25 Best Employee Appreciation Day Treat Ideas for Your Team

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25 Best Employee Appreciation Day Treat Ideas for Your Team

Employee Appreciation Day Treat Ideas for Your Team

Showing appreciation for your hardworking employees shouldn’t just happen one day a year. But if you’re looking to go all out for Employee Appreciation Day, treats are a tasty way to celebrate!

To help make gift-giving easy, we’ve compiled 25 fun and creative edible surprises your team will love. Featuring sweet baked goods, gourmet snacks, and decadent candy options, these ideas will satisfy every craving. And with a range of prices, you can find the perfect fit for your budget!

To take the gifts up a notch, check out the suggested products. They make it simple to add a personalized touch so your staff feels special. Just a little extra effort goes a long way when showing your gratitude!

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Employee Appreciation Day Treat Ideas

Delight your team with these 12 sweet ideas and coordinating treats from Amazon:

Custom Cupcakes

Surprise staff by ordering batches of cupcakes individually decorated with their interests and personalities. Top with swirls of frosting, sprinkles, and edible employee photos for personalized flair! Beyond just ordering cupcakes, work with your local bakery to create designs tailored to each employee. 

Top with swirls, sprinkles and photos of their favorite things for next-level personalization! Watch their eyes light up when they see touches like their dog or hobby depicted in icing.

Cheryl’s Cookies Frosted Cupcake Sampler. These adorable confections ship right to you, ready to personalize for each recipient! 

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Impress your team with ooey, gooey homemade cinnamon rolls. Shape, fill, and frost them yourself for an extra thoughtful gift from the oven they can enjoy all day long.Take the time to bake ooey gooey cinnamon rolls from scratch and hand out the spoils warm from the oven. 

Shape and fill each with glistening cinnamon-sugar filling, then slice through so everyone can pull their rolls apart to reveal those satisfying swirls. The effort is sure to leave them glowing all day long! Ann Clark Cookie Cutter Set. This cutter set has shapes to craft cute cinnamon rolls and other homemade treats in different sizes.

Luscious Layer Cake 

Gift your staff a multiple-tiered layer cake in decadent flavors like chocolate, strawberry, or salted caramel. Finish with buttercream rosettes, fruit flowers, or company logo toppings for an extra sinful surprise. Of course boxed mixes work. But designing a stunning scratch-made layer cake with twirls of fluffy buttercream and flourishes of edible flowers will have your team swooning as you cut into the towering confection. 

Choose their favorite rich flavors like German chocolate, lemon raspberry or mocha for maximum enjoyment! Contemporary Cake Decorating. This book has beginner-friendly tips to help you decorate a wow-worthy layer cake. 

Signature Donuts

Bring gourmet donuts from a local bakery, each decorated with custom phrases, colors and designs meaningful to every individual employee. It’s a playful way to show you care! Beyond granulated and glazed, donuts prove the ultimate canvas for creativity these days from Cookie Monster to more sophisticated designs! 

Work with local shops on must-try flavors like blueberry cheesecake or chocolate espresso, then take them up a notch with custom sweet messages, sprinkles and flags unique to each team member for a playful way to show thanks. Krispy Kreme E-Gift Card. Let recipients pick their own donuts so everyone can enjoy their favorites!

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Crafty Cookies

Show your dedication by baking specialized cookie portraits depicting staffers’ hobbies, pets, favorite foods and more. Meticulously decorate each one for amazing edible art gifts with heart. For next-level wow factor, use your baking prowess to intentionally design custom cookies as edible art portraits celebrating your team’s passions. Cut shapes mirroring their interests like a yoga mat for the office yogi or violin for the musically inclined. 

Outline details in icing for instantly recognizable and extremely thoughtful gift portraits with heart! Ann Clark Cookie Cutters. This bulk set has tons of shapes to craft detailed cookie masterpieces.

Cheesecake Sampler

Satisfy all cheesecake cravings by gifting mini slices in flavors like chocolate hazelnut, wild berry tart, and salted caramel dolloped with whipped cream for a photogenic treat. Because delicious cheesecake deserves more variety than just plain! Send mouths watering by gifting petite individual slices in salted caramel, wild berry swirl and chocolate turtle flavors. 

Artfully topped with chocolate curls, fresh berries or swirls of bright whipped cream, the stunning sampler allows everyone to indulge their specific cheesecake craving in miniature form. A few blissful bites provides the perfect sweet dose of appreciation! Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket. This basket has individual treats like cheesecake squares employees can sample.

Ice Cream Novelty Bar  

Send mouths watering by providing unlimited frozen ice cream treats from sundae cups to root beer floats at a swim-up bar. Surrounded by sprinkles and sauces, it’s a sweet oasis! Carvel Ice Cream Cakes. Their signature ice cream cakes can feed a crowd and handle custom artwork designs.

Dipped Delights Party

Encourage employees to dip pound cake, rice crispy treats, fruit and more into flowing fountains of chocolate, caramel and other delectable dressings for edible arts and crafts. Ghirardelli Fountain Chocolate Variety Pack. This affordable set offers delicious dipping options everyone will love.

Candy Charcuterie  

Craft artful arrangements of nostalgic candies, artisan chocolates and decorative sweets in lively landscapes and colors for a playfully presented snackable centerpiece. Sugarfina Candy Bento Box. With globally-inspired candies, this bento box makes charming charcuterie gifting easy.

Cake Pop Party

Line up rows of whimsical cake pop creations in a spectrum of designs from polka dots to superheroes, each plunged into a fluffy frosting stand. Kootek Cake Pop Kit. This kit has tools and supplies for baking cute cake pops recipients can devour.  

DIY Trail Mix Bar

Invite employees to fill bags with unlimited mixes of crunchy, nutty, chocolaty and chewy ingredients so they can discover snackable flavor combos.Helpiong 4 Section Trail Mix Bar Containers. These bulk containers keep ingredients separated and make DIY trail mix bars a breeze.  

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Bubble Tea Beverages 

Fill staffers with flavors by offering refreshing boba tea smoothies in tantalizing flavors like mango, matcha and classic milk tea varieties bursting with chewy bubbles.Cuppow Original Boba Straws. These reusable extra-wide straws are perfect for slurping those signature boba tea bubbles.

Employee Appreciation Day Snack Ideas

Fuel your team with 10 creative ways to gift delectable snacks featuring coordinating goodies from Amazon:

Custom Snack Boxes

Gift boxes packed with each employee’s favorite indulgent snacks like dried mango rolls, pistachios, granola clusters and squeeze yogurts shows you pay attention to what makes them happy! Nothing shows you pay attention quite like gift boxes packed with a mix of each employee’s personal favorites! 

Stuff theirs with sweet dried pineapple tidbits, peppery pistachios or chewy granola nibbles catered exactly to their snacking preferences for a gift that feels truly tailored. Custom Favor Gift Boxes, These kraft boxes come in a variety of sizes perfect for packing personalized snack assortments.

Build-Your-Own Trail Mix Bars 

Meet snackers where they’re at by providing a spread of nuts, fruits, crunchy bits and candy mix-ins so they can craft specialty trails combining craved flavors and textures. Appeal to diverse appetites by providing a spread of crunchy, salty and sweet snacks for crafting specialty trail mixes. Supply peanuts, banana chips, cereal, raisins, M&Ms and more so your team can layer and combine fixings to their own cravings. 

Custom scoops encourage blending sweet-savory creations for snacks that satisfy and nourish on busy days! munki trail mix containers. Colorful bulk canisters keep ingredients divided so employees can easily scoop and mix custom blends.

Craft Jerky Bouquet

Surprise staffers with bouquets of artisan dried meats beautifully bundled like roses with ribbons dangling dipping sauces for a splendid savory arrangement. Because protein deserves pomp too! Surprise meat snack enthusiasts with artful arrangements of fine dried sausages and tender jerky strips bountifully bundled into beautiful botanical-esque towers. 

Adorn with ribbons and include little dipping cups of zesty mustard, hot sauce, maple glaze or other flavorful accompaniments to take the meaty centerpieces next level. Jack Link’s Jerky Variety Pack. This sampler allows jerky connoisseurs to enjoy a mix of premium flavors.

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Engraved Granola Bar Tubes

Etch stainless steel tubes with names filled with an assortment of crunchy, hardy granola bars to power up teammates when hangry in between meals. Etched stainless steel cylinders engraved with coworkers’ names and brimming with crunchy oats, nuts and chewy granola bars offer energizing snacks in sleek personalized fashion. 

Pop one on each desk when late afternoon hunger hits or when that 2pm lull needs reversing! Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle. This bottle lets you add custom engravings to gift granola bars and other on-the-go snacks.

Monogrammed Popcorn Kernels

For popping perpetual popcorn, customize crisp bags of kernels with coworkers’ initials alongside flavor shakers of ranch dust, cheesy sprinkles and pizza powders for spraying their fresh batches. For popcorn aficionados, customize crisp pouches of fluffy kernels with coworkers’ initials alongside a variety of seasoning shakers. 

Think flavors like zesty ranch dust, tangy chili lime salt, rich truffle parsley and more – so they can give fresh-popped batches their signature twist! It’s a perennial gift that keeps the snack joy flowing. Ecolution Microwave Popcorn Popper. This popcorn maker simplifies prepping hot, fresh popcorn minus bags or oil!

Embroidered Lunch Bags

Equip hard carry lunch bags with initials or names sewn in center so recipients transport midday meals in embroidered style. Include bento boxes, snacks, fruits and recipes for eating well at work. Insulated Lunch Bag. These durable printed cooler bags securely carry meals while showing off customization.  

Monogrammed Yetis   

Yeti’s heavy-duty tumblers etched with employees’ initials let them sip drinks in durable personalized fashion. Gift soft cooler lunch bags custom-printed to match so monogrammed style carries throughout their work day.RTIC 30 oz Tumbler. This vacuum-insulated tumbler keeps drinks icy cold and comes in many colors to personalize.

Signature Snack Kits  

Gift collages of coworkers’ favorite pick-me-up snacks aligned with their personality like the social media manager trendy treats or athletic admin healthy packs for powering their roles.Care Packages Gift Box. Let them choose their own treats with this gift card pack to redeem specialty snack & self-care gifts.

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Employee Appreciation Day Candy Ideas

Satisfy sugar cravings with 5 sweet edible gifts featuring candy companion ideas from Amazon:

 Branded Bar Carts  

Candyland comes to life through bar carts brimming with bulk M&Ms, nostalgic candy hearts, chocolate pyramids and licorice structured into company logos and emblems for a truly trophy-worthy candy showcase. Bring candyland dreams to life by overflowing wheeled carts with jars of retro sweets, licorice vines, towering lollipops structured into your company logo and more! 

Build towering candy constructions to mimic top products or your headquarters. WILTON Candy Melts Variety Kit. These melts make DIY candy-making and shaping simple for sculpting company candy logos.

Monogrammed Candy Apples

Gift gorgeous magenta and crimson candy apples gleaming in personalized metallic detail for very important staffers. Carefully imprint the crystallized exterior with employee initials before the crunchy coating sets for VIP treatment. First take juicy apples in vibrant shades like honeycrisp red and granny smith green, then dip and drizzle them in crackling sweet candy shells tinted to your brand colors. 

While the coating is still warm, gently press employees’ initials or name on the surface so it crystallizes upon cooling for a undeniably VIP confection! Kootek Caramel Apple Sticks. Dress up gifted apples on these sticks with custom ribbons, flags and glittering accents 

Signature Candy Buffets

Wow a workforce of sugar addicts by erecting a monumental candy bar with towering dispensers of sours and sweets branded by clever names aligned to company code. “Accounting for these Candy Calories!” “Mint to be in Business Development” – you get the gist! Apetreat Chocolate Candy Fountain. This cascading confectionery fountain makes a mesmerizing focal point for candy spreads.

Monogrammed Candy Jars   

Treat loyal employees to classic penny candy favorites artfully arranged in glass jars engraved with their initials so they can proudly display and share sweet snacks on their desk. Personalized Mini Mason Jar. These petite glass jars etched with custom names store candy in personalized fashion.

Custom Swag Bags  

Show major appreciation by providing staffers splashy string backpacks reflecting their personalities bursting with diverse candy collections and company swag like slogan tees and engraved tumblers for the ultimate haul home.SWAG Brewery Customizable Backpack. These backpacks come in vibrant colors and can be customized to create candy-filled swag bags.

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Final Verdict:

However you choose to cater to your team, a little creativity and personalization goes a long way! Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect chance to celebrate your squad in flavorful style.  

So think outside the (candy) box and give them sweet surprises that satisfies more than just a sugar craving. Well-thought gifts also nourish loyalty, morale and unity across your organization.

That’s how you start creating a culture of recognition that extends well beyond just one day!

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