

The most important thing is showing your appreciation for all the working moms do with a simple gesture from the heart. At the end of the day, that’s the greatest gift!

Wrapping Up:

The greatest Mother’s Day gift is showing appreciation for the amazing working moms in your life. Surprise them with a thoughtful gesture tailored to their interests, whether a pampering spa package, unique experience, or personalized treat. Let the moms know their sacrifices don’t go unnoticed – that celebration means everything.

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