30 Memorable Valentine’s Day Gifts for employees from the most thoughtful to cute edition

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30 Memorable Valentine’s Day Gifts for employees from the most thoughtful to cute edition

Valentine’s Day Gifts for employees from the most thoughtful to cute edition

Finding the perfect employee Valentine’s Day gift can be challenging. You want to pick something memorable yet work-appropriate. This list of 30 gift ideas has creative and thoughtful options, from small treats to larger gifts, to make employees feel appreciated.

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Best Valentine’s Gifts for Employees

Self-Care Gift Basket

Pamper employees with a gift basket or box filled with relaxing and rejuvenating self-care goodies like candles, lotions, teas, face masks, bath bombs and more. It promotes care.

Burt’s Bees Gift Set. This Burt’s Bees gift set includes lip balm, hand salve and foot cream. A themed self-care gift basket helps employees practice mindfulness and recharge. The Burt’s Bees set contains nourishing products.

Succulent Plant 

Give the gift of nature with a cute potted succulent plant or mini cactus to decorate desks. Succulents represent resilience, perseverance and growth – perfect for the workplace.

Assorted Succulents Collection. This collection of assorted succulent plants in white planters brightens any workspace. A live succulent plant is a thoughtful gift that looks great on a desk and improves air quality. This assorted collection adds a pop of green.

Ergonomic Desk Accessories

Support employees’ workstations with useful ergonomic accessories like laptop stands, monitor risers, foot rests, blue light blocking glasses, wrist cushions and more.

Boyata Laptop Stand. This adjustable laptop stand improves posture when working. Ergonomic desk accessories promote healthy computing and workspace habits. An adjustable laptop stand reduces neck and eye strain. 

Small Valentine’s Day Gifts for Employees

Self-Care Keychain Gift Set

Assemble mini self-care kits featuring items like hand cream, tea bags, lip balm, aromatherapy inhaler, etc. attached to a keychain. Colleagues can take relaxation anywhere.

Anti-Stress Keychain Gift Set, This keychain contains mini self-care goodies for stress relief. Portable mini care packages encourage employees to practice mindfulness on the go. This keychain set carries relaxation tools everywhere.

Succulent Planters

Tiny succulents in ceramic planters make compact, budget-friendly gifts to decorate colleagues’ desks. Choose air-purifying succulent varieties like aloe, jade or echeveria.

Agloe 5-Pack Mini Succulents. This cute set of 5 mini succulents in white ceramic pots brings nature indoors. Mini succulent plants in simple white pots add a subtle pop of nature to any desk or space. This 5-pack contains a variety for interest.

Inspirational Bookmarks

Create homemade bookmarks using cardstock and share uplifting quotes about perseverance, courage, creativity and success to inspire colleagues when reading.

100-Pack Blank Bookmarks. These blank bookmark cards can be customized with motivational messages. Handmade laminated bookmarks with inspirational quotes serve as daily motivation. Share them with books or as stand-alone encouragement.

Cute Valentine’s Day Employee Gifts 

Valentine’s Day Office Supply Set 

Put together festive customized office supply sets for colleagues featuring items like notepads, sticky notes, pens, clips etc. with Valentine’s Day motifs like hearts or roses.

Valentine’s Day Office Supplies – The Paper Studio® Heart Print. This set contains sticky notes, clips, notepads, more with heart prints. Cute Valentine’s-themed office accessories like notepads with heart prints add cheer to desks. This set packs variety and style.

Scented Candles 

Treat employees to scented jar candles with uplifting aromas like citrus, floral and vanilla to create pleasant ambiance and encourage calm. Pick joyful scents and colors.

Signature Soy Candle. Homesick’s natural soy candles are hand-poured in the USA.  Scented candles make thoughtful gifts to delight senses and moods. Homesick’s candles use natural soy wax blends.

Succulent Arrangements

Give colleagues low-maintenance succulent gardens artfully arranged with multiple varieties, shapes and colors of Echeveria, Haworthia and more for unique living gifts.

Succulent Garden in Ceramic Planter. This handmade arrangement in a geometric planter showcases varied succulents. One-of-a-kind assembled succulent planters bring beautiful biodiversity to desks. This handmade set has 5 varieties.

Expensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Employees

Wellness Package 

Treat employees to premium self-care packages featuring luxe items like scented candles, bath bombs, essential oil diffusers, skincare products, cozy socks, journals and more.

Indulge & Relax Spa Gift Basket. This lavish spa basket overflows with pampering products. Pamper hardworking employees with an indulgent wellness package brimming with relaxing gifts. This spa basket is first-class.

Leather Accessories

Splurge on luxurious leather gifts like monogrammed portfolios, padfolios, travel kits, handbag organizers, tech accessories and more. Choose rich colors like brown, black or tan. 

Polare Leather iPad Case. This full grain leather iPad case develops character over time. Sleek leather goods make luxe statement gifts. Leatherology’s leather iPad case looks stylish while protecting tech.

Custom Portrait

Commission a professional artist to create custom hand-drawn or digital portraits of employees from photos to hang in their workspace. It’s a distinctive gift.

Custom illustrated portrait. This digital portrait commemorates colleagues with a unique work of art. One-of-a-kind custom portraits become treasured gifts. This digital portrait immortalizes someone’s likeness.

Cheap Valentine’s Gifts for Employees

Succulent Garden Kits

Give colleagues mini gardening kits with “plantable” greeting cards embedded with seeds to grow a colorful succulent garden with only water and sun.

Modern Sprout Grow-in-Place Succulent Garden. This all-in-one kit grows a garden with just sun and water. Plantable seed card kits make fun gifts for growing desk gardens sustainably. Modern Sprout’s version grows two succulents.

Inspirational Keychains

Make keychains featuring motivational quotes on beads, discs or tags about strength, creativity, purpose etc. Colleagues can take inspiration anywhere.

Motivational Quote Keychain. This “She Believed She Could So She Did” keychain tag motivates. Simple keychains with inspirational quotes or words serve as portable motivation. This “She Believed” tag empowers women.

Desk Plants

Give hardy, low-maintenance desk plants like philodendron, pothos, Chinese evergreen or spider plants. They naturally filter air while adding greenery.

Snake Plant in Ceramic Pot. This sturdy snake plant purifies air.  Small indoor desk plants like these sturdy snake plants improve air quality in workspaces. They just need occasional watering.

Work Related Employee Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Ergonomic Equipment 

Invest in colleagues’ health with ergonomic equipment to improve their workspace like anti-fatigue mats, adjustable chairs, back cushions, foot rests, blue light glasses and more. 

Fellowes Office Suites Air Purifier. This air purifier cleans and circulates office air. Ergonomic tools like air purifiers remove pollutants for a healthier office environment. This filter cleans 99% of particles. 

Productivity Journal

Encourage focus with a productivity journal for colleagues to plan goals and track growth. Include motivating quotes and tips for time management.

The Freedom Journal. The Freedom Journal aids productivity and achievement with daily planning pages, inspirational quotes, and goal setting guides. A thoughtfully designed productivity journal helps employees stay focused, set goals, and make progress. The Freedom Journal provides structure and motivation.

Customized Office Mug

Give colleagues personalized mugs for hot beverages featuring their name, motivational quote, or an inside joke. Opt for colors that match their style.

Ello Jane Custom Insulated Tumbler. Ello Jane mugs can be customized with names, quotes, and designs. Custom printed mugs with names or quotes make office gifts more meaningful. An insulated tumbler like this keeps drinks hot.

DIY Valentine Employee Gifts

Sweet Treats

Make homemade treats like baklava, biscotti, macarons, chocolate-dipped pretzels or sugar cookies to gift colleagues packaged in pretty jars or boxes. Add a personal touch.

Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Kit. This kit has everything needed to decorate cookies at home. DIY baked treats like decorated Valentine’s Day cookies seem extra thoughtful. This kit provides the icings and decorations.

Succulent Terrarium

Plant and arrange succulents in glass jars or containers to create unique mini terrarium gifts. Add sand, stones and small decorations.

Succulent Terrarium Planting Kit. This kit provides materials and instructions for planting a mini terrarium. Handmade desktop terrariums with planted succulents make special living gifts. This planting kit provides materials and guidance.

Candle Making Kit 

Make customized soy candle gifts by selecting preferred scents and designing labels. Pick uplifting scents like grapefruit, lavender, eucalyptus or vanilla.

Make Your Own Candle Kit. This kit has supplies to create unique candles from scratch. Candle making kits allow the creation of tailored aromatherapy gifts. This kit includes wax, wicks, jars, scents, and labels.

Special Valentine’s Day Treats for Employees

Chocolate Baskets

Gift indulgent assortments of artisanal chocolates, truffles, bars, and bonbons in beautifully decorated baskets or boxes. It’s a delectable way to show appreciation.

Godiva Chocolatier Valentine’s Day Gift Basket. This luxe Godiva basket overflows with chocolate treats. Pamper chocolate lovers with a deluxe assortment basket like this Godiva set filled with their favorite treats.

Fruit Arrangements

Surprise staffers with lavish chocolate-dipped or fresh fruit arrangements artfully displayed flowers, pineapple, grapes, berries and other colorful goodies.

Edible Fruit Arrangement. These arrangements combine fresh fruit with sweet dips and chocolate. Fruit arrangements covered in chocolate or cut into flower shapes make impressive gifts. Edible Arrangements offers same-day local delivery. 

International Treat Box 

Treat colleagues to decadent sweets from around the world, like baklava, macarons, biscotti, nougat, Turkish delight, chocolate and more packed in a gift box.

The Perfect Gift Box. This gift box contains sweets and snacks from multiple countries. Gift boxes with sweets from around the globe offer delightful variety. This set includes treats from France, Greece, Italy and more.

Heartfelt Valentine Gift Ideas for Employees

Handwritten Cards

Pen heartfelt handwritten cards to teammates expressing what you admire and appreciate about them. These genuine messages make a meaningful impression.

Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards. These cards provide space for writing personal messages. Sincerely handwritten cards with messages of gratitude mean more than store-bought ones. These blank cards allow for custom notes. 

Personalized Desk Signs

Give colleagues customized desk nameplates, signs or plaques inscribed with inspirational quotes, gratitude or celebrating their personality to highlight their achievements. 

Custom Engraved Desk Name Plate. A personalized desk nameplate becomes a cherished keepsake. Personalized desk accessories like customized name plates or inspirational quote plaques make treasured gifts.

Donation Gifts

Donate to a cause important to individual employees in their name. Attach a card letting them know about the meaningful donation made in their honor.

Charity eGift Card. Charity gift cards allow the recipient to direct the donation. Donating to a charity important to a colleague makes a heartfelt gesture. Charity gift cards give them donation control.

Memorable Gifts for Employees for Valentine’s Day

Luxury Personalized Desk Accessories

Give luxe customized desk gifts like leather blotter pads, nice pen sets, stylish business card holders, crystal paperweights engraved with motivational quotes or monograms.

Kate Spade Leather Desk Padfolio. This Kate Spade padfolio can be engraved with a monogram or quote. Upscale personalized desk accessories become cherished. This luxe Kate Spade padfolio elevates organization.

Spa Gift Certificates

Provide employees gift certificates for manicures, massages, facials or other spa treatments to help them practice self-care by relaxing and rejuvenating. 

Mini Spa Package E-Gift Card. SpaFinder offers egift cards that can be redeemed at luxury spas nationwide. Spa or salon gift cards allow colleagues to unwind and be pampered. SpaFinder certificates provide flexibility.

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Magazine or Book Subscription

Give colleagues subscriptions to their favorite magazine or book genres so they have fresh material delivered regularly to enjoy during breaks. 

Audible Gift Membership. An Audible subscription lets the recipient select audiobooks to enjoy. Subscriptions to preferred magazines or audiobook services give employees consistent content they’ll love. Audible gifts let them choose titles.

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1. What to do for employees for Valentine’s Day?

A: Ideas include having a catered lunch/breakfast, decorating the office, playing games, organizing team building activities, giving cards or treats, planning virtual parties, and sending eGifts. The focus should be on employee bonding and lifting morale.

2. What to give employees for Valentine’s Day? 

A: Good employee Valentine’s Day gifts are those that make them feel appreciated and cared for. Popular options include gift cards, sweet treats, flowers, self-care items, personalized desk accessories, charity donations, succulents, catered meals, and virtual experiences. Gifts should remain office-appropriate.

Final Verdict:

This expansive list of 30 employee Valentine’s gifts offers incredible variety spanning all price points. The inclusive ideas run the gamut from small treats to larger splurges with unique options for every workplace. 

Thoughtful Touches like succulents, candles, and self-care promote wellbeing alongside functional desk accessories to truly help employees. Do-it-yourself kits allow for personalization and added meaning too. Of course classic indulgences like chocolate also delight.

Ultimately, Valentine’s employee gifts should form heartfelt gestures of caring, not feel obligatory. With so many creative suggestions provided here, managers can select the most meaningful ideas resonating with their staff’s personalities and interests. Even small startup businesses on a budget have choices. The thought and positive acknowledgment matters more than a gift’s cost. Appropriateness remains paramount.


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