120 Thanksgiving messages to employees (wishes, greetings of appreciation)


120 Thanksgiving messages to employees (wishes, greetings of appreciation)

In the spirit of gratitude, expressing thanks to your employees is a meaningful gesture.

As we approach Thanksgiving, we’ve come up with 120 heartfelt Thanksgiving messages to employees to convey your appreciation.

These messages go beyond the ordinary, aiming to resonate with the hard work and dedication your team has shown.

Whether it’s a note of recognition, a token of thanks, or a simple expression of gratitude, these messages are crafted to make your employees feel truly valued this Thanksgiving season.

120 Thanksgiving messages to employees

The following is a list of ideas for Thanksgiving message to employees

1. Your hard work and dedication have brought us great success. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.

2. There is no better team out there than ours. Wishing you all a joyful thanksgiving.

3. Your positive attitude and exceptional skills have made this year a memorable one. Happy Thanksgiving to our amazing team.

4. It’s the small efforts each of you put in that make a huge difference. Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving.

5. Our team wouldn’t be complete without each and every one of you. Happy Thanksgiving to our incredible employees.

6. A heartfelt gratitude for your commitment and enthusiasm towards the company. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

7. The success of our company is a true reflection of the hard work of our employees. Happy Thanksgiving to our dedicated team.

8. I am grateful for the creativity and innovation each of you bring to the table. Wishing you all a happy thanksgiving.

9. It’s the trust and loyalty of our employees that keep our business thriving. Thank you and happy Thanksgiving.

10. Our team is like a family, and I am grateful for each and every one of you. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

11. The challenges we have faced this year have only made us stronger as a team. Happy Thanksgiving to our resilient employees.

12. We couldn’t have achieved our goals without your determination and hard work. Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving.

13. Your commitment to quality and excellence is what sets us apart from the rest. Happy Thanksgiving to our outstanding team.

14. I am grateful for the support and collaboration we have within our team. Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving.

15. The success of our company is a result of the collective effort of our employees. Thank you and happy Thanksgiving.

16. Your passion and dedication have helped us overcome any obstacle. Wishing you all a joyous thanksgiving.

17. The positivity and teamwork within our company are truly remarkable. Happy Thanksgiving to our amazing employees.

18. I am thankful to have such talented and hardworking individuals as part of our team. Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

19. Your commitment to our company’s values and goals is truly commendable. Happy Thanksgiving to our dedicated team.

20. Our team is the backbone of our company, and I am grateful for each and every one of you. Have a happy Thanksgiving, from the bottom of my heart.

Funny Thanksgiving messages for employees

Here are some funny Thanksgiving messages for employees:

1. “At Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for our great team – even if you do eat all the pumpkin pie!”

2. “Thanksgiving is the time to count our blessings and the days until the Black Friday sales!”

3. “Dear [Employee Name], May your Thanksgiving dinner be as epic as your contributions to the company!”

4. “This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for our employees who work passionately and eat turkey even more passionately!”

5. “Thanksgiving: When our employees demonstrate incredible multitasking skills—eating and napping at the same time!”

6. “Dear [Employee Name], May your Thanksgiving be filled with laughter, joy, and as many leftovers as your fridge can handle!”

7. “Dear [Employee Name], We’re thankful for you, who always bring your ‘A’ game, even on the post-Thanksgiving food coma day!”

8. “This Thanksgiving, we’re giving thanks to the incredible employee who keeps our company afloat and the gravy boat afloat too!”

9. “Our employees are like stuffing – you make everything better. Happy Thanksgiving!”

10. “Thanksgiving: When our employees show that they can handle a turkey and a deadline at the same time!”

11. “Dear [Employee Name], May your Thanksgiving be as smooth as our quarterly reports, and as stuffed as the turkey!”

12. “Dear [Employee Name], We’re thankful for you, who can navigate the office potluck and the office politics with equal finesse!”

13. “Thanksgiving is the time to appreciate our employees, who are the true ‘pilgrims’ of our organization!” Happy Thanksgiving Dear [Employee Name].

14. “At Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for employees who are as reliable as Grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe!” Happy Thanksgiving, Dear [Employee Name].

15. “Our employees are like mashed potatoes – they make everything smoother. Happy Thanksgiving!”

16. “Wishing you Juicy Thanksgiving celebrations Dear [Employee Name], we’re thankful for you who bring the ‘gravy’ to the company!”

17. “Dear [Employee Name], May your Thanksgiving be filled with family, friends, and a stockpile of stretchy pants!”

18. “We’re grateful for our employees, who never ‘wing it’ when it comes to their work! Happy Thanksgiving, Dear [Employee Name]”

19. “Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on the year and wonder how our employees still manage to find room for seconds! Wishing you a delicious Thanksgiving Dear [Employee Name]”

20. “To our employees: You’re the cranberry sauce to our turkey – a little sweet, a little tart, and always necessary!”

21. “This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for employees who are experts at carving out success!”

22. “May your Thanksgiving be as delightful as the ‘Reply All’ email threads in the office!”

23. “We’re thankful for our employees, who are as rare and valuable as a perfectly cooked turkey!”

24. “Thanksgiving is the day our employees prove they can handle a feast and a project launch!”

25. “To our employees: May your Thanksgiving be full of laughter, love, and more pie than you can handle!”

Best Professional Thanksgiving message for employees

Here are some of the best professional Thanksgiving messages for employees:

1.  “Our hearts are filled with gratitude for your dedication and hard work. Wishing you a joyful and blessed Thanksgiving.”

2. “It’s truly a blessing to have you as part of our team. Your positive attitude and unwavering commitment never fail to inspire us. Happy Thanksgiving!”

3. “Your contributions to the company are invaluable and deeply appreciated. Thank you for everything and have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love and joy.”

4. “Our team would not be the same without you. Your kindness and empathy towards your colleagues make our workplace a better and happier place. Happy Thanksgiving!”

5. “I am grateful to have you as an employee, but more importantly, as a friend. Your thoughtfulness and compassion are admirable. Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.”

6. “Thank you for always going above and beyond in your work. Your dedication and passion never go unnoticed. Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with warmth and contentment.”

7. “It’s a pleasure to work with someone as hardworking and dedicated as you. Your efforts have greatly contributed to the success of our company. Happy Thanksgiving!”

8. “Your positive attitude and vibrant energy bring so much to our workplace. We are thankful for you and wish you a Thanksgiving overflowing with blessings and happiness.”

9. “You are an important part of our company’s family, and we appreciate all that you do. May your Thanksgiving be filled with laughter, love, and good food.”

10. “Your positivity and resilience in the face of challenges are truly inspiring. We are grateful to have you on our team. Happy Thanksgiving, and may your blessings continue to multiply.”

11. “Thank you for your hard work and dedication, which have helped our company grow and succeed. Wishing you a Thanksgiving full of love, laughter, and gratitude.”

12. “Your genuine care and concern for your colleagues and work are commendable. Your presence makes our workplace a warm and welcoming one. Happy Thanksgiving!”

13. “We are thankful to have you on our team, and we appreciate the impact you make every day. May you have a Thanksgiving filled with cherished moments and precious memories.”

14. “Your hard work and dedication are an inspiration to us all. Keep shining and spreading positivity. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.”

15. “As we gather to give thanks, we want to express our gratitude for having you as part of our team. Your contributions are valued and make a difference. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.”

16. As a team, we are filled with joy and gratitude for the dedication and hard work that you bring to our company every day. Wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

17. Your positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond have not gone unnoticed. We are so thankful to have you as part of our team. Happy Thanksgiving!

18. The impact you make on our company and colleagues is immeasurable. Thank you for being an amazing employee and a true asset to our team. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

19. Your commitment to excellence and your passion for your work are evident in everything you do. We are truly grateful to have you on our team. Wishing you a Thanksgiving full of blessings.

20. It’s employees like you who make us a successful and thriving company. We appreciate your hard work and dedication and are thankful to have you on our team. Have a happy and memorable Thanksgiving.

Heartfelt Thanksgiving wishes for employees

These are a few Thanksgiving wishes for employees that bring a smile to them:

1. “As we gather around this table, let’s give thanks for the hard work and dedication of our incredible team. Happy Thanksgiving, employees!”

2. “Our company is like a big family, and we’re thankful for each member. Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.”

3. “On this Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for the dedication and commitment as a team you bring to the table. Enjoy the feast and the day!”

4. “Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate the efforts of you as an employee. Your contributions are truly something to be thankful for.”

5. “To our dedicated employee, your hard work and passion are the ingredients of our success. Happy Thanksgiving!”

6. “Just as we celebrate with loved ones at home, we’re grateful for the family we’ve created at our workplace. Happy Thanksgiving, our passionate employee!”

7. “Our team is the heart and soul of our company, and we’re grateful for each one of you. Wishing you a joyous Thanksgiving.”

8. “Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our blessings, and we’re blessed to have such amazing employees. Enjoy this special day!”

9. “Your dedication and commitment light up our company like candles on a Thanksgiving table. Thank you,[employee name], for everything you do.”

10. “Just as a Thanksgiving feast is a delicious treat, [Employee Name], you are the true treasure of our organization. Happy Thanksgiving!”

11. “Your hard work and enthusiasm are the secret ingredients of our success recipe.[Employee Name], wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with warmth and joy.”

12. “[Employee Name], As we gather around this table, let’s remember that as an employee, you are the reason for our company’s growth. Happy Thanksgiving!”

13. “Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude, and we’re thankful for how extraordinary you are as an employee who makes our company thrive. Happy Thanksgiving, [Employee Name]”

14. “Our employees are the pillars that support our company’s growth. Wishing you all a Thanksgiving filled with love and appreciation.”

15. “Just as we share meals with family, we share our workplace with amazing employees like you who feel like family. Happy Thanksgiving to you [Employee Name]”

16. “Your dedication and hard work are the spices that make our company’s journey flavorful. Happy Thanksgiving, [Employee Name]”

17. “Dear [Employee Name], Thanksgiving is a day to count our blessings, and having such talented employees like you at the top of our list is truly a gift. Enjoy this special day!”

18. “At this Thanksgiving table, we’re thankful for our employees who make our workplace a place of growth and achievement.”

19. “Our employees are the stars that shine in our corporate universe. Wishing you all a Thanksgiving filled with gratitude and happiness.”

20. “To our wonderful employee, thank you for being the foundation of our success. Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of your contributions!”

Email Thanksgiving wishes to employees

These are some of the Email Thanksgiving wishes to employees:

1. Dear [Employee Name],

As the leaves change color and the air grows crisp, we pause to reflect on the people who make our company truly special. And you, [Employee Name], are one of those people.

Your dedication, creativity, and passion are an inspiration to us all. You have a knack for making even the most mundane tasks seem magical, and your positive attitude is contagious.

We are so grateful for your contributions to our company. You are a valuable asset, and we are lucky to have you on our team.

Thank you for everything you do.


The [Company Name] Team

2. Dear [Employee Name],

We’re not just thankful for your hard work and dedication. We’re thankful for the way you make us laugh, for the way you support your colleagues, and for the way you always go the extra mile.

You are a true gem, and we are so grateful to have you on our team.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The [Company Name] Team

3. Dear [Employee Name],

Your work is like a beautiful painting, a masterpiece of creativity and dedication. We are constantly amazed by your ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions.

You are a true asset to our company, and we are so grateful for your contributions.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The [Company Name] Team

4. Dear [Employee Name],

You are the sunshine that brightens our days. Your positive attitude and infectious energy are a joy to be around.

We are so grateful for your presence in our company. You make our workplace a happier and more productive place.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The [Company Name] Team

5. Dear [Employee Name],

Your work ethic is an inspiration to us all. You are always willing to go the extra mile, and you never give up on a challenge.

We are so grateful for your dedication to our company. You are a true team player, and we are lucky to have you on our side.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The [Company Name] Team

CEO message to employees thanksgiving

Here is a list of CEo messages to employees for thanksgiving Eve:

1. In this season of gratitude, I recognize the dedication and hard work of each team member. Your contributions form the cornerstone of our success. Wishing a joyful Thanksgiving.

2. The collective effort of our staff has propelled us to new heights. Together, we’ve achieved milestones worth celebrating. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

3. Let’s pause to acknowledge the commitment and resilience displayed by each employee. Your unwavering dedication fuels the engine of our progress. Wishing a contented Thanksgiving.

4. As we reflect on the achievements of the past year, it’s clear that our collaborative spirit is our greatest strength. Appreciating the teamwork that defines us. Wishing a cheerful Thanksgiving.

5. The professionalism exhibited by each team member is commendable. It sets a standard of excellence that inspires others. Giving thanks for your hard work. Wishing a blessed Thanksgiving.

6. In the tapestry of our organization, every thread contributes to the overall strength and beauty. Recognizing the importance of each role. Wishing a grateful Thanksgiving.

7. Your commitment to excellence is evident in every project, big or small. Today, we express our gratitude for your diligence and passion. Wishing a warm Thanksgiving.

8. The dedication you bring to your work every day does not go unnoticed. Your efforts contribute significantly to our collective success. Wishing a delightful Thanksgiving.

9. Each task you undertake, no matter how routine, is a building block in our path to success. Appreciating the diligence you consistently demonstrate. Wishing a joyful Thanksgiving.

10. The collaborative spirit that permeates our workplace is the cornerstone of our achievements. Your contributions, no matter how subtle, make a difference. Wishing a joyous Thanksgiving.

11. Your unwavering commitment to excellence is a beacon for others to follow. Today, we express our gratitude for your exceptional work ethic. Wishing a peaceful Thanksgiving.

12. The meticulous attention to detail that each team member exhibits is a testament to our collective pursuit of perfection. Acknowledging your precision and dedication. Wishing a serene Thanksgiving.

13. Our achievements are a reflection of the collective talent and effort within our team. Thank you for being an integral part of our success story. Wishing a blessed Thanksgiving.

14. Your professionalism and dedication do not go unnoticed. It’s the glue that binds our team and propels us forward. Appreciating your valuable contributions. Wishing a happy Thanksgiving.

15. In this season of reflection, we express our gratitude for the teamwork that defines our workplace. Your role is pivotal in shaping our shared success. Wishing a fulfilling Thanksgiving.

Holiday Thanksgiving employee messages

Here is a list of Thanksgiving holiday messages to employees as greetings:

1. It’s the time of year to fill our bellies with delicious food and our hearts with joy and gratitude. Wishing you a turkey-licious Thanksgiving!

2. Your hard work and dedication keep our company strong and thriving. We can’t thank you enough for all that you do. Happy Thanksgiving to our valued employees!

3. A bountiful table and cherished company, what more could we ask for on this special day? Here’s wishing you a fantastic Thanksgiving, dear employees!

4. The holiday season is incomplete without a big helping of appreciation for our incredible team. Thank you for all that you do, and happy Thanksgiving!

5. Our employees are like the gravy on our Thanksgiving meal – without you, everything just wouldn’t be as satisfying. Have a fantastic holiday with your loved ones!

6. I’ll keep this one short and sweet – we are grateful for our dedicated employees who bring their A-game every day. Enjoy a well-deserved break and a happy Thanksgiving!

7. I’m sure even the Pilgrims couldn’t have imagined the impact our employees have on our organization. Thank you for being a part of our team and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

8. It’s amazing how one day can bring so much happiness, good food, and quality time with loved ones. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving, from all of us at the company.

9. There’s no better time to reflect on the things we are thankful for, and our employees definitely make the top of our list. Have a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving, dear team!

10. The best part of this holiday? Spending it with you, our dedicated employees who make our company a success day in and day out. Enjoy this day to the fullest, and happy Thanksgiving!

11. It’s the little things that make a difference, and our employees bring a lot of joy and positive energy into the workplace each day. Wishing you a joyful and delicious Thanksgiving celebration!

12. This Thanksgiving, we’re reminded of just how lucky we are to have such fantastic employees. Enjoy a day filled with love, gratitude, and lots of yummy food!

13. There’s no denying it, our dedicated team is the secret ingredient to our company’s success. Wishing you a delightful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

14. It’s not just the food that fills us up on Thanksgiving, it’s also the heartwarming feeling of being surrounded by colleagues we appreciate and admire. Happy Thanksgiving to our amazing employees!

15. On this holiday, we are grateful for every single one of our employees – your hard work, passion, and positive attitude make a world of difference. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, from our company to you.


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