20 New Year’s Work Activities And Games For The Employees, Colleagues And Office Team

Misbah Mushtaq

20 New Year’s Work Activities And Games For The Employees, Colleagues And Office Team

New Year’s Work Activities

When I was growing up, New Year’s Eve was always a magical night full of games, noisemakers and silly antics with family and friends. As an adult, I realized I could recreate that same excitement and playful bonding for my work family too. 

Just like those New Year’s parties ignited hopeful new beginnings, these 20 activities will spark creativity and visions for an amazing year ahead!

New Year's Work Activities

20 New Year’s Work Activities

Leading experts agree that team building exercises are a must for any thriving workplace culture. In fact, according to a study by Wrike, over 75% of employees experience much higher engagement and retention rates when given chances to bond and have fun together. 

With that in mind, I’ve crafted 20 new year’s office activities and games that have been massive hits thanks to rave reviews from teams everywhere.

1. New Year’s Resolution Whiteboard: 

One such activity that encourages self-reflection and goal-setting is the “New Year’s Resolution Whiteboard.” Employees are invited to anonymously share their aspirations for the upcoming year, fostering a collective sense of motivation and support. This simple yet powerful exercise not only promotes personal growth but also cultivates an atmosphere of understanding and accountability within the team.


  • Encourages employees to set goals
  • Promotes a supportive environment 
  • Brings the team together around a shared experience
  • Offers insights into individuals’ motivations

Pro Tip: 

Provide different colored markers to make it more fun and visually engaging.

2. Vision Board Party: 

For those seeking a more hands-on and interactive experience, the “Vision Board Party” offers a creative outlet. Employees are provided with art supplies and magazines, allowing them to construct collages that visually represent their dreams and ambitions for the new year. As individuals share their vision boards, it sparks conversations, fosters self-expression, and strengthens the sense of camaraderie within the team


  • Sparks creativity and self-reflection
  • Teambuilding through sharing visions
  • Decorates the office with personalized art
  • Boosts motivation to make visions reality

Pro Tip:

 Play relaxing music and provide snacks to set the artistic mood.

3. Bucket List Building: 

If you’re looking to foster a spirit of adventure and personal growth, the “Bucket List Building” activity might be the perfect fit. Encourage your team members to jot down experiences they’d love to have in the upcoming year, whether it’s learning a new skill or embarking on an exciting adventure. 

By sharing these bucket lists, colleagues will gain insight into each other’s interests and passions, while simultaneously receiving peer motivation and support to pursue their aspirations.


  • Fosters personal growth and enrichment
  • Strengthens communication and bonding
  • Provides peer motivation and support
  • Celebrates living life to the fullest

Pro Tip: 

Collect everyone’s bucket lists anonymously and read them aloud, making it a fun guessing game.

4. Accomplishment Kudos Board: 

Take a big bulletin board decorated with the year “2024” made out of shiny letters. And provide colorful note cards and prompts like “I’m proud I accomplished…” or “My biggest win last year was…” Employees can anonymously fill them out and pin them to the board to give shoutouts and celebrate successes! 


  • Promotes a culture of appreciation 
  • Motivates people to reflect on growth
  • Allows introverts to share pride privately
  • Decorates the office in a festive way

Pro Tip: 

Have a small “kudos” ceremony where volunteers read some of the notes aloud to drive home the positive vibes.

5. Stretch and Rejuvenate Yoga Session: 

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.” – Jason Crandell

Recognizing the importance of self-care and overall well-being, consider hosting a “Stretch and Rejuvenate Yoga Session.” Invite a certified yoga instructor to lead a beginner-friendly class, allowing your employees to release tensions and enhance their focus. This activity not only promotes physical and mental wellness but also creates a relaxed atmosphere conducive to team bonding.


  • Provides a healthy break in the workday
  • Reduces stress and boosts concentration
  • Allows team bonding in a relaxed setting
  • Supports overall wellness for employees

Pro Tip: 

Have a few towels on hand and play tranquil nature soundtrack music for the full experience.

6. Nonprofit Service Project: 

Moreover, employers can tap into the power of community engagement by organizing a “Nonprofit Service Project.” By partnering with a local organization and dedicating time to hands-on volunteer work, employees contribute to a worthy cause while simultaneously strengthening their teamwork skills, developing empathy, and cultivating a sense of purpose beyond the office walls.


  • Develops empathy and social awareness  
  • Strengthens camaraderie and teamwork
  • Creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment
  • Promotes corporate social responsibility

Pro Tip: 

Many nonprofits offer team building activities alongside the service work for added bonding.

According to a Deloitte survey, 77% of employees said volunteering is essential to employee retention.

7. Thankful Tree Decorating: 

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings.” – William Arthur Ward

Let’s make a thankful tree! We’ll set up some branches and give everyone paper leaves to write down what they’re grateful for from last year. Then you can decorate the leaf however you want and hang it on the branches. As more people add their leaves, the tree will become a beautiful display of gratitude.


  • Cultivates an attitude of appreciation
  • Creates a warm, positive vibe
  • Allows personal expression and sharing  
  • Makes a beautiful office decoration

Pro Tip: 

Play soft nature sounds nearby the tree for an extra calming effect. Challenge people to use colors/imagery fitting their thankful sentiments.

8. Two Truths and A Dream: 

For this game, you’ll share two true statements about yourself and one dream or goal for the new year. But don’t tell us which is the dream! We’ll have to guess. It’s a fun way to learn more about each other’s real lives and hidden aspirations.


  • Encourages meaningful self-reflection
  • Uncovers shared hopes and experiences
  • Allows team members to learn about each other
  • Delivers happy conversation and laughs

Pro Tip: 

As the leader, I’ll kick it off by sharing mine first to demonstrate the activity. Offer a small prize to whoever guesses the most dreams correctly!

9. Compliment Circle: 

Everyone gets in a circle, and one person starts by complimenting the person to their right. Then that person thanks them and compliments the next person, and so on all the way around. Simple but powerful for spreading kindness!


  • Boosts morale and self-esteem 
  • Encourages active listening skills
  • Practices giving/receiving positive feedback
  • Brings attentiveness to each other’s strengths

Pro Tip: 

You can use a small ball or object to pass along as a talking stick. Remind everyone to maintain eye contact and sincerity.

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10. New Year’s Resolution Buddy System: 

The buddy system helps to keep each person’s resolve going strong.” – Dr. John Norcross, psychology professor

First, write down 1-3 personal or work goals for the year. Then you’ll get matched with a buddy or small group to share your resolutions. You can check in regularly to support and motivate each other in achieving those goals.


  • Provides accountability and encouragement
  • Deepens interpersonal connections at work  
  • Develops habits for lasting positive change
  • Promotes personal and professional growth

Pro Tip: 

Establish a schedule for buddies to have casual check-in chats, even 10 minutes bi-weekly. Celebrate small wins together!

11. Office Trivia with a Twist: 

Who doesn’t love a round of trivia? Divide employees into teams and have a lively trivia contest – but here’s the twist! The questions are all about Fun Office Facts, like “What’s the oldest desk plant in the office?” or “How many computer monitors are in Sandra’s cubicle?” It’s enlightening and hilarious.


  • Encourages curiosity about the workplace
  • Tests powers of observation 
  • Allows employees to flex creative thinking  
  • Injects humor and playful competition

Pro Tip: 

Walk around pre-game so teams can scope out potential trivia answers. Have small prizes like gift cards or candy for winners.

A survey by OfficeVibe revealed 83% of employees feel more motivated when given the opportunity for social interaction at work.

12. Compliment Grab Bag: 

Self-admiration is the seed from which the tree of greatness blooms.” – Juliette Goglia, motivational expert

This one is a classic self-esteem booster! Prepare a bag filled with positive adjectives like “intelligent,” “diligent,” “creative,” etc. written on slips of paper. Employees take turns reaching in and pulling out a few words, which they must accept as sincere compliments about themselves. It’s amazing to witness people’s faces light up!


  • Promotes a culture of recognition  
  • Allows introverts to open up 
  • Reveals how colleagues perceive each other
  • Creates warm fuzzies and laughter

Pro Tip: 

Use a wide range of adjectives including personality traits and skills. You can make it competitive by having people self-promote why they deserve each word.

13. Vision Voyage Story Circle: 

According to a study by Wrike, 77% of employees experience higher retention rates in workplaces that prioritize teamwork and bonding.

Sit in a circle and provide a prop like a small world globe or set of binoculars. The first person starts telling an imaginary story about their ideal vision for the new year – where they want to go, what they aspire to achieve, etc. After a few sentences, they pass the prop to the next person who continues adding to the evolving “vision voyage” tale. It’s amusing yet inspiring!


  • Sparks creativity and imagination
  • Practices skills like storytelling and improvising
  • Encourages open sharing of hopes/dreams
  • Brings people together through collaborative visioning  

Pro Tip: 

Provide thought-provoking beginnings like “I stood at the edge of greatness, took a deep breath, and…” Let the prop represent traveling toward those visions.

14. Human Scavenger Hunt: 

The Human Scavenger Hunt embodies the belief that every person is fascinating.” – Terese Dziuvenis, teambuilding expert

This is an amazing way to learn fun facts about colleagues! Create a list of unique traits, interests or accomplishments that various people in the office possess. 

For example: “Find someone who has run a marathon” or “Who knows how to crochet?” Employees have to run around getting signatures from qualifying coworkers.


  • Gets people out of their seats 
  • Highlights fascinating hobbies/talents
  • Allows introverts to open up naturally
  • Fosters interpersonal bonding and conversations

Pro Tip: 

Start with easier finds before getting more obscure. Offer a small prize to the first few people with fully completed lists.

15. Self-Care Suggestion Box: 

In the hectic office life, it’s so important to pause for self-care and rejuvenation. Place a box in the breakroom encouraging anyone to anonymously drop in self-care ideas, whether it’s a video meditation session, healthy office snacks, or instituting a 3pm stretch break. Each week review and implement one of the suggestions!

Taking care of your mind, body and soul today allows you to embrace the possibilities of tomorrow.” – Randa Markos, therapist


  • Prioritizes overall health/wellness
  • Empowers everyone to have a voice 
  • Provides variety and fun surprises
  • Creates bonding over shared needs

Pro Tip: 

Have different colored paper for slips so I can see if ideas are from the same person or becoming popular trends. Play relaxing music when doing an activity.

16. Office Put Put Golf: 

Who doesn’t love a little putt putt fun? Set up a simple 9-hole miniature golf course winding through the office using innovative obstacles like file boxes, potted plants, chairs, etc. Employees can sign up for time slots to putt their way through the course with coworkers, taking some playful swings during the workday.

You don’t need to be good at golf to smile, laugh, invite others in and enjoy the moment together.” – Condoleezza Rice


  • Reduces stress and sparks laughter  
  • Gets people moving and energized
  • Builds camraderie through friendly competition
  • Exercises strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination

Pro Tip: 

Have a scorecard and award funny prizes like a novelty golf trophy or vibrant pink ball for the winner. Play some light jazz music to set the vibe.

17. Guided Meditation Break: 

Meditation is the way to tap into the quiet mind, and allow inspiration to enter. – Dr. Kathleen Hall

According to research by Kronos, taking regular mindful breaks can boost workplace productivity by up to 82%. In today’s always-on world, it’s crucial we take time to reset our minds. 

Schedule a 20-minute guided meditation session bi-weekly, played over our conference room’s speakers. Plush pillows and yoga mats are provided so employees can get comfortable and clear their headspace through breathing exercises and visualization. 


  • Promotes mindfulness and presence
  • Increases focus, cognitive function and creativity 
  • Allows relaxation to prevent burnout
  • Creates a peaceful respite in the workday

Pro Tip: 

Use an app like Calm or YouTube video with a soothing voice and naturescapes imagery. Dim the lights and play tranquil nature sounds.  

18. Silly Sock Fridays: 

Silly Sock Fridays are a secret psychological doorway to childlike, creative thinking.” – Shawn Askinosie, business author  

Let’s have a little casual fun to end the workweek! On Fridays, Encourage everyone to wear their most vibrant, patterned, mismatched socks to the office. We can have an afternoon sock fashion show where people can strut their stuff, share silly sock stories, and vote on awards like “Wildes Stripes” or “Nuttiest Patterns.”


  • Lightens the mood with laughter  
  • Sparks conversation and storytelling
  • Allows self-expression through fun fashion
  • Promotes an innovative, playful culture

Pro Tip: 

Whether wild polka dots or cute characters, go all out! Have hilarious award categories like “Toastiest Toes” or “Most Likely to Blind Someone.”

19. Clue-Themed Office Mystery: 

Mystery games like Clue bring out our inner detectives, thinking caps and all.” – Conor Clennan, team building expert

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Turn the office into an interactive real-life Clue game using different rooms and characters. Employees are assigned roles like “Ms. Accounting” or “Mr. IT Guy” with a cluebook leading them to search for clues and alibis around the office. It culminates in everyone gathering to try and solve the silly crime!


  • Exercises critical thinking and deduction
  • Encourages collaboration and info sharing  
  • Allows role-playing and creative storytelling
  • Injects humor and playful competitiveness

Pro Tip: 

Use fun props like a candlestick, rope or revolver for the crime scene. Have a whiteboard for teams to map out their theories and present solutions.

20. Dream Year Bucket List Raffle: 

According to life coach Caroline Miller, “Dreams are the seedlings of reality. Writing them down is the first step towards nurturing their growth.”

In an energizing study by Glassdoor, 87% of employees expected their company to support health and wellness making activities like these increasingly valued.

Everyone secretly write down one reasonably-attainable dream they’d love to achieve in the new year, whether it’s learning salsa dancing, going skydiving, or writing a book. All the dream buckets get tossed into a hat to be randomly drawn and raffled off. The catch? If your bucket is chosen, you have to make that dream happen!


  • Encourages personal growth and enrichment
  • Supports trying new experiences  
  • Creates built-in accountability and motivation
  • Allows celebrating each other’s aspirations

Pro Tip: 

Make it a monthly drawing to keep the excitement going all year. Incorporate small group check-ins to share progress and help make dreams reality.

New Year's Work Activities

The Final Word

These 20 activities are just the beginning! Once you experience the magic of strengthening bonds through memorable experiences like Vision Voyage Storytelling or the Dream Year Bucket List Raffle, you’ll be unstoppable in creating an incredible workplace culture. 

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