35 Thanksgiving sale ideas that’ll skyrocket your business profits this season


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35 Thanksgiving sale ideas that’ll skyrocket your business profits this season

With the holiday season approaching, many businesses are gearing up for their biggest sales event of the year – Thanksgiving weekend.

This period, which includes Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, offers a unique opportunity to attract new customers, boost sales, and strengthen customer loyalty.

In 2022, consumers spent an average of $325.44 on holiday-related purchases, as reported by the National Retail Federation. This amount increased from $301.27 in 2021. Out of the total spending, the majority ($229.21) was allocated specifically for purchasing gifts, making it a prime time for businesses to showcase their products and services.

To help you capitalize on this exciting shopping season, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 35 Thanksgiving sale ideas that you can implement to promote your business and achieve your sales goals.

In this blog post, you’ll discover:

  • How to create compelling Thanksgiving sale promotions that entice customers to shop
  • Practical tips for leveraging social media and email marketing to reach your target audience
  • Strategies for enhancing your online store and physical location for the holiday rush
  • Creative ideas for engaging customers and fostering brand loyalty during Thanksgiving weekend

Whether you’re a seasoned retailer or just starting out, these Thanksgiving sales ideas will provide you with the inspiration and guidance you need to make this holiday season a resounding success.


35 Thanksgiving Sale Ideas

The following is a list of some of the best Thanksgiving sale ideas for businesses to boost Sales And make huge profits in 2023:

1. Early Bird Specials:

Early Bird Specials are a fantastic way to kick off your Thanksgiving sale, enticing shoppers to start their holiday shopping well in advance.

These limited-time offers provide early shoppers with significant discounts, encouraging them to make their purchases ahead of the holiday rush.

For instance, you can offer a 20% discount to the first 100 customers who shop within the first two hours of your Thanksgiving sale.

This creates a sense of urgency and rewards proactive shoppers, driving sales and foot traffic to your store or website.

2. Buy One, Get One (BOGO) Deals:

Buy One, Get One (BOGO) deals are a classic promotional strategy that can significantly boost sales during the Thanksgiving season.

Shoppers are always on the lookout for great deals, and BOGO offers provide excellent value. Consider offering a BOGO deal on popular items like clothing, electronics, or home goods.

For example, “Buy one sweater and get the second one at 50% off.” This not only encourages immediate sales but can also increase the average transaction value as customers are more likely to purchase additional items.

3. Thanksgiving Doorbusters:

Thanksgiving doorbusters are irresistible, deeply discounted items available in limited quantities. 

They serve as a magnet to draw shoppers into your physical store, and their popularity can also drive traffic to your online store.

These deals are typically available for a short window of time, such as the first two hours of your Thanksgiving sale.

Examples include offering a 50-inch TV at a heavily discounted price for the first 100 customers or providing smartphones at a fraction of their regular cost.

The limited availability of these doorbusters encourages shoppers to arrive early, creating a sense of excitement and urgency.

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4. Limited-Time Flash Sales:

Limited-time flash sales are an effective way to keep your Thanksgiving sales engaging and dynamic.

These short, intense sales events, often lasting just a few hours, can create a sense of urgency and anticipation among your customers.

Consider running flash sales on various products throughout the day, with discounts ranging from 30% to 70% off.

For instance, you can have a “Kitchen Appliance Flash Sale” where select appliances are heavily discounted for only two hours, followed by a “Tech Gadget Flash Sale” with a new set of items. 

This approach keeps customers checking back for the latest deals, increasing the time spent on your site and the likelihood of making multiple purchases.

5. Family Bundle Offers:

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together, and family bundle offers align perfectly with this theme.

Create value-packed bundles that include a range of complementary products or services.

For instance, a “Thanksgiving Feast Bundle” could include a turkey, side dishes, and a dessert at a discounted price.

Alternatively, a “Family Movie Night Bundle” might include DVDs or streaming subscriptions along with popcorn and snacks.

These bundles not only offer convenience for shoppers but also provide a cost-effective way for families to celebrate Thanksgiving, making your store a one-stop shop for their holiday needs.

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6. Gratitude Giveaways

Express your thanks to loyal customers with Gratitude Giveaways. Offer free or discounted items as a token of appreciation. This not only builds customer loyalty but also generates buzz. 

For instance, if you run a small bakery, offer a free pumpkin pie to the first 50 customers on Thanksgiving morning.

This creates a sense of goodwill and entices more foot traffic. To make it even more engaging, you can host a social media contest, encouraging customers to share what they’re thankful for, with a chance to win a special Thanksgiving basket.

Gratitude Giveaways foster a sense of community and goodwill around your brand, creating a win-win situation for both your business and your customers.

7. Fall Foodie Fest Sales

Leverage the fall food craze with Fall Foodie Fest Sales. This idea capitalizes on the popularity of seasonal treats and dishes. Feature a limited-time menu with autumn-inspired flavors and exclusive dishes.

For a restaurant, this might include items like butternut squash ravioli, apple cider donuts, and pumpkin spice lattes. To further engage customers, consider hosting a food festival on your premises or partnering with local vendors.

Encourage customers to explore the different flavors of the season by offering a passport-style card with discounts for trying each item.

Fall Foodie Fest Sales tap into the trend of seasonal indulgence, enticing customers with unique, limited-time offerings and a memorable experience.

8. Friendsgiving Promotions

Celebrate the spirit of togetherness with Friendsgiving Promotions. This idea acknowledges the increasing popularity of Friendsgiving gatherings alongside traditional Thanksgiving celebrations. 

Offer special group discounts for friends dining out or shopping together.

For example, a clothing store could provide a “Friendsgiving Bundle” where customers get a discount for purchasing outfits together for their celebration.

Encourage customers to share their Friendsgiving plans on social media for a chance to win a gift card.

Friendsgiving Promotions cater to the changing dynamics of Thanksgiving celebrations, making it more inclusive and memorable for friends who choose to spend the holiday together.

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9. Gobble Up Savings

Entice customers with Gobble Up Savings, a play on words that highlights great deals and discounts.

Create a sense of urgency by running limited-time promotions. For instance, offer a 24-hour flash sale on Thanksgiving Day, providing substantial discounts on popular items.

Use email marketing and social media to alert customers, and include a countdown to build anticipation.

Additionally, offer exclusive promo codes to loyal customers, rewarding them for their continued support. Gobble Up Savings not only drives sales but also creates excitement and anticipation around your Thanksgiving deals.

10. Thankful Thursday Sales

Extend the Thanksgiving spirit with Thankful Thursday Sales. Continue the holiday shopping experience beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday by offering special deals every Thursday in November.

Consider a rotating selection of discounts on different product categories each week.

For example, a tech store could offer discounts on smartphones one Thursday and on laptops the next. Make sure to highlight the unique selling points of each product to attract different segments of customers.

Use email marketing and social media to create awareness about each week’s deals.

Thankful Thursday Sales keep customers engaged throughout the month and encourage repeat visits to your store, making it a month-long celebration of savings.

11. Pilgrim Price Drops

Offer special discounts and deals as a way of giving thanks to customers.

In line with the Thanksgiving theme, businesses can offer “Pilgrim Price Drops” that feature discounted prices on selected items or services.

According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 40% of consumers seek out sales and discounts during Thanksgiving weekend.

For Example, A clothing retailer could offer a “Pilgrim Price Drop” of 40% off on all winter coats and boots as a way to show appreciation to customers.

Create a sense of urgency by making the discount time-limited, such as a 24-hour flash sale.

Customers can take advantage of the discounts to save money on their holiday shopping and feel appreciated by the business.

This promotion can also attract new customers who are looking for the best deals during the holiday season.

12. Voucher Extravaganza

Offer limited-time vouchers or coupons for discounts or freebies during Thanksgiving.

Vouchers can be distributed through social media, email marketing, or in-store promotions.

Create a “Thanksgiving Voucher Extravaganza” by offering a variety of discounts and freebies, such as buy-one-get-one deals, free shipping, or free gift with purchase.

A restaurant can offer vouchers for a free appetizer or dessert with a meal purchase to attract more customers during the holiday season.

Collaborate with other businesses to offer cross-promotion deals and increase reach.

Vouchers can also be used as a tool for customer retention by offering exclusive vouchers to loyal customers.

Customers can save money and get more value out of their Thanksgiving shopping or dining experience.

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13. Cashback Cornucopia

Offer cashback rewards or rebates as a way to say thanks to customers.

According to a survey by Rakuten, 85% of consumers prefer cashback over other types of rewards.

Create a “Cashback Cornucopia” by offering cashback rewards on purchases made during the Thanksgiving weekend.

For Example: An electronics retailer can offer a 10% cashback on all purchases made through their website or in-store during the holiday weekend.

Increase the cashback percentage for higher purchase amounts or for loyal customers.

Customers can save money on their purchases and also feel appreciated by the business.

Encourage repeat business by offering a cashback coupon for future purchases.

Cashback rewards can also help businesses gather data on customer purchasing behavior for future marketing efforts.

14. Free Samples and Trials Giveaways

Offer free samples or trials of products or services as a thank you to customers.

Giveaways can be promoted through social media, email marketing, or in-store promotions.

For Example, A beauty brand can offer free samples of their new holiday gift sets to customers who make a purchase during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Collaborate with influencers or brand ambassadors to expand reach and attract more participants.

Customers can try out new products or services for free and potentially become loyal customers.

Giveaways can generate buzz and word-of-mouth marketing for the brand.

This promotion can also showcase the business’s generosity and appreciation towards its customers.

15. Bountiful Bundles

Offer bundled deals or packages as a thank-you to customers.

According to a survey by BlueSnap, 82% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when presented with a bundled deal.

A travel agency can offer a “Thanksgiving Bountiful Bundle” that includes a discounted flight, hotel stay, and local activity for the holiday weekend.

Offer different bundling options to cater to different customer needs and preferences.

Collaborate with other businesses to create a diverse and attractive bundle offer.

Customers can save money and time by purchasing bundled deals, while also getting a more comprehensive and convenient holiday experience.

Bundling can also help businesses move inventory or promote lesser-known products or services.

This promotion can help increase sales and customer satisfaction, leading to potential repeat business and positive reviews.

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16. Grateful Terms & Conditions

Express gratitude to customers by incorporating a sense of giving and appreciation into the terms and conditions of your Thanksgiving sale.

Instead of presenting standard, legalistic terms and conditions, transform them into a heartwarming expression of gratitude.

Highlight key points like return policies, shipping deadlines, and product warranty information in a way that conveys appreciation for customer support and patronage.


  • Instead of stating “All returns must be accompanied by a valid receipt,” rephrase it as “We appreciate your purchase and want to ensure a seamless return process. Please include your receipt for a swift refund or exchange.”
  • Instead of simply stating “Shipping may take up to 7 business days,” express it as “We’re excited to get your Thanksgiving essentials to you promptly. Please allow up to 7 business days for your order to arrive, and we’ll keep you updated on its journey.”
  • Instead of stating “Product warranty is valid for one year,” rephrase it as “We stand behind the quality of our products. Your purchase is protected by a one-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction.”

By infusing gratitude into your terms and conditions, you create a positive customer experience that fosters goodwill and loyalty.

17. Turkey Day Rebate Bonanza

Offer enticing rebates on select products during the Thanksgiving season.

Rebates are a powerful way to incentivize purchases and encourage customers to try new products. During Thanksgiving, when shopping expenses tend to increase, rebates become even more appealing.


  • Offer a $20 rebate on the purchase of a new kitchen appliance, making it an ideal time to upgrade for holiday cooking.
  • Provide a 10% rebate on Thanksgiving-themed home décor items, helping customers create a festive ambiance for their gatherings.
  • Offer a $5 rebate on a selection of gourmet food items, adding a touch of luxury to Thanksgiving feasts.

By strategically placing rebates on products that align with Thanksgiving celebrations, you can boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

18. Harvest Voucher Frenzy

Generate excitement with surprise vouchers hidden within Thanksgiving-themed packaging or promotions.

Create a sense of anticipation and surprise by incorporating vouchers into your Thanksgiving marketing strategy.

Conceal vouchers within Thanksgiving-themed packaging, inserts, or promotional materials. These vouchers could offer discounts, free gifts, or exclusive access to future deals.


  • Tuck vouchers into Thanksgiving-themed gift boxes, adding an element of surprise and delight to customer purchases.
  • Insert vouchers into Thanksgiving-themed flyers or newspapers, creating a treasure hunt for savvy shoppers.
  • Hide vouchers within Thanksgiving-themed social media posts, encouraging followers to share and engage for a chance to win.

By incorporating hidden vouchers, you can generate excitement, engagement, and a sense of gamification around your Thanksgiving promotions.

19. Cashback Feast

Offer cashback rewards on Thanksgiving-related purchases, encouraging customers to spend more and save.:

Partner with a cashback platform or offer direct cashback incentives to make Thanksgiving shopping even more rewarding. Customers can earn cashback on a percentage of their purchases, effectively reducing their overall expenditure.


  • Offer 5% cashback on Thanksgiving grocery essentials, making it easier for families to prepare their feasts.
  • Provide 10% cashback on Thanksgiving travel bookings, encouraging getaway plans and family reunions.
  • Collaborate with cashback platforms to offer exclusive Thanksgiving deals, attracting new customers and increasing sales volume.

By incorporating cashback rewards, you can enhance the value proposition of your Thanksgiving promotions and attract cost-conscious consumers.

20. Free Thanksgiving Surprises

Delight customers with unexpected free gifts or surprises during their Thanksgiving shopping journey.

Surprise and delight your customers with unexpected freebies during their Thanksgiving shopping experience. These could range from small tokens of appreciation to more substantial gifts.


  • Include a complimentary Thanksgiving-themed recipe card with every purchase, adding value and inspiration to their holiday cooking.
  • Offer a free gift-wrapping service for Thanksgiving purchases, making it easier for customers to present their gifts with style.
  • Surprise random customers with a complimentary Thanksgiving item, such as a bottle of wine or a selection of gourmet treats, creating a sense of joy and appreciation.

By incorporating unexpected free surprises, you can exceed customer expectations and create memorable shopping experiences.


Promotional Thanksgiving sales ideas for your business

Here are a few more Promotional Thanksgiving sales ideas for your business:

1. Host a Turkey Trot 5K race

2. Create a Thanksgiving-themed recipe eBook 

3. Run a social media campaign sharing gratitude 

4. Host a Thanksgiving-themed giveaway on social media 

5. Offer a discount on future purchases for customers who refer friends and family 

6. Create a Thanksgiving gift guide for different budgets 

7. Partner with a local charity and donate a portion of sales to them 

8. Host a virtual trivia night with Thanksgiving-themed questions 

9. Send out personalized thank you notes to repeat customers 

10. Offer a special Thanksgiving-themed product or menu item 

11. Organize a community canned food drive 

12. Create a shareable Thanksgiving-themed infographic 

13. Host a virtual pumpkin carving contest 

14. Collaborate with influencers to promote your products in a Thanksgiving setting 

15. Create a Thanksgiving-inspired email marketing campaign.


In conclusion, implementing these Thanksgiving sale ideas can significantly benefit your business during the holiday season.

By leveraging effective promotions, utilizing social media, engaging customers, optimizing your online presence, and collaborating with other businesses, you can maximize sales and attract more customers.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the most of Thanksgiving and boost your business’s success.


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