50 Thanksgiving Advertising ideas that convert your target audience instantly


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50 Thanksgiving Advertising ideas that convert your target audience instantly

As the holiday season approaches, businesses are gearing up for one of the most lucrative shopping periods of the year – Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday, in particular, is a time when people are more likely to open their wallets and spend money on gifts, food, and decorations.

With so much competition, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd with creative and engaging Thanksgiving advertising ideas.

This comprehensive guide will equip you with 50 Thanksgiving advertising ideas that are sure to capture the attention of your target audience and boost your sales.

From social media contests to email marketing campaigns, you’ll discover a plethora of strategies to promote your business and make this holiday season a resounding success.

Here’s just a glimpse of the valuable insights and Thanksgiving ad ideas you’ll gain from this article:

  • Harness the power of social media to create buzz and engage your followers with Thanksgiving-themed contests, giveaways, and interactive posts.
  • Craft compelling email campaigns that showcase your Thanksgiving offerings and highlight the benefits of shopping with your brand.
  • Leverage influencer marketing to reach a wider audience and tap into the trust and credibility of established figures in your industry.
  • Optimize your website and online store for Thanksgiving-related searches, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.
  • Create irresistible promotions and discounts that entice shoppers and boost your sales during the holiday rush.

50 Thanksgiving advertising ideas

The following is a list of very successful Thanksgiving advertising ideas to promote your business in 2023 and convert your target audience instantly.

1. Thanksgiving-themed social media posts

Harness the power of social media to capture the attention of potential customers and create a sense of community during the holiday season.

  • Share Thanksgiving-themed recipes, photos, and videos. This is a great way to get your followers in the holiday mood and show them that you care about the same things they do.
  • Run contests and giveaways. Everyone loves free stuff, so use contests and giveaways to generate excitement and engagement on your social media pages. For example, you could run a contest for the best Thanksgiving recipe or the most creative Thanksgiving-themed photo.
  • Use Thanksgiving-themed hashtags. This will help people find your posts and connect with other people who are celebrating the holiday. Some popular Thanksgiving hashtags include #Thanksgiving, #Friendsgiving, and #Grateful.

Some more Ideas:

  • Share heartwarming Thanksgiving stories and anecdotes from your customers or employees.
  • Post festive graphics and images related to Thanksgiving traditions and symbols.
  • Host interactive contests or giveaways that encourage engagement and user-generated content.
  • Run polls or surveys to gather insights into your customers’ Thanksgiving plans and preferences.

2. Email marketing campaigns offering Thanksgiving discounts

Leverage email marketing to target your existing customer base and promote special Thanksgiving deals.

  • Send out a Thanksgiving-themed email to your mailing list. This email should highlight your Thanksgiving discounts and offer any other special promotions you may be running.
  • Use a Thanksgiving theme in your email design. This will help your email stand out from the crowd and make it more likely to be opened and read.
  • Personalize your emails. Use the recipient’s name and other relevant information to make your emails more personal and engaging.

Some More Example Ideas:

  • Create a dedicated Thanksgiving email campaign with exclusive offers and discounts.
  • Segment your email list to send personalized messages based on customers’ purchase history or interests.
  • Highlight your most popular Thanksgiving-related products or services.
  • Include a clear call to action to encourage customers to make a purchase.
  • Track email metrics to measure the success of your campaign and make adjustments as needed.

3. Television commercials showcasing Thanksgiving sales

Utilize the reach of television advertising to showcase your Thanksgiving promotions to a broad audience.

  • Create a Thanksgiving-themed commercial that is funny, heartwarming, or both. This will help you connect with viewers on an emotional level and make them more likely to remember your brand.
  • Highlight the savings your customers can enjoy during your Thanksgiving sales. Be sure to mention specific discounts and promotions to entice viewers to make a purchase.
  • Use catchy music and visuals to make your commercial memorable. This will help your commercial stand out from the crowd and make it more likely to be remembered.

More Ideas:

  • Create engaging and memorable commercials that highlight the value and convenience of your Thanksgiving offerings.
  • Use humor, nostalgia, or emotional appeals to connect with viewers on a personal level.
  • Emphasize the limited-time nature of your Thanksgiving deals to create a sense of urgency.
  • Target your commercials to specific demographics or regions that align with your target market.
  • Track the effectiveness of your television advertising campaigns using industry benchmarks.

4. Turkey giveaways for customers who make a purchase

Reward your customers for their patronage with a Thanksgiving-themed giveaway.

  • Partner with a local grocery store or butcher shop to give away turkeys to customers who make a purchase during the Thanksgiving season. This is a great way to get your name out there and attract new customers.
  • Promote your turkey giveaway on social media and in your email marketing campaigns. This will help you reach a wider audience and generate more entries.
  • Make your turkey giveaway easy to enter. This will encourage more people to participate and increase your chances of finding a winner.

More Ideas:

  • Host a social media contest where participants can share their Thanksgiving recipes for a chance to win a turkey.
  • Randomly select customers who make a purchase during the Thanksgiving season to receive a free turkey.
  • Promote your turkey giveaway prominently on your website, social media channels, and in-store signage.
  • Generate excitement and anticipation by announcing the giveaway in advance and creating a sense of exclusivity.

5. Banner ads on websites with Thanksgiving messages

Capture the attention of website visitors with eye-catching banner ads that promote your Thanksgiving offerings.

  • Create Thanksgiving-themed banner ads that are eye-catching and informative. Your ads should highlight your Thanksgiving discounts and offer any other special promotions you may be running.
  • Target your banner ads to websites that your target audience visits. This will help you reach the right people with your message.
  • Use a Thanksgiving theme in your banner ad design. This will help your ad stand out from the crowd and make it more likely to be noticed.

More Examples:

  • Design visually appealing banner ads that feature festive Thanksgiving imagery and messaging.
  • Use clear and concise copy that highlights the key benefits of your Thanksgiving promotions.
  • Link your banner ads to dedicated landing pages that provide more detailed information about your offerings.
  • Target your banner ads to specific website sections or categories that align with your products or services.
  • Track the click-through rate (CTR) of your banner ads to measure their effectiveness.

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6. Creative Thanksgiving-themed flyers or posters

Create eye-catching Thanksgiving-themed flyers or posters to promote your products or services.

Thanksgiving-themed flyers or posters can be a great way to catch the attention of potential customers during the holiday season. Use warm, inviting colors and images that evoke feelings of gratitude and togetherness.

Highlight your Thanksgiving offerings, such as special discounts, unique items, or gift-giving ideas. Distribute your flyers or posters in high-traffic areas, such as grocery stores, community centers, or local businesses.

Example Ideas:

  • A grocery store could create a flyer featuring their Thanksgiving dinner essentials, such as turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.
  • A clothing store could design a poster showcasing their holiday-themed apparel, such as sweaters with Thanksgiving motifs.
  • A home décor store could print flyers highlighting their festive decorations, such as tablecloths, centerpieces, and autumn-inspired accents.


  • Keep the message clear and concise, focusing on the key information you want to convey.
  • Use high-quality images that are relevant to your product or service.
  • Ensure the flyer or poster is easy to read and understand, with a clear call to action.

7. Thanksgiving recipe videos featuring products

Produce engaging Thanksgiving recipe videos that showcase your products in use.

Thanksgiving recipe videos are a great way to reach a wide audience and demonstrate the versatility of your products.

Partner with a food blogger or chef to create recipes that are both delicious and easy to follow.

Feature your products prominently throughout the video, highlighting their unique qualities and benefits. Share your videos on social media, your website, and YouTube to increase visibility.

Examples And Ideas:

  • A kitchen appliance company could create a video series featuring recipes that use their products, such as blenders, mixers, or ovens.
  • A grocery store could partner with a local chef to create videos showcasing Thanksgiving meals made entirely with their products.
  • A food delivery service could produce videos demonstrating how to assemble and cook their Thanksgiving meal kits.


  • Choose recipes that are relevant to your products and target audience.
  • Ensure the videos are well-produced and visually appealing.
  • Provide clear instructions and easy-to-follow steps.
  • Promote your videos on social media and your website to reach a wider audience.

8. Thanksgiving-themed product packaging

Create special Thanksgiving-themed packaging for your products to add a festive touch.

Thanksgiving-themed packaging can make your products stand out on store shelves and attract attention during the holiday season.

Use traditional Thanksgiving colors, such as orange, yellow, and brown, and incorporate festive designs, such as turkeys, pilgrims, or fall foliage. Consider offering limited-edition packaging that collectors will want to keep.

Example Ideas:

  • A candy company could package their seasonal treats in boxes shaped like turkeys or pilgrim hats.
  • A coffee shop could sell their coffee beans in bags with Thanksgiving-themed labels.
  • A bakery could package their pies in Thanksgiving-themed tins that can be reused for storage.


  • Use high-quality materials that are durable and attractive.
  • Ensure the design is consistent with your brand identity.
  • Consider using sustainable packaging materials to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

9. Mobile advertising targeting shoppers on-the-go

Utilize mobile advertising to reach shoppers as they browse their smartphones during the Thanksgiving season.

With more and more people using their smartphones for shopping research and purchases, mobile advertising is an effective way to reach potential customers during the holiday season.

Use targeted keywords and demographics to ensure your ads are seen by people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Run ads on popular mobile platforms, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, to maximize your reach.


  • A grocery store could target shoppers who are searching for Thanksgiving recipes with ads for their holiday meal ingredients.
  • A department store could target shoppers who are looking for Thanksgiving gifts with ads for their festive apparel and home décor items.
  • A travel agency could target shoppers who are planning Thanksgiving trips with ads for discounted holiday packages.


  • Use clear and concise ad copy that highlights the benefits of your products or services.
  • Choose visually appealing images that capture attention and convey the Thanksgiving theme.
  • Include a strong call to action that encourages users to take action, such as visiting your website or store.

10. Influencer partnerships promoting Thanksgiving products

Partner with influencers to promote your Thanksgiving products or services to their followers.

Influencers have a large following of engaged individuals who trust their recommendations.

Partnering with influencers can help you reach a wider audience and build credibility for your brand.

Choose influencers who align with your brand values and have a following that is relevant to your target market.

Provide influencers with your products or services to try and encourage them to share their experiences with their followers.


  • A food company could partner with a food blogger to promote their Thanksgiving recipes featuring their products.
  • A home décor store could collaborate with a home design influencer to showcase their Thanksgiving-themed decorations in their home.
  • A clothing retailer could team up with a fashion influencer to style Thanksgiving outfits using their products.


  • Choose influencers who have a strong following and engagement with your target audience.
  • Provide influencers with creative freedom to create authentic and engaging messages.

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Effective Thanksgiving Advertisement Ideas For Businesses

11. Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales events

Seize the opportunity to offer incredible deals and discounts during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy.

As the holiday shopping season kicks off in earnest following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday present a golden opportunity for businesses to attract customers and boost sales.

By offering enticing deals and discounts during this period, businesses can capitalize on the increased consumer spending and gain a competitive edge.

Here are some example ideas of how businesses can leverage Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events:

  • Offer deep discounts on a wide range of products or services.
  • Create limited-time offers and exclusive deals for those who shop during the sales period.
  • Bundle products together to create even more appealing deals.
  • Promote your sales extensively through social media, email marketing, and other channels.

By carefully planning and executing their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales strategies, businesses can reap significant rewards and establish a strong foothold in the holiday shopping season.

12. Thanksgiving-themed radio ads

Tap into the power of radio advertising to reach a broad audience and promote your Thanksgiving offerings.

Radio advertising remains an effective way to reach a large and diverse audience, especially during the holiday season when people are tuning in to their favorite stations for festive programming.

Thanksgiving-themed radio ads can effectively capture the attention of listeners and pique their interest in your products or services.

Here are some tips for creating effective Thanksgiving-themed radio ads:

  • Incorporate Thanksgiving-related sounds and music to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Use clear and concise messaging to highlight your Thanksgiving offerings.
  • Emphasize the emotional appeal of the holiday season to connect with listeners on a deeper level.
  • Consider targeting specific radio stations with demographics that align with your target audience.

By crafting compelling radio ads that resonate with the Thanksgiving spirit, businesses can effectively reach a wide audience and promote their holiday offerings to potential customers.

13. Giving back to the community through charity partnerships

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to social responsibility by partnering with charities during the Thanksgiving season.

Thanksgiving is a time for giving and expressing gratitude, and businesses can enhance their brand reputation and connect with the community by partnering with worthy causes.

By supporting charities through donations, volunteerism, or other initiatives, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Here are some examples of how businesses can give back to the community during Thanksgiving:

  • Partner with a local food bank or homeless shelter to provide meals or donations.
  • Organize a charity drive or fundraising event to support a specific cause.
  • Encourage employee volunteerism by providing paid time off for community service.
  • Publicly acknowledge your charitable partnerships to showcase your company’s commitment to giving back.

By actively engaging in charitable initiatives during Thanksgiving, businesses can not only contribute to the well-being of their communities but also strengthen their brand image and foster positive relationships with customers.

14. Thanksgiving-themed pop-up shops or events

Create unique and engaging experiences for customers by hosting Thanksgiving-themed pop-up shops or events.

Pop-up shops and events offer businesses a creative way to showcase their products, services, or brand in a unique and memorable setting.

By incorporating Thanksgiving-themed elements, businesses can create a festive atmosphere and attract customers seeking holiday-themed shopping experiences.

Here are some ideas for Thanksgiving-themed pop-up shops or events:

  • Set up a pop-up shop featuring Thanksgiving décor, gifts, and culinary treats.
  • Host a Thanksgiving-themed craft workshop or cooking demonstration.
  • Organize a Thanksgiving-themed farmers market or food truck festival.
  • Partner with local businesses to create a collaborative Thanksgiving-themed event.

By hosting creative and engaging Thanksgiving-themed pop-up shops or events, businesses can attract new customers, generate excitement, and establish a strong connection with the community.

15. Collaborating with other businesses for joint Thanksgiving promotions

Amplify your marketing efforts and reach a wider audience by collaborating with other businesses for joint Thanksgiving promotions.

Partnerships with complementary businesses can provide a powerful platform for cross-promotion and reach a broader customer base.

By working together on Thanksgiving-themed promotions, businesses can leverage each other’s strengths and create a more impactful marketing campaign.

Here are some examples of joint Thanksgiving promotions:

  • Team up with a local restaurant to offer a Thanksgiving meal package.
  • Partner with a florist to create Thanksgiving-themed gift baskets.
  • Collaborate with a home décor store to host a Thanksgiving decorating workshop.
  • Partner with a local charity to organize a Thanksgiving-themed fundraiser.

By collaborating with other businesses for joint Thanksgiving promotions, businesses can expand their reach, attract new customers, and create a more memorable experience for consumers.

Here are some additional benefits of collaborating with other businesses for Thanksgiving promotions:

  • Shared marketing costs: By working together, businesses can share the costs of marketing and promotion, which can be more cost-effective than running separate campaigns.
  • Access to new customer bases: Partnering with complementary businesses can introduce each other’s customer bases, expanding the reach of the promotion and attracting new customers.
  • Enhanced brand awareness: Joint promotions can create a buzz and generate more excitement, increasing brand awareness for all participating businesses.
  • Strengthened community connections: Collaborations with local businesses can foster a sense of community and goodwill, demonstrating a commitment to supporting local businesses and the community as a whole.

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16. Thanksgiving-themed contests or giveaways on social media

Engage your audience and generate excitement around your brand by hosting Thanksgiving-themed contests or giveaways on social media.

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and giving thanks, and what better way to celebrate than by spreading some cheer with your followers?

Social media contests and giveaways are a great way to boost engagement, generate excitement, and expand your reach.

Here are some ideas for Thanksgiving-themed social media contests:

  • Photo contests: Ask your followers to share their best Thanksgiving photos, whether it’s a family portrait, a mouthwatering dish, or a heartwarming moment.
  • Recipe contests: Encourage your followers to share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes, with prizes for the most creative, delicious, or visually appealing recipes.
  • Gratitude contests: Ask your followers to share what they’re most thankful for this Thanksgiving season, with prizes for the most heartfelt, humorous, or inspiring responses.


  • Starbucks: Starbucks hosted a “Thankful for Coffee” contest on Instagram, asking users to share their favorite coffee memories using the hashtag #ThankfulForCoffee. The contest generated over 100,000 entries and helped to promote Starbucks’ Thanksgiving-themed coffee drinks.
  • Macy’s: Macy’s hosted a “Thanksgiving Feast of Fun” contest on Facebook, asking users to share their favorite Thanksgiving traditions using the hashtag #ThanksgivingFeastOfFun. The contest received over 15,000 entries and helped to promote Macy’s Thanksgiving-themed merchandise.


  • Keep your contest rules clear and easy to follow.
  • Promote your contest across your social media channels.
  • Use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience.
  • Choose prizes that are relevant to your target audience.
  • Announce the winners promptly and publicly.

17. Limited edition Thanksgiving packaging or products

Create excitement and exclusivity by introducing limited-edition Thanksgiving packaging or products.

Limited edition products are a great way to generate excitement and exclusivity around your brand.

For Thanksgiving, you can create unique packaging for your existing products or introduce new products that are specially designed for the holiday.

Here are some ideas for limited-edition Thanksgiving packaging or products:

  • Thanksgiving-themed gift baskets: Create festive gift baskets filled with your most popular Thanksgiving products, such as stuffing mix, gravy, and pie crust.
  • Custom-designed Thanksgiving tablecloths or napkins: Design festive tablecloths or napkins that feature your brand logo and Thanksgiving-themed patterns.
  • Limited edition Thanksgiving flavors: Create special Thanksgiving flavors for your products, such as pumpkin spice coffee or cranberry-infused snacks.


  • Oreo: Oreo released limited edition Pumpkin Spice Oreos for Thanksgiving, which was a huge hit with consumers. The cookies were packaged in festive orange and brown packaging and featured a pumpkin spice cream filling.
  • M&M’s: M&M’s released limited edition Thanksgiving M&M’s, which featured turkey-shaped candies in a variety of colors. The candies were packaged in a festive Thanksgiving-themed bag.
  • Hershey’s: Hershey’s released limited edition Pumpkin Pie Hershey’s Kisses for Thanksgiving. The kisses were packaged in a festive orange and brown bag and featured a pumpkin pie-flavored chocolate filling.


  • Promote your limited edition products heavily in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.
  • Create a sense of urgency by making your limited edition products available for a limited time only.
  • Use eye-catching packaging to attract attention.
  • Make sure your limited edition products are high quality and taste great.

18. Thanksgiving-themed promotional merchandise

Promote your brand and spread holiday cheer with Thanksgiving-themed promotional merchandise.

Promotional merchandise is a great way to keep your brand top-of-mind with customers and generate goodwill.

For Thanksgiving, you can create a variety of promotional merchandise, such as:

  • Turkey-shaped stress relievers: These squishy toys are a fun and practical way to promote your brand.
  • Thanksgiving-themed keychains: Keychains are a useful and affordable way to promote your brand. You can get creative with your designs, such as turkey-shaped keychains or pilgrim hat-shaped keychains.
  • Thanksgiving-themed tote bags: Tote bags are a versatile and eco-friendly way to promote your brand. They can be used for groceries, shopping, or everyday errands.
  • Thanksgiving-themed hats: Hats are a great way to keep your brand visible and promote your business. You can choose from a variety of styles, such as beanies, baseball caps, or fedoras.


  • State Farm: State Farm gave away turkey-shaped stress relievers to their customers during the Thanksgiving season. The stress relievers were a big hit and helped to promote State Farm’s brand as a company that cares about its customers.
  • Geico: Geico gave away Thanksgiving-themed tote bags to their customers during the Thanksgiving season. The tote bags were a practical and useful gift that helped to promote Geico’s brand as a company that is always thinking of its customers.
  • Macy’s: Macy’s gave away Thanksgiving-themed hats to their customers during Thanksgiving season. The hats were a fun and festive way to promote Macy’s brand as a company that is always in the spirit of the holidays.


  • Choose high-quality promotional merchandise that will last.
  • Get your promotional merchandise imprinted with your brand logo and contact information.
  • Distribute your promotional merchandise at events, trade shows, and in your retail stores.
  • Promote your promotional merchandise on your website and social media channels.

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19. 24-hour flash sales on Thanksgiving Day

Generate excitement and boost sales with 24-hour flash sales on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, so it’s a great opportunity to run flash sales and generate excitement for your brand.

Flash sales are a great way to attract new customers and encourage impulse purchases. Here are some tips for running successful Thanksgiving Day flash sales:

  • Promote your flash sales in advance.
  • Create a sense of urgency by making your flash sales available for a limited time only.
  • Offer deep discounts on a variety of products.
  • Make sure your website and shopping cart are up to speed to handle increased traffic.


  • Amazon: Amazon ran a 24-hour flash sale on Thanksgiving Day, offering discounts of up to 50% off on a variety of products. The sale was a huge success and generated billions of dollars in revenue.
  • Walmart: Walmart ran a 24-hour flash sale on Thanksgiving Day, offering discounts of up to 75% off on a variety of products. The sale was a huge success and generated billions of dollars in revenue.
  • Target: Target ran a 24-hour flash sale on Thanksgiving Day, offering discounts of up to 80% off on a variety of products. The sale was a huge success and generated billions of dollars in revenue.


  • Plan your flash sales carefully.
  • Use a countdown timer to create excitement.
  • Promote your flash sales on social media and email.
  • Make sure your customer service team is prepared to handle increased inquiries.

20. Hosting a Thanksgiving parade float featuring your brand

Generate excitement and visibility for your brand by hosting a Thanksgiving parade float.

Thanksgiving parades are a great way to reach a large audience and generate excitement for your brand.

If you have the resources, consider hosting your own Thanksgiving parade float.

Here are some tips for hosting a successful Thanksgiving parade float:

  • Hire professional dancers and musicians to perform on your float. This will add energy and excitement to your float and make it more likely to stand out from the crowd.
  • Choose a creative and eye-catching design for your float. Consider using your brand’s logo or mascot, or incorporating Thanksgiving-themed elements like turkeys, pilgrims, or cornucopias.
  • Promote your participation in the parade in advance. Let your customers and employees know that you’ll be in the parade, and encourage them to come out and watch. You can also promote your participation on social media and in your marketing materials.
  • Interact with parade attendees. Hand out promotional items, wave to the crowd, and take pictures with people. This is a great way to build brand awareness and make a positive impression on potential customers.


  • Macy’s: Macy’s is known for its elaborate Thanksgiving parade floats. In 2019, Macy’s float featured a giant Macy’s logo made of balloons, as well as a performance by the cast of Broadway’s “Moulin Rouge! The Musical.”
  • Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola has been a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for over 80 years. The company’s floats are always a popular attraction, and they often feature Coca-Cola’s iconic red and white colors.
  • Toy Story: In 2019, Pixar Animation Studios partnered with Macy’s to create a Thanksgiving parade float celebrating the 20th anniversary of Toy Story. The float featured a giant Buzz Lightyear figure, as well as characters from other Pixar films like Finding Nemo and Inside Out.


  • Start planning your float early. It takes a lot of time and coordination to put together a successful Thanksgiving parade float.
  • Work with a professional float designer. They can help you create a float that is both creative and safe.
  • Rehearse your float performance. This will help ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the parade.
  • Get plenty of insurance. Thanksgiving parades are a great opportunity to promote your brand, but they can also be expensive. Make sure you have plenty of insurance to protect your investment.

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Creative Thanksgiving ad ideas To promote your Business

Here are some creative Thanksgiving ad ideas to promote your business:

1. Heartfelt Thanksgiving-themed video message from the company’s CEO.

2. Share Thanksgiving recipes featuring your products on social media.

3. Run a Thanksgiving gratitude campaign, encouraging customers to share what they’re thankful for.

4. Create a Thanksgiving playlist on a music streaming platform and share it with your brand’s message.

5. Share customer testimonials and stories of gratitude related to your products.

6. Thanksgiving-themed content marketing series, offering tips and inspiration for the holiday.

7. Launch a Thanksgiving-themed podcast episode discussing gratitude and thankfulness.

8. Collaborate with influencers to create Thanksgiving-related content.

9. Share a “Thanksgiving Memories” photo contest with a holiday-related prize.

10. Host a virtual Thanksgiving event or webinar related to your industry.

11. Thanksgiving-themed blog posts showcasing your products or services.

12. Share a countdown to Thanksgiving with daily tips, facts, or fun content.

13. Utilize Facebook and Instagram ads with Thanksgiving-themed visuals.

14. Create a heartwarming Thanksgiving commercial that highlights the spirit of the holiday.

15. Partner with a local charity and document your Thanksgiving charitable efforts.

16. Share behind-the-scenes stories of how your team celebrates Thanksgiving.

17. Utilize Pinterest for Thanksgiving-themed inspiration boards.

18. Share a Thanksgiving-themed email newsletter with exclusive offers.

19. Run a “Thanksgiving Stories” series on social media, sharing customer anecdotes.

20. Collaborate with local influencers or celebrities for a Thanksgiving message.

21. Create a Thanksgiving-themed filter or sticker for social media platforms.

22. Share fun and engaging Thanksgiving quizzes or polls on your website or social media.

23. Share a Thanksgiving infographic with interesting facts and statistics.

24. Use animated GIFs and memes with a Thanksgiving twist to engage your audience.

25. Share a “Thanksgiving Giveaway” contest on social media to increase brand visibility.

26. Run a “Thanksgiving Feast” sale with special discounts or promotions.

27. Create a Thanksgiving-themed product or bundle and promote it on social media.

28. Share a list of “thankful companies” or products that your brand is thankful for in your industry.

29. Use hashtags such as #ThankfulThursday or #ThanksgivingFeels to engage with your audience on social media.

30. Utilize virtual reality or 360-degree technology to create an immersive Thanksgiving experience for your brand.


As you can see, there are a ton of creative and effective Thanksgiving advertising ideas that you can use to promote your business.

By implementing some of these ideas, you can reach a wider audience, boost your sales, and make This year’s Thanksgiving a success for your business.

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