40 Thoughtful Thanksgiving ideas for coworkers or team (Gift ideas, activities, contests, treats)


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40 Thoughtful Thanksgiving ideas for coworkers or team (Gift ideas, activities, contests, treats)

As the year draws to a close and the festive season approaches, it’s time to express gratitude to those who make our work lives enjoyable and successful – our coworkers. 

Thanksgiving, a time for reflecting on blessings and sharing moments of togetherness, offers the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for the people who make our professional journeys worthwhile.

This comprehensive guide presents an array of 40 Thanksgiving ideas for coworkers, encompassing gift ideas, treat ideas, contest ideas, activity ideas, and surprises. 

Whether you’re seeking tangible tokens of appreciation, festive treats to brighten the workday, engaging contests to boost morale, fun activities to foster camaraderie, or unexpected surprises to create lasting memories, this article has something for you.

By exploring this guide, you will discover:

  • Thoughtful Thanksgiving gift ideas for coworkers that go beyond the ordinary
  • Surprising Thanksgiving  treat ideas for coworkers to add a touch of sweetness to the Thanksgiving spirit
  • Engaging Thanksgiving contest ideas for coworkers to spark friendly competition and team bonding
  • Fun Thanksgiving activity ideas for coworkers to promote camaraderie and shared experiences
  • Unexpected surprises create lasting memories and strengthen the workplace bond

Embrace this Thanksgiving season as an opportunity to nurture gratitude, strengthen relationships, and create a positive and supportive work environment for your coworkers.


40 Thanksgiving ideas for coworkers

Plan Thanksgiving-themed team-building activities for coworkers

Here is a list of Thanksgiving activity ideas for coworkers:

1. Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch:

Organize a workplace potluck where each coworker brings a traditional Thanksgiving dish to share.

Encouraging potluck lunches fosters a sense of community and cultural diversity. It allows colleagues to share their culinary traditions, promoting team bonding and a festive atmosphere. 

This inclusive activity enhances workplace morale and camaraderie while celebrating the spirit of Thanksgiving through shared food and cultural exchange.

2. Thanksgiving Trivia:

Create a Thanksgiving-themed quiz about the holiday’s history and traditions for coworkers to participate in.

Trivia games infuse an element of fun and competition into the workplace, promoting team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Thanksgiving trivia encourages learning about the holiday’s cultural significance, fostering a sense of shared understanding and connection among coworkers.

This engaging activity also serves as an excellent icebreaker, sparking conversations and laughter among colleagues during the Thanksgiving celebration.

3. Gratitude Scavenger Hunt:

Hide Thanksgiving-themed items around the office for coworkers to find in a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts inject excitement into the workplace Thanksgiving celebration. By incorporating a gratitude theme, this activity encourages employees to explore the office, fostering a sense of adventure and teamwork.

Finding hidden items related to Thanksgiving prompts reflection on gratitude, aligning the activity with the holiday’s spirit.

This interactive and dynamic engagement contributes to a positive work environment, enhancing employee morale and creating lasting memories from the Thanksgiving celebration.

4. Thankful Tree:

Set up a tree in the office for coworkers to write down what they are thankful for on paper leaves.

The Thankful Tree serves as a visual representation of gratitude within the workplace. This creative activity encourages reflection on personal and professional blessings, fostering a positive mindset.

Displaying the tree in a common area provides a constant reminder of shared gratitude, contributing to a harmonious and appreciative work environment.

This simple yet impactful gesture reinforces the Thanksgiving spirit, promoting a culture of thankfulness that extends beyond the holiday season.

5. Thanksgiving Crafts:

Set up a craft station with supplies for coworkers to make Thanksgiving-themed decorations or small gifts.

Crafting activities add a hands-on and creative dimension to workplace celebrations. Allowing coworkers to express their creativity fosters a sense of accomplishment and shared joy. 

Creating Thanksgiving-themed decorations or gifts promotes a festive ambiance and gives employees a tangible reminder of the shared celebration.

This inclusive and collaborative activity enhances teamwork and provides a break from routine tasks, contributing to a positive work atmosphere during the Thanksgiving festivities.

6. Thanksgiving Storytelling:

Have each coworker share a special Thanksgiving memory or tradition during a designated storytelling session.

Storytelling sessions create a sense of connection and understanding among coworkers. Sharing personal Thanksgiving memories or traditions provides insight into diverse backgrounds, fostering a more inclusive workplace culture.

This activity encourages open communication, strengthening interpersonal relationships. Colleagues gain a deeper understanding of each other, building a foundation of trust and camaraderie.

The Thanksgiving storytelling session not only celebrates the holiday but also contributes to a more cohesive and supportive work environment.

7. Thanksgiving Movie Screening:

Watch a Thanksgiving-themed movie together during lunch or after work.

Movie screenings provide a relaxed and enjoyable way to celebrate Thanksgiving in the workplace.

Choosing a Thanksgiving-themed film adds a touch of entertainment and cultural immersion. 

This activity allows coworkers to unwind, share a collective experience, and enjoy a break from regular work duties.

The shared enjoyment of a movie fosters a sense of community and shared interests among colleagues, contributing to a positive and inclusive workplace culture during the holiday season.

8. Secret Turkey:

Have coworkers draw names and buy a small gift or treat for their chosen coworker, leaving it secretly on their desk.

The Secret Turkey gift exchange adds an element of surprise and thoughtfulness to the workplace Thanksgiving celebration. It promotes positive relationships among coworkers by encouraging them to show appreciation through small, thoughtful gifts.

The element of secrecy adds excitement and anticipation, creating a festive atmosphere. This activity not only spreads holiday cheer but also strengthens interpersonal connections, fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment during the Thanksgiving season.

9. Thanksgiving Team Sports:

Organize a friendly game of flag football, basketball, or other sports with a Thanksgiving twist.

Incorporating team sports into the Thanksgiving celebration promotes physical activity and team bonding.

Friendly competitions enhance camaraderie among coworkers and provide a break from the typical work routine.

Choosing sports with a Thanksgiving twist, such as a flag football game, adds a festive element to the activity.

This inclusive and active celebration fosters a sense of teamwork, healthy competition, and shared enjoyment, contributing to a positive work environment during the holiday season.

10. Gratitude Circle:

Have everyone sit in a circle and take turns sharing what they are grateful for during a designated gratitude session.

The Gratitude Circle is a meaningful and introspective activity that reinforces the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Taking turns to express gratitude cultivates a positive mindset among coworkers and strengthens interpersonal connections. This activity promotes a culture of appreciation, enhancing overall workplace satisfaction.

The shared experience of expressing gratitude in a circle creates a sense of unity and shared values, contributing to a supportive and harmonious work environment during the Thanksgiving celebration.

Thanksgiving Gift ideas for coworkers

Here are a few Thanksgiving gift ideas for coworkers:

1. Thanksgiving-themed candles or scented oils

Reignite the holiday spirit in your coworker’s workspace with Thanksgiving-themed scents. Consider pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, or warm vanilla fragrances for a cozy ambiance. 

Scented candles promote relaxation and a positive work environment. Opt for elegant packaging with autumn colors and motifs.

Example gift ideas:

1. Harvest Spice Scented Candle

2. Autumn Woods Essential Oil Set

3. Pumpkin Pie Soy Wax Melts

4. Thanksgiving Joy Aromatherapy Diffuser

5. Cinnamon Apple Scented Oil Kit

2. Customized Thanksgiving-themed coffee mug, water bottle, or tumblers with a heartfelt message.

Make your coworkers’ coffee breaks special with personalized Thanksgiving drinkware. Choose items featuring autumnal designs and add a thoughtful message. It not only adds a festive touch to their daily routine but also fosters a sense of appreciation and camaraderie.

Example gift ideas:

1. “Grateful Heart” Custom Coffee Mug

2. Personalized Autumn Leaves Tumbler

3. Thanksgiving Blessings Water Bottle

4. Customized Turkey Day Travel Mug

5. “Thankful for You” Ceramic Mug

3. Thanksgiving-themed tote bag or reusable grocery bag

Encourage eco-friendly practices with Thanksgiving-themed reusable bags. Opt for designs like fall foliage or adorable turkeys. These bags serve as a practical gift, promoting sustainability while showcasing a festive spirit.

Example gift ideas:

1. Turkey Trot Reusable Tote

2. Give Thanks Canvas Shopping Bag

3. Autumn Harvest Eco-Friendly Grocery Bag

4. Festive Turkey Day Jute Tote

5. Gratitude Leaves Foldable Shopping Bag

4. Gift cards to a local restaurant for a Thanksgiving meal

Show your appreciation by gifting a local restaurant gift card, allowing your coworkers to enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving meal. Support local businesses while giving them the flexibility to choose their favorite dishes.

Example gift ideas:

1. Local Bistro Thanksgiving Gift Card

2. Fine Dining Experience Voucher

3. Cozy Cafe Thanksgiving Delight

4. Family Restaurant Thanksgiving Feast Gift Card

5. Gourmet Takeout Gift Certificate

5. Thanksgiving-themed desk accessories, such as a turkey-shaped stapler or leaf-shaped sticky notes

Infuse holiday cheer into the workspace with Thanksgiving-themed desk accessories. A turkey-shaped stapler or leaf-shaped sticky notes add a touch of whimsy while maintaining functionality.

Example gift ideas:

1. Gobble Gobble Turkey Stapler

2. Autumn Leaves Sticky Note Set

3. Thanksgiving Turkey Desk Organizer

4. Harvest Season Paperclip Holder

5. Turkey Feather Pen and Notepad Set

6. Seasonal flavored coffee or tea gift set

Enhance your coworkers’ break time with seasonal beverage delights. A coffee or tea gift set featuring autumn flavors like pumpkin spice or caramel apple provides a delicious and thoughtful gesture.

Example gift ideas:

1. Pumpkin Spice Coffee Sampler

2. Autumn Harvest Tea Collection

3. Gourmet Fall Flavors Coffee Box

4. Spiced Chai Tea Assortment

5. Caramel Apple Infusion Gift Set

7. Festive kitchen towels or oven mitts

Bring the holiday spirit into coworkers’ homes with festive kitchen towels or oven mitts. Opt for designs like turkeys, pumpkins, or autumn leaves, adding a touch of warmth to their kitchen decor. These practical yet charming gifts blend utility with seasonal flair.

Example gift ideas:

1. Thanksgiving Harvest Kitchen Towel Set

2. Pumpkin Patch Oven Mitt and Pot Holder

3. Autumn Leaves Dish Towel Collection

4. Turkey Time Kitchen Linens Bundle

5. Festive Fall Oven Glove Pair

8. Thanksgiving-themed picture frame with a team photo

Capture and commemorate office camaraderie with a Thanksgiving-themed picture frame. Insert a team photo from a memorable work event or celebration to evoke a sense of unity and gratitude. This personalized gift serves as a lasting reminder of shared experiences.

Example gift ideas:

1. Team Thankfulness Photo Frame

2. Grateful Together Picture Holder

3. Thanksgiving Memories Collage Frame

4. Office Feast Team Photo Frame

5. Customized Autumn Group Photo Display

9. Personalized thank you notes with small gift cards attached.

Express gratitude in a meaningful way with personalized thank you notes. Attach small gift cards to popular stores or coffee shops, adding an extra touch of appreciation. It’s a thoughtful gesture that combines a heartfelt message with a practical token of thanks.

Example gift ideas:

1. “Thank You” Maple Leaf Notes with Starbucks Gift Card

2. Personalized Appreciation Card with Target Gift Card

3. Autumn-Themed Thank You Card with Amazon Gift Voucher

4. Gratitude Greetings and Coffee Shop Gift Card

5. Thanksgiving Blessings Card with Small Treats Gift Card

10. Mini pumpkin pie or other Thanksgiving treats.

Satisfy sweet cravings with mini pumpkin pies or other Thanksgiving treats. These bite-sized delights offer a taste of the holiday season and make for a delightful and shareable gift among coworkers.

Example gift ideas:

1. Mini Pumpkin Pie Assortment Box

2. Thanksgiving Cookie Sampler

3. Harvest Spice Cupcake Collection

4. Assorted Thanksgiving Truffle Box

5. Festive Dessert Platter with Mini Pies

11. Thanksgiving-themed stress balls for a little holiday stress relief.

Ease holiday stress with Thanksgiving-themed stress balls. Shaped like turkeys or pumpkins, these stress-relief tools provide a lighthearted way for coworkers to unwind during busy times.

Example gift ideas:

1. Turkey Trot Stress Ball

2. Pumpkin Patch Squeeze Toy

3. Autumn Serenity Stress Relief Set

4. Festive Gourd Stress Ball Collection

5. Thanksgiving Turkey Stress Buster

12. Thanksgiving-themed notepads or journals for coworkers to jot down their thoughts of gratitude.

Encourage reflection and mindfulness with Thanksgiving-themed notepads or journals. Provide a space for coworkers to jot down thoughts of gratitude, fostering a positive mindset and creating a tangible reminder of the season’s spirit.

Example gift ideas:

1. Gratitude Journal with Autumn Cover

2. Turkey Tales Notepad for Thankful Thoughts

3. Thanksgiving Reflections Notebook Set

4. Harvest Happiness Journal with Inspirational Quotes

5. Fall Foliage Notepad for Daily Thankfulness

Thanksgiving Contest ideas for coworkers

Here are a few Thanksgiving Contest ideas for coworkers:

1. Pumpkin decorating contest:

Harness your coworkers’ creativity with a pumpkin decorating contest. Set up a designated area in the office or workplace where employees can bring in their pumpkins to decorate.

Provide a variety of art supplies, such as paint, markers, glitter, and ribbons, to encourage creativity.

Encourage participants to embrace the Thanksgiving theme by incorporating festive elements like pilgrims, turkeys, and fall foliage into their designs.

Once everyone has finished their masterpieces, organize a vote to determine the most creative and impressive pumpkin decoration. The winner could receive a prize, such as a gift card or a day off.

2. Thanksgiving recipe contest:

Unleash your coworkers’ culinary talents with a Thanksgiving recipe contest. Encourage participants to submit their favorite Thanksgiving recipes, whether it’s a treasured family heirloom or a personal creation.

Collect the recipes and set up a tasting event where employees can sample each dish and vote for their favorites.

To ensure a fair evaluation, consider dividing the recipes into categories, such as main courses, side dishes, and desserts.

Award prizes for the top winners in each category, recognizing their culinary skills and adding a touch of competition to the Thanksgiving spirit.

3. Cornucopia of thanks:

Cultivate gratitude among your coworkers with a “Cornucopia of Thanks” activity. 

Provide a cornucopia-shaped container and encourage employees to write down things they are thankful for on small pieces of paper.

Ask them to reflect on their blessings, both big and small, and express their appreciation for their colleagues, their work, and the positive aspects of their lives. 

Once everyone has contributed, randomly draw a few notes from the cornucopia and share them aloud. This simple gesture can foster a sense of community and appreciation within the workplace.

4. Thanksgiving costume contest:

Embrace the spirit of fun and creativity with a Thanksgiving costume contest. 

Encourage coworkers to dress up in their most festive Thanksgiving-themed costumes. It could be a classic pilgrim attire, a whimsical turkey ensemble, or a pun-filled costume that showcases their love for the holiday.

Organize a runway-style parade in the office or workplace, allowing everyone to showcase their creativity and flair.

Have a panel of judges or conduct a popular vote to determine the most creative, funniest, and best overall costume. Reward the winners with prizes, such as gift cards or company swag.

5. Best-dressed office:

Transform your workplace into a Thanksgiving wonderland with a “Best-dressed office” competition.

Encourage teams or departments to decorate their workspaces in a Thanksgiving or fall theme.

Provide some inspiration and basic decorations, such as colorful leaves, miniature pumpkins, and Thanksgiving-themed banners.

Allow teams to unleash their creativity and transform their spaces into festive havens. 

Once the decorating is complete, organize a team vote to determine the most creative, festive, and well-decorated office space. The winning team could receive a prize, such as a catered Thanksgiving lunch or a day off.

6. Turkey trot:

Transform your office into a Thanksgiving-themed obstacle course with a “Turkey Trot” challenge. Set up a course that involves balancing a spoon with a pumpkin or apple on it while walking or hopping, mimicking a turkey’s gait.

Divide participants into teams and have them race against each other, adding an element of friendly competition.

Award prizes for the teams that complete the course with the best balance and speed, fostering teamwork and a sense of camaraderie.

7. Pumpkin pie-eating contest:

Embrace the messy fun of a pumpkin pie-eating contest. Prepare individual slices of pumpkin pie and provide blindfolds for each participant.

Challenge them to eat their pie as quickly as possible without using their hands. The first one to finish their pie without making a mess or breaking a sweat wins the contest. 

Award prizes for the fastest pie-eating champion and the cleanest eater, adding a touch of lighthearted competition to the Thanksgiving festivities.

8. Thanksgiving dance-off:

Unleash your coworkers’ inner dancing stars with a Thanksgiving-themed dance-off. 

Create a playlist of upbeat Thanksgiving or fall-themed songs and encourage everyone to participate.

Set up a designated dance area and let loose, grooving to the rhythm and showcasing their best dance moves.

Organize a vote to determine the best dancer, considering factors like creativity, energy, and overall entertainment value.

Award prizes for the most enthusiastic dancer, the best choreographer, and the most entertaining performance, adding a touch of fun and camaraderie to the workplace.

9. Thanksgiving karaoke:

Embrace the spirit of musical expression with a Thanksgiving karaoke night. Compile a playlist of popular Thanksgiving or fall-themed songs and encourage coworkers to take the stage and belt out their favorites.

Provide props, such as pilgrim hats, turkey feathers, and fall foliage, to enhance the performances.

Award prizes for the most entertaining performance, the best vocal range, and the most creative song choice, celebrating their musical talents and adding a touch of lighthearted fun to the office atmosphere.

10. Thanksgiving charade contest:

Put your coworkers’ acting skills and communication abilities to the test with a Thanksgiving charade contest.

Create a list of Thanksgiving-themed words and phrases, such as “carving the turkey,” “gathering around the table,” and “saying grace.”

Divide participants into teams and take turns acting out the words or phrases without speaking. The team that guesses the most words or phrases correctly within a set time limit wins the contest.

Award prizes for the winning team and the most creative performances, fostering teamwork and creative expression among coworkers.

Surprising Thanksgiving treat ideas for coworkers

Here are some surprising Thanksgiving treat ideas for coworkers:

1. Thanksgiving Office Makeover:

Give coworkers a festive surprise by decorating their workspaces with fall and Thanksgiving-themed elements overnight.

Transforming workspaces into a Thanksgiving haven fosters a sense of camaraderie and gratitude.

Fall-themed desk decor, including pumpkins, leaves, and warm colors, infuses the office with holiday spirit.

This surprise creates a positive work environment, boosting morale and fostering a sense of community.

This Thanksgiving office makeover encourages creativity and collaboration, making the workplace more enjoyable for everyone.

Example ideas:

  • Utilize autumnal desk accessories like miniature scarecrows and themed stationery.
  • Incorporate eco-friendly decorations, like recycled paper leaves or reusable banners.

2. Handwritten Notes:

Express gratitude by leaving heartfelt, handwritten notes on coworkers’ desks, highlighting why you appreciate them.

The personal touch of a handwritten note elevates the act of expressing gratitude. Research indicates that receiving handwritten messages triggers a stronger emotional response compared to digital communication.

This Thanksgiving, acknowledging colleagues with specific examples of their positive impact fosters a culture of appreciation.

It contributes to a positive work atmosphere, strengthening interpersonal relationships and increasing job satisfaction.

Encouraging this practice builds a more connected and supportive team, positively impacting workplace dynamics and employee well-being.

Example ideas:

  • Include specific instances or achievements to make notes more meaningful.
  • Use themed stationary or incorporate Thanksgiving symbols like acorns or turkeys.

3. Thanksgiving Treats:

Spread holiday cheer by leaving small bags of Thanksgiving treats, such as pumpkin spice cookies or candy, on coworkers’ desks.

Sharing Thanksgiving treats adds a delightful touch to workplace celebrations. A sweet gesture like this not only satisfies taste buds but also fosters a sense of community and generosity. 

Studies suggest that sharing food enhances social bonds and creates a positive atmosphere. Thanksgiving treats, carefully chosen or homemade, add a personal touch, creating lasting memories.

This simple act promotes a friendly and collaborative workplace, where colleagues appreciate each other beyond professional roles, ultimately contributing to a harmonious team dynamic.

Example ideas:

  • Create a treat station with various options to cater to different preferences.
  • Attach a note with a warm holiday message to each treat bag.

4. Turkey Gram:

Bring humor and warmth to the workplace by having a coworker dress up as a turkey and deliver funny or heartfelt messages to each department.

The Turkey Gram injects a dose of humor and lightheartedness into the office atmosphere. 

Having a coworker dress as a turkey adds a memorable and entertaining element to 

Thanksgiving celebrations. It breaks down barriers, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable environment.

This unconventional approach to expressing gratitude fosters a unique and positive workplace culture that encourages employees to embrace creativity and individuality.

Example ideas:

  • Ensure the messages are tailored to each department’s dynamics and inside jokes.
  • Capture the Turkey Gram moments through photos to create lasting memories.

5. Treat Coworkers to a Friendsgiving Lunch:

Foster a sense of community by organizing a potluck-style lunch in the office for a delightful Friendsgiving celebration.

A Friendsgiving lunch promotes camaraderie as colleagues come together to share homemade dishes.

Potluck-style events encourage collaboration and showcase the diverse culinary skills within the team.

This inclusive celebration allows coworkers to relax, enjoy good food, and appreciate each other outside of work-related contexts. Incorporating a Friendsgiving lunch into office traditions contributes to a more cohesive and supportive team dynamic.

Example ideas:

  • Create a sign-up sheet for dishes to ensure variety and avoid duplicates.
  • Consider dietary preferences and restrictions to accommodate all coworkers.

6. Thanksgiving Feast Delivery:

Surprise coworkers with a Thanksgiving feast delivered from a local restaurant, adding a special touch to the office lunch.

Elevate the Thanksgiving celebration by having a local restaurant deliver a festive meal to the office.

This thoughtful gesture relieves coworkers from the stress of preparing lunch and allows them to savor a professionally crafted Thanksgiving feast.

This surprise delivery adds an element of excitement and indulgence to the workday, creating a memorable and enjoyable Thanksgiving experience for all.

Example ideas:

  • Collaborate with coworkers to choose a menu that caters to various tastes.
  • Consider dietary restrictions and preferences when selecting the restaurant.

7. Thanksgiving Photo Booth:

Infuse fun into Thanksgiving celebrations by setting up a themed photo booth with props for a surprise photo session with coworkers.

A Thanksgiving-themed photo booth transforms the workplace into a lively, festive space. 

The photo booth provides a unique and entertaining way for coworkers to bond, creating lasting memories.

Themed props like pilgrim hats and turkey feathers add a playful touch, encouraging team members to embrace the holiday spirit.

This surprise activity enhances workplace culture by promoting a relaxed and enjoyable environment, fostering connections among coworkers beyond daily tasks.

Example ideas:

  • Include a variety of props, from Thanksgiving-themed accessories to funny signs.
  • Share the photos digitally or create a collage for a lasting memento.

8. Team Thanksgiving Video:

Express gratitude by creating a video sharing what you’re thankful for about your coworkers, surprising everyone with a screening during a team meeting or lunch break.

A Team Thanksgiving Video is a heartfelt way to express gratitude and strengthen team bonds. 

Creating a video allows each team member to share personalized messages, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation.

Surprise screenings during team meetings or lunch breaks enhance the element of surprise and create a positive atmosphere.

This creative approach to expressing gratitude contributes to a supportive workplace culture where team members feel valued and acknowledged.

Example ideas:

  • Edit the video to include snippets from each team member for a cohesive narrative.
  • Incorporate light-hearted moments or inside jokes to add a personal touch.


As we conclude this exploration of Thanksgiving ideas for coworkers, let’s remember that the true essence of gratitude lies not in the extravagance of gifts or the grandeur of celebrations, but in the simple act of acknowledging and appreciating the contributions of those around us.

By incorporating these thoughtful gestures into your workplace culture, you foster a spirit of camaraderie, strengthen relationships, and create a work environment that is not just productive but also deeply rewarding.

So, embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving, spread the warmth of gratitude, and watch your workplace blossom into a haven of appreciation and joy.

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