40 Best Father’s Day Activities At Work And Games In The Office Celebrations

Misbah Mushtaq

40 Best Father’s Day Activities At Work And Games In The Office Celebrations

Did you know that there are over 72 million fathers in the United States alone? That’s a staggering number of incredible dads who deserve to be celebrated and honored. 

Father’s Day is a special occasion that allows us to express our gratitude and appreciation for the men who have shaped our lives with their unwavering love, guidance, and support.

In the workplace, celebrating Father’s Day can be a powerful way to foster a positive and inclusive culture, boost employee morale, and create lasting memories. 

Imagine the joy and camaraderie that would fill the office as colleagues come together to participate in hilarious dad-themed games, heartwarming tributes, and creative activities that capture the essence of fatherhood.

This article presents 40 exciting Father’s Day activities and games that can be organized in the office setting, ranging from heartwarming video compilations to hilarious dad-themed games and contests. 

These activities not only foster a sense of appreciation for fathers but also promote camaraderie, teamwork, and laughter among colleagues. 

Get ready to discover your inner “dad joke” prowess and embrace the quirky charm of fatherhood with these delightfully entertaining ideas.

Father's Day Activities At Work

Father’s Day Activities at Work

1. Father’s Day Selfie Booth

Set up a fun photo booth area decked out with Father’s Day props like funky glasses, mustaches on sticks, etc. Encourage everyone to snap selfies with their dad or a father figure from the office and share on social media using a dedicated hashtag for your company. You can print out the pics too and put them up on a “Wall of Dads!”

2. “Why My Dad Rocks” Video Compilation 

Have employees submit short video clips (30 secs to 1 min) sharing why their dad is awesome. Compile all the clips into one fun video to share during a work celebration. It’ll be heartwarming to see the appreciation for dads!

3. Dad Joke Competition

Dads are famous for their groan-worthy puns and jokes. Host a dad joke slam and have colleagues compete to see who can tell the funniest/corniest dad joke. Award prizes for the best ones!

4. Barbecue Lunch for the Office 

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a classic dad meal? Arrange for a food truck or caterer to come in and serve up burgers, hot dogs, ribs and other BBQ faves for lunch. Set up a picnic area if possible.

5. Build-A-Toolbox Station

Set up a toolbox stuffing station stocked with handy tools, hardware, and dad gadgets. Allow employees to build custom toolboxes as Father’s Day gifts. Don’t forget to provide wrap and bows!

6. Superhero/Superdad Photoshoot

Transform a corner of the office into a superhero backdrop using comics, capes, etc. Let employees snap fun pictures posing as superheroes/superdads. They can be fun pics with their kid(s) or just silly solo shots.

7. Dad’s Favorite Movie Marathon

Poll employees on popular “dad” movies and have a movie room set up to screen a few of the top picks during breaks or after hours. Provide theater snacks and comfy seating. Classics like Field of Dreams or The Sandlot are always crowd-pleasers.

8. Day of Service Project

Many fathers prioritize giving back to their community. Organize a half-day group volunteer project at a local charity as a tribute to dads’ selfless spirits. Soup kitchens, park clean-ups, and builds are great options.

9. “Dress Like Your Dad” Day

Celebrate dads’ iconic fashion sense by having an office-wide “Dress Like Your Dad” day. Encourage employees to sport dad jeans, black socks with sandals, fanny packs – the bigger the “dad outfit” the better!

10. Car Detailing Station

Dads take pride in keeping their vehicles clean. Hire a mobile detailing crew to come to the office and offer free car washes, interior vacuuming and basic detailing services for employees’ cars as a Father’s Day treat.

11. Sports Ticket Giveaway

This activity is a surefire way to make any sports-loving dad’s day! Reach out to local sports teams or venues and request complimentary or discounted tickets. Hold a random drawing or set up a fun contest to give away the tickets. Consider offering different prize tiers, like lower-level or box seats for grand prize winners. Employees can bring their dads to the game or use the tickets for a guys’ night out.

12. Necktie/Bowtie Making Class

A custom necktie or bowtie is a thoughtful and personal gift for Father’s Day. Invite a local tailor or fashion instructor to lead a hands-on class, teaching employees how to select fabrics, cut patterns, and assemble their own unique tie creations. Provide a variety of materials and trimmings for added flair. Participants will leave with a one-of-a-kind accessory and newfound sewing skills.

13. Classic Dad Music Playlist

Transport employees back to their childhoods with a curated playlist of classic “dad rock” hits. Include beloved anthems like “Sweet Caroline,” “Born to Run,” and “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Encourage colleagues to contribute their own favorite dad-approved tunes spanning the 60s through the 80s. Play the playlist throughout the office all day, setting the perfect nostalgic vibe.

14. Camp-Inspired Activities

Bring the great outdoors indoors with a camping-themed activity zone. Set up a putting green for mini-golf, a nature craft station for making pinecone bird feeders or trail mix bars, and a gaming area with hunting/fishing video games. Don’t forget the s’mores bar, complete with roasting sticks and a safe heating source for melting chocolate and marshmallows.

15. Car Decorating Contest

This activity combines creativity, teamwork, and a touch of friendly competition. Source an old junker car and place it in the office parking lot or garage. Divide employees into teams and provide them with art supplies, streamers, balloons, and any other decorating materials you can gather. Award prizes for the most inventive, humorous, or thematically on-point “dad-mobile” design.

16. Backyard Games Tournament

Recreate the nostalgic backyard summer vibe by hosting a tournament of classic lawn games like cornhole, ladder toss, croquet, or horseshoes. Set up game stations throughout the office or outdoor areas. Provide refreshments like lemonade, iced tea, and finger foods. Encourage teams to get competitive while channeling their inner dads during these beloved backyard pastimes.

17. Ugly Necktie Contest

This lighthearted contest celebrates the iconic, sometimes questionable, fashion sense of dads everywhere. Encourage employees to dig through their closets or hit up thrift stores to find the wildest, most obnoxiously patterned novelty neckties they can find. Then, host an “ugly tie” runway show, letting participants strut their stuff as colleagues vote on the most outrageous dad tie.

18. Dad’s Favorite Sports Team Spirit Day

For the sports fanatics in the office, allow employees to represent their favorite professional or college sports teams by wearing official apparel and colors. This activity is a fun way to bring some team spirit and friendly rivalry into the workplace while celebrating the devoted fandom of so many dads. Award prizes for best/most creative team gear.

19. “I Love My Dad Because…” Whiteboards

This heartwarming activity lets employees express their appreciation and love for their fathers. Place whiteboards around the office with the prompt, “I love my dad because…” Encourage everyone to take a moment and jot down a short, sincere message about what makes their dad special. Reading these touching tributes will be a wonderful way to honor fathers.

20. Piggy Bank Building Station

Set up a craft station stocked with supplies like ceramic or plastic piggy banks, paints, markers, glitter, and other decorative elements. Employees can design and personalize their own unique piggy banks as a Father’s Day gift. This hands-on activity taps into that childlike creativity while providing a practical keepsake for saving up and celebrating dads.

Father’s Day Games In The Office

21. Dad Joke Challenge

This is the perfect game for those corny dad jokes we all know and (pretend to) love! Have everyone write down their best/worst dad joke on a slip of paper. Put them all in a hat and take turns drawing them out to read aloud. Award prizes for the funniest, cringiest, most groan-worthy jokes.

22. Necktie Tying Race

Dads are known for rocking neckties. Put that tie tying skill to the test! Split into teams and see who can properly tie a necktie the fastest. Make it more challenging by having them tie different knots like the Windsor or Kelvin.

23. What’s in the Dad Wallet?

Grab an oversized wallet and stuff it full of random “dad” items – cash, old receipts, dad jokes written on scraps of paper, etc. Have teams take turns reaching in and trying to guess what item they grabbed without looking.

24. DIY Dad Craft-Off

Give teams some basic crafting materials like wood, paint, glue, and let their inner handyman shine. They’ll have to get creative and craft something awesome as a fun DIY gift for dad. Playful bonus points for functionality!

25. Dad Bod Balloon Stomp

Give everyone a balloon to inflate and tuck under their shirt, creating the iconic “dad bod.” When the music plays, they have to protect their balloon dad bod by running around stomping on others’ balloons. Last one with an intact balloon wins!

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26. “I Love My Dad” Video Recreations

Find some classic TV show clips or movie scenes featuring iconic dads. Have teams act out those scenes for everyone to guess which show/movie it’s from. Think Homer Simpson, Danny Tanner, etc.

27. Name That Dad-ism

Every dad has those cringe-worthy catchphrases they say over and over. Make a list of common “dad-isms” and read them out for teams to buzz in and name which silly saying it is.

28. Dad Sports Trivia Blitz

From football to baseball to hockey, dads love their sports. Have a trivia blitz where you rapidly fire off sports trivia questions and award points to the first team to answer correctly.

29. Dad Dance Moves Championship

What dad doesn’t love an excuse to bust out the sprinkler, running man, or boogying in the most embarrassingly awesome way? Hold a dance-off and give each team a chance to showcase their best dad dance moves.

30. New Dad Name game

Give each team a random everyday object (like a shoe or banana). They have to go around their team and try to come up with the “dad-est” pun name for that object – think “Kicks for Dads” or “Pa-nana.”

31. Dad Dress-Up Relay

Have a pile of classic dad outfits like polo shirts, black socks with sandals, fanny packs, etc. Split into teams and have each person run up to grab one item from the pile and put it on, relay race style, to create the most ridiculously on-point “dad outfit.”

32. Dad Tool Identification 

Dads know their way around a toolbox. Display random tools and accessories on a table. Teams have to try to properly name as many tools, nails, bolts, etc. as possible for points.

33. Dad Snack Tasting 

What dad doesn’t love a good beer and some beef jerky? Have teams sample “dad-approved” snacks like different jerky flavors, nuts, beer/soda brands and try to identify what they’re eating/drinking.

34. DIY Dad Songwriting 

Give teams some simple instruments like shakers, harmonicas, etc. and have them collaborate to write and perform a silly, heartfelt song honoring dads to the tune of a classic melody. 

35. Dad Pun Car-aoke

Make a playlist of classic “dad rock” like Sweet Caroline, Don’t Stop Believin’, etc. but change up some lyrics with punny dad twists. Have an all-out dad pun car-aoke bash where teams perform their funniest renditions.

36. Dad’s Iconic Mustache Game

Cut out some iconic dad ‘staches like the chevron, horseshoe, walrus, etc. from paper or foam. Take turns having someone wear one on their face and doing their best over-the-top impression of a dad with that ‘stache. 

37. Dad Memory Match

Gather random small household items dads love – ties, drill bits, bottle openers, etc. Display them all, then cover and mix them up. Teams race to recreate the layout by memory for points.

38. Dad Vocab “Bleep” Game

Write out classic dad quotes, phrases, or jokes but replace certain words/nouns with “bleeps.” Teams have to guess the blanked out words based on context clues. For example: “Hey kiddo, don’t forget to take out the _____.”

39. DIY Dad Lunchbox Decorating

Have Dad-themed craft supplies available for teams to decorate basic lunchboxes into awesome Dad’s Day gifts. Encourage them to tap into those arts & crafts skills dads love.

40. Stadium Obstacle Course

Create an over-the-top obstacle course through the office using boxes, cones, chairs, etc. designed to look like a miniature baseball stadium or arena. Teams race through while announcers provide epic dad-style commentary.

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Celebrating Father’s Day in the workplace can be a fantastic opportunity to foster a sense of community, appreciation, and joy among colleagues. 

By embracing the unique qualities and quirks of fatherhood through these 40 engaging activities, businesses can create a vibrant and inclusive environment that recognizes the importance of family values. 

From heartwarming tributes to side-splitting competitions, these ideas cater to a wide range of interests and personalities, ensuring that everyone can find a way to honor the remarkable dads in their lives. So, gather your colleagues, embrace your inner dad joke, and get ready to create unforgettable memories while celebrating the unsung heroes – our beloved fathers.

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Father's Day Activities At Work


Q: Why should businesses celebrate Father’s Day in the workplace?

A: Celebrating Father’s Day in the workplace promotes a positive work culture, boosts employee morale, and fosters a sense of community and inclusivity. It shows appreciation for employees who are fathers and recognizes the importance of family values.

Q: Can these activities be adapted for different workplace settings?

A: Absolutely! These activities can be easily modified and scaled to suit various workplace environments, from large corporate offices to small businesses. The key is to tailor them to your specific needs and resources.

Q: How can businesses ensure these activities are inclusive and respectful?

A: It’s essential to be mindful of diverse family structures and cultural backgrounds. Encourage participation without pressure, and provide alternative activities for those who may not celebrate Father’s Day or feel comfortable participating.

Q: What are some tips for organizing successful Father’s Day activities?

A: Involve employees in the planning process, set clear expectations and guidelines, allocate appropriate resources (time, budget, space), and promote the activities well in advance to maximize participation. Most importantly, prioritize creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

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