15 Best Valentine’s day contest ideas for work

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15 Best Valentine’s day contest ideas for work

Valentine’s day contest ideas for work

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about romance – it’s also the perfect excuse to embrace our playful side! Infuse some festive fun into your workplace this season with group games that spark joy and bring colleagues together through laughter. When played in the spirit of light competition and camaraderie, these activities can strengthen social bonds across your organization.

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Fun Valentine’s day game ideas for work

1. Sing Your Heart Out Karaoke

Belt out the hits and bring on the laughs with a team karaoke battle! Split your staff into groups and have each pick a classic love song to perform in their own unique way. Go big and go home with costumes, props and choreography to really amp up the entertainment level! Award prizes for categories like best stage presence, funniest lyrical rewrite, most dramatic delivery, best costumes, etc.

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To let their inner pop stars live out their dreams, have this disco light karaoke machine on hand with mics to clearly broadcast those hilarious and harmonious vocal performances. Between the flashing lights and amateur singing, your office will become one exciting party central!

2. The Couple Connection Game

Build connections in your workplace by pairing up employees for a lively compatibility game inspired by The Newlywed Game. Have one teammate go solo to privately answer spicy questions like “Which dessert best describes your partner’s dream romantic getaway?” Then reunite the pairs and see if their partners’ answers sync up! Lead to some funny revelations about how well (or not!) colleagues really know each other.

Keep the conversations flowing with the prompts from this set of 200 relationship questions. Randomly drawn cards contain thought-provoking queries and deep dilemmas that will reveal fascinating insights into each teammate. Strengthen understanding through open sharing!

3. Romantic Comedy Trivia Challenge

For the romance genre lovers on staff, transform your workplace into a lovefest! Test just how well colleagues know their favorite romantic stories with customized movie trivia questions encompassing classic and contemporary hits. We’re talking Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, Trainwreck – all the iconic love-fests through the decades. Award chocolate hearts or Starbucks gift cards to the winning film aficionados.

And for extra fun, rewatch From Hollywood with Love to prepare while enjoying movie theater style snacks and dressed in themed apparel! Fairy lights, heart garlands and red tablecloths will set the scene for this game day of romantic nostalgia and testing cherished Hollywood memories.

4. Love Potion 

Mocktail Contest Add some delicious fun by splitting up into teams and tasking each group with creating their own “love potion” mocktails. They can really let their mixology creativity shine by infusing flavors, making syrups, adding garnishes, etc. 

Then have a mocktail tasting and vote on creations like the most passionfruit flavor, prettiest presentation, most aromatic, etc. The winning team gets bragging rights!

Supply teams with essential mixology tools like this bartender kit with shaker tins, strainers, jiggers and more.

5. Cupid’s Compatibility Game 

Get your coworkers laughing together by playing a compatibility game in the spirit of finding their perfect workplace “match.” Develop a list of funny questions like “Which superhero would you team up with at work?” and have employees write down answers. 

Then randomly pair people up and see if their answers align to determine their “compatibility score.” Those with the highest scores win candy heart prizes.

Sweeten the compatibility revelry by gifting funny candy heart socks.

Office and Virtual Valentine’s Day Competition Ideas for Work

6. Virtual Talent Show 

Host a virtual talent show inviting employees to send in video clips showing off a special skill or performance. It could be singing, dancing, playing an instrument, displaying athletic feats, comedy routines – anything goes! Set up a voting system and offer prizes for categories like most creative, funniest video, best musical performance, etc.

Make employees feel like stars by sending the winners goodie bags with theatre candy and personalized star trophies. Custom-make trophies easily and affordably with trophy kits.

7. Best Decorated Workspace Contest 

Nothing spreads cheer faster than festive decorations! Encourage coworkers to decorate their home workspaces with vibrant Valentine’s details and decorations. Then have a contest showcasing photos of all the fun and creative ways people adorned their home offices. 

Let employees vote on categories like most glittery, most vibrant red hues, punniest themes (“I love you a latte”), etc.Assist employees in decorating their workspaces with this Valentine’s Day decoration set, complete with banners, balloons and more.

8. Virtual Team Cookie-Decorating Activity 

What’s more festive than decorating sweet treats? Host a virtual cookie-decorating competition by delivering sugar cookie kits and icing to employees’ homes along with any requested decorations. Set a time for everyone to log on to a video call to decorate cookies together. 

Then vote on the best decorated cookies and mail prizes to the winning bakers!Provide the decorating essentials with this complete 70-piece cookie decorating kit equipped with tips, icing and sprinkles galore.

9. Love Results in Race to Finish Office Tasks 

Add excitement to the usual workload by gamifying office tasks. Create Valentine’s Day themed challenges employees can choose from to complete. Examples include a “Love Letters” typing speed test, “Rose Delivery” racing to print files the fastest without errors.

“Cupid’s Mailroom” challenge to most quickly label and sort mail items correctly. Offer small treats as prizes!Keep energy and focus levels high during tasks with heart-shaped chocolates as a sugary pick-me-up.

10. Most “Lovable” Pet Contest 

Employees can’t resist showing off photos of their precious pets! Organize a virtual contest for people to submit photos of their cats, dogs, hamsters – any companion animals! 

Then set up a voting system for awards like Most Puppy Dog Eyes, Best Dressed, Most Adorable Snuggler and so on. It’s a cute way for coworkers to connect while gushing over fur babies.Pamper prize-winning pets by gifting luxury pet bandanas made of soft, absorbent microfiber.

11. Love Letters from Literature Quiz 

Romantic words are clues in this literature guessing game! Quote famous literary love letters and romantic excerpts and have teams guess the fictional couples behind the poetic prose. Some fun examples include lines from Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Darcy.

Romeo & Juliet, Jane Eyre and more. Bookworms and hopeless romantics will devour this competition!Delight book-loving employees with a Kindle e-reader loaded with romantic classics to keep the literary love affair going all year long.

12. Guess the Candy Heart Phrases

Candy hearts flooded with sweet nothings and punny quips are nostalgic symbols of Valentine’s Day. Make it a lively guessing game by projecting images of candy hearts filled with phrases and have coworkers try to accurately decipher the teeny tiny words and phrases stamped on the candies. 

It’s trickier than you think!Sweeten their success with delicious classic candy heart boxes as prizes.

13. Love Around the World Trivia

This trivia game adds diversity and education about global celebrations of love. Develop questions that highlight Valentine’s Day traditions in other cultures around the world as well as practice in different languages. Some examples: In what country is “Valentinstag” celebrated? What does “ti amo” mean? Employees can expand their worldview while having competitive fun.

Expand employees’ international candy palates with assorted sweets gift baskets featuring global flavors.

14. Guess Who’s Admiring You Cards 

Everyone loves an old-fashioned secret admirer! Print out cards for each employee with a short, specific compliment like “Your leadership inspires me” or “You always know how to make me smile.” 

Set up a display board where people can post cards anonymously for coworkers to pick up. See if staffers can guess who wrote the notes for them!Surprise hard-working employees by secretly sending chocolate-dipped fortune cookies with optimistic messages inside.

15. Virtual Sweetheart Speed Friending

Hosting virtual Valentine’s Day happy hours helps coworkers make more personal connections in a relaxed setting. Take it a step further with round-robin style speed friending! Use breakout rooms to pair up employees for a few minutes at a time to rapid-fire friendly questions and get to know colleagues better. 

Then shuffle room assignments for new mini-conversations with another coworker.Lift spirits during virtual mingling with sweet wine and chocolate gift baskets delivered to employees’ homes.

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Final Verdict

Spread the love and foster friendships at your workplace this February 14! These fun Valentine’s Day activities, contests and games range from silly to sentimental, offering creative ways for your staff to take a joyful break from workflow. Which ideas will you use to celebrate heartfelt employee appreciation and connection at the office?

With concepts centered around music, partnership and movies, these lively games will engage varied interests across your organization. Playful competition blended with interactive bonding is a chance for surprising connections to form and walls between departments to come down. This Valentine’s Day, let your workplace come alive with energy, laughter and maybe even some love!


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