25+ Fun Office Valentine’s Day Games For Workplace (Employees, Staff, Team, Coworkers -Edition)

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25+ Fun Office Valentine’s Day Games For Workplace (Employees, Staff, Team, Coworkers -Edition)

Valentine’s Day Games For Workplace (Employees, Staff, Team, Coworkers -Edition)

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romance and flowers. Especially around the office water cooler! This special holiday centered on appreciation presents the perfect opportunity to build camaraderie and stronger connections across teams through fun and creative game ideas. 

When you take a step back from work tasks for a bit of friendly competition, bonding and levity, wonderful things unfold. People get to know each other better. Morale and energy lift. And you reinforce a warm, supportive company culture.

This roundup features over 25 memorable office Valentine’s Day games ranging from lively group activities to thoughtful exchanges sure to delight colleagues without going overboard. We’ll explore ideas across all commitment levels too – from quick games between meetings to festive parties that wow. 

Read on for engaging ideas across these categories:

Valentine's day games for work

1. Best Valentine’s Day Games for Work  

The simplest ideas create the biggest smiles. These 2 classic office games only require minimal supplies, just willing participants ready for nostalgic fun.  

Cupid Shuffle Scavenger Hunt

Transform your workplace into an affectionate Cupid’s lair by hiding conversation heart candies and pink/red paper arrows around the office stamped with love puns, quips or affectionate coworker compliments. Split folks into teams providing a list of sweet nothings to track down within a 10 minute timeframe. This gets everyone mingling and laughing while feeling the love!

Lovepops 3D Pop Up Love Note Cards. Pair this endearing game with 3D love note cards from Lovepops. Featuring impressive pop up paper art in heart and flower shapes, these stunning cards prove the perfect vessels for writing personalized messages colleagues can save as cherished mementos.  

Candy Guess 

Before the celebrations, secretly collect a wide array of red, pink and white Valentine’s candy like Hershey’s kisses, Dove hearts, Starburst, jelly beans etc. Number paper bags setting out dishes of the festive goodies at each station (avoiding labels). Have participants walk the candy bar circuit, jotting down guesses for which sweets fill each mysteriously numbered bag. Then reveal answers crowning whoever nailed the most as candy connoisseur!

Katz Gluten Free Valentine Candy Variety Mix. Include an extensive Valentine’s candy assortment like this 60-piece gluten free variety mix from Katz. With favorites like conversation hearts, gummy lips/frogs, chocolate hugs/kisses and sour rainbow belts, this themed five pound party pack makes the guessing game even more fun!

2. Group Valentine’s Day Office Games at the Workplace

Bring everyone together through these 3 lively games perfect for larger festive workplace celebrations. They might get a bit messy though – we recommend ponchos!  

Cupid Bowling 

 Gather staffers around an indoor bowling setup replacing traditional pins with clusters of vibrant cardboard cupids propped on blocks. Hand out silly angel wings, bow ties or heart glasses for added flair.then let the cupid strikes begin! For a digital alternative, create a themed Google Slides game with clicking animations every time a “ bowling ball” topples the cherubs.  

Brybelly Giant Yard Dice and Bowling Set.Spice up parties with this extra large bowling and lawn dice set from Brybelly. Great for indoor or outdoor play, this oversized setup includes giant dice, balls, pins and drawstring carrier bag for games on the go. Perfect for team building adventures or holiday celebrations.  

The Valentine Games

Host a series of quick mini-challenges testing partners’ hand speed, dexterity, memory and unity through games like stacking conversation hearts fastest, blindfolded decorating competition, building the largest cardboard mailboxes for virtual valentines etc. Crank the fun by getting silly with required leaping across finish lines or balancing stuffed animals on heads while maneuvering courses.

Playmonster Hearoes Heart Target Challenge. Practice precision with this challenging Hearoes target toss game from PlayMonster. Players wear funky heart-shaped listening devices attempting to land small balls onto the colorful mat. This hilarious test of concentration and accuracy sparks giggles

Heart Decoration Competition

Divide into small teams providing an equal stash of crafting supplies – construction paper, doilies, cups/plates, ribbons, glue sticks, tape etc. Set a 15-minute timer for creating the silliest over-the-top heart shaped workplace decorations. Unleash imaginations concocting wacky displays from document heart garlands to techno light-up foam core pieces. Award prizes for most creative, funniest and best use of supplies. 

ANSIO 72 Pack Valentine’s Day Decoration Supplies. Spark heartfelt creativity with this jumbo 72 piece Valentine’s Day craft supply set from ANSIO. Overflowing with colored paper, doilies, stickers, hanging cutouts plus so much more, these classroom-grade goodies offer limitless festive inspiration for groups.

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3. Fun Valentine’s Office Games for Employees, Staff, Coworkers and Teams  

From thoughtful exchanges to upbeat activities, these 3 games aim to delight individual employees in ways personalized just for them. 

Secret Valentine Gift Exchange 

Implement a casual office gift exchange by having folks privately draw names then subtly surprising their special someone with small treats leading up to the holiday. On Valentine’s Day, reveal identities in a heartfelt celebration of each coworker’s thoughtfulness. Make it extra memorable with themed home baked goods or handmade cards.  

PrintYourBrackets Secret Valentine Name Draw Generator. Easily organize a festive gift exchange with this handy online Secret Valentine name generator tool from PrintYourBrackets. Perfect for offices of any size, this smooth name drawing interface guarantees a fair matchup for memorable shared experiences.  

Valentine’s Gram Distribution

Place cheerful mailboxes labeled with individual employee names around the office. Encourage colleagues to write short affectionate messages or draw cute caricatures/cartoons for others guaranteed to brighten their day. At intervals, hide grammable goodies inside inboxes for delightful surprises sparking smiles when the recipients check their growing pile of mail.  

Melissa & Doug Hanging Wooden Mailboxes with Chalkboard. Elevate letter writing vibes in office common spaces or cubicles with these classic wooden mailboxes with chalkboard fronts from Melissa and Doug. Perfect for displaying recipient names or inspirational quotes, these handy boxes store notes, cards and small treats.

The Compliment Circle

Gather participating coworkers sitting in a circle taking turns paying each other genuine compliments about positive qualities or examples of everyday actions noticed that inspire. Hearing personalized praise builds confidence while learning more about peer experiences leads to greater empathy and understanding. End by having everyone share takeaways from this uplifting exchange.

Knock Knock Why You’re So Awesome Fill in the Love Book. Keep the kind words flowing with this witty fill-in-the-blank book from Knock Knock guiding colleagues to detail what makes a coworker

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4. Creative Office Games for Valentine’s Day

Break through boring traditions getting creative with these outside-the-box games coworkers won’t expect. Surprise and delight attendees while making memorable moments.

The Love Languages Matching Game 

Have employees secretly submit their top two “love languages” – physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation etc. Compile anonymously then test how well the team guesses who craves what. Hand out fun statement pieces like feather boas,prop sunglasses or tutus to “loving language ambassadors”. end by discussing takeaways about unique preferences. 

Talking Tables Love Language Bingo. Keep the insightful conversation flowing with this love languages bingo game from Talking Tables. Build deeper connections tailoring your appreciation through guided exploration of giving/receiving preferences when expressing affection.

DIY Photo Booth 

Construct a fun backdrop for photos using vibrant streamers, heart garlands and wall decals with props like oversized emoji masks, wacky glasses/hats or signs with affectionate quips. Supply digital cameras, printers and festive frame stickers to instantly print mementos from the hilarious shoots. This becomes an instant party favorite for capturing smiles and bonding. 

By AC Dream Photo Booth Prop Set. Set the scene for memorable shoots with this 130+ piece photo booth prop set. Contains silly mustaches, lips, hats, signs and so much more for perfect snaps.

The Human Jukebox

Before gatherings, collect an array of clean love song lyrics printing verses on multi-colored papers filling hat boxes. Split folks into teams as they randomly select song excerpts to perform karaoke-style. Leave interpretation wide open as creativity reigns trying to correctly guess tunes from dramatic interpretive dance to rapping silly renditions.

Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System. Elevate karaoke creativity with this awesome Bluetooth home entertainment setup from Singing Machine. Users can mix and match streamed music with built-in disco lights creating the perfect soundstage for belting Valentine’s Day ballads.

Cardboard Cupid Shuffle

Split into small teams tasking groups with rapidly constructing quirky Cupid cutouts from cardboard stacks, tissue paper, doilies and other spare supplies. Set a 10 minute timer for designing the wackiest style incarnations of Valentine’s cherub complete with bows, heart arrows and more. Have contestants catwalk their silly masterpieces down an impromptu runway.

totallyBundled Party Cardboard Cutouts Valentine Cherub – Set of 4. Spark inspiration with these cheeky two foot tall standing cardboard Cupid cutouts from TotallyBundled. Featuring four cute poses, these holiday helpers make perfect models for tracing wackier wearable iterations sure to delight.

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5. Secret Valentine Office Game Ideas  

Mystery and playful covertness await with these 3 stealthy games where participants secretly do good deeds for an unnamed colleague.  

The Undercover Admirer

Invite coworkers to anonymously tape endearing compliments or miniature candy bars underneath someone’s desk to discover later. Watch smiles emerge as folks find the hidden tiny taped gifts left just for them all week long by a secret undercover admirer. 

Extra Valentine Message Hearts Candy, 38 oz Bulk Bag. Spread covert sweetness by concealing these extra large bulk bags of classic Valentine’s Day tiny message hearts from Brach’s. With over 60 colorful sayings included, you can creatively deliver different inspirational phrases daily.  

The Cloak of Kindness 

Discreetly sneak treats onto desks like ribbon-tied cookies, gift cards or coffee cups from a coworker’s favorite cafe when they step away (coordinating with office pals to assist). Celebrate thoughtfulness during the reveal at your festive gathering by having folks share guesses on their sneaky benefactor.  

Sweetworks Valentine’s Day Mystery Gift Box . Spark suspense with mystery Valentine’s Day gift boxes like these lucky dip surprise packs from Sweetworks Candy. Each contains an assortment chocolates and sweets worth at least $10 keeping the treat excitement strong!

Cupid’s Undercover Messengers

Organize an undercover messenger game allowing folks to discreetly send colleagues mysterious affectionate notes or small trinkets of appreciation through office mail carts, printers, common spaces, etc. Watch excitement grow finding surprises from an unknown Cupid admirer all week long in the spirit of showing extra care.

Rifle Paper Valentine’s Day Paper and Desk Accessories Value Pack. Make sharing covert caring easy with this mega value pack containing Rifle Paper Valentine’s Day cards, sticky notes and desk accessories. The ample variety allows everyone chances to anonymously gift special notes and surprises.

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6. Team Building Valentine’s Day Games for Office  

Go beyond surface fun by connecting more deeply through these 4 games filled with partner challenges strengthening trust and vulnerability. 

The Compliment Relay 

Form two even lines facing each other. Set a festive item like a plush heart pillow at the end of both rows. Start stopwatches saying coworkers must race complimenting each person from end to end until the item gets passed down full length of line twice, all without dropping the sentiment starter piece. This fast-paced game bonds teams through pairwise affirmations.  

Intech LLC Inflatable Heart Pool Floatie Raft . Swap stuffed animals for this oversized inflatable pool raft heart floatie from Intech Toy Company transforming into a fun relay race baton. We guarantee this cheeky five-foot wide pillow won’t be dropped as pairs race praising down the line!

Blindfolded Sweetheart Drawings

Have blind-folded colleagues attempt drawing portraits of their partners based solely on verbal descriptions their counterparts provide. Laugh through the silly artistic interpretations that emerge once blindfolds get removed. The finished products become quirky keepsakes celebrating getting creative in couples – plus it makes cherished memorable decor.  

Melissa & Doug Heart Wooden Wire Puzzle. Preserve treasured partner moments by capturing blind drawn portraits inside this interlocking wood heart puzzle from Melissa & Doug. Assembled it reveals a framed display space for showcasing finished artwork front and center.  

The Trust Maze

Construct a simple maze-like office course from stacked chairs, masking tape pathways etc. that partners must navigate blindfolded entirely relying on verbal peer instructions. Switch roles halfway for both to experience building trust through clearer communication, enhanced listening and supportive reassurance.

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Party Game. Keep building bonds beyond the maze with party games testing rapid rapport responses like ”5 Second Rule” from PlayMonster. Players think fast when unexpected topics get pulled trying to name 3 answers in only 5 seconds. Hilarious and revealing!

The Memory Heart

Have pairs share special memories or inside jokes about their working relationship thus far, documenting them on paper conversation hearts. Collect everyone’s completed candy sentiments displaying on tables for guessing who authored which heart. Correct guessers win fun prizes as teams get to know each other better through light revelations.

Sweethearts Share Sweethearts Conversation Hearts Candy, 6 lbs Bulk. Make heart connections with these jumbo six-pound party bags filled with classic Sweethearts conversation hearts. Let the candy sentiment sharing begin!

7. Engaging Valentine’s Day Office Games   

Get folks fully participatory with these 2 games eliciting laughter through creative challenges and free-flowing fun.  

Cupid’s Dawdlers 

Assign coworkers secret Cupid identities instructing “cupid’s” to subtly stick heart stickers on an unnamed “crush” employee whenever they linger too long in the office kitchen, bathroom area etc. The more stickers someone accumulates by day’s end equals more razzing and good-natured heckling!   

XZL 200 Pcs Small Heart Stickers. Discreetly mark laughter-inducing loitering with this bulk pack containing 200 tiny red foam heart stickers. With 16 sheets spanning solid colors to irridescent, cupids can easy track crushes comical whereabouts on the downlow!  

The Love Languages Translation Challenge  

Post message boards around office spaces asking coworkers to describe common workplace scenarios using appropriate love languages lingo, like “Larry left dirty dishes in the sink again dismissing your acts of service. How do you lovingly request Larry employ words of affirmation to reset expectations going forward?” Compare the hilarious translations over lunch.

Fred & Friends Love Languages Bingo Game. Keep exploring communication styles with this fun bingo game focused specifically on Dr. Gary Chapman’s five love languages – words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, quality time and gift giving. It’s perfect for helping teams understand differences.

8. Funny Games to Play on Valentine’s Day in Office Party

Laughter connects coworkers quickly. Set silly moods with these 2 games guaranteeing giggles galore. 

The Secret Admirer Reveal  

Organize a covert office buddy assignment exchange where folks secretly perform small helpful acts of service for colleagues on their unknown list like refilling coffee, ordering takeout, volunteering assistive tasks etc. At the Valentine’s event, have admirers dramatically confess with funny prizes like stuffed animals.  

Learning Resources Jumbo Valentine Bear Classroom Counters. Commemorate new office besties with these large plush red Valentine’s Day bears from Learning Resources. Let the gift giving commence with these squishy 13-inch companions.  

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Cupid Shuffle Dance Off 

Invite willing participants to battle head-to-head in sudden death Valentine’s Day shuffle dance offs until a champion trio gets decided as official company heartthrobs. Crank the silliness by having office mates try sabotaging challengers with toy bow & arrows, light-up rings or serenading stuffed animals mid-routine.

Fred & Friends Love Languages Bingo Game. Keep exploring communication styles with this fun bingo game focused specifically on Dr. Gary Chapman’s five love languages – words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, quality time and gift giving. It’s perfect for helping teams understand differences.

9. Virtual Office Valentine’s Day Games

Laughter connects coworkers quickly. Set silly moods with these 2 games guaranteeing giggles galore. 

The Nearly Newlywed Game

Put a playful spin-off The Newlywed Game by having coworker pairs facing off answering lighthearted questions about each other’s work habits, pet peeves, dreaming about dream vacation destinations etc. Witness the pairs’ psychic success predicting responses in the hilarious quest to be dubbed “nearly newlyweds”. Consider awarding quirky parting gifts like couples aprons or His & Hers workplace swag.  

Knock Knock What I Love about Us Fill in the Love Journal. Capture special memories with this cheeky “What I Love About Us” fill-in-the blank journal from Knock Knock. Tailor made for coworkers rather than romantic couples, this prompted 80-page journal features witty hand-drawn artwork with spaces to detail everything you love/appreciate about your office bestie.

The Fortune Teller 

Transform construction paper into vibrant exchange-style fortune teller games. Have folks secretly write caring predictions or funny shared memories for someone specific before the folding and playing begins. Later, participants can pick fortune tellers off a table delivered anonymously, slowly unfolding the paper flaps to uncover the heartfelt message inside intended just for them. 

Quarto Valentine’s Day Cards Bulk Classroom Pack. Pair with this budget-friendly classroom pack containing 48 blank Valentine’s Day cards and envelopes from Quarto. Add in the colored paper and customized fortunes, then let colleagues write names on envelopes so they feel extra special opening their one-of-a-kind note.

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Final verdict

The article provides an extensive and thoughtful list of Valentine’s Day games suitable for the workplace. The games aim to create a fun, uplifting office culture by facilitating bonding, laughter, and appreciation among coworkers. They range from quick simple activities to more immersive team experiences. Overall, the article delivers helpful ideas to make Valentine’s Day special through meaningful connections and events.


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