50+ Halloween Workplace Ideas To Celebrate The Spooky Season At The Office


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50+ Halloween Workplace Ideas To Celebrate The Spooky Season At The Office

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start planning how your office can get into the spooky spirit with some Halloween workplace ideas.

Decorating the office and organizing activities are great ways to have some festive fun with your coworkers while also boosting morale and teamwork.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 50 creative, professional, and fun Workplace Halloween ideas perfect for sprucing up your Office space and bringing your team together.

From pumpkin carving contests to costume dress-down days, you’ll find inspiration for activities, decorations, food, and more to make this Halloween season one to remember around the office.


50 Halloween Workplace Ideas

The following is a list of Halloween Workplace Ideas to celebrate this spooky season at the office:

1. Pumpkin carving contest – Have a competition to see who can carve the most creative pumpkin. Offer a prize for the winner.

2. Halloween potluck – Have everyone bring a spooky or Halloween-themed dish to share. 

3. Costume contest – Offer prizes for the funniest, scariest, and most creative costumes.

4. Halloween karaoke – Sing Halloween songs or regular songs in costume. 

5. Spooky decorating contest – Divide into teams and have a contest to see who can decorate their cubicle or office area the spookiest.

6. Trick-or-treating – Employees can hand out candy at their desks for trick-or-treaters from other departments. 

7. Best Halloween treat bake-off – Have employees bake Halloween-themed treats and vote on the best.

8. Pumpkin painting activity – Have miniature pumpkin painting with acrylic paints and brushes.

9. Spooky storytelling – Gather and take turns telling short spooky stories. 

10. Office haunted house – Decorate an empty office or conference room to be a mini haunted house.

11. Mummy wrapping contest – Divide into teams and see who can wrap a volunteer in toilet paper the fastest.

12. Halloween bingo – Make bingo cards with Halloween themes and play a few rounds. Use small treats or prizes.

13. Skeleton hunt – Hide small skeleton models around the office and have employees search for them. Offer a reward to whoever finds the most.

14. Halloween movie marathon – Show Halloween movies on break times or over lunch. 

15. Guess the Halloween candy – Fill jars with candy and have employees guess how many are in each. Closest guess wins the candy.

16. Halloween trivia – Test employees’ or Coworkers’ Halloween knowledge with trivia questions and hand out candy for correct answers.

17. Scary prank gift exchange – Exchange gags, practical jokes or funny-scary gifts.

18. OfficeEscape room – Create a spooky office escape roomwith clues and puzzles.

19. Halloweenphoto booth – Set up a spot to take silly Halloween-themed photos. Provide props and costumes. 

20. Halloween candy snacks- Provide Halloween candy, caramel apples, and other seasonal treats around the office.

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21. Pumpkin bowling – Set up bowling pins and use mini pumpkins to knock them down. Give prizes for strikes and spares. 

22. Witch’s hands jar guessing game – Fill a jar with odd items and have employees guess how many. The closest guess gets the jar.

23. Halloween music videos – Compile a playlist of Halloween songs and play the music videos on a projector during lunch. 

24. Monster doughnut eating contest – First to finish a monster/Halloween decorated doughnut wins.

25. Trick or Treat down the halls – Employees dress up and trick or treat through different departments getting candy.

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Best Fun Workplace Halloween Ideas

These are a few more Workplace Halloween ideas for the office or virtual or for the office Halloween party:

26. Pumpkin painting relay race – Teams paint mini pumpkins as fast as possible, relay style. The fastest team wins.

27. Halloween mimicking game – Employees mimic a monster/Halloween character and others try to guess who it is.

28. Fear factor challenge – Eat creepy but safe foods like roasted crickets, sardines, hot sauce on crackers etc.

29. Halloween balloon stomp – Try to pop balloons tied to ankles while walking around as a mummy. Fastest time wins.

30. Hide and seek in the dark – Have some silly scary fun playing hide and seek in a darkened conference room.

31. Halloween scavenger hunt – Give employees a list of silly/spooky items to hunt for and photograph around the office.

32. Pumpkin golf – Set up a mini golf course around the office using pumpkins as holes. Use mini golf clubs and balls. 

33. Halloween charades – Act out Halloween words and movies for others to guess.

34. Make your own haunted house – Teams use office supplies to build a mini haunted house. Most creative and spooky wins.

35. Monster freeze dance – Play freeze dance with Halloween themed music, dressed up as monsters.

36. Pumpkin catapult challenge – Build catapults to fling mini pumpkins. Furthest fling wins. 

37. Witch’s fingers cookies contest- Compete to make the creepiest witch finger cookies.

38. Halloween office chair races – Pick a partner and race in rolling chairs down halls.

39. Trick or Treat up the management chain – Employees trick or treat cubes/offices up the chain of command.

40. Halloween candy bar quiz – Match candy bars with Halloween themed clues.

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41. Horror movie scene reenactments – Act out and film spoof scenes from classic horror films.

42. Pumpkin carving art contest – Carve intricate artistic designs into pumpkins and display them.

43. Halloween cube/office decorating contest – Departments compete for best decorations.  

44. Halloween taboo – Describe Halloween terms without saying the main word.

45. Halloween photo scavenger hunt – Check items off a list by capturing photos around the office.

46. Pumpkin weight guessing – Employees guess the weight of a giant pumpkin for prizes.

47. Halloween science experiments – Make slime, sludge, and ooze to gross each other out.

48. Halloween backdrop for photos – Set up an area with props for festive photos.

49. Halloween candy count contest- Guess the count in a jar for a prize.

50. Hide a pumpkin – Hide mini pumpkins around the office and tweet clues for others to find them.



In summary, with a little creativity, you can turn your office into a Halloween hotspot. With the Halloween workplace ideas and inspiration from this post, your team is sure to have a ghoulishly good time. Happy Halloween!


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