30 Employee Appreciation Day Wishes

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30 Employee Appreciation Day Wishes

Employee Appreciation Day Wishes

Employee Appreciation Day is a chance for companies to show their staff how much they are valued. A simple “thank you” goes a long way in making employees feel their efforts are noticed and appreciated. As this special day approaches, here are 30 wishes you can share with your team:


1. Wishing you a happy Employee Appreciation Day! We’re so grateful for your contributions and dedication. Please enjoy this Amazon gift card for a coffee on us today.

2. Thanks for being such an integral part of our team. We appreciate all your hard work and commitment. Hope you feel special today!

3. We couldn’t do what we do without amazing employees like you! Enjoy Employee Appreciation Day. You make us so proud!

4. Wishing a happy Employee Appreciation Day to our staff who show up with smiles on their faces and give 110% effort all year round. Three cheers for you!

5. We don’t say it often enough, but please know how much we value each of you. Happy Employee Appreciation Day with much gratitude and many thanks!   

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6. Our organization simply wouldn’t run without exceptional people like you on the team. Enjoy Employee Appreciation Day!

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7. Thank you for working so hard for our company. We hope you know how much you’re appreciated, not just today but every single day. Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

8. To an outstanding employee who raises the bar for excellence, commitment, and attitude – Happy Employee Appreciation Day! We’re lucky to have you on our squad! Enjoy your gift card for a special treat!

9. Thank you for all the energy, enthusiasm and initiative you bring to work each day. We hope you feel valued and appreciated, not just today but always! Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

10. We appreciate employees like you who not only do good work but also spread positivity to everyone around them. Three cheers for you on Employee Appreciation Day!

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11. Happy Employee Appreciation Day to someone whose smile lights up any room they walk into! Thanks for brightening our office with your cheerful attitude!

12. To the employee whose dedication, talent and efforts never go unnoticed, happy Employee Appreciation Day! We salute you!

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13. It’s employees like you who make up the heart and soul of our organization. Thanks for putting your heart into everything you do. Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

14. Thanks to caring employees like yourself, our organization has achieved so many of our goals this past year. We hope you feel appreciated not just today but every day!

15. We value passionate employees who pour their creativity, dedication and hearts into their work like you do. Happy Employee Appreciation Day superstar!

16. We appreciate team players like yourself who are always willing to go the extra mile when needed. Happy Employee Appreciation Day! Please enjoy this small token of thanks! 

17. Thanks for being an integral thread in the fabric of our organization. We couldn’t succeed without dedicated employees like you! Happy Appreciation Day!

18. Kudos to our #1 employee on Employee Appreciation Day – and every day! We’re so grateful for your outstanding work and wonderful attitude. Enjoy!

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19. Cheers to the most positive, hardworking person in our office! We appreciate you more than you know. Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

20. Thanks a latte for being such an amazing employee! You make our days so much brighter. Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

21. We’ve hit the employee jackpot with dedicated folks like you! Thanks for all your efforts – enjoy a fun treat on us for Employee Appreciation Day! You deserve it!

22. To our shining employee who always aims for the stars and beyond – Happy Appreciation Day! We’re so lucky to have you as part of our galaxy! Please enjoy this gift card as a token of our immense gratitude! 

23. Thanks for being such a ray of sunshine in our office! We appreciate your bright ideas and sunny disposition. Wishing you a day filled with happiness on this Employee Appreciation Day!

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24. We’re so fortunate to have employees like you who inspire us with their passion, knowledge and commitment to being their very best. Happy Appreciation Day from your biggest fans!

25. Sincere thanks to our employee dream team player! We hope you know how much we value your dedication and hard work. Enjoy Employee Appreciation Day – you deserve the VIP treatment!

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26. Cheers to our staff superstar on Employee Appreciation Day! Thanks for knocking it out of the park every day with your phenomenal attitude and effort! Please enjoy this small token of our appreciation! Home run!  

27. Thanks a bunch for the wonderful job you do each day. Our organization wouldn’t be the same without valued employees like yourself! Happy Appreciation Day!

28. We appreciate YOU more than words can say! Thanks for being such a vital part of our company’s success story! Cheers to you on this special Employee Appreciation Day! You rock!

29. Chin up superstar employee! We want you to know just how valued you are by our team. Please enjoy this Appreciation Day spa gift card – take some ‘you’ time and relax after all your hard work! We appreciate YOU!

30. Our organization would be lost without dedicated employees like you who give 110% every week. Happy Appreciation Day with heartfelt thanks from us all! Please enjoy today!

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1: When should I recognize employees?

While having a special Employee Appreciation Day once a year is great, recognizing and showing appreciation for staff should be an ongoing practice. Studies show that employees who feel regularly valued at work have higher job satisfaction. So don’t just save praise and rewards for a single day – look for small ways to recognize employees year-round when they deliver excellent work, take extra initiative, go out their way to help others, etc. Ongoing recognition has more impact.

2: What is the best way to show employee appreciation? 

There’s no one right way – different employees will appreciate different gestures of thanks. Some ideas are monetary rewards like gift cards, prizes or bonuses. Or non-monetary recognition could include public shout-outs at meetings, handwritten thank you notes, plaques, certificates of appreciation, coffee breaks together or lunch outings. Get to know your individual team members to discover what types of recognition matter most to them personally. Customizing it goes a long way.

3: Do appreciation gifts have to be expensive?

Not at all! While fancy or generous prizes can WOW some employees, small and sincere gestures often mean just as much, if not more. Handwritten notes, desk plants, framed team photos, homemade baked goods, and company merchandise are some budget-friendly ideas. If giving gift cards, remember that usually stealing an hour for lunch or coffee break does plenty to make an employee feel genuinely valued. Grand monetary prizes are not mandatory for the thought to count.  

Final Verdict:

The bottom line is that all employees want their hard work and dedication to be noticed by leadership. Consistent efforts to make staff feel appreciated – no matter how small – boosts loyalty, satisfaction and performance. 

Employee Appreciation Day reminds us celebrate our incredible team members not just once a year but as an integral part of company culture always. A simple “thank you” from the heart goes incredibly far.

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