Valentine’s day ideas for work

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Valentine’s day ideas for work

50 Fun Valentine’s day ideas for work

Valentine’s Day presents a fun opportunity to uplift workplace culture through celebration. This article features 50 fresh ideas ranging from thoughtful gestures to lively activities that infuse offices with more joy and connection. By choosing from categories like gifts, decor, food, virtual events, and games, leaders can find creative ways to make February 14 special for employees.

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1. Best Valentine’s Day Ideas for Work

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for couples. It’s a great opportunity to spread joy and appreciation in the workplace too. Here are some of the best ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day at work:

1. Virtual Valentine’s Day Cards

Send e-valentines or virtual valentine’s day cards to coworkers. Services like eGreetings and Punchbowl let you create and customize online valentine’s day cards to email to colleagues. It’s a quick, easy way to share the love! Lovepop 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards for Valentine’s Day

These beautiful handmade 3D pop up greeting cards add a special touch for Valentine’s Day. The intricate paper art makes the cards really stand out. 

2. Candy Grams 

Hand out small bags or boxes of candy with sweet notes attached. It’s a tasty way to show coworkers you care. You can tie this to a fundraising event for charity too. Valentine’s Day Assorted Chocolates Gift Basket 

This gift basket includes an assortment of chocolate treats like truffles, caramels, and more. Perfect for handing out candy grams in the office!

3. Photo Booth

Set up a fun Valentine’s Day themed photo booth in the office. Provide props and decorations for people to pose with. They can take pics with coworkers or by themselves. Print out the photos to display on a bulletin board.Photo Booth Props Kit

This photo booth props kit has everything you need to set up a fun Valentine’s themed photo booth – props, decorations, frames and more!

4. Catered Lunch 

Provide a special Valentine’s Day catered lunch or bring in food and drinks. Finger sandwiches, charcuterie boards, cupcakes, and pink lemonade create a festive feel.Valentine’s Day Party Plates and Napkins.

Serve up Valentine’s Day catered treats on these cute themed party plates and napkins.

5. Gift Exchange

Organize a fun Valentine’s Day gift exchange, like a Secret Santa. Set a modest price limit and have coworkers randomly draw names to buy a small gift for.Valentine’s Day Socks Gift Box

These fun socks with Valentine’s Day symbols like hearts and lips would make a great gift exchange present!

2. Team Building Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas for Workplace

Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to bring your work team together with these fun team building activities:

6. Valentine’s Day Trivia

Test coworkers’ knowledge of Valentine’s Day facts and trivia. Give out candy or small prizes to winners.

These trivia game cards have 100 different questions all about Valentine’s Day history, facts, movies, songs and more. Great for a Valentine’s trivia competition.

7. Decorating Contest

Split the office into teams and have a Valentine’s Day decorating contest. See which team can design the most creative, festive work area. Offer a prize for the winning team.

This decor kit includes banners, balloons, streamers, cupid cutouts and more to decorate for a Valentine’s Day theme. Perfect for office decorating contests.

8. Valentine’s Day Karaoke

Set up a karaoke machine in the office and have coworkers take turns singing love songs. It’s a fun team bonding activity and shows off everyone’s musical talents.

This all-in-one karaoke system has built-in speakers, disco lights and can connect to Bluetooth, CDs or MP3s. Plug it in for instant karaoke fun at the office!

9. Cookie Decorating Activity

Provide sugar cookies, icing and toppings for teams to decorate. Have a contest for the most creative, beautiful designs.Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Kit

This cookie decorating kit includes cookie cutters, piping bags, sprinkles and cupid topping picks perfect for a Valentine’s Day cookie decorating competition.

3. Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas for Workplace

Make Valentine’s Day at the office more fun and festive with these creative ideas:

10. Flower Bouquet Centerpieces

Place flower bouquets in mason jars on desks and conference room tables for pop of color. Opt for pink, red and white blooms to match the Valentine’s Day theme. Valentine’s Day Artificial Flower Bouquet

This pretty faux flower bouquet has red, white and pink roses, perfect for Valentine’s Day centerpieces. No maintenance required!

11. Love Notes Wall 

Put up a bulletin board or bare wall space and encourage employees to hang up note cards with short love notes to coworkers. It spreads positive vibes throughout the office.Valentine’s Day Love Notes Card Pack

Give each employee a pack of these cute love notes cards to fill out and hang up in the office.

12. Candy Bar 

Set up a candy bar filled with treats like chocolate, candy hearts, gummi bears and more. Let coworkers help themselves to get a sugar boost. Sweethearts Valentine’s Day Candy 

These classic Valentine’s Day Sweathearts candies are a must-have for any holiday candy bar. Share a little love through candy!

4. Virtual Valentine’s Day Ideas for Work 

Can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day together in person? Take the festivities online with these virtual ideas:

13. Virtual Baking Class

Host a team bonding activity by streaming a Valentine’s Day themed virtual baking class. Mail employees a baking kit beforehand so everyone can participate

This baking kit has cupcake liners, frosting, piping bags, and themed toppers so the whole team can take part in a virtual cupcake decorating class.

14. Online Flower Arranging Course

Learn the skills of flower arranging together! Hire a florist to lead your team in an online Valentine’s Day flower arranging tutorial. Send everyone flowers to follow along. Valentine’s Day Flowers Bouquet and Vase Delivery

 Send each employee fresh flower arrangements and vases so they can create their own bouquets during the online flower arranging class. 

15. Digital Cards and E-Gifts

Send e-valentines, digital gift cards and online gifts to show remote working teammates you’re thinking of them on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day E-Gift Cards 

These digital Visa gift cards come in cheerful Valentine’s Day designs. They can be emailed to coworkers to purchase gifts or treats.

16. Virtual Valentine’s Day Party

Host a virtual Valentine’s Day happy hour or party over video chat. Play games, take quizzes, and raise a toast together, even from afar. Box of Valentine’s Day Party Games

This party game set includes bingo, trivia, mad libs and other activities for a hilarious virtual Valentine’s Day bash.

5. Valentine’s Day Lunch Ideas for Work

Treat the team to special Valentine’s Day catered lunches with these fun ideas:

17. Heart-Shaped Sandwiches 

Order finger sandwiches cut into heart shapes or make them yourself. Use cookie cutters to transform regular sandwiches into adorable bite-sized hearts.Heart-Shaped Sandwich Cutter

Make cute heart-shaped sandwiches with this simple sandwich cutter. Use it to cut sandwiches, fruits, cheeses, and more into sweet Valentine’s shapes.

18. Charcuterie Boards

Create grazing tables or charcuterie boards covered in meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, crackers, jams, dips and other savory treats for a delicious spread.Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board Serving Set

This complete charcuterie board set comes with trays, utensils, slate labels and candles for a romantic Valentine’s Day lunch spread.

19. Pink Foods and Drinks

Serve pink foods and drinks like pink lemonade, strawberry salad with pink vinaigrette, pink velvet cupcakes, and raspberry tarts.Valentine’s Day Disposable Pink Plates and Napkins

Serve up pink foods and drinks on these disposable pink paper plates and napkins. Quick, easy and fits the Valentine’s Day theme!

6. Fun Ideas for Valentine’s Day at Work

Make Valentine’s Day a lighthearted, enjoyable day at the office with these fun ideas:

20. Love Advice Booth

Set up a mock “love advice booth” and have coworkers give each other silly relationship tips. Record videos for a good laugh. Valentine’s Day Photo Booth Props

These photo booth props like lips, hearts and roses set the perfect backdrop for a DIY love advice booth.

21. Candy Bouquet Delivery 

Organize a candy bouquet delivery where employees secretly deliver small bouquets of candy, cookies or treats to coworkers throughout the day. Valentine’s Day Hershey’s Kisses Bouquet

This candy bouquet with red foil Hershey’s kisses and a Mylar “Happy Valentine’s Day” balloon will sweeten up someone’s workspace.

22. Crafting Station

Set up a table with craft supplies so coworkers can make their own Valentine’s Day cards on break time to give to partners, kids or friends.Valentine’s Day Card Making Craft Kit 

This DIY card making kit has everything needed to assemble pretty handmade Valentine’s Day cards at work.

7. Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Work

Not sure what to give colleagues and coworkers for Valentine’s Day? These work-friendly gift ideas check all the boxes:

23. Gift Cards

You can never go wrong giving gift cards. Opt for Visa, Amazon, Starbucks, Target or other general gift cards coworkers can use to buy anything.Valentine’s Day Gift Card Holder

Make basic gift cards more exciting with this decorative holder. It can be hung on a desk or wall to display gift cards in style. 

24. Candy with Custom Labels

Fill jars or tins with candy and attach customized labels with coworkers’ names. It adds a personalized touch. Valentine’s Day Candy Tins with Customizable Labels (12 pack)

Fill these blank candy tins with sweets and use the included stickers to customize labels for each recipient. Thoughtful and budget-friendly!

25. Desk Accessories 

Give practical desk accessories like stylish pens, portable phone chargers, mouse pads or desk organizers. Marble and Rose Gold Wireless Charger 

This luxurious looking wireless phone charger doubles as a pretty desk accessory gift coworkers will appreciate. 

8. Cute Valentine Ideas for Work

Spread smiles in the office with these adorable and thoughtful Valentine’s Day ideas:

26. Custom Valentine’s Day Cards

Design and distribute cute custom Valentine’s Day cards with coworkers’ names on them. Handwrite short messages inside about what you appreciate about them. DIY Valentine’s Day Photo Cards

These printable photo Valentine’s cards can be customized with coworkers’ names and photos. Personal and heartfelt!

27. Treat Bags

Hand out red treat bags or boxes filled with candy kisses, cookies, hot chocolate and other goodies. Add a personalized tag to make it extra special. Share the Love Candy Gift Boxes with Customizable Tags (Set of 12)

Fill these customizable candy boxes with sweets and write coworkers’ names on the tags. Perfect for distributing treat bags in the office.

28. Valentine’s Day Sprinkles

Leave cups of colorful Valentine’s Day sprinkles on coworkers’ desks to use on cakes, cookies or ice cream. A sprinkle of holiday joy! Valentine’s Day Rainbow Sprinkles

These colorful heart-shaped sprinkles add a festive topping to any treat. Give out individual cups for coworkers to take home. 

9. Romantic Ideas for Secret Valentine at Work

Secret Valentines or secret gift exchanges are a fun way to celebrate at work. Here are ideas for romance-themed secret Valentine surprises:

29. Perfume or Cologne 

Give designer perfume or cologne sampler sets so they can try out new fragrances. Pick neutral scents that work for men or women. Valentine’s Day Perfume & Cologne Coffret Set

This gift set comes with a variety of men’s and women’s perfume and cologne vials neatly packaged in a decorative gift box. Great for secret Valentines.

30. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These classic Valentine’s Day treats don’t disappoint. Opt for chocolate dipped strawberries packaged in a heart-shaped box for extra romance. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Heart Gift Box

Surprise your work secret valentine with these gourmet chocolate covered strawberries in a beautiful heart-shaped gift box.

31. Scented Candle

Select a lovely scented candle in a pretty glass jar. Spring scents like lilac, lavender or rose are perfect for this romantic holiday. Valentine’s Day Rose Scented Candle

The romantic floral scent of roses fills the air with this soy wax candle in a clear glass jar tied with a bow. Sets a lovely mood!

32. Romantic Movie Gift Basket

Create a movie night gift basket. Include popcorn, chocolate and a DVD of a romantic comedy or drama. Valentine’s Day Romantic Movie Night Gift Basket

This gift set comes with popcorn, candy, two mugs, a blanket and the rom-com classic “When Harry Met Sally” – everything for a cozy movie date night!

10. Valentine Bulletin Board Ideas for Work

Decorate an office bulletin board for Valentine’s Day with these creative display ideas:

33. Heart Garland

Create a swinging garland out of colorful paper chain hearts. This adds a cheery backdrop. Valentine’s Day Heart Garland DIY Craft Kit

This kit has everything you need to make a festive paper heart chain garland for a Valentine’s bulletin board.

34. Theme Backdrop

Use red, pink and white paper, streamers, images of hearts and cupids as a background for the bulletin board. Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Decorating Kit

This kit includes paper cutouts, borders, letters and more to create a decorative Valentine’s Day bulletin board background. 

35. Photos and Memories

Post fun photos of coworker Valentine’s traditions along with cards and other memorabilia from past company Valentine’s Day celebrations. Valentine’s Day String Lights Photo Clips

These mini clothespin style clips are perfect for hanging photos on string lights, bulletin boards, banners and more.

36. Announcements and Schedules

Pin up schedules for Valentine’s Day office events, potlucks, gift exchanges and parties. Share announcements about dress code, volunteer opportunities or donations related to the holiday. Red Valentine’s Day Paper for Signs and Announcements

Print announcements on sheets of this red card stock paper and pin up on the bulletin board. Bolds and eye-catching for important Valentine’s Day news.

11. Valentine Goodie Bag Ideas for Work

Assemble festive goodie bags for coworkers to take home and enjoy with these fun ideas:

37. Hot Chocolate

Package gourmet hot cocoa mixes, marshmallows, a mug and festive sprinkle straws. Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Goodie Bag Kit (12 Count) 

This kit has everything you need to assemble a dozen hot chocolate goodie bags – just add mugs!

38. Candle and Bath Bomb

Include a scented Valentine’s Day candle plus a matching bath bomb or bubble bath. Ideal for relaxation. Valentine’s Day Candle and Bath Bomb Gift Set

This self-care set comes with a rose scented candle and matching rose bath bomb beautifully packaged in a gift box.

39. Chocolate and Wine

Add mini bottles of wine or champagne plus chocolate truffles or caramels for an indulgent treat. Valentine’s Day Chocolate and Wine Goodie Bag (12 Count)

Each bag in this gift set includes two chocolate truffles and a mini bottle of rosé wine – perfect for Valentine’s Day goodie bags.

40. Self-Care

Package cozy socks, skincare masks, calming teas, bath salts or other pampering items to promote relaxation. Valentine’s Day Spa Kit with Socks, Mask, Candle, and Tea

Pamper coworkers with this spa kit containing comfy socks, a face mask, scented candle, and calming tea bags.

41. Cookies and Candy

Fill bags with sweet treats like heart-shaped cookies, chocolate bark, candy kisses, or gummy candies. Valentine’s Day Cookie and Candy Assortment (12 Count)

This 12-pack of goodie bags comes with an assortment of cookies, chocolate and candy perfect for Valentine’s Day treats to go.

12. Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas for Work

Liven up the office for Valentine’s Day with these easy decorating ideas:

42. Heart Garlands 

Cut or purchase paper hearts in varying sizes and string together to create garlands. Drape them along walls, windows, cubicle openings, and across mantles or shelves. Valentine’s Day Heart Garland Kit

This kit has 100 paper hearts and string for creating pretty garlands around the office.

43. 3D Paper Flowers

Make DIY paper roses, tulips, daisies and other flowers out of crepe paper, tissue paper, or scrapbook paper. Cluster in vases or tape around walls. Valentine’s Day Tissue Paper Flower Decorating Kit 

Assemble gorgeous tissue paper flowers with this kit that contains paper, wire, floral tape, and instructions for different bloom types and colors.

44. Light Installation

Use string lights or papel picado banners in shades of red, white or pink as twinkling accents around the workspace.20 Ft Valentine’s Day String Lights 

These commercial grade string lights have warm LED bulbs and come with clips for easy hanging.

13. Valentine’s Day Game Ideas for Work

Make Valentine’s Day entertaining for the team with these fun game ideas perfect for the office:

45. Valentine’s Day Bingo

Play traditional bingo using cards with words like “cupid”, “flowers” and “chocolate” instead of letters and numbers. Give out small prizes to winners. Valentine’s Day Bingo Game with Cards and Markers

This bingo game comes with call cards and 20 bingo cards with Valentine’s Day themes to play. Add candy or prizes!

46. Relationship Trivia

Test everyone’s knowledge of love, relationships and Valentine’s Day facts with trivia questions. Give out candy for correct answers. Valentine’s Day Trivia Game Cards 

Keep the office entertained at lunch or break time with this deck of 200 trivia questions all about love, dating and Valentine’s Day history. 

47. Love Song Guess

Make playlists of romance songs and see who can guess the title and artist fastest. Give clues if needed. Valentine’s Day Love Songs Music CD

This 2 disc set has 40 romantic love songs perfect for using in a Valentine’s Day song guessing game.

14. Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Work

Throw an office Valentine’s Day party with food, drinks, music and activities:

48. Pink and Red Dress Code

Have everyone wear shades of pink, red or white if possible to get in the Valentine spirit. Provide fun accessories like bead necklaces. Valentine’s Day Party Bead Necklaces (24 count)

These beaded necklaces come in red, pink and white – perfect for getting in the Valentine’s day spirit!

49. Heart Shaped Foods

Serve bite sized finger foods cut into heart shapes using cookie cutters. Try mini sandwiches, cheese, fruits, and veggies. Heart-Shaped Sandwich Cutter Set (4 cutters)

Make cute heart-shaped sandwiches, quesadillas, and more with this affordable sandwich cutter set. 

50. Valentine’s Karaoke 

Have a karaoke machine and microphones ready for coworkers to belt out love songs. Up the fun by having duets. Singtrix Party Bundle Karaoke Machine

This all-in-one karaoke machine has great sound effects making everyone sound like a pop star! Perfect for Valentine’s karaoke.

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Final Verdict

Bringing more levity and togetherness to the office is what Valentine’s Day is all about. Through gifts that convey appreciation, festive decorations that brighten spirits, meals that nourish, or games that unite teams through laughter, these 50 ideas offer something for every workplace. 

As you choose ideas that align with your environment and people, the simple act of celebrating affection and community can make worklife more uplifting. May these suggestions inspire small gestures and joyful connections that ripple through the coming year ahead. When people feel happy and supported at work, amazing productivity and innovations follow.


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