30 Halloween Treats For Employees (Gift Ideas – 2023)


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30 Halloween Treats For Employees (Gift Ideas – 2023)

As the spooky season approaches, companies should consider fun and festive ways to celebrate Halloween with their employees.

Providing small treats or gifts is a great morale booster and shows appreciation for your staff. 

In this blog post, we’ll include Halloween treats for employees and gift ideas. When selecting items, aim for a variety to satisfy all tastes – for example, fun-size candy bars, Halloween baked goods, plastic pumpkins full of candy corn, spider rings, seasonal coffee drinks, and more.

Get creative and make sure to provide options for any dietary needs or restrictions. A little gesture goes a long way in making employees feel valued.


30 Halloween treats for employees

The following is a list of Halloween treats for employees as gifts at the office:

1. “Spooky Snack Baskets”

Delight your employees with a spooky-themed snack basket filled with a variety of Halloween treats like popcorn, chocolate bars, and gummy candies. It’s a fun and delicious way to show your appreciation for their hard work.

2. “Pumpkin Spice Goodies”

Treat your team to the cozy flavors of fall with pumpkin spice-themed gifts. Consider gifting pumpkin spice coffee, cookies, or scented candles to bring warmth to their homes during the Halloween season.

3. “Customized Halloween Mugs”

Personalized Halloween mugs make for thoughtful gifts. Add the company logo or your employees’ names, and fill them with seasonal treats, like hot chocolate mix or spooky-themed marshmallows.

4. “Ghoulish Office Decor”

Send your team Halloween-themed decorations like spiderweb tablecloths, pumpkin centerpieces, or spooky wall decals. This allows employees to transform their workspace into a festive Halloween haven.

5. “Wickedly Fun Board Games”

Encourage your employees to have some Halloween fun at home with board games like “Halloween Bingo” or “Pumpkin Pictionary.” These games provide a great way for their families to join in the Halloween spirit.

6. “Mystery Candy Bags”

Give employees the thrill of a surprise with mystery candy bags. Fill them with an assortment of candies, and let the mystery add an extra layer of excitement to their Halloween celebrations.

7. “DIY Halloween Treat Kits”

Provide DIY Halloween treat kits with all the ingredients and instructions for making spooky cookies, caramel apples, or even pumpkin carving. It’s a creative way to celebrate Halloween together while apart.

8. “Costume Contest Prizes”

Host a virtual costume contest for your employees and offer enticing prizes, such as gift cards or movie tickets, to the winners. It encourages participation and adds a sense of community, even from a distance.

9. “Haunted Movie Night”

Send your employees a Halloween-themed movie night package with popcorn, a cozy blanket, and a classic or new horror movie DVD. It’s a perfect way for them to unwind and enjoy a spooky film.

10. “Pamper and Relaxation Kits”

Recognize your employees’ hard work by sending them relaxation kits with items like scented candles, bath salts, and cozy socks. Encourage them to take a break and unwind during the Halloween season.

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11. “Halloween-Themed Office Supplies”

Enhance your employees’ workspace with Halloween-themed office supplies like spooky notepads, ghostly pens, and pumpkin-shaped sticky notes. This practical yet fun gift adds a touch of Halloween to their daily work routine.

12. “Gourmet Caramel Apples”

Indulge your employees with gourmet caramel apples adorned with a variety of toppings, from chocolate chips to crushed nuts. It’s a sweet and sophisticated treat that embodies the essence of autumn.

13. “Witchy Wellness Kits”

Show your commitment to employee well-being with wellness kits containing items like herbal teas, stress-relief candles, and soothing face masks. A subtle reminder to take care of their health during the busy season.

14. “Haunted Historical Book”

Send employees a spine-chilling book based on a real historical event or place, tying Halloween with learning and intrigue. Encourage them to immerse themselves in a good scare and expand their knowledge.

15. “Gourmet Coffee Sampler”

For the coffee lovers on your team, a gourmet coffee sampler featuring Halloween-themed flavors like pumpkin spice or caramel apple is a thoughtful and energizing gift.

Best Halloween Treat Ideas for Employees

Some of the Best Halloween Treat ideas for employees at the workplace or office include:

16. “Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest”

Organize a virtual pumpkin carving contest for your employees. Provide each participant with a pumpkin carving kit and hold a creative competition, complete with prizes for the most impressive designs.

17. “Halloween Wine or Craft Beer Tasting Kit”

Elevate the Halloween experience with wine or craft beer tasting kits. Include a selection of themed beverages and tasting notes for a sophisticated and enjoyable evening.

18. “Escape Room Experience”

Give the gift of a virtual escape room experience, allowing employees to challenge their problem-solving skills and bond with colleagues while working together to solve Halloween-themed puzzles.

19. “Wickedly Good Cookware”

Equip your team with high-quality Halloween-themed kitchenware, such as pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters or skull-patterned oven mitts. These tools will inspire culinary creativity in the kitchen.

20. “Haunted House Tickets”

Provide your employees with tickets to a local haunted house attraction, or arrange for a virtual haunted house experience if in-person events are not possible. It’s a thrilling way to enjoy Halloween together, even from a distance.

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21. “Glow-in-the-Dark Desk Accessories”

Brighten up your employees’ workspaces with glow-in-the-dark desk accessories like mousepads, pen holders, and keyboard covers. This unique and practical gift adds a playful twist to their office environment, perfect for Halloween.

22. “Potion-Inspired Bath Bombs”

Pamper your team with Halloween-themed bath bombs designed to resemble colorful potions. These luxurious bath products will help them relax and unwind after a long day.

23. “Halloween Scavenger Hunt”

Create a virtual Halloween scavenger hunt for your employees. Provide a list of Halloween-themed items for them to find around their homes or neighborhoods. The first to complete the list could win a prize.

24. “Spooky Plant Decor”

Send employees potted succulents or air plants in Halloween-themed planters. Not only does this gift bring a touch of nature to their workspace, but it also adds a unique and stylish Halloween vibe.

25. “Haunted History Tour”

Arrange a virtual guided tour of a local historic site with a haunted past. Employees can learn about spooky stories and historical mysteries from the comfort of their own homes.

26. “Halloween Recipe Book”

Compile a Halloween recipe book featuring unique and delicious recipes for spooky treats and dishes. This gift encourages employees to get creative in the kitchen and try their hand at cooking or baking.

27. “Costume Swap Party”

Host a virtual costume swap party where employees can trade or show off their Halloween costumes. It’s a fun and sustainable way to encourage creativity and camaraderie among your team.

28. “Mystical Crystal Collection”

Introduce employees to the world of crystals by gifting them a set of assorted mystical crystals known for their positive energies and unique properties. It’s a thoughtful and intriguing present.

29. “Halloween Crafting Kits”

Provide employees with Halloween-themed crafting kits, complete with all the supplies they need to make decorations, costumes, or seasonal crafts. It’s a great way to foster creativity and family fun.

30. “Spine-Chilling Audiobooks”

Offer your employees a selection of Halloween-themed audiobooks or subscriptions to audiobook services. They can enjoy chilling tales and thrilling mysteries during their commute or downtime.

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Final Thoughts:

Providing Halloween treats and gifts is an easy way to increase employee morale and have some seasonal fun at the office.

With a bit of creativity and advance planning, you can come up with options to satisfy all preferences. Your staff will appreciate the gesture of appreciation. Happy Halloween!

These unique and innovative Halloween treat ideas for employees add a touch of fun, intrigue, and creativity to the season, fostering a sense of celebration and connection within your team.


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