200 Thanksgiving giveaway ideas for building a strong customer base in 2024


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200 Thanksgiving giveaway ideas for building a strong customer base in 2024

As the holiday season approaches, businesses seek ways to express gratitude to their customers and foster stronger relationships.

Thanksgiving, a time of celebration and giving, presents an excellent opportunity to engage your audience through exciting giveaways.

Whether you’re a small local shop or a large e-commerce brand, there are Thanksgiving giveaway ideas perfectly tailored to your business goals.

Embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving by hosting a giveaway that not only delights your customers but also aligns with your brand’s values and offerings.

By carefully selecting prizes and crafting engaging participation mechanics, you can effectively attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and boost social media engagement.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore a plethora of Thanksgiving giveaway ideas across various categories, including food, gifts, experiences, and technology.

You’ll discover creative ways to incorporate the essence of gratitude into your giveaways, making them truly memorable for your audience.

200 Thanksgiving giveaway ideas

The following is a great list of Thanksgiving giveaway ideas for businesses to show gratitude and boost engagement with potential customers:


Elevate your brand this Thanksgiving by offering delectable, custom-branded treats that will satisfy your customers’ cravings and complement their holiday feasts. These edible giveaways are inspired by classic Thanksgiving flavors, making them the perfect way to show appreciation.

Here are some Thanksgiving Food Giveaway ideas:

– Thanksgiving-themed cookies

– Pumpkin spice coffee

– Apple cider mix

– Turkey jerky

– Holiday pies

– Gravy mix packets

– Chocolate-covered pretzels

– Canned cranberry sauce

– Gourmet popcorn

– Mulled wine spices

– Turkey and cheese gift baskets

– Cranberry sauce-infused vodka

– Pumpkin spice tea blend

– Roasted nuts assortment

– Thanksgiving-themed wine labels


Impress your clients with warm and inviting accents that reflect the harvest spirit of autumn. These customized home decor giveaways will create a welcoming atmosphere for Thanksgiving gatherings and leave a lasting impression.

Here are a few Thanksgiving home decor giveaways:

– Thanksgiving-themed throw pillows

– Fall scented candles

– Harvest wreath

– Pumpkin-shaped serving platter

– Autumn table runner

– Thanksgiving centerpiece

– Rustic wooden sign with holiday phrase

– Turkey-shaped serving bowl

– Fall-themed coasters

– Harvest kitchen towel set

– Thanksgiving-themed wall art

– Decorative pumpkin figurines

– Cozy throw blanket

– Festive pumpkin spice-scented room spray

– Thanksgiving-themed welcome mat


Help your clients host a stress-free Thanksgiving in style with functional, branded tools for meal prep and presentation. These giveaways are both festive and practical, ensuring that your brand becomes an essential part of their holiday.

Some Thanksgiving kitchen and cooking giveaways include:

– Thanksgiving-themed apron

– Holiday-themed oven mitts

– Turkey-shaped cutting board

– Fall-themed serving platter

– Whisk and spoon set with pumpkin handles

– Slow cooker with Thanksgiving recipes cookbook

– Harvest-themed kitchen towels

– Turkey baster set

– Seasonal mug and spoon gift set

– Pumpkin shaped cookie cutters

– Thanksgiving-themed dish towels

– Harvest-themed glassware

– Turkey carving set

– Silicone baking molds in fall shapes

– Pumpkin spice scented candle set

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Keep your clients cozy and stylish this autumn with branded seasonal apparel and accessories. These giveaways not only protect against the chill but also promote your brand during indoor and outdoor Thanksgiving celebrations.

These are a few Thanksgiving clothing and accessory giveaways:

– Cozy fall scarf

– Thanksgiving-themed socks

– Pumpkin spice-scented hand lotion

– Knit beanie with fall leaf design

– Holiday-themed face mask

– Turkey-shaped earrings

– Thanksgiving-themed t-shirt

– Plaid throw blanket scarf

– Fall-inspired hair accessories

– Pumpkin spice-scented hand sanitizer

– Turkey leg socks

– Warm gloves with pumpkin design

– Thanksgiving-themed tote bag

– Festive headband with fall floral accents

– Cozy slippers with a leaf design


Encourage your clients to embrace the fall weather with branded gear for autumnal adventures and sports. These giveaways not only provide fun but also increase brand visibility during outdoor activities.

Here is a list of Thanksgiving outdoor and activity giveaways:

– Fall-themed picnic basket

– Harvest-themed folding chair

– Turkey-shaped garden flag

– Pumpkin spice-scented insect repellent

– Autumn hiking socks

– Thanksgiving-themed cornhole set

– Harvest-themed outdoor throw blanket

– Camping cookware set with a fall design

– Fall colored binoculars

– Pumpkin spice-scented sunscreen

– Harvest-themed water bottle

– Thanksgiving-themed outdoor games set

– Leaf garland for outdoor decorating

– Picnic blanket with autumn design

– Adventure backpack with fall leaf print

Best Thanksgiving giveaways ideas


Keep both kids and adults entertained with amusing, branded trinkets, crafts, and activities that evoke Thanksgiving nostalgia. These giveaways ensure that your brand remains a source of enjoyment long after the meal is over.

Some of the Thanksgiving toys and games giveaways include:

– Thanksgiving-themed coloring book

– Fall-themed puzzle

– Harvest-themed board game

– Thanksgiving finger puppets

– Autumn-scented playdough set

– Turkey shaped plush toys

– Pumpkin spice flavored lip balm

– Harvest-themed memory game

– Fall leaf-shaped sidewalk chalk

– Thanksgiving-themed 3D puzzle

– Turkey leg-shaped stress ball

– Festive autumn fidget spinner

– Harvest-themed building blocks set

– Fall coloring markers with pumpkin scents

– Turkey-shaped stress toy with a soothing lavender scent


Pamper your clients from head to toe with customized, relaxing treats infused with indulgent scents and textures reminiscent of the harvest season. These giveaways not only show appreciation but also offer moments of self-care.

A list of Thanksgiving beauty and self-care giveaways include:

– Pumpkin spice-scented body scrub

– Fall-themed nail polish set

– Thanksgiving-scented bath bombs

– Harvest-themed hand lotion

– Turkey-shaped soap bar

– Fall leaf-shaped makeup brushes

– Thanksgiving-themed face mask

– Pumpkin spice scented candle set

– Autumn lip balm trio

– Harvest-themed hair ties

– Thanksgiving-themed sheet mask

– Pumpkin spice-scented body lotion

– Festive nail decals in fall designs

– Turkey-shaped eye mask

– Fall-scented essential oil set

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Outfit your clients with personalized gadgets and gizmos that keep them connected, productive, and entertained over the holiday weekend. These tech giveaways are practical and ensure your brand stays in the spotlight.

The following is a list of Thanksgiving tech and electronics giveaways:

– Harvest-themed phone case

– Thanksgiving-themed laptop sleeve

– Pumpkin spice scented phone pop socket

– Fall patterned phone charger

– Turkey-shaped USB flash drive

– Autumn floral print wireless headphones

– Thanksgiving-themed mouse pad

– Virtual cooking class with Thanksgiving recipes

– Fall-themed camera strap

– Pumpkin spice-scented keyboard cleaner

– Harvest-themed phone grip ring

– Thanksgiving-themed portable phone charger

– Cozy fleece phone holder with autumn design

– Festive pumpkin spice scented airpods case

– Turkey-shaped wireless charging pad


Help your clients stay organized and inspired during the busy holiday season with branded office supplies and planners featuring seasonal motifs. These giveaways are a thoughtful way to support your clients’ productivity.

Here are a few stationery and office giveaways for Thanksgiving Eve:

– Thanksgiving-themed planner

– Harvest-themed pen set

– Fall leaf-shaped sticky notes

– Pumpkin spice scented candles for desk

– Turkey shaped paperweight

– Autumn-themed desk calendar

– Thanksgiving-themed journal

– Harvest colored highlighters

– Fall leaf print notebooks

– Turkey shaped paperclips

– Festive washi tape with autumn designs

– Pumpkin spice-scented hand sanitizer wipes

– Thanksgiving-themed desk organizer

– Harvest-themed pencil case

– Fall-colored gel pens


Treat your clients to engaging reads, cozy accessories, and entertainment that will help them relax during the hectic holidays. These giveaways are the perfect way to show your clients that you care about their well-being.

Some of the best Thanksgiving books and entertainment giveaways include:

– Thanksgiving-themed cookbook

– Fall-scented candles for book lovers

– Harvest-themed novel

– Turkey shaped bookmark

– Autumn-themed coloring book for adults

– Thanksgiving-themed gratitude journal

– Fall leaf-shaped bookmark set

– Pumpkin spice scented book light

– Harvest-themed audiobook

– Thanksgiving themed puzzle book

– Turkey shaped bookends

– Festive fall throw pillow for reading nook

– Autumn-inspired vinyl record album

– Pumpkin spice scented candle set for movie night

– Thanksgiving movie night gift basket

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Turkey giveaway ideas

Here is a list of Turkey giveaway ideas:

1. Thanksgiving Dinner Raffle: Host a raffle where participants can win a complete Thanksgiving dinner, including a turkey, side dishes, and desserts.

2. Turkey Trot Fun Run: Organize a charity run or walk and offer a free turkey to the top finishers or participants through a random drawing.

3. Social Media Contest: Run a social media contest where participants can enter to win a turkey by sharing their favorite Thanksgiving recipes, stories, or photos.

4. Food Drive Incentive: Encourage people to donate non-perishable food items by offering a turkey as a reward for meeting a certain donation goal.

5. Grocery Store Gift Cards: Provide gift cards to local grocery stores to enable families to purchase their Thanksgiving turkey and other essentials.

6. Community Cook-Off: Host a cooking competition and award turkeys as prizes to the winners or participants.

7. Turkey-Themed Art Contest: Hold an art contest where the best turkey-themed artwork, whether it’s drawings, paintings, or crafts, can win a turkey.

8. Random Acts of Kindness: Surprise individuals or families in need by gifting them a turkey as part of a “random acts of kindness” initiative.

9. Trivia Night: Organize a trivia night with Thanksgiving-themed questions and reward the winning team or participants with turkeys.

10. School Fundraisers: Partner with local schools to help raise funds for their programs by selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a turkey.

11. Employee Appreciation: Show appreciation to your employees by giving them a turkey as a token of thanks during the holiday season.

12. Local Food Pantries: Donate turkeys to local food pantries and shelters to ensure that those in need have access to a Thanksgiving meal.

13. Seniors’ Centers: Deliver turkeys to senior centers to help provide Thanksgiving meals for elderly residents.

14. Veterans’ Organizations: Collaborate with veterans’ organizations to distribute turkeys to veterans and their families during the holidays.

15. Food Drives at Local Businesses: Encourage local businesses to host turkey donation bins and offer discounts or coupons as a thank-you to those who contribute.

These turkey giveaway ideas can be tailored to suit various budgets, purposes, and community needs, making them a great way to give back and spread holiday cheer.

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Thanksgiving business gift ideas

Some of the Best Thanksgiving business gift ideas include:

1. Gourmet Thanksgiving Feast Hamper: Elevate the traditional Thanksgiving meal with a curated hamper filled with gourmet goodies, such as artisanal cheeses, smoked meats, savory spreads, and delectable desserts.

2. Thanksgiving-Themed Stationery Set: Express gratitude in style with a personalized stationery set featuring Thanksgiving-inspired designs, such as turkey outlines, fall foliage patterns, or warm autumnal hues.

3. Thankful Thoughts Journal: Encourage mindfulness and appreciation with a beautiful journal dedicated to capturing Thanksgiving reflections, gratitude notes, and personal goals.

4. Custom-Branded Thanksgiving Mugs: Keep the warmth of Thanksgiving alive with personalized mugs featuring company logos, Thanksgiving greetings, or playful turkey caricatures.

5. Thanksgiving-Inspired Planter with Fall Foliage: Bring a touch of nature’s beauty to the office with a planter filled with vibrant fall foliage, accompanied by a small succulent or herb plant for a touch of greenery.

6. Thanksgiving-Themed Stress Balls: Help manage holiday stress with squishy stress balls shaped like pumpkins, turkeys, or pilgrim hats, promoting relaxation and a sense of humor.

7. Thanksgiving-Themed Cookie Cutter Set: Encourage creativity and culinary adventures with a set of Thanksgiving-shaped cookie cutters, perfect for creating festive treats for colleagues and clients.

8. Thankful Pumpkin Spice Lattes Gift Cards: Spread the warmth of Thanksgiving with gift cards to a local coffee shop, allowing employees to enjoy their favorite pumpkin spice lattes or seasonal beverages.

9. Thanksgiving-Themed Puzzles and Games: Foster camaraderie and team spirit with Thanksgiving-themed puzzles, brain teasers, or board games, providing a fun way to unwind during the holiday season.

10. Thanksgiving-Inspired Scented Candles: Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with scented candles featuring autumnal fragrances, such as pumpkin spice, apple cider, or warm cinnamon.

11. Thankful Turkey Trophies: Recognize individual achievements and celebrate team successes with novelty turkey trophies, adding a touch of lighthearted fun to the workplace.

12. Thanksgiving-Themed Charcuterie Boards: Provide a delightful treat for office gatherings with pre-assembled charcuterie boards filled with Thanksgiving-inspired cheeses, meats, fruits, and crackers.

13. Thanksgiving-Themed Succulent Arrangements: Add a touch of greenery and elegance to workspaces with miniature succulent arrangements in Thanksgiving-colored pots or containers.

14. Thankful Notes and Gratitude Jar: Promote appreciation and recognition among colleagues by providing a jar filled with notecards and pens, encouraging them to share messages of gratitude with each other.

15. Thanksgiving-Themed Gift Basket of Local Produce: Support local farmers and businesses by gifting a basket of fresh, seasonal produce, such as apples, pumpkins, gourds, and nuts, perfect for Thanksgiving celebrations.

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Thanksgiving card ideas for business

The following is a list of giving card ideas for business:

1. The Gratitude Harvest: Design a card that resembles a cornucopia overflowing with symbols of gratitude, such as hearts, hands clasped in friendship, and smiling faces. Inside the card, express your appreciation for your customers’ unwavering support.

2. The Gobble of Appreciation: Craft a card shaped like a turkey, with its feathers made up of words of gratitude. Open the card to reveal a heartfelt message thanking your customers for their patronage.

3. The Pie of Thanks: Create a circular card resembling a pie, with each slice representing a different aspect of your customers’ contributions. Inside the card, express your gratitude for each slice of their support.

4. The Token of Appreciation: Design a card with a colorful background and a simple message of gratitude. Include a small token of appreciation, such as a gift certificate or a discount code, to further demonstrate your thanks.

5. The Personalized Thanksgiving Poem: Compose a personalized Thanksgiving poem for each of your valued customers. Handwrite the poem on a beautifully designed card, making it a truly unique and memorable gesture.

6. The Charitable Donation in Their Name: Make a donation to a charity of your customer’s choice in their name. Send them a card informing them of the donation and expressing your gratitude for their business.

7. The Thanksgiving Trivia Game: Create a Thanksgiving-themed trivia game and include it with your Thanksgiving card. Encourage your customers to participate in the game for a chance to win a prize, while also having fun with a holiday-themed activity.

8. The Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar: Design a Thanksgiving-themed calendar that counts down the days until Thanksgiving. Include fun facts, recipes, and trivia questions for each day, making it an engaging and interactive card.

9. The Thanksgiving Recipe Exchange: Create a card with spaces for your customers to share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Encourage them to exchange these recipes with their loved ones, spreading the spirit of sharing and giving.

10. The Thanksgiving Gratitude Journal: Design a card with a blank journal inside, prompting your customers to reflect on their blessings and express their gratitude. Encourage them to make it a regular practice throughout the year.

11. The Thanksgiving Playlist: Create a personalized Thanksgiving playlist for your customers, featuring upbeat and festive songs that capture the spirit of the holiday. Send them the playlist along with a Thanksgiving card.

12. The Thanksgiving Photo Collage: Design a card with a collage of Thanksgiving-themed photos, such as family gatherings, delicious food, and autumn landscapes. Include a message of gratitude and wishes for a happy holiday.

13. The Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt: Create a Thanksgiving-themed scavenger hunt for your customers to enjoy with their families and friends. Include clues that lead them to hidden treats or prizes, making it a fun and engaging activity.

14. The Thanksgiving Gratitude Jar: Provide your customers with a small jar and encourage them to write down things they are grateful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day, they can read aloud their gratitude notes, fostering a sense of appreciation.

15. The Thanksgiving Gratitude Video: Create a short video expressing your gratitude to your customers for their support. Share the video on social media and include a link to it in your Thanksgiving card, making it a public display of appreciation.



Thanksgiving provides businesses with an unparalleled opportunity to express gratitude to their customers and foster stronger relationships.

By hosting engaging giveaways, businesses can attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and boost social media engagement.

This guide has provided a comprehensive collection of Thanksgiving giveaway ideas across various categories, strategies for promoting giveaways, and tips for crafting compelling descriptions and participation mechanics.

By implementing these insights, businesses can transform this holiday season into a resounding success.

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